Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Scarf It Down At Your Town!

Nothing can be done by you humans at all. Not without one thing nearby at your hall. You act like you are starving to death. Some dog waiting around with, or without, bad breath. At least you don't drool. That wouldn't be cool.

Say it loud, say it proud.
Do whatever to draw a crowd.
Once it's drawn, keep it there.
How? Easy peasy. Food to spare.

Have it set up on display.
Many more will come your way.
Grease and grime, dirt and paste.
Someone, somewhere won't let it waste.

They snack and chow.
They'll eat balls of a cow.
That many may see is bull.
True though, until they are full.

Can't get together without a snack.
Can't go out without a lobster shack.
Can't go down a corner without fast food.
Say it's not fast and you're just rude.

Can't attend an event or game.
Can't light a candle and watch the flame.
Have to have that extra addition.
Extra! Extra! This isn't Early Edition.

Driving and eating and driving and eating.
Even go out with some trick or treating.
A treat to trick and dress up like a clown.
My, food has sure taken over your town.

Can't go on a date or find a mate.
Can't go without food on a plate.
Or in a bucket or can or maybe your pocket.
Can't even go without it when attached to a rocket.

Additions, preservatives, GMO and more.
Damn any of that with each encore.
That fine print is so small anyway.
Just chow down and then go out to play.

Or play to chow down to play.
Redundant a bit, but what the hey.
That taste is ever so sweeter after.
Maybe store some spare food up in a rafter.

Say it loud, say it proud.
Fatten up the nearest crowd.
You'll have their heart and their loins
You may even gain a few coins.

Do you humans see yourselves sometimes? Or are you blind to it like mimes? Everything you do brings food in view. Some even eat on the loo. That is rather eww. And what some classify as food isn't really so. But that many just don't want to know. So those rats turds get mashed into the burger you ate. So you ate the equivalent of glue on your plate. The important thing is you had food in mass. Pffft the cat isn't even that much of a glutton little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Response The Same With Each Claim!

The cat has watched Pat go to a few and one question seems to always shine on through. I'm sure you heard it too. Maybe even asked it at your zoo. Are they that dumb? The why can even be answered by my little rhyming bum.

Different tasks.
Different asks.
Different tones.
Same old phones.

Pick up and dial.
Add to the pile.
The pile of time.
A waste ringing chime.

A question before.
A question forevermore.
A question in store.
Dumbos galore.

Why do you want to work here?
It comes ever so clear.
Do they expect something witty?
Doubtful when an old bitty.

Do they expect something profound?
Maybe a butt kissing hound.
Nose up their ass.
Adding to the hired mass.

Why do you want to work here?
Does it bring cheer?
An ego boost.
Come home to roost.

Why do you want to work here?
Kicks back into gear.
As if it ever left.
Question must have heft.

Why do you want to work here?
Surely does, oh dear.
Or oh fluck.
Go pass the buck.

Speaking of buck.
Maybe dough on a truck.
Maybe dollars or cash.
A wad full to flash.

Why do you think?
Look up if brought to the brink.
The answer is ever so clear.
Why do you want to work here?

Ever get that question at your sea? Of course a BS answer comes to be. But doesn't it most always come back to the money? Maybe they find asking it funny. For if you win 50 million bucks would you stay? Answer to that is usually, no way! Then it proves it is about the money in mass. Told you that was even known by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Blog On Come Dawn!

A new dawn is here and here is a new post for you to peer. That is sure nothing new. Always one here to view. At least while the cat is going. On with today's showing. A blog for the blog. That kind of a hog?

Many come, many go.
Some put on a show.
Some put on none.
Some do it for fun.

The muse talks.
The finger walks.
Or maybe fingers.
Some second stringers.

Ideas a plenty.
Maybe twenty.
Then out they run.
They have none.

Fade away.
Can't play.
But those that stay.
Enjoy the fray.

A happy crew.
Ever so true.
A hand to help.
No need to yelp.

Interrupted here and there.
Great Post shows everywhere.
Maybe with a follow me.
On such follow back we pee.

Back to hopping.
A post is dropping.
Dropping on in.
Giving many blogs a spin.

Work it takes.
No hand shakes.
Just a comment crew.
Each ever so true.

New parts of the world.
New facts are hurled.
New things are learned.
Some have returned.

Many come, many go.
Some put on a Farcebook show.
But those that stay,
Sure are there come what may.

Enjoy the blogland do you? You must if you are at my zoo. Unless R came back with a Great Post. Then Blue may go coast to coast. Sure a fun community is had. Beats any crummy Farcebook pad. Been blogging a while at your sea? Gonna keep going a while more with a blogger spree? The cat will sure keep on passing gas. That is the same as posting from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.