Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best Oblation Act After Your Pact!

So it seems some oblation is needed for O because the gods like to put on a show. Zeus is rather ticked so up his pad needs to be tricked. He may smite us all if we do not upgrade his hall.

Here is the chap,
Who demands an oblation lap.
He is a greedy fellow,
Anything but mellow.

 First we will give some gold.
So he can act quite bold.
Who cares if it is for a fool,
He`ll never notice as he stares and drools.

 Then comes his very own superhero.
Those other gods will have zero.
Zeus can have him to do his bidding,
With that chin all with think he`s kidding.

 Next we will send a pet.
On that he has never met.
A cute little bed bug.
That will bring a smile to his mug.

 Some transportation too!
An ass in view.
He will be in love.
He and his ass soaring high above.

 We will send him some love.
He may need that above.
But never fear,
It will not be her I hear.

This is his great catch of the day.
With her he can play.
They can romp around.
Hopefully a boo boo is not found.

 And who does not like a cow?
Aliens are obsessed with them some how.
So maybe he will get a milking thrill.
I think I just made myself ill.

 And he can have this guy.
He already looks like he can fly.
So to stop Zeus`s rage,
We will use him to rattle his cage.

 And no oblation would be complete,
Without a nifty snack to eat.
Zeus will get his fill.
Once more I feel ill.

I bet you got this one. Oblation is such fun. When you offer something up to a deity or whatever, you can make such it a fun endeavor. Hopefully Zeus likes his gifts and his anger shifts. Any idea which movie contained the first lass. I will never tell with my oblation-ated out little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quite The Show With Natiforms All In A Row!

Oh what the cat can do with N today at his zoo. I so hope none of you have a natiform head. With that you may just want to stay in bed. What is a natiform you ask? Well let's put it to the task.

 In true natiform.
This guy strolls to his dorm.
Can you guess yet?
I bet that is a safe bet.

 The bunny must be funny,
Or looking for some honey.
He has natiform in his face.
Maybe he likes such an embrace.

 Umm do I wanna know?
Sideways natiform sure does show.
But lets leave it at that.
Kinda nasty to the cat.

 A yummy moon cake.
I bet Gloria can shake and bake.
Natiform it up today.
Chew a natiform at your bay.

Or slice a natiform open.
Don't sit there mopin.
Just cut into that crack.
Go on the pumpkin attack.

 If natiform floats your boat,
You should stop and take note.
Can you bite into it?
You can gladly discover that bit.

 Rock around the clock,
Or just sit and gawk.
Natiform sure is at play.
I bet it will make your day.

 Suck a melon.
Might turn you into a felon.
Just don't kiss and tell,
Then all should be swell.

 The tree even had to go,
Just look at what it has to show.
Bad digestion I would say.
But another natiform display.

 Take thee eyes down.
There, you get the crown.
If you have not guessed yet at your sea,
Natiform is items shaped like what above you see.

Every heard the word? It is kind of absurd. But then the cat likes such a thing. Have anything shaped like a butt near your wing? That is all for my natiform pass and thankfully nothing here is natiform except my original little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Not So dVerse Choice As In Movies We Rejoice!

For M there was no choice at all. I guess I could have went with mime at my hall. But why give them any credit at all? They are about as helpful as a snow squall. But let`s make this dVerse so no one will curse.

The Snow`s Gotta Go!

The snow was piled high.
Everyone was going to die.
There was too much snow.
They were in need of a hero.

 So they called a ghostbuster in.
He could stop this evil sin.
After all ghosts are white,
And he rids them from sight.

Dirty Harry was the next one,
That they gave a run.
He was mean and as old as dirt,
So they thought throwing him on the snow to bury it couldn`t hurt.

This guy showed up just because,
He heard the movie had buzz.
He played an agent again.
Needs a new trend at his den.

The fat suit came to the rescue.
Up in the air he flew.
Then they dropped him from the sky,
The snow was flat in one spot, good try.

He had a full house.
The snow was so close,
 All he had to do was get all in line.
Sadly, all the kids did was whine.

They even called in a mutt,
To pee on it at every hutt.
But they ran dry.
Another nice try.

He came too.
But wanted more cash to come due.
So he got buried in the snow.
Dead, six feet below.

This was their last resort.
They held some big court.
It was time to nuke the snow.
It really had to go.

But then she walked in.
Filled the snow with sin.
Boom, it melted all away.
Every one had a nice day.

There you are, a movie that is going to air near and far. Look for it at a theater near you. Next winter it may be in view. I know the snow has pretty much taken a pass, but hey, this was written months ago by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.