Sunday, November 23, 2014

How You Say? Well Okay!

Every once and a while the cat hears it run on for a mile. "Where do you get all your ideas from?" Yeah, I've heard it said to my little rhyming bum. I guess I can share, here at my lair.

The cat will be kind.
Ideas are easy to find.
Just follow me,
Here at my sea.

Ideas come and go.
Then on with the show.
They just like to flow.
That much you know.

Just be open to all,
There at your hall.
Read writing on the wall,
Whether it is in a lounge or bathroom stall.

Let your mind free.
It is as easy as can be.
Just give it a push.
Look at that big tush.

There is a post there.
Post it with flair.
You like big butts and you cannot lie.
Got that in your head, oh me, oh my.

Gawk like the gawker.
Be a bit of a stalker.
Watch and wave.
A new path you can pave.

Just get a dog or cat,
Or maybe even a rat.
There you go.
Pictures high and low.

Look out the window.
Much on the go.
Or get a paper cut.
Viola! Post at your hut.

I hate paper cuts too.
They suck at any zoo.
Look, I just fit it in.
A new post at my bin.

But what I use most,
Here at my coast.
That gives ideas to my behind,
Is just thinking with my crazy mind.

Now wasn't that telling? You could yap about spelling. See, another idea for you. How do you make ideas come due? Is it just like the cat and his brain mass? You can tell my idea filled little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It Is Clear That The High and Mighty Are Here!

The cat came across some nuts the other day that wanted to go after him at their bay. They thought they were grand, finding this and that across the land, trying to come after the cat there at their mat.

I just hit ignore,
At my shore.
But they kept on,
With their con.

This is that,
At your mat.
This = this,
You can't miss.

Bite me, I say.
There at my bay.
With their crap on display.
Nuts joining the fray.

A mighty team,
With their stream.
Holier than thou.
Even religion can wow.

Shame on you.
A sin at your zoo.
I'm so right.
There at my site.

No matter what you say.
I am right at my bay.
There is no wrong.
We sing our song.

I never lie,
With my little eye.
It was found.
It can astound.

Just admit it.
We still hiss and spit.
We will do you in.
We always win.

What was that you say?
No way!
We are still right,
Into the dead of night.

Sometimes you can't win.
They just take it for a spin.
They have to climb on their soapbox,
With or without socks.

The cat is so grand, he gets attacked for all kinds of things across the land. They can just bite me at my sea. I could be more crass but I will be a semi nice little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Special Guest Four Takes The Tour!

So the last guest for the month is here. Even though Pat is still pushing that book that doesn't rhyme like my little rhyming rear. Read it yet? Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot is getting spread around by more than just this pet. Anyway, so how about magic for the end of the week? It is so much better than playing hide and seek. She comes from lands afar and may raid your cookie jar. She even has fur. I wonder if she can purr?

The end is not tragic,
It is full of magic.
Just you wait and see,
What I have in store for thee.

It is a giant fur thing,
That is guesting at my wing.
And magic is at play,
With many tricks on display.

She will astound.
Her tricks are profound.
Like none around.
At least outside of the pound.

So sit back and stare,
These tricks are rare.
You will be in awe,
As she breaks scientific law.

What? A furry at my show?
Damn it! That is low.
How could I?
Oh me, oh my.

I bet you never saw tricks like that? Aren't I just an entertaining cat? The tricks of the ages are right here on my pages. Forever out there for all to see. No need to thank little old me. I just like to sometimes do more than pass gas out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.