Monday, May 29, 2017

Pick Your Hit With What Day Is It!

The cat has seen even more weird ones creep in. Or just plan eye roll worthy ones for the win. So let's jump on the bandwagon today. Let's make up a day.

Hop on one foot day.
That may cause dismay.
It may not please.
Could blow over with the breeze.

Lick the ground day.
Isn't that a great foray?
You could catch a disease.
That day sure would please.

Blow with the wind day.
Blow back at your bay.
If you are full of hot air.
It could work grand at your lair.

Ask a random question day.
Go up to the nearest person on display.
Ask the strangest thing that pops in.
You may get chucked in the looney bin.

Kick the nearest thing day.
Could work as a double play.
Random question for one.
A kick for the second will be done.

Random research day.
Make up some stats about any foray.
That will be easy to do.
Just add one plus two.

Contradict stats day.
Join the fray.
Say the opposite of another finding.
The internet will be grinding.

The killer excuse day.
Give your best a say.
If people don't buy it.
Hey, maybe hiss and spit.

The flick an ear day.
Flick them at play.
When you see them on another,
Flick like an annoying little brother.

The make a day day.
Didn't think I'd give that a say?
I declare it make a day day.
Here on the 29th of May.

Hey, Monopoly and barbies have a day. Why can't a day making day join the fray? Although you may end up in jail with a few of these. But you won't blowing back at the breeze. Have any weird ones to add to the mass? Go ahead and make a day day on the day declared by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

To The Top Of The Crop!

The top of the crop can't be a flop. Or flopped and dropped. Has your mind been cropped? Who will be one? Blue may get it done. A copy and paste. Does that post haste. But nope, not about that. Follow the cat.

This comes with a warning.
It's 7 in the morning.
Isn't that nice of me?
I just warned thee.

A warning chime,
About the time.
Time to play.
It's a new day.

Actually it's not.
Newish is the plot.
Same old same old?
Nah, that won't take hold.

Hey, it may be.
But forget that spree.
Instead we're at the top.
So 7 hours in is a flop.

Unless time zones play.
Then I'll confuse away.
We don't want that.
Let's pretend it's flat.

So 7 hours in.
Still can get a win.
Look, it was Hank.
Blue walked the plank.

Maybe Blue is snoring.
Could be out exploring.
Switcheroo could be Hank.
Whoops, walked the wrong plank.

This is a new top.
A top that may flop.
A top that gets a drop.
After a skip, jump and hop.

Mixed that up a bit?
Who gives a shit.
All is jumping action.
A jumping type faction.

Yep, I'm done now.
Finished my morning meow.
So Top Of The Morning To You.
Damn, I'm a liar at my zoo.

What does that even mean? The top of the morning at ones scene? Does the morning have levels to climb? Does it do it like a mime at each chime? We'll go with when it starts. Which means I'm 7 hours late in my parts. So 7/12 top of the morning to you blogland mass. Now I'm a correct little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dig Deep At Your Keep!

Are you ready to dig a little deeper? Some sure do it and become a weeper. The cat doesn't like that. They whine like they can't get out scat. Of course that can suck too. But we won't dig into that at our zoo.

Dig down deep.
Forget the weep.
Just dig on down.
Maybe to Chinatown.

Does China go the other way?
To America do they say?
Somehow I doubt that.
No digging into it for the cat.

Now what's with digging?
Are you sitting there wigging?
Wigging out you know.
Does your wig go with the flow?

Think about that.
I'll dig and bury scat.
My digging is now done.
Back to the digging run.

Dig a little deeper.
A saying not for a sweeper.
They just sweep it under the rug.
So things have to be dug.

Find things out.
That's what it's about.
But not where this is going.
Caught on to my showing?

Digging myself a hole.
Ah, now you got my goal.
Nah, I already dug that.
Can we get off the scat?

Found in a lie.
Oh me, oh my.
Sinking in debt.
Look, one final bet.

Two unrelated.
But both are fated.
You sure got it now.
Don't raise an eyebrow.

Digging a deeper hole.
Seems to be a human goal.
Can't admit and try to get out.
Nope, dig on down like a merry trout.

Do you dig deeper holes? Not the ones for places flag poles. Arguing and arguing even when you're wrong? That goes to the dig a deeper hole song. Even trying to get out of a lie with another lie. Whoops, hole dug some spry. Let's get out of debt with more debt. Yeah, that is a safe bet. Could dig deeper all day but the cat now needs to play. Now don't go disturbing the grass when digging near my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.