Friday, November 17, 2017

Just About There Without A Care!

So the cat was napping as Pat was flapping. Actually he may have been swearing a bit, annoyed with some twit. Considering he'd be done on the fly, the cat can see why.

My part's done.
Done like I said.
Now back to fun.
Rest my head in bed.

Wait to complete.
Wait on a twit.
My patience left in defeat,
By such a lazy shit.

Two weeks it will take.
No problem at all.
It's a piece of cake,
After that give a calll.

Oh, I was away.
I forgot about that.
I'll start today.
I'll have it done, stat.

Two weeks more.
I'm almost there.
This is such a chore.
Why the hateful glare?

It's done by me.
Aren't you happy?
I forgot to call thee?
Damn, you are flappy.

I'm out today.
But I'll get it to you.
Just go and play.
It will come through.

My secretary will call.
She does that well.
Oh damn it all,
This week's been hell.

Here you are.
I said it was done.
It's all on par,
Boy, was it a ton.

Worked me to the bone.
Enough that I need a break.
Well, I'll leave you alone.
It was a piece of cake.

Pfffffffffffffft don't you love waiting on another to get something done? Especially when you could have had it 1000 times over already spun. Add to it that they are a lazy twit and Pat may talk to them with such words like shit. But that is the breaks when working with another to get crap done. The other sure gave a whiny tale that was spun. Another reason group work in school sucked a ton. There was always one. Love group work in work or class? It was always hated by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Taking Hold Of The Old!

The cat and all of you have sure heard it a time or two. More like a thousand times at least. On it humans seem to feast. A feast of words that is with this old biz. Time to go to school. Isn't that cool?

Happened last year.
Whether thing or gear.
Clothes or act.
Fiction or fact.

No matter the case.
It you must embrace.
So put a smile on your face,
And become an ace.

Wow, that was cool.
You went old school.
I am sure impressed,
With how you dressed.

What a fool.
They went old school.
Didn't they hear,
That it was so last year?

A handy tool.
It was cool.
But it's in the pool,
Of, you guessed it, old school!

Aged some well.
What the hell.
It is so old.
Schooled some bold.

Schooled and aged.
Old's been paged.
And some it comes.
Old school chums.

That's so old school.
You aren't cool.
Who uses chums?
Maybe just rhyming bums?

Typed it seconds ago.
But it's old school you know.
You can't escape that.
You chewed that fat.

No staying whelmed.
Old school is helmed.
When it's no longer new.
Old school is true.

When does something become old school? When it makes one a fool? How does it become school? Was there a school for that handy tool? Is that where it came from? Some school by a chum? Damn, I went old school once more. Chum is so old school at my shore. Do you let old school come to pass? Anything you do that gets old school sass? Maybe I'll ask my old school singing bass. He may answer my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Two For Two With A Grump In View!

The cat was sitting with Cassie, almost knocking off the lassie, when she decided to visit another pest. I don't mind him but she likes him best. We are a pair so I followed her to the downstairs lair.

Asleep at last.
Double the cast.
Oops, there she goes.
Why, who knows?

Down the stairs with a thud.
All to visit her bud.
He likes to pose too. 
A suck up through and through.

Uh oh. Cranky is watching.
Better start hop scotching. 
She was invaded by the black guy.
 She hates all cats on the fly.

So he sticks out his tongue,
As she pops a lung.
Yeah, she growls a bit.
I usually just give her a hit.

See? She is eyeing me.
That tail in the air with no glee.
 Sit could squash me though.
A rather hefty foe.

Oh, try two as one.
Black guy is tempting fate a ton. 
She got her grump on.
A fight may dawn.

Or a stuck up head.
What? He's on her bed?
Oh, that is such a shame.
One grumpy and prissy dame.

She's had enough.
Wants to get rough.
Here comes the grump.
Watch out for the plump.

The fight begins.
But who wins?
Our money was on the fat one. 
But away we did run.

We had to show them how it was done.
 This is a two for one.
Of course I take up more space.
And only Cassie is allowed to show her face.

Can you work as a pair? Are you a grump that is plump with lots of hair? That may be a bad fate. Of course you could squash anyone you hate. That fat lass hates a ton. But I can still make her jiggle and run. I'll stick with only being paired with Cass. It works so much better that way for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.