Saturday, June 23, 2018

Get Steady With Ready!

Are you ready to read my post today? Fun how ready and read change with a Y at play. Don't you think? Maybe thunk brings you to the brink. Think and thunk. What a funk.

Here it comes.
Plank your bums.
Bums to the floor.
Maybe against the door.

I don't care.
Bums beware.
Throw in a butt.
But we did that rut.

Anyway, get ready.
This comes steady.
Are you ready for it?
It is the shit.

Are you ready yet?
Ready and set?
Ready you must be.
I will now tell thee.

I'm typing a post.
I typed it at my coast.
Isn't that amazing?
I know now you are gazing.

Gazing in hate?
Took the bait.
Loved by the cat.
Let's chew the fat.

Chew and chew.
It's ready for you.
Are you ready for it?
We did that bit.

You are ready.
Just like Freddy.
One two he's coming for you.
Three four I haven't a clue.

Ready to repeat?
Isn't ready neat?
Are you ready for ready's way?
Read that right today?

You're standing there.
You are aware.
You are at par.
So ready you are.

Did you get the cat? Follow any of that? Ready for the answer for today? Are you wishing ready would go away? Are you ready for that foray? Of course you are. Why? Because you don't go far. You do nothing at all. Therefore you are ready at your hall. So why ask are you ready all the time? Are you hoping to piss off a mime? Are you ready to listen to my words? Oh look, birds. I guess you aren't ready for my sass. I'll now ready more for tomorrow from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Get Out Alive Of The 9-5!

The cat is here to help you out. You don't want to die while out and about. That would just be bad. No fun would be had. Hey, if you have a big life insurance policy your spouse may be glad. We won't judge at our pad.

Safety is key.
Followed by thee.
You want to survive.
So let's make it out alive.

Earthquakes a shaking.
Nope, it's not faking.
Go stand in the doorway.
If the house falls, that will stay.

Staplers are bad.
This isn't a fad.
Safety goggles are required.
Otherwise, you won't get hired.

The sun is scary.
Tanners be wary.
Slather on that sunscreen.
Most is ineffective and can give you cancer, but hey, it smells serene.

That rolley chair is large.
You sure aren't in charge.
Don't even think on moving it.
Have to call a mover to move every bit.

Stop kidnapping everywhere.
Don't just stare.
Tell the boss where it is you go.
Even if you have to know.

Boxes are big.
Can snap you like a twig.
So even if full of air,
You're forbidden from lifting it there.

Paper may cut.
Don't be a nut.
Wear gloves when handling it.
We don't want you to have a fit.

Eating out is bad.
That can't be had.
Stay in and eat.
The vending machine has plenty a treat.

So stay aware.
Show you care.
Arrive home alive.
Follow the rules to survive.

Hmmm do you follow any of these? Most would be stupid for even fleas. Sun screen is hit or miss. But to each their own for that bliss. Goggles for a stapler though? Did someone staple their finger and toe? Damn, some safety is super lame. Know any a stupid a safety claim? I think I'll avoid broken glass, that is safe for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ready to Become A Fan Of The Dirty, Cranky, Dusty, Nose Picking, Mean, Loud, Lazy, Large, Odd, Dopey, Silly, Greedy, Smelly, Whiny, Lying, Old Man?

Ever see a title that long? Does it sound all kinds of wrong? Do you think it is an adult one? Like the Profanity Granny run? Nope, not one bit. It is a kids book as release number 121 is lit. Ready to become a fan? Say his name three times fast and you'll be the woman or man.

Everything is always right in the town of Cherry Bright. People come and people go. They step to and they step fro. They make sure that all is tame and that every day turns out the same. At least until he caught the sight of the town of Cherry Bright.

They thought him dirty and rather mean. They ran away and made a scene. They thought him dusty and rather loud. They ran home while he stood quite proud. He was sure that they would soon be a fan of the dirty, cranky, dusty, nose picking, mean, loud, lazy, large, odd, dopey, silly, greedy, smelly, whiny, lying, old man.

Have you tried to say it three times fast yet? Is no a safe bet? Intrigued by the loooooooooooooong arse title that came due? Oh the ideas that pop in at our zoo. I could have a name as long as him come to pass, but I have grown attached to simply my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.