Monday, January 31, 2011

I Hate Snow, I Would Rather Mow!

That's right all, I hate this white stuff even in the fall. Or course than we don't get much, just a little touch. Then it melts away and back to having a happy day.

But now it is worse because it stays being such a curse. All this white stuff, makes me in a huff because it is such a pain, I'd rather be hit by a train. Ok not really that, because then I'd be a dead cat.

Yes mowing the lawn can be a pain too, but at least you get to run over the dog poo. With snow you can get stuck, in all it's muck. You'll be down on your luck with no gas in your truck. It be to cold to walk, even to cold to talk.

So I'll take the green grass I have to chop, even if I have to use a mop. For snow causes idiot drivers out there, who just curl my hair. They think going faster will work, when really they are nothing but a jerk. For they will go off in the ditch and I won't help them with a hitch. For it was their own dumb fault, should have stayed locked in a vault.

Also it makes the power go out, which doesn't occur in a drout. I could really go for a trout, oh wait it's to cold so I'll pout. For with no power one can't shower, unless of course you have other means, you evil feins. Don't know if that was spelled right, but I don't really care tonight.

So now I wait and prepare for the crappy snow, as I start to go. But never fear not even the cold can keep me from here.

Hey I would have the litterbox all around me, won't it be real easy to pee. Anyway I go back to muttering about the cold and you look after that mold.

See you soon, maybe in a balloon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The First is always the worst, but I'll quench your Thirst!

Well after all the blog rhymes and the twitter ones so many times. I decided I'd give this a shot because why the heck not.

Although rhyming on this scale might take a while, I'm sure I'll develop a style. I just hope I don't start talking like this in real life or it might cause me a bit of strife.

Now what should I address today, something that others play. Maybe just the month of May or that I eat off a tray. No that last one was a lie, I had to rhyme something like pie.

This isn't as easy as it looks, I have to read lots of books. Nah I don't do that at all, I'd rather go to the mall. Then I can watch the flick and it be over faster with a tick. Yeah they aren't usually as good as the book, but I don't have a nook.

So the movie it always is, even if it's turned into a mostly shitty biz. Oops excuse the language I just spoke, it tries not to come out of this bloke. But alas I can't stop it all the time, is that really a crime?

So this was my little rant for now, I hope it was able to wow. If not there will be plenty more and I promise at least one won't bore.

But one last thing should be said, all should check out the facts before bed. For you can win some cash and cure that rash. Also show off your site and help your plight. So give it a look and forget your hook.

So for now I bid adieu and wish you all a merry poo.

Yep I just said that, as I'm a cat in a hat.