Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Bug Eyed Creep Is Taking Another Super Leap!

Did you think the A to Z could stop me from releasing a book or three? Never ever, the cat is far too cleaver. So for T today the bug eyed creep is back on display. But not just once, three more tales come due with that Tarsier Man dunce.

First it is Captain Pat, Truedessa and the cat,
How did they get with that dingbat?
I guess he landed on their ship,
And let his tune rip.

He was after a thief,
For causing all grief.
Some how they get stuck inside a whale,
This sure is one strange tale.

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Next we have another clown,
He really makes the cat frown.
Drazin is back on the scene.
This time he is rather mean.

Tarsier Man frees the jerk.
That is great super hero work.
The fool was fooled.
Tarsier Man got schooled.

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And next perhaps the weirdest of all,
Tarsier Man walks by an arcade hall.
He then gets sucked into the game.
Now he has to fight zombies that aren't tame.

Did I mention something crass?
It really does come to pass.
As he fights the zombies mass,
He flies out a zombie birds ass.

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So there we are, three more at my bar. Guess what? That makes over 30 books now at my hut. Damn, the cat is good. 50 is drawing near at my hood. So feel free to look up the bug eyed creep in mass with 9 tales so far for him from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some dVerse Fun For Round Twenty One!

So for S at my bay we have the usual on display. S stands for Search Engine Nuts. Many of them have had to have sniffed one too many butts. These ones sure are dVerse. For something new let's give them a little go in verse.

On what to watch you are torn,
Pop in some marrypoppinsporn
You will sure get a thrill.
But why oh why does my thingy not work means your ill.

I feel your pain at my snip snip sea.
Although dressed up hamsters on my head scares me.
What? No naked hamsters allowed?
My mommy made me the best thing ever, be proud.

I sure hope that was a child.
Naked birds are all over, wild!
Do I sense a pattern today?
My truck broke my foot on my birthday

I guess not, rats!
Geez, learn to use the space bar.
Manly hands are touching my face, in a car?

I guess it beats girlie hands of doom.
Pamela Anderson used my bathroom
Angry Lurker are you going all fetish at your sea?
Tall towers are right in front of me

But how tall are you?
Who let the dogs out who who who who
One too many who's I think.
The cat pissed in the kitchen sink

It was not any cat at this bay.
My cat is really pissing me off today
Better to be pissed off than pissed on.
Look it is a moon and a willy, pray for dawn.

Do we even want to touch that one?
Sensible people are never any fun.
With that one I can just about agree.
I see you, i really see you i see u, u I see u see

Talking to yourself in the mirror before a walk?
Spies have so many wys to make you talk
Looks like you can't even type fully.
My middle finger is such a bully.

Chop that sucker off and no more bullies in ones face.
Sorry underwear for taking you to that place
Hmmm okay and the winner as we put this to bed,
Tame donkeys spit in my ear and puked on my head

Wow, and you just felt you had to share it? Do donkeys even spit? Well there has been round twenty one. Was it not fun? Not sure how these search engines phrases find me in mass but they are ever so useful to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 21, 2014

How The Heck Can You Retromingent On Any Deck?

For R today the cat will pose a question at his bay. How can one retromingent at their sea? It sounds kind of tricky. Any idea at all? Do you even know the meaning at your hall? Well I guess we should get to that. I have to be a semi-nice cat.

Retromingent is everywhere.
You see it at many a lair.
You just don't notice as you stop and stare,
Well from this day forth you will be aware.

But I can't spoil the fun.
Can't tell you yet with my retromingent run.
Can you decide what it means,
By the pics below on your screens?

Watch out, they spit.
May have a spitting fit.
But they are retromingent too.
How? I'll leave that up to you.

My, what big yap.
That would be an awful trap.
Retromingent and bad breath.
You might just wish for death.

A relative to me.
But no snip snip spree.
Lucky retromingent guy.
He can still let it fly.

Look it's dinner.
A sure fire winner.
What? The cat isn't picky at his hut.
Even if it is a retromingent nut.

Another relative of some sort.
He looks like a good sport.
But he might enter your snow fort.
If he goes to retromingent, abort!

Don't they look cute?
The masked bandit brute.
Plus a super hero soon on a big screen near you.
But still, he is retromingent too.

  So can you guess?
Come now, confess?
What is your first thought?
Are you confused by the lot?

Fine, be that way.
Don't share at my bay.
But if you guessed fur mate,
You'd be wrong as it means to backwards urinate.

Did I not give you enough clues? Are you singing the blues? Unable to get retromingent means animals that urinate backwards at your sea? Shame on thee. It was such an easy A to Z pass. At least now you know thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.