Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cassie Cat And Orlin Kitty Take One Walk Through The City!

Ever have something pop into your head and it wanted to be said? Not sure why this popped in. It popped in when Pat was sitting on the loo at our bin. TMI for you? Bah, no such thing at our zoo.

Cassie Cat and Orlin Kitty
They both live in a great big city.
It's not so great and not so big,
But they can still dance a jig.

It is as easy as can be.
Even when bored out of your tree.
Not sure why you'd live in a tree.
That's not something you have to share with me.

Back to jig dancing here and there.
Why is that easy at our city lair?
A bar in every corner just for you.
They even have attractions to view.

Like the Hulk at the door,
Hulking out forever more.
The pee filled and dripping over loo.
I hear that is abstract art to a few.

And when that is over and done.
Prepare yourself for such fun.
You can go for a good long walk.
You may trip and fall if you gawk.

Or if you did one before two.
Outdoors is a much better loo.
So I guess one before two has a perk.
Not sure drunks walking can really work.

Get a mutt to guide you along.
Maybe whistle a cheery song.
Suck in those car fumes as you walk.
Maybe you'll get a tye dye Mohawk.

Last but not least comes fun.
It must surely be done.
You walk and drink.
My, that ought to tickle you pink.

Can a drink tickle and turn one pink?
Maybe Bigfoot is the missing link.
I don't know about any of that.
I'll just hideaway where I'm at.

Orlin Kitty and Cassie Cat.
Both stay where they are at.
It's not so big and not so great,
But it beats overflowing loos at any rate.

The cat just saw a few and it popped in at our zoo. Not sure why it did on the loo. Anything in your place more to do? Drink and walk. My, maybe throw in gawk. Seen one tree, you've seen them all. Unless your a dog at your hall. Then you have to mark each one you pass. That would be far too much work for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Crazy Plot Of Cheap Or Not!

The cat is as cheap as can be. No need for big fancy toys for me. Just give me the box that it was in and I'm quite happy at my bin. Get where this is going? On with my flowing.

Cheap it is.
A nasty biz.
You can't buy cheap.
Not in any heap.

It will be no fun.
Not worth a run.
Hell, not worth a thing.
Not even a fling.

Spend that dough.
High not low.
Spend it all.
Get art for the wall.

Spare no expense.
Don't be dense.
Get the very best.
It always passes the test.

Cheap won't thrill.
Your wallet may fill,
But that will be it.
Don't buy cheap shit.

Screw the wallet.
Go and call it.
Call the expensive place.
Let go of your cheap embrace.

Purse is that same.
Filling it is lame.
Don't go buying cheap.
Dig down nice and deep.

Whip out that card.
It isn't so hard.
Buy the best around.
Did you hear that sound?

The sound of the best.
You ignored the rest.
You bought the top dog.
Whoops, still eats a brown log.

But it was tops.
Who cares if it flops.
Top of the pile.
The best by a mile.

The cat knows a nut that always needs the best. He's in debt worse than the rest. Yeah, that is sure the way to be for things like TP. You can't go cheap there. Can hurt the butt crack at ones lair. Always the expensive one are you for everything at your zoo? Give the cat a box and some grass and I'm a happy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Best Way Here Today!

Humans need advice by the ton and the simplest answer is usually the right one. So the cat will help you out today. At least I'll pretend to anyway.

The best way,
Comes to play.
In many a way,
The best shall play.

The best way to,
Here are a few.
A few you know.
But you need tell and show.

The best way to write a book?
You need to write at your nook.
Woweeeee, wasn't that grand?
You now know and can take a stand.

The best way to find if your product will sell?
Well, try and sell it where you dwell.
Woweeee, another grand one from me.
And I'm doing this all for free.

The best way to become a teacher?
Teach and don't become a preacher.
Woweeee, look at me go.
That is three in a row.

The best way to learn?
Read and do at every turn.
Woweeee, I'm on a roll.
Glad I can help humans get out of a hole.

The best way to know if a date will be good?
Is to go on the date at your hood.
Woweeee, this is getting scary.
I hope your dates aren't really hairy.

The best way to get some rest?
Is to go rest to get back your zest.
Woweee, who knew you'd just need sleep?
Oh right, I did at my keep. 

The best way,
Came to play.
Had its say,
And went away.

Did it sink in?
Is your head in a spin?
Woweee, that is cool.
When your head spins, don't drool.

The cat will now go take a rest. He is tired after telling you each ways best. Did some you know? Did some make a light bulb glow? Hopefully not the later is the case. That would be a rather bad embrace. The best way for me to give sass? That is to be a little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.