Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Convincing Rhyme To Drop A Dime!

After today you'll all nod and agree. You'll nod and agree with even a flea. Why is that? Because I'm such a great cat. Don't think that? You will soon where you are at.

The cat is great.
The cat is grand.
I'm never second rate.
I have my own band.

But you may not.
But you may hate.
You may get eye rot,
If you take the latter bait.

Saved your eyes.
I'm so great.
They won't be food for flies.
You can stare at your date.

Found you one.
"I like animels, stuffed turkley, stuff and things,"
She sounds like fun.
I bet she likes diamond rings.

I gave you one.
And only one too.
No long dating run.
No brainless two by two.

Score another for me.
That's double the win.
I'm sure by now you can see.
I'm sure by now you are in.

Being in is best.
It passes any test.
You don't even need to be a guest.
Out is such a pest.

Thought on that?
Told you so.
You love the cat.
That I do know.

And now you do.
All because I shared.
You'll never use my loo,
But at least I cared.

Cared to show you.
Show one and all.
What I said was true.
Now go buy me something at the mall.

Still not buying it? What was that shit? My, you may have a brain. You didn't board the sheep train. Don't you love when convincing is had? Telling you everything you want to hear at your pad. Then you nod and agree. Like you just did for me. Oh, I know you agreed with me after my ohhhh so convincing pass. It is okay to tell my oh soooo convincing little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

A No To Yes Button Press!

You humans can sure confuse. The exact opposite is what you use. When you want to say this, you say that. I'm supposed to be the only confusing cat. Guess I better up my game to keep my amused and confused claim.

That's a no.
A no to go.
Take it and run.
That's what is spun.

My brain says so.
It stays a no.
A no that is had.
I don't feel bad.

My lips flap.
They fall for the trap.
No turns to yes.
Oh, what a mess.

I wanted no.
I wanted it so.
I wanted it more.
More than anything at my shore.

Why did I flap?
Flap my dumb yap.
Why couldn't I say no?
I wanted it so.

See? I can repeat.
That sure is neat.
It means double the no.
But my lips are a foe.

No to yes.
More not less.
Stuck with more.
More with a yes encore.

Yes from no.
How does it go?
No in the head.
Yes gets said.

Flip and flop.
It won't stop.
Yes in the head.
Yes gets said.

What's with the lips?
They want free trips?
Maybe those hips?
Hmm those other lips?

Do you think no and then say yes? Come now, you can confess? Is that a no? Whoops, a comment below. Proved the cat right there with seconds to spare. No to yes. More not less. Then you humans wonder why you have so much to do. If only lips came with a no and a clue. Why did you say yes to that out of the grass? Beats me, it wasn't the lips of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Know The Score At Your Shore!

Time to play a game. A game that is ever so tame. Or a game that may not be. Beats the heck out of me. It could be an imaginary one, but if you hear thumping, run. Jumanji isn't fun. You could get crushed by a ton.

A game not played.
A fine fair trade.
Don't play and score.
Score forever more.

The opinion of one.
The opinion of done.
Then done to do.
All the score of you.

Performance report.
Use it to build a fort.
A small one if only one.
But you scored a ton.

Forwards and back.
Glee or flack.
Beats the heck out of me.
You scored at your sea.

Score up your date.
A very fine mate.
Magically add a number.
Think about it as you slumber.

Oh, there's a snore.
That lowers the score.
Or ups the score.
Maybe you like the snore.

A repeat rhyme.
Such a fun time.
An easy go to one.
What have I done?

I lowered my score.
Damn, what could be in store?
I used an idiom too.
Damn it, my score is few.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Like a doctor's room or some mating.
Bad mixture there.
I may have no points to spare.

My score is in.
Yours took a spin.
We have been scored.
Where's the cheering horde?

Don't you love random scoring crap? Say the right thing and you score higher with a lass or chap. Or maybe with a workplace thing. Pull points out their ass for a ding ding ding. When really you swap out the I. Dung then gets to have a try. Did I score well with this pass? I know you would score me quite the little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.