Monday, April 27, 2015

Today At My Sea We Be Worry Free!

So W could go many a way. Could blab on about wheat at my bay. But I'll save that for another day. Another day may not come you say? The reason for the W post at play. For the a to z Worry joins the fray.

Worry about time.
Worry about grime.
Worry about money.
Your day's no longer sunny.

Worry turns to stress.
Life's just a mess.
Worry about stressing.
Stress gets a new dressing.

Now you're dressed to worry,
At the drop of a snow flurry.
No matter what comes due,
Worrying becomes you.

Worry about rain.
Worry about pain.
Worry about the norm,
Worry takes a new form.

Worry dressed as stress,
Leaves life more than a mess.
In comes the disease,
Making you weak in the knees.

Worry turned to health.
Now health and wealth.
Worry screwed you over,
Like a leg humping rover.

Worry about all life.
Worry about all strife.
Worry about death.
Worry with each breath.

Trapped in a maze,
A worrisome gaze.
Nothing left to do,
But worry the day through.

Worry about air.
Worry about nothing rare.
Worries are the trend.
Worries are at an end.

Death becomes you.
Way early it comes due.
Worried into a grave.
The path you pave.

Did I worry you today? Are you worried at your bay? I'm worried I may worry the worried people into worrying more. Nah, not really worried about that at my shore. Why bother worrying about useless crap? Do you want to be a dead early chap? Screw worrying, just give sass. It works for my non worrying little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Price Of Nice!

Now we all know the cat is far from nice. I like to chow down on mice. That sure isn't nice, right? Plus you know those things that take flight. Yeah, I eat those too. Whatever will I do? Oh yes, nice. Let's go with that and put the eating things on ice.

Nice to you,
Nice to me.
That gets a yippee.
R's Great Post for me.

Just fit that in.
Not a sin.
Is R even still around?
Bet he's still found.

Niceness is great.
Should be everyone's fate.
A common trait.
Like dessert near a plate.

But what is nice?
Do it and pay the price.
Nice can lead to much.
Like users and such.

But been there done that.
So no need to chew that fat.
Chewing fat is great.
What? You can't relate?

See, nice to one, isn't nice to another.
Nice to you may not be nice to your brother.
So being nice can leave a chill.
Nice becomes something that makes people ill.

Flip it that way,
Nice with smoochies at ones bay,
Yeah I said it.
I'll take the hit.

Makes many gag.
The gag plays tag.
All around do it.
See, not a nice smoochie fit.

Nice is a universal thing?
Pfft not unless all are puppets on a string.
Ultron will prove that wrong.
Yeah, he sang a Disney song.

So be nice, be mean.
Use ice if you smell unclean.
Some things are universal mean.
But nice? Depends on the drinking canteen.

Wasn't that nice? Hey, I didn't charge a price. That sure is nice of me. Ever get dinged for being nice at your sea? See, nice isn't all it is cracked up to be. Some cats think it is nice to sit on a mat and pee. Thankfully not I or Cass. That is just nasty to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Must See Violence Spree!

We have to top ourselves today. Let's blow things up at my bay. Let's chop off a head. Watch as that evil guy is dead. With the a to z we go on another violence spree.

Blame the TV,
Blame the video game.
That is what kids see,
Parents aren't just lame.

Follow the PTA.
Go all PC.
That is the way.
It's the media spree.

They lop of a head.
They shoot people up.
Put a horse head in bed,
Hey, beats food for a pup.

The media is the blame.
That is the stance.
None of it is tame.
All it takes is a glance.

Pffft give the cat a break.
Go jump in a lake.
Maybe choke on some cake.
Oopsy, in violence did I partake?

Burnt at the stake.
That must be swell.
A noose we can make,
To send all to Hell.

A sword to the gut.
A club to the head.
Burnt in a hut,
While sleeping in bed.

Poison in your cup.
An arrow to the heart.
Attacked by a pup,
Relieved of a certain part.

All have been done.
All nasty as can be.
And with their killing fun,
Guess what at your sea?

There was NO media what so ever!
And more violence came due.
Now don't you feel clever?
Sorry PC idiots, but screw you.

Now violence in the media may and does make one dumbed down to it. So when they see it they don't give a umm spit. But causing nut bags to be nut bags? Yeah, kill those brain cells with your weed drags. Excuses for humans being a violent race as "civilized" they pretend to embrace, is all it is. Humans were waaaay more violent before the media biz. So that excuse is as likely as violence being caused by the gas from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.