Friday, January 30, 2015

Season Four Is Through, Time For Season Five To Come Due!

Four years of blogging have now come due here at my rhyming zoo. Four years is sure longer than I ever thought I would be rhyming away, but here we are at my bay. And the fun keeps rolling on, sure many many more years will dawn. But now it is on to season five at my sea. I guess I can give some spoilers about what's to come from me.

There will be this,
There will be that.
I will rant and hiss,
Show pics of the cat.

There will be a tune or three.
Maybe even some gifs.
I will make fun of thee.
Spirits will lift with no rifts.

There will be a book or ten.
Maybe even some bad art from me.
A rip off or seven at my den.
Along with each search engine crazy.

Did I mention I'd rant?
That I like to do.
May even make a chant,
With some fat to chew.

I will ask what the hell,
With such human things to.
Like how is fat swell?
And who would want to chew?

Maybe even a long arse post.
The story would contain versions of each.
Watch out for Whoopdi Friggin Doo at my coast,
That Robbie Raisin likes to beseech.

But all of that you know,
Let's get more creative now.
For what will really show,
Will make all of you meow.

The cat will strike it rich.
Yep, he'll win the lottery this year.
What? Don't believe that pitch?
Don't worry, you and I will cheer.

The cat will chew on everything rubber.
The cat will chew on string.
The cat will keep off the blubber,
By simply upchucking everything.

Most of all the cat will reply,
To all who comes to see,
What rhyme fell from the sky,
From little old rhyming me.

Season Four is in the past, hopefully season five will be a blast. Away the cat will go and there will always be a show. The posts will continue to grow and the cat will make some eat crow. And I am sure much more will come to pass than what is thought up right now by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little ABC To Z Flow At My Show!

The A to Z is a few months away and the cat thought he would play the ABC game today. I mean many have to start now to get it done, if they still want to have fun. I guess that is what happens when you're not used to posting every day. No sweat for my bay.

A is for addition, as more visits will be had.
It has free admission, but there is many a pad.
B is for bounce, what you will have to do.
At least if you visit an ounce of the list in view.

C is for clutter, which some should shed.
Their posts will make some shutter, being hard on the head.
D is for dormant, what you surely can be.
There is no informant to bring visits to thee.

E is for effective, something you need to know.
Or you may become defective with no visits to your show.
F is for filler, of which there is no need.
No need for a word pillar to dawn your feed.

G is for generate as you need a post each day,
If you want one to venerate at least some of what you say.
H goes with horse, because its a run not a sprint.
It is a long course and you might grow some lint.

I brings initiate, as that you will need to do.
Even with a few to officiate, visits can only be done by you.
J is for jumble, like you can't even speak.
Don't write like you mumble, use spell check at your creek.

K is for kite, which some can go fly.
Don't go to a site and say, "nice post" from upon high.
L is for link, another complete waste of time.
It will go down the drink as you spam with your chime.

M is for moon, something you may see,
As from night to noon you may be on a blog spree.
N is for nadda, the best topic of all.
Don't just yadda yadda about how you have nothing to say on your wall.

O is for ongoing, it just does not stop.
This is a constant showing, so swim or flop.
P is for pat, no not the human here.
Don't be a dirty rat and expect a pat on the rear.

Q is for quiz, a checklist of sorts.
Know the best blog etiquette biz whether talking about shoes or sports.
R is for right, something all think they are.
Just say good night because you aren't always at your bar.

S is for search, look for others that you like.
Don't just sit on a perch or you'll be told to take a hike.
T is for time, a thing you will have to watch.
For even in your prime you could get sent to the scotch.

U works the universe, many out there to explore.
So don't recite a loon curse, instead open a new door.
V is for victory, a sense you may feel,
But don't get contradictory or that could ruin the whole deal.

W is for work, that awful, ugly word.
But in it will lurk, as you can't flip it the bird.
X is for xerox, something you may not want to do.
Repeating at your docks may shun more than a few.

Y screams out Yahoo, for you are close to done.
Wiggle your gazoo and prepare the final one.
Z is for zip, maybe a little pep too.
For you may need it to get all the way through.

Now wasn't that fun? Going to give A to Z a run? If the Grammar Nazi, who posted 5 times in a year, can do it at his sea, I'm sure it can be done by thee. Of course it gives the cat a break and a way to sass, so it will be given a go once again by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Spy A Bullseye?

So the other day as the cat was watching crazy humans play, some gave a cheer when the bullseye came near. They were throwing things at some board that circles big and small it seemed to hoard.

Why a bullseye?
Oh me oh my,
Why a bullseye?
Give something else a try.

Grab a head.
Put the bullseye too bed.
Then take aim.
Hmm sued may be your claim.

A mannequin head.
There would be no dread.
Hit it square in the eyes,
Then give cheering cries.

A picture does the trick,
Can print one off some slick.
You don't have one?
Please, many to give a run.

Get a celebrity face.
That is easy to embrace.
Just burn after use.
They may sue for face abuse.

Or if you have a foe,
There you go.
Use that for the bullseye.
Then make their face fry.

Have an old movie,
That wasn't very groovy.
Don't use it as a coaster,
Instead stick it in the toaster.

Wait! Forget that.
You could fry your fat.
Or maybe even die.
Oh yes, use it for a bullseye.

Or if you really suck,
And are always out of luck,
Hitting the edge instead of the middle,
Unable to play your strange fiddle,

Just get a pane of glass.
Then you can impress a lass.
Just hit it anywhere,
And instant bullseye at your lair.

The cat did not know archers were still around. I guess they still abound. Humans shooting a bow at circles is just no fun. Go give a toaster a run. Or maybe smash a printer. Hmmm well it is winter. So there you are class, I have just hit the bullseye with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.