Friday, November 27, 2015

Pull A Con And Tack It On!

The cat has figured out how to win. It is easy to do all others in. Yep, easy as can be. Do you want me to share at my sea? Okay, since you asked so nicely I will. I'm sure it is a thrill.

TV show, movie or book.
Even a videogame at your nook.
You want to make it a success?
First don't make it a mess.

Then don't be a copy cat.
Wait! People like that.
Okay, be a copy cat.
Can't make a mess out of that.

Same rhyme twice.
Isn't that nice?
A copy catting cat.
How about that?

Right. So you can copy.
But that may get sloppy.
That is so last year.
All world building cheer.

Yeah, Marvel got copied a lot.
But so far none are as hot to trot.
The secret isn't in no secret war.
The secret is to swing open the door.

That is right.
Play nice at your site.
Swing open that door,
Inviting many into your shore.

It can now be a mess.
It can be paint by numbers no less.
And it won't matter.
All will give you dough served up on a platter.

What is it you ask?
Can't you follow my task.
It is as easy as can be.
Double up at your sea.

Yep, just throw in a big name.
Now your project won't be lame.
Ninja Turtles meet Howard the Duck.
That would make many a buck.

21 Jump Street meets Men in Black.
Wait, they are supposedly doing that attack.
Yoda meets Boogerman.
A sure fire hit with many a fan.

I could go on all day. Maybe I should get Captain Crunch to join my bay. Not sure why that just popped in, but I'll go with it at my looney bin. So when looking to sell, don't dig a new well, just add a big name and you'll get your fame. It can be complete crap and it will still sell across the map. You'll make more money than a singing bass. Be sure and share some with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Rules Of Fools!

So the cat sees it here and there and you also see it everywhere. Whether or not you are aware or even care, beats me and my cat hair. But the cat has time to blare and so why not yap about something that isn't rare.

Rules are here and there.
There are rules to spare.
That we sure know.
So on with the show.

What of the rules of fools?
They flood like swimming pools.
They are all about.
Fools squawk and shout.

Squawking rule fools,
Worse than a dog that drools.
Except if the drool lands on your head,
Then that is something to dread.

The rules are many.
Things can't have any.
There have to be rules for all.
Tightly tied in one big ball.

Rules for eating.
Rules for treating.
Rules for working out.
Rules they sure shout.

Rules for shaming.
Rules for blaming.
Rules for lying.
Rules for the dying.

Rules high and low.
They change on the go.
But there is still a lot.
The rules are hot to trot.

Rules can be whelmed.
They must be helmed.
Helmed isn't a word
Blogger spell check rules are absurd.

But what is the rule of the fool?
The fool that believes the golden rule.
The rule of the golden fool.
Proving they are a garden variety garden tool.

As in they are mostly grand,
For digging up shit across the land.
That rule of the fool would be,
Their rules work for 100% of the population from sea to sea.

Morons in the end. Whoops, did I offend? Damn, I broke the shaming rules. Sorry, poor garden tools. There are rules of society that aren't even applied to all, as the rich get off with one phone call. There are things that are bad for all, like tossing back a vat of acid at your hall. But there are no rules that work for 100% of the people 100% of the time. Not even if you're a mime. So stick it says the cat to each rule dingbat. The cat shall follow the rules that works for him in mass and give the rest the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let's Justify Today Along The Way!

You humans really have to get justification for everything you do. That is so sad and true. Don't believe the cat? I'll prove it with a little rhyming spat.

I am the best.
I beat the rest.
Say it with me.
I'm the best from sea to sea.

I bought this.
The deal wasn't one to miss.
I didn't have the money,
But it was a deal, Honey.

I ran the light.
It was at night.
No car in sight.
He hit me out of spite.

The movie would have been great,
But the studio wanted a new trait.
The script wasn't bad at all.
See? I wrote it in crayon on the wall.

I stole that car.
He was drunk at a bar.
I saved a drunk driver.
Should put me on Survivor.

I robbed that bank.
I upped my rank.
I had to because I'm broke.
They are insured, you bloke.

You should have done this,
If you wanted to keep my bliss.
You really made me cheat,
With your attention delete.

I ate nothing yesterday,
So I can sit and play.
No need to exercise here.
See? Not much of growing rear.

I killed them because they were mean.
They were demons and unclean.
God told me to.
Believe it to be true.

I'm still the best.
See my preening chest?
Say it with me.
I'm the best from sea to sea.

An excuse to justify a reason why. Always need an oh me, oh my. Justification sure seems to be your thing. For reasons for everything you can sing. Need to justify everything at your sea? Might not want to tell me. Then I can give some more sass from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a great fall.