Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Surprise For You...Maybe Two!

The cat wants to surprise all. I can do it at my hall. It is as easy as can be. One sure did it near me. The surprise was so grand. I have to give them a hand.

Surprises for you.
Surprises for me.
There are a few,
That come to be.

Boy, how times flies,
When you get a surprise.
You open your eyes.

Working each day.
Time never flies.
Go to get your pay.
Payroll error....surprise?

Go for a drive.
The sun's in your eyes.
You get out alive.
Car totaled...surprise?

You write a book.
Gets many cheery cries.
Computer dies at your nook.
Book lost....surprise?

Your neighbor is new.
He wears no disguise.
Eyes peeping on you.
His naked....surprise?

You visit the cat.
Finding me wise.
I chew the fat.
Nonsense given....surprise?

You had dinner.
Followed by pies
A sure fire winner.
Food poisoning...surprise?

You see a light.
Then big old eyes.
This can't be right.
You're dead....surprise?

Surprises are sought.
Surprises are great.
On second thought,
They may be second rate.

Don't you want to be surprised like that? Were you surprised over a rhyme from the cat? Not one bit? Damn, I need to find some surprising shit. I'll leave a hairball on your floor. You'll be surprised when you step in that at your shore. Surprisingly I gave sass. I'm such a surprising little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Round Fifty Five Takes A Dive!

The nuts are still here giving a cheer. Or maybe it's a crazy squawk. It wouldn't surprise me with the way they talk. Would it surprise you? Yeah, I doubt it at my zoo.


Umm okay. Who searches just that and finds my bay?

rat sex

Mary Kirkland fans are back. Hmm, maybe it was her at her shack?

gigantic anime tit squeezing

Is animated all you can muster? Damn, that has to lose it's luster.

Cassie crow feathers

Cassie ate a crow? That I didn't know.

My way home today

How do I know? Don't run over a toe.

Meowwwww tweetie

Wrong thing. Need a tweet fling.

Animals rights right

So no left ones? That could give some the runs.

Anti PC rants

The Blue Guy has a few. I'm sure I do too.

My home burnt my chair

Now that takes skill. Haunted house on a hill?

Profanity Granny Swearing

I think the first word covers that. No need to get redundant where you're at.

Dark green eyes are on me

Did they pop out and make you shout?

My nanny wore at me

I sense a theme. Maybe it's a dream.

Nanny swearing at kid

Nope, not a dream. Guess he/she got no ice cream.

Make diddle in hay

Could get itchy. May end up twitchy.

And the winner this time has a fun chime. Fun for them maybe. I don't even want to wonder what they did see. At least zombie feet is about the worst here. This could bring some fear.

Super Glue Closed My Ass 

A little experimenting at their sea? Damn, now that is as weird as can be. Who would even attempt that? Think it was lube where they were at? That has been done. The Redneck gave that a run. And so ends this search engine pass of the nuts that find my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Classic Case To Embrace!

The cat sees this word thrown around a lot. I guess there is some kind of plot? Does it just one day go poof? Maybe it wants to stop being aloof? Beats me but we shall see.

That was great.
Such a fun fate.
I watched it today.
A classic I say.

I read that too.
A classic came due.
I played that one.
Classic by a ton.

Classic = enduring interest.
Is that the best?
Weekend at Bernies has been called it.
Is there enduring interest for that not so much a hit?

Just an example thrown.
Maybe it's the tone.
So 80's at play.
Classic compared to today.

Would this be a classic post?
It's what you expect from the host.
Disney seems to have a ton.
Disney classics given a run.

Maybe it's age.
Turn the page.
Classic at play.
Just not today.

Tomorrow though.
Classic will show.
It's here to stay.
Switch it the next day.

A classic response.
From the renaissance?
Wowweee, classic right there.
Whoops, was said with years to spare.

So classic though.
That you must know.
Like that park that's Jurassic.
That is oh so classic.

Maybe that's it.
Spawns a sequel fit.
Weekend at Bernies 2 came due.
That must be how a classic pulls through.

Did we seed anything? Any idea at your wing? When does something become classic? Between now and the time of Jurassic? That is a lot of ground to cover. I hope you are a history lover. If you find out tell Cass. She'll relay it to my not so classic little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.