Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where Are We Going Just Keeps Growing!

So ever since you were born, even through the years of delightful porn, maybe even more so. Okay, away from the gutter I go. You have heard going and always had a going showing. Don't follow the cat? I'll take care of that.

Where are you going?
You hear when growing.
Can reap what you're sowing,
With where are you going.

The place didn't matter,
As long as nothing ended up on a platter.
But with arms a rowing,
Keeps coming where are you going.

Going to be a rise in this.
Going to be something you don't want to miss.
Going to be many retirees.
Cats are going to get fleas.

Going to be the future
Going to need a suture.
Going to be a bleak job market.
They are going to bark it.

Going to need to save.
Going to go to your grave.
Going to need to be brave.
Going to make a man cave.

Going sure is the best.
Going passes the test.
If you want a later showing,
Just say, one day it will get going.

Going to do that work.
Going is a perk.
Going to ignore going.
Going leads to owing.

Going to be a big event.
Going to need to repent.
Going to suffer wrath.
Going sure defies math.

Things are going wrong.
Sing the going song.
Going all along.
Get going, ding dong.

Are you going to leave?
The cat is going to grieve.
The cat is lying to you.
Sorry, not really true.

The cat is through with his going view. You hear every year how retirement, the end, this that and the other thing are going to come near, but does the going come due? Not unless the going is you. Where are you go to and fro across the grass? Okay, I am going now with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Post For A Post For A Post At My Coast!

So it is becoming more common now a days in the world wide trailer craze, no not talking the trailer park, talking movies that like to leave their mark. Anyway, becoming more common to make a trailer for a trailer for a movie. Isn't that just groovy? What next will you humans think up? More brains in a pup.

A trailer for a trailer for a movie hit!
Oops it turned out to be shit.
But we fooled you in the end,
The best parts were in the trailers to which we send.

Not excited for a trailer for a trailer anymore?
Let's go with something else that needs an encore.
No need to get stuck on one thing.
Lots of ideas we silly humans can bring.

A interview for an interview for a job.
Damn, that has to impress Bob.
Sadly this is true too.
What you humans go through.

A car for a car for a driver.
Whether you are a pedestrian or diver,
You car is inside a car.
Boy, will you get far.

A book for a book for a book.
Could go on forever with that at my nook.
A book about a book that's about a book.
Won't you go and take a look?

A woman for a woman for a man.
If of your husband you aren't a fan,
Just get another woman to do the work.
You also can reverse that perk.

A desk for a desk for a worker.
This is a real tear jerker.
The poor desk needs a desk of its own.
Then it won't be all alone.

A clock for a clock for time.
Not knowing the time is a crime.
So you need a clock for a clock.
Together they can take your time and mock.

A bill for a bill for a bill.
This just makes me ill.
For it is surely true,
Especially if the tax man is after you.

And best of all,
One needed at every hall.
Come on and be a hog,
Get a blog for a blog for a blog.

Any you would add? Isn't the trailer for a trailer for a movie just rad? Don't you want to spread it around? More of it everywhere should be found. Pffft to that I say. Redundant in every way. I'll pass gas when I pass gas right out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Into The Dare That Is Oh So Rare!

You humans can sure be creative with simple things, maybe even with your flings. But then you always seem to get caught with the later. But hey, it's some exercise so you won't get fatter. Now on with the show. I dare you to read what is below.

Peer pressure at its best.
It just has such zest.
So don't hold back,
Or you'll get flack.

I dare you.
It's true.
I dared you.
Now go pick grass and chew.

Is that a no?
Pffft give it a go.
If my dare was not great.
I double dare you to take the bait.

Waiting for you to do it.
Come on, a double dare is a hit.
Okay, I triple dare you.
Now it must come due.

Is that still a no?
Well what do you know.
I cheat rhymed there.
But what do you care.

For I just double dog dared you.
A dog makes it oh so true.
Be a dog and do it.
Don't sit and throw a fit.

I triple dog dare you.
See, it is more and new.
A dog and a triple.
Who cares if you end up a cripple.

I triple alligator dare you.
A snap will come due.
So snap to it today.
My dare will never go away.

It's a dare with care.
I hope you're aware.
I care to dare.
Dare by the pair.

Now get it done.
A dare is fun.
I quadruple rat dare you.
So grab that grass and chew.

Are you ready to eat grass? Do you take dares that come to pass? Pffft says the cat. Nonsense and all of that. But humans like to give it a go to see if they can make people do stupid things all in a row. Some even fall for it. Maybe they think dares are a hit? But the cat is fine with eating grass, it tastes good to my daring little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.