Saturday, May 30, 2015

Let's Meet To The Beat!

The cat just attended one of the most boring things on Earth. How can they have anything of worth? You sit and stare at a wall. I can have much more fun tearing up and down the hall.

With this act,
You make a pact.
You repeat a fact,
And be exact.

Fact is though,
The fact you know.
That fact you do to.
Fiction may come due.

But the fiction you know.
Where is a foe?
I'd rather fight.
This takes all night.

Maybe even all day.
Waste your life away.
Can spin in a chair.
Passerby's beware.

Can click your pen.
Make all squawk like a hen.
At least it's new,
What they shout at you.

Maybe not after the first one.
Yeah, drags it on a ton.
So it's a gift and a curse.
It could always be worse.

Could be sitting in a gutter.
But I'll still mutter.
Grumble and growl.
The cat may howl.

Snip snip so no heat.
But can pretend on a seat.
That may discourage yapping.
The cat can start flapping.

I will scare them all away.
Then I can enjoy my day.
Or just give them fleas.
They'll get itchy knees.

Instead the facts I hear.
Facts already given an ear.
The fact is head against wall I'm beating.
That is the fact of the work meeting!

Are you a meeting lover at your zoo? Do the meetings just do it for you? I suppose if the meeting was just two and under or on the table you could ummm whoo. Hey, gutter is better than the same old facts. Can't they at least present new acts? But nope, the same thing in mass. It puts to sleep my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 29, 2015

A Bloggy Doo At My Zoo!

Robbie Raisin is back and we are here for another Whoopdi Friggin Doo attack. I heard the blog world had to get things off their chest. Whoopdi Friggin Doo does that the best. So Robbie Raisin will help out. Feel free to give anything a shout.

So Jax, what have you to say? Feel free to blab away.

He HOARDS them!!!!!!!!!!!!! He called me today to ask me if I like frogs because someone threw out a large collection of frog figurines. Or how about last week when he found the same birth control pescription I use not opened..and he had no idea whyyy I wouldn't want THAT. Oh, don't get me started, Cat!! You'll get a real blabbing rant out of me!

Damn, I think that is all the time we have for this show. Brian, care to have a free flow?

ha. kind of a freaky clown eh?
i used to be a traveling one at my bay
though i was in yellow
a kinda mellow fellow
now this one has a face like a cello
i like the hair though

You were a clown that likes hair? Betty, do you have something more rare?

Glad I'm not afraid of clowns
like some people can be
He was certainly a gleeful one
his laugh was fun to see!

Brian, you have a fan. Suza, care to take a kick at the can?

Do you know the loris?
Cute with BIG eyes
Makes me smile
They look very surprised

So you love big eyed apes? Mary, any revealing tapes?

Dolly Parton has always looked a bit like an alien to me with all her plastic surgery.

A Dolly fetish from you? Who knew? Beer guys, care for a few tries?

Oh, we laugh at Gary Busey now, but I bet those giant alien teeth can deflect lasers.

Off in make believe land? Terry, is life going grand?

You know my Hubs son I was telling you about with the toilet paper? We took him 5 lottery tickets too. We watched him scratch away. This is getting freaky with you posting my life. LOL

No tp is sure scary. Manzi, you got anything really hairy?

The annaknaki came looking for gold
They found wild ugly animals I'm told
They used parts of us, add to their own
Came out as humans and the brain was on loan

A mad scientist at your bay? Does it make much pay?  Adam, care to play with us today?

I used to have a neighbor who had more crap than Fred Sanford. His whole backyard was filled stuff that they didn't need nor want. 

Seems he has a gripe indeed. Tabbies o trout towne what takes seed?

de bass terd turkee burd that will be sittin round with stuffin in hiz azz two morow

Birds surely do eat seed. Betsy, have anything to reveal in need?

Trudy goes in
for the win!
No extra chatter
won her the platter!

Ummm err who is that? A make believe cat? Marg can you shed some light on her fright?

Sounds like a scary day at that zoo.

That sums it up swell. Hank, want to damn anyone to hell?

You think it is a free country so throw things everywhere
So no more littering
So a little thinking
So you can save the day be less bothersome if you may

Yeah, litterbugs suck. Susan, care to try your luck?

I'm the chucker at my house and every time my husband can't find something, he blames me for throwing it out. 

A good confession for the soul. Brian the cat, what is your goal?

Sometimes even our clutter has clutter!

Clean up aisle ten? Snowcatcher, care to throw in your pen?

A hoarding packeat I confess to be
Yarn and fabric as far as the eye can see
But that just means I get a pass
On Christmas shopping I find so crass!

Sorry, Santa has come and gone. Rosey, care to add to the con?

Ever see those fake ones that look so real?

Wow, that can go any which way. Gloria, are you ready to play?

When I read the post name I know you were teasing us again:)))

Are you a psychic to? Truedessa, what comes from you?

I am a chucker with somethings at my bay
other things I may save to use another day

So you cancel yourself out? Theresa, care to give us a shout?

Clowns don't usually scare me, but that's one freaky clown in the video!

Watching strange videos again on youtube I see. Alex, how is this ended by the ninja wannabe?

I won't look at those people the same way now

Wow, you all scarred Alex for life. I guess he'll just have to be satisfied talking to his wife. That is the end of our show. Now you may know things you did not know. Thank you cards can be sent to Whoopdi Friggin Doo and money too.


Are you all better getting that off your chest? You sure can pass the crazy test. But that is fine by me. The cat is as crazy as can be. Not sure what Rosey was trying to fake in mass, but I won't go there with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

When Said You Get Dread!

The cat knows you humans must be nuts, or maybe you are taking cues from mutts. Either way, all you can do is say, hey. If you're lucky maybe talk about the weather when you all come together. But been there done that. There is one more you hide under your hat. The conversation starter that makes one go oh no! You can sometimes create a foe.

We have to talk!
Go, take a walk.
It is generally bad.
No fun will be had.

Promise not to get mad?
Means something bad was had.
If you promise you may lie.
But go ahead, give it a try.

Can I ask you something?
It has a familiar ring.
Meaning they are afraid to ask.
So might not be a fun task.

I have something to tell you.
Time for you to shoo.
It probably won't please.
Or could be a nice tease.

Can you follow me?
Run away, flee!
They either want to fire you,
Or go all Deliverance when out of view.

"Name" do you....
They want something new.
Run far far away.
To a new galaxy they say.

Are you busy?
Do I look dizzy?
But yes I am anyway.
I don't want to do what you say.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Something that won't bring me sorrow.
Unless I have to help you.
I know, so mean at my zoo.

Will you be around later?
See you, alligator.
But then again might not be so bad.
Things could go rather umm glad.

Would you mind doing such and such a thing?
Yep, but you knew that it would sting.
Yet you still want it done.
Aren't you're in trouble conversation starters fun?

The cat just rolls his eyes when these come due. I know something bad is going to come from you. Are you trying to soften the blow? Did I miss any with today's rhyming show? You humans sure have them in mass. You beat around the bush unlike my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.