Monday, September 24, 2018

The Nothing Go Blind In Mankind?

Is nothing a magic word? Like abra kadabra, just not as absurd? At least the latter is fun to say. Nothing just has a meh display. But you say it a lot. And not just with an I have nothing to say plot. That we've done. But here is another nothing we have many a time heard spun.

Nothing comes and doesn't go.
It stays at each nothing show.
It comes without a show.
How? Damned if I know.

Nothing blinds the user.
That may make nothing an abuser.
Or maybe just a cheat.
Nothing sure can't delete.

The button is broken.
Can't stick in a token.
For nothing has won.
And you are just done.

Need to pay and pay.
But nothing will stay.
It will linger for a while,
Then nothing comes back in style.

The style of it.
Like this Nothing bit.
Goes around and comes.
It covers all bums.

Or maybe not.
There's a nude beach and a robot.
Neither of them may count.
Nothing sure can amount.

For I've got nothing to wear.
There are dozens of clothes right there.
If not hundreds in sight.
But nothing takes flights.

I'll have to go nude.
But that would be rude.
Oh well, I'm blind now.
I won't have a cow.

I may feel that.
Could come out rather fat.
But what do I care?
I've got nothing to wear.

Not even a towel.
Nope, can't buy a vowel.
I don't even have TP to spare.
I just have nothing to wear.

Don't you kinda roll your eyes at this? Nothing sure must have a whole other meaning and it isn't bliss. It gets thrown around with lots to say and it gets thrown around with plenty of clothes on display. Did the definition change? Maybe people find the word strange. Have you used it at your sea? Not a fan of going naked like me? I suppose you can't get away with it in front of a human mass. Oh well, nothing to wear doesn't stop my furry little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Search Is On For A New Dawn!

Or would it be the same dawn? Bah, don't think too much at your lawn. The dawn will make your lawn grow. Unless rain doesn't decide to show. I guess a crap shoot it is with the new dawn/lawn biz.

Time to look.
Need a new nook.
No enemies to be found.
We can avoid a hound.

Show us the cage.
Pay any wage.
We're set to go.
What? That's one's a no?

But it looks fine.
Works for the feline.
Oh, there'e mold.
Yeah, we're no longer sold.

That one is a dirt pit.
Okay, avoid that shit.
That one has neighbors from Hell.
We admit, it doesn't sound swell.

That one you know the neighbor next door.
They'll probably want you to do a chore?
Yep, avoid it like the plague.
Nope, we aren't being vague.

That one's an hour away from work.
That's so not a perk.
We'll starve if left that long.
So that one is all wrong.

That one hasn't a door.
We could go explore.
Says it will be on though.
Hmmm, we vote a hell no.

That one has bad reviews.
Sure sounds like they are bad news.
Not just one but ten.
Yep, we'll avoid that den.

That one won't take pets.
Pffft throw them in fish nets.
We'll pee on their head too.
Or maybe in their stew.

That one wants a high price?
Sorry, no dice.
Damn, maybe we won't go in the cage.
Before we go, we could die of old age.

Don't you love finding a new spot? All the obstacles, other crap, and rot? This will be move 19 for Pat, move 8 for Cassie and move 4 for the cat. By the time this runs we may already have a new welcome mat. But looking at the ads we have our doubts. Many have less ins and more outs. If Pat would rob a bank already of all its mass, then I could get my own spot for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

A What's Name Kinda Game!

The cat goes by many. I may not respond to any. I may respond to them all. I guess it depends on who's giving the call. That and maybe if I care. I can be rather rude as I lick my ass at our lair.

What's in a name?
A question not tame.
One that may grow fatter.
No former, just latter.

Last and first.
The middle the worst.
The middle the best.
Is there a test?

A name tester.
Let that fester.
What if you fail?
Time to hit the trail?

Or the, Hey You!
That works too.
You can take your pick.
From asshole to dick.

Or go more.
A wanker encore.
Maybe whelmed will fit.
Or, Hey you little shit.

Would hey be first?
You little may be the worst.
Does that make shit the best?
Would it fail the name test?

A failing notion.
Named after an ocean?
Named after a dump?
At least it comes after a hump.

Or could come before.
A dreamers encore.
Go all hippy dippy.
Could get named all trippy.

Or just Trippy.
The tester may get lippy.
Or break out some weed.
What a name indeed.

Anything can work.
Even, Hey Jerk!
It may get confusing if you bale hay.
But let's not even get into spelling, okay?

Anyone out there named, Okay? That would be weird at ones bay. But sure some weird names about too. But we just proved you've got some weird ones at your zoo. Respond to "Hey You" or "Little ass" and you just gave the tester a pass. Or maybe a fail. We aren't sure if hay you bale. Thought I'd spell that bail? Nah, don't want to go to grammar jail. But both can be used as a name. If you can say it, it can be a name claim. Wouldn't it suck to get a name that was only a grunt? Your brain it may stunt. Don't you love going on about a name pass? Oh that thoughts that pop in to my appropriately named little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.