Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Whoopdi Return To Try And Earn!

Robbie Raisin is back today. I want to have a new show to play. I need that ad revenue you know. Us raisins need money to stay clothed from head to toe. So on with the show. A Whoopdi Friggin Doo how does your dough blow.

Alex, start us off today. What did you blow dough on at your bay?

I once saw a display of large black and white photos of things placed in men's butts

Damn, creepy as can be. Manzi, where is your money tree?

Make a face with a flair
Now pose in your underwear

An underwear model are you? Bijoux, got some good tips at your zoo?

I saw some TV show once where they substituted modern art with toddlers' work and none of the visitors knew the difference.

So you are in favor of child labor at your sea? Betsy, any wise words from thee?

You must explain the header I see
with a crying baby and soap all bubbly.
A choking dog and vacuum cleaner.
Can't tell if the dog is a collie or weiner

Hmm, can't tell a weiner? Betty, can you be a little cleaner?

but sometimes when you look at some things
does it make one want to fart?

I guess looking can kill. Brian the cat, have any ideas at your litter hill?

Hey, I think I saw the Crap On a Stick Infomercial the other night.

So you do watch Whoopdi Friggin Doo. Anne, have a way to make dough come true?

When I was born God asked me "What superpower would you like to have little one?" And I answered "Holy Father, I'd really like to have the power to annoy people."

You annoy people so they pay you to go away? Birgit, have a way to make some pay?

I have seen male genitalia displayed in various ways on a TV screen-the best thing was watching an older couple go look at it and run out.

Scare old people to death and get their life insurance check? Mary Kirkland, would that make you hit the deck?

Just depends on who is doing it and with what.

Hmmm, a perfectionist peeper. Miss Caitlin S, got any advice that is a keeper?

I'm sure there's lots of people who would buy a picture of a book balancing on a head.

It takes a bit of skill at least. Theresa, ready to make enough dough for a feast?

Decided to write all over the room with droppings from her diaper.

I suppose the cleaners will like the bill. Tabbies of trout towne, ready for a thrill?

we haz been tryin ta tell everee one for like yeerz....well. oh kay may bee three postz.... if....that R

What did they try and say? Rosey, got a way to get lots of pay?

And the money people pay??? oy ai yai yai!! I could live off of it for a lifetime in some cases. ;)

Hookers get diseases you know. Snowcatcher, have anything not so umm low?

And keep on sharing lots and lots

I said not so low. Robyn, anything to make a wallet grow? 

But I won't go near there

Good for you to stay away. Suza, ready to make some pay?

Reminds me of "artist" Millie Brown
Famous for vomiting soy-based dyes
She also puked on Lady Gaga in her video

Puking on famous people gets you rich? Dixie, can you scratch that itch?

I'm comment # 600 today.

Umm, so you can count? Stephanie Faris, can you add to the amount?

The cat always wins!

Let felines rule? Jax, what is cool?

I think the zebra thong should come out and play

Umm, sex does sell. Hank, any wise advice from where you dwell?

The Cat ready to gas out
With not even a shout

Gas is pricey. Just Keepin it Real Folks, care to make things dicey?

I want to know who was taking the pics of the cat on your ass?  

You think people would pay to see a hairy ass? Blue Guy, care to end this with class?

Flip that boss the bird
Beat him with your mat

Hmm, that won't get you rich. You may end up in a ditch. Robbie Raisin is now out. Whoopdi Friggin Doo I say to each shout. You weren't very helpful at all. Such strange people on this wall.


Well you all scared him away. I guess he'll have to find another way to get pay. Poor raisins must burn to a crisp in the sun. That can't be any fun. Some of you really have no class. That sure works for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Take A Smell Where You Dwell!

Back we are,
To help near and far.
I'll make that insecurity go away,
So you can have a nice day.

No need to thank the cat.
I'm just nice like that.
Smell the BS in the air?
Good for you at your lair.

Now smell this and that.
Smell the door mat.
Stick out your nose,
And smell a rose.

Don't stick it up,
That could be a hiccup.
Might think you have an extra thing,
Like a stick up your butt at your wing.

So smell away.
All through the day.
Smell everything nice,
Maybe even spice.

You've stopped and smelled,
Hopefully you never yelled.
You've taken a break,
With your smelling double take.

Found a rosy allure.
Hopefully it is pure.
Now as you can see,
A little smelling set you free.

Take a walk now.
Maybe near a cow.
Do you smell it?
Yep, it's shit.

Always bad with the good.
At any neighborhood.
 But good is still there to smell,
So no need for hell.

Do you smell what I'm cooking?
Hint, don't go looking.
Pat needs to scoop.
Insecurity now thrown for a loop?

Smell anything good today? If you have no sense of smell it could be hard at your bay. But just pretend you do. Then no insecurity will come due. I smelt it and dealt it. Hopefully I didn't melt it. Can you smell that gas? It came from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Whine Shall Now Align!

The rip offs are through. Back to the norm at my zoo. Wait, wasn't it the norm before? Stop that whining at your shore. Did you get the topic of today? Don't whine if not at your bay.

Whine about this,
Whine about that.
Whine for bliss.
A whiny little brat.

My back has pain.
But I walk in bad shoes.
I have to look pretty on a train,
So my back will lose.

I need to drop weight.
But I eat a lot and hate exercise.
I have to fill my plate,
Isn't this magic pill wise?

The ying of the whine,
The yang of the shit.
All would be fine,
It you weren't a dimwit.

My place is small,
But I don't want to work.
I need a bigger hall,
Why can't welfare have that perk?

I hate my work,
But I don't look for anything new.
I can't go and lurk,
New is such a scary view.

The yang of the whine,
The ying of the shit.
See the sign,
And don't be a dimwit.

My phone won't work,
I didn't pay the bill.
I blame that phone company jerk,
Had nothing to do with my will.

I hit a car,
But I had to talk.
My friend was waiting at a bar,
I had no time to gawk.

Whine about this,
Whine about that.
Whine and hiss,
Pfft to you says the cat.

If you won't do what needs to be done and instead need to give a whining run, then you won't get any sympathy from me. Whiners can go hang upside down in a tree. Maybe they'll fall on their head and the whining will no longer need to be fed. Was I too crass? Doesn't bother my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.