Friday, May 27, 2016

A Shoe For Me And You!

The cat doesn't wear the things. My feet don't need them as I have springs. If you stuck them on me I'd eat the laces though. Yeah, Pat has to hide any shoes at our show. Then he does wear them all day long. So I can eat them if he doesn't notice before long.

The Shoe Viewer is here.
They always like to cheer.
Not for their owns shoes,
Those are just old news.

Nope, they look at your feet.
They look like you have a treat.
The shoes are the best.
Forget the rest.

Could walk in your underwear.
They just don't care.
The shoes come first.
They have a shoe fetish thirst.

Maybe they drink out of a shoe.
That is something one could do.
It might be smelly though.
A cat can pee in them just so you know.

Nah, it wasn't me.
One did it at the other sea.
It's in that adult book.
Okay, back to it at my nook.

You could be holey.
Maybe dressed like a goalie.
Could be dressed as a clown,
Carrying a great big frown.

They don't care about it.
Not one little bit.
They want it known,
That shoes are never alone.

Look at your shoes.
They sure can't lose.
They are the best.
They pass every test.

Your shoes are dirty.
I'm not being flirty.
They are just bad.
You need some new ones at your pad.

The Shoe Viewer is near,
Run away in fear.
Take those running shoes and go.
Think they get a neck cramp from always looking low?

Every time some nut comes near Pat she always says the same thing wherever we are at. Same damn shoes too. But oh, those shoes are so blue. Pffft who cares what is on ones feet? Unless they are barefoot with zombie toes as they walk the street. Are you a Shoe Viewer with your neck craned down? Do you watch shoes all over town? I know some collect shoes in mass but no need to look at any on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pop A Pill And Avoid The Repair Bill!

The cat sees it all the time, humans going about their pill popping chime. Look, my blood work is great, after taking a pill to inflate. Pfffft riiiight! Go off the pill and it will change over night. Nothing but a fool fooling him or herself, being lazy and ignoring the route cause at ones shelf.

Let's fix the car.
It can't go far.
But screw the bill,
Just give it a pill.

Look it broken.
Damn, I want back my Mario token.
That is worth a lot.
Could give me a power up when caught.

Let's repair the house.
We have to get out the mouse.
Or would that be mice.
Trap and release to be nice.

Give the house a pill.
It will really get a thrill.
Just flush it down the loo,
And all will be shiny new.

Look it is...still rundown and mice filled.
I am less than thrilled.
My house should be fixed.
All that is wrong should be nixed.

I'll fix society with ease.
I can give them all brain freeze.
Come here and take my pill.
It will cure anything that makes you ill.

Up everything perked.
The mindless zombies flow.
Fluoride heads on the go.

Whoops, that's another thing.
Shhh, don't tell I gave that a ring.
Just suck back that pill,
It will cure what makes you ill.

You will lose weight.
Your ego will inflate.
You'll be fine as can be.
Just pop a pill you see.

Take care of the maintenance on your car,
Take care of it on everything near and far,
But don't take care of yourself.
Take the pill and trust the magic little white robed elf.

Humans are so backwards it isn't funny. They take the time and spend the money, going to fix up cars, houses and this and that. But meh to themselves, do what we want and pop a pill for the fat. Now some do need pills and such, but many use them as a crutch. Instead of getting off their ass, they let a pill save them in mass. So is the current social class. They get no sympathy from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You Can Do It Has A Fit!

Wow, the cat just has to say you humans have high hopes at your bay. I've heard the saying a time or ten and now I'll get to it at my den. You tell each other that you can do anything. You change up the ending like a fling.

You can do anything,
Is the first part.
Then mind has a fling,
Or sometimes it's heart.

There is also a to.
But that you know.
As it's been used by you.
With some cheery glow.

So anything I can do?
Wow, that is so great.
Let's see if this is true.
I'll take the bait.

I can fly!
Err umm kersplat.
I didn't die,
Just one life gone from the cat.

I can win the lottery!
Umm err you lose.
Why not take up pottery?
Pfft go away before I abuse.

I can jump to the moon.
Umm err I'm still here.
Damn, where's that spoon.
It will bring magic near.

I can cure cancer.
Umm err that special water didn't work.
Never should have trusted Prancer.
Crummy reindeer jerk.

I can wish things away.
Umm err they are still here.
My shit is still on display.
Pat still has to scoop for my rhyming rear.

I can drink acid and survive.
Umm err I'm dead.
What's that? Life five?
I need to go to bed.

I can say stuff it.
Yep, stuff the saying.
It's wrong every bit.
It gets no replaying.

That cat just proved you humans wrong. Maybe you need to add realistically instead of anything to your saying song? But is that too much of a mouthful for you? You can realistically do anything at your zoo. Was that so hard? Not like you had to mow a big yard. I will now go pass some realistic gas out my realistic little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.