Sunday, September 21, 2014

No Matter The Amount You Count!

So did you ever think about while sitting bored or playing out, the amount of times in the day when you count away? Haven't caught on to me yet? Just follow the flow of the pet.

Start your day,
To your dismay.
Early to rise,
Still not so wise.

Count the minutes to work,
With that boss jerk.
Unless the boss jerk is you,
Then you just count at your zoo.

Count the seconds to go,
Before food is ready to show.
You have to eat,
Before the walk down the street.

Count the miles you walk,
Or bike or just stalk.
Or more than likely drive,
Hopefully you survive.

Count the miles to go,
Before an oil change is to show.
Or the tires need be changed.
Maybe the car needs to be rearranged.

Count the seconds of the day,
Until you can be on your way.
Count the hours for your pay.
The government takes half anyway.

Count the stairs you climb.
Hey, it's done by a mime.
Or maybe one with OCD.
No, never done by me.

Count the reps you workout.
Sometimes you even shout.
You want all to see,
Big old muscle-y thee.

Count the birds in your yard.
Hopefully past ten isn't hard.
Count the days until you mow.
Don't mow over your toe.

Count the days of the week.
Count your age at your creek.
Count the squares on the wall.
You simply count it all.

Who said math would never be used. I know, you feel abused. All that counting you never thought about. But now the counting jig is out. Or would that be up? Go ask a pup. I will count the times I pass gas out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Need To Scoff, Just A Little Off!

Ever have a word of three at your sea that looks right but it is spelled wrong? I have come to find a few as I sing my daily rhyming song.

I go all whalla at my sea.
I have done the whalla spree.
Oopsy, my french sucks.
Viola it is, aww shucks.

Then one from before,
Went all flare at my shore.
Fine if a signal I need to send,
But flair is the correct trend.

Another has to do with spit,
And my ocd did not let me spell it.
Yeah, we'll go with that,
Flem = phlegm at every mat.

Those three are mine,
That were caught by the feline.
I'm sure there are more.
I find some as I explore.

Libary I've seen a time or ten.
I guess they like berries at their den.
I wonder if they are tasty too?
I guess a library could tell you.

Harrass I came across.
Maybe they didn't floss?
Nope, R it wasn't you.
I won't harass and turn you blue.

One lit a fire,
Going firey to aspire.
I guess fiery is a liar.
Fire must be dire.

Gage was a fun one.
Looks right when done.
But I couldn't gauge it.
Maybe they both are a hit.

Believe me I have seen,
Many pop up on screen.
Beleve me I say,
They are on display.

But I don't care.
Just what I've seen at my or another lair.
I accommadate all.
Oh yeah, accommodate at my hall.

Any words you flip flop when away they drop? Seen any at any other sea that stick out to thee? Catch a few of mine yet? That is a safe bet. Many sure do come to pass. But oh well, says my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Not A One Dumb? I Will Dispute That Chum!

So they say there is no such thing as a dumb question near and far. I bet I could disprove that theory at my sand bar. Want to take that bet? What? Are you afraid of a little rhyming pet?

Can frogs hop?
Nope, they walk and bop.
Is dirty dirt dirty?
Redundant or weird and flirty?

Can a fly fly?
Give it a try.
Does a house house you?
Some may read that wrong in view.

Is what is good for the goose good for the gander?
Not if the goose has dander.
Can a car with no tires go?
Sure, if in the sea you want to row.

Is what's on TV real?
Let's play deal or no deal.
Does water taste water like?
Unless some dye takes a hike.

Can a ninja wannabe be a wannabe?
It's a wannabe of a ninja wannabe spree.
Can a Gawker gawk?
Nah, they just talk.

Does a pusher push?
Might even grope your tush.
Do you dodge at dodgeball?
Nope, just line up on the wall.

Does a workout work you out?
Nah, you just twist and shout.
Does music make noise?
Even when experiencing umm joys.

Is a wall flat?
Flat as a mat.
Do hats go on your head?
Nope, they cover things in bed.

Do you eat food?
Unless it is crude.
Are toys matter?
Even if served up on a platter.

Are numb tongues numb?
I'd say, chum.
How foolish is a light hearted fool?
Somewhere between normal and those who drool.

See, I win! Cough up the dough at my bin. What, you did not bet? Don't try and renege on the cat. I will send a bone breaker after you. Okay, maybe just fleas to your knees at your zoo. So now you know dumb questions can come to pass, all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.