Friday, March 27, 2015

The Perk Does Not Work!

Ever see a cartoon and think that would be grand? Would it not be fun to do that across the land? What is that? Just stick with the cat.

Popeye chewed away,
All through the day.
Spinach made his muscles grow.
Real life = no go!

Now is that song in your head?
Oh the dread.
Could go back to bed.
Don't bump your head.

Walk in a tub of ice.
That is some nice.
It never melts at all.
Be hard to pee at your hall.

Get things dropped on your head.
But you aren't good and dead.
Just burnt and crispy a bit,
Followed by a meep meep fit.

You have no ass.
So nothing to pass.
Easy as can be.
Look at Donkey Kong if you don't believe me.

You can go inside a mouth.
It won't stunt your growth.
Can see how insides work.
That has to be a perk.

You can eat all day,
Never getting fat at your bay.
Eat whatever you want.
That be nice at your haunt.

Plus you can have 1000 episodes done.
They will always rerun,
And from start to end,
You're still the same age, my friend.

No wardrobe to worry about.
No need to twist and shout.
Just wear the same thing every day.
Lets you be cheap at your bay.

And maybe easiest of all,
Everyone talks your language on the wall.
Dubbed just for you.
No language barriers to go through.

Don't you want cartoon powers? You could live life for many extra hours. Wear the same clothes every single day. Spinach will also make you look like Rambo at your bay. Plus like the two light hearted fools you could be all mass. How they get around with no legs or arms sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

If You Were A Rock. A Blue Guy Mock!

The blue guy came after the cat a while ago, did you think I'd let that go? Whining about his little shoe. Maybe he is part kangaroo? A blue kangaroo would be a sight at a zoo. So the cat will mock and the picture may even shock.

If you were a rock, what kind of rock would you be?
Would you stick to a foot or fall on me?
Would you be pointy and sharp as a tack,
Or be one with your great big rock pack?
Would you be large and ready to please,
Or would you crumble and be one big tease?
Maybe brag that you were around when dinos roamed the Earth,
Or be smashed to bits and call it giving birth.
Would you end up really frail and bitter,
Becoming some clumping kitty litter?
How about your texture and curves?
Would you be smooth and round, remember, rocks, pervs.
Will you prick me if I touch you with a finger.
Or will you like it and let me linger?
Would you be in a collection of some collector,
Or suck up some metal and fool a metal detector?
Would you hide gold beneath or behind you,
Preventing thieves from stealing it two by two?
Maybe hide a body or something more.
Could be the Fountain of Youth or another trinket of lore.
Would you carve yourself into a headstone,
Listening for eternity as ghosts moan?
Would you gather with others to make a good bed,
Where any traveler can come to rest their weary head?
Would you protect lovers from a detection,
As behind you they hide with an umm err erection?

Or would you sit and stare
And not bother going anywhere?
Would you make rocks talk about you.
By not giving a whoopdi friggin doo?
Would you stand on your own without a care,
Or find another and make a rocky pair?
Would you let others get a good whiff
And the drop them off your cliff?
Tell me...
One, two, three...
What kind of rock would you be?

Have you decided what rock you will be? Are you like me and scared the blue guy has multiple personality disorder at his sea? Or maybe he just likes to play dress up. Whatever fills his cup. The cat will stick to being crass, passing gas with some sass and as always, being a little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Pest of Rest!

After yesterday are you all rhymed out from my play? Nah, I didn't think so. You know there will always be another post to show. But for those that can't past the test here is a little rest.

Stay in bed.
Rest your head.
Let the body stretch.
Don't play fetch.

A little air,
Screw the hair.
Screw the clothes.
Umm curl toes.

Wait, that's not rest.
But passes any test.
Did you stutter?
Okay, out of the gutter.

Now rest within.
Forget the woes at your bin.
Think happy thoughts.
But don't think lots.

I really just said that?
A bumper sticker cat.
A bumper to a humper?
Won't be a umm grumper.

Unless you're grumpy blue.
Then that's nothing new.
Now rest your fingers.
Nothing new lingers.

Sing a tune.
Be like Betsy and dance with a spoon.
Even at rest exercise be nice.
But no need to do it twice.

Relax in a chair.
Can still be bare.
Just pull the curtain.
Of that be certain.

Eat and be Mary.
Play with dogs that are hairy.
Hmm got that wrong?
Blame Donkey Kong.

And viola it's the next day.
Things came what may.
And guess what?
Nothing exploded at your hut.

Rest for the cat? We get plenty of that. May not seem so but when you are ahead plenty of rest can show. Things will always get done and then more things will need to be given a run. It never ends until you are dead. Then you rest in a permanent bed. So take a day, come what may, relax and let go of some gas. Trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.