Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Little Bit Of Fake In Which To Partake!

Seen it here and there at many a lair. Whether that is Twitter or Blogger there is always a hogger. They don't hog this or that, they hog a spotlight like a gnat. They flutter around the light saying something above everything in sight.

That is great!
I so can relate.
What was it again?
I missed it at my den.

Wow, you too?
It happened at my zoo.
What happened though?
I just want to know.

I've done that.
It's where it is at.
At what I have to ask?
I may have hit the flask.

I did that the other day.
What are the chances at play?
What was it you did?
I don't want to miss a bid.

I know that is fun.
I already gave it a run.
Can you tell me what it was?
I may have heard wrong buzz.

That is so new.
I've tried it too.
Did it really come due?
Can yoou tell me how new?

I did that last night.
It really took flight.
Where did I fly?
Don't give me the eye.

Found that out yesterday.
My, that won't cause dismay.
Or will it?
Will it a bit?

Man, that is so cool.
I did it back in school.
It was in school, right?
Come into the light.

I'm the best at that.
I have a high stat.
What was that?
Can I ask a cat?

Don't you love when they retort and pretend they have done it at their court? Then ask later something that lets you know nothing but BS is what they blow. Humans are stranger than a singing bass. So says my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Ruin For You Today In View!

The cat heard something the other day that made me think you humans are crazy in a while other way. That way is not good. It's no wonder so many of you are misunderstood. What was it? Stick with me for a bit.

A remake is coming,
Sadly, a familiar humming.
But we've been there done that.
No need to be a remake cat.

Then comes the whine.
Been done by the feline.
Why do we need such crap?
No originality across the map.

Hollywood for you.
Remakes make me blue.
And there is loads more,
But I don't wish to bore.

The one that stuck out,
As they continued to pout,
Or be an online tough guy,
Those are worse than a house fly,

Was as stupid as stupid can be.
May as well go hang in a tree.
More brains in a monkey.
Plus they could fit in if they smell funky.

Alright, I will now tell.
No need to raise any hell.
"They are ruining my childhood"
Sadly, that can't be misunderstood.

Idiot humans far and wide,
Who in that saying take pride,
Are as dumb as a stump.
So don't be a chump.

Don't ever say that.
Adhere to the cat.
For it is false as false can be,
And stupid to boot between you and me.

Actually between the whole Internet,
As it was typed out by this pet.
Whoopsy, sorry stupid humans everywhere.
Not sorry, as the cat doesn't care.

A remake, reboot, re-this, re-that,
Usually lean toward the very sucky stat.
But they will NOT ruin your childhood at all.
For it is over, done, finished and you had a ball.

Do you get the cat? Are you one that whines like that? They only way a remake or anything can ruin your childhood is if you go back in time and undo the good. Other than that it won't ruin it even if the remake is shit. Now I am done with my ranting pass. No need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Big Production With A Big Reduction!

So the cat has been working on this a while. The biggest thing we ever done when turning the YouTube dial. It was fun to do. May do more than a few. It even has commercials at our zoo. Pat had to get in there too.

The first ever episode of Whose Hairball Is It Anyway, starring Orlin the savannah cat, Cassie the tabby cat, and Mini Me the puppet who longs for no hand up his ass. With your host, Boney.

Activities played are, Stuff from a Drawer, Let's Make A Litter and Play That Movie.

Look for big prizes, big money, big death on some other show. But watch ours while you search for that.

Cassie and I play along,
With that Boney ding dong.
Mini Me comes out to play.
Has a hand up his ass that he likes to say.

We put on a show.
The budget is low, low, low.
Hey, we can't afford a set.
Plus, I'm not a take direction pet.

Pat wants to add dogs to the next one.
Not sure I want the butt sniffing fun.
Guests can come from far and wide.
Hell, may even turn the book tide.

With commercials for the books,
Could help if I get looks.
Or maybe some will skip.
Hope it is a fun trip.

It is a FULL episode though.
So longer than normal at my show.
And no hairballs actually are seen.
But Whose Hairball is it Anyway isn't so clean.

Watch it at your sea? What did you think of the production by me? If you can call a bare bones production that. Hey, works for the cat. Hopefully I can get a few thousand views on this one. That would sure be fun. Mainly to try and sell books from the looks. A cat has to eat to get gas. So feed my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.