Monday, May 2, 2016

The Digital Way Or Hard Copy Still On Display?

The cat has seen the argument here and there with plenty of things shouted out to spare. Some say digital is the way and others hard copies at their bay. Whether that be movie or book all are stuck at their nook.

Digital is the best,
It beats all the rest.
Nope, hard copy is the way,
Then I can always read or play.

With digital it may get lost.
Who cares about the cost.
Amazon or Apple may go down.
Or they may leave town.

Pffft if Amazon or Apple dies,
You'll probably end up eating flies.
For the world will have gone to shit.
So I don't buy that one bit.

I own the blu ray.
It is hear to stay.
It is all mine.
That is so divine.

Pfft once more.
You own nothing at your shore.
Well, you own the right to watch it.
But that is all with each hit.

Digital can't be gotten all in one place.
It makes it hard to embrace.
Where as movies can sit on the shelf.
Also can be given my santa's elf.

Well that is true.
Pain in the ass in view.
Having them in 3 separate spots,
Can sure suck lots.

My internet may go down.
That will make me frown.
It means I can't see what I want.
It will just sit and taunt.

Oh no!
Your internet went down for an hour or so.
Dial 911 at your sea.
It's the end of the world for thee.

There will always be a way,
For you to go and hit play.
Unless the world goes to shit.
Then you'd have no electricity anyway to play it.

I guess with books you wouldn't need electricity unless it was night. Which side are you on with the plight? I was hard copy for the longest while but what is that point now with so many a dial? Not like you need them taking up tons of space and if you need to watch something there is always a way to embrace. Unless your internet sucks worse than the cat's gas. Then you may want to stay physical like my actual little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Be There In Five If I Survive!

You humans sure get stuck on certain minutes at your sea. Has that ever been noticed by thee? If not then the cat may have lost you already. Don't worry, I'll catch you up as I rhyme steady.

Be home in ten.
Shouted at your den.
You make it in eight,
As you drive through the gate.

Be there in five,
You say at your hive.
You are there in six.
Maybe just for kicks.

See you in fifteen,
You sound so serene.
You are there in nine.
Lying to the feline?

Take me ten minutes to get there.
You lie again at your lair.
Only took you seven.
Is this some decree from Heaven?

Did you fail math?
Brains take a bath?
They come out your ears?
Do you have other number fears?

What happened to four?
Did it go on tour?
Did six get the boot?
Was five just a big brute?

Did eleven run off?
Maybe twelve decided to scoff.
It beats little old me.
Maybe we just can't overwhelm thee.

You have to stay whelmed each day,
So five or ten is all you can say.
Maybe throw in a fifteen.
Hey, you may have to stay home and clean.

You need that extra bit.
Or you could just say umm duck it.
Say you'll be there soon.
Soon equals anything before noon.

You sure jive,
With ten or five.
Neglecting poor nine.
So mean says the feline.

Now do you notice what you do? You all lie at your zoo. You may say five or ten but you usually never get there in that time at your den. Then you make the cat sit and wait. Waiting the cat will always hate. I'll be back in seven though, just so you know. Or would that be at seven the next day? Hey, I have to cause a little dismay. Enjoy ignoring the other numbers in mass, I'll see you in four, three, six, whatever, with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

All Over, Like Turds To Rover!

Today the a to z is done and I get to use "All Over" for A under my sun. Backwards has its perks. Yeah, it is two words but it still works. Many will be happy it is all over at their sea. Most don't post every day like me.

What else makes you glad?
What else makes you happy?
Maybe even at your pad,
It could make you yappy.

When something is done,
And you can move on.
What kind of end run,
Makes all over and done.

Is it the A to Z?
Now you can rest.
Now you are free.
Did you pass the test?

Is it a job?
The one you hate.
You know, with a snob,
And only done to fill your plate.

Is it a course or test?
Those can drag on.
I prefer to be a pest,
Than to be a pawn.

Is it a show?
Glad it is all over?
Like Under the Dome's glow,
That was more horrible than a feces eating rover.

Is it a trip?
One that you dread?
Like on a leaky ship,
Where you may end up dead?

Is it a date?
Those can sure suck.
You search for your mate,
And pass the buck.

Is it a meeting?
They can be boring.
After the initial meeting,
You may end up snoring.

Is it the cat?
Nah, it can't be.
I chew the fat,
Every day at my sea.

Glad that anything is all over in your life? The stuff that causes strife? Glad the a to z is done? Did you do a backwards run? Can only go forwards and not back? Damn, I'm a talented cat at my shack. So the a to z is all over and done. My break has ceased under my sun. Back to posts about that and this that you can't miss. Well maybe you could take a pass but it would never be forgotten by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.