Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Good Title Today, I Just Want to Play

Before I begin all I have to say, is oops I did it again today. Aren't I just so sly, I know my great rhyming makes you cry. While here is another video for you to enjoy, while you watch I'll go swat at my toy.

So today has this cat confused and yes I feel so abused. All you people making me do so much rhyming back at the comments below, that another arm I must grow. Yes then I’d be an octopus cat with a very nice hat. Oh wait an octopus has eight arms, this cat would surely set of way to many alarms, if I started to become a genetic mess, besides Brian already took that by wearing a dress. Yes I may be a tad sick and I love to pick. So once I learn something you don’t want to share, I’ll send it out in rhyming flare.
I can promo pretty good too, as you saw with the last video I showed you. You did watch it right? You better have as it was tight. If you didn’t go down and watch in the post below but if you don’t you reap what you sow. For you might not be one with a huge chance at enough cash to buy you an old fashion lance. Don’t really know why someone would want one of those, but whatever way your wind blows
Remember the facts too, as they explain things you can print off and read in the loo. But then you’d kill a few trees which might cause you to freeze. As the wind would just come right on through, with nothing to stop it until it hit you. Of course if it was a tornado it wouldn’t matter, as it would just cause everything to splatter. Damn I went completely off to la la land, maybe I should be canned. Oh wouldn’t that be nice, canned rhymes that you could play over twice. After that they’d self destruct and if you’re near, while you’ll be fuc……ummm errrr get plucked?
Back to what I was saying, as I know you’re on your knees praying, that I get to some point, before your nose goes out of joint. I’m talking about twitter, so don’t get bitter. Plus they are written by facts and Tashtoo, so they are sure to well inform you. If you want to add some yourself, stop being a spectator and get off your shelf. So that is one part of my rant, it’s about time I struck up a different chant.
Back to what I stated when I begun, oh I’m having too much fun. As today is Sunday the end of the week, but shouldn’t something get a little tweak? As If this is the end, then the calendar is around the bend. For it puts Sunday first, is your mind about to burst? Now if Sunday was the first day, then we all wouldn’t be home to play. For the fun old jobs would hound us like mobs, wanting to get a jump on the very first day of the week, not even allowing you to take a leak.
Then of course you have the weekend, which is where I’d always like to spend. But alas we can’t because things move on and each day brings us a new dawn. Anyway the weekend comprises of two days and are never changed in any ways. So with end being the key word, someone seems to be flipping us the bird. As if Sunday is included in this end, doesn’t it seem like an awful trend? To have the calendar calling it the start, while everyone else seems to be smart.
Plus if you want to get all biblical and crap, but forget the awful strap. As this cat doesn’t want to get hit over the hand not anywhere on this land. Of course Natasha lives with the nuns and probably helps them bake lots of buns, oh wait that was a mix up last time, what tree was I trying to climb? Or maybe she mixed up and I unmixed the mix up, if your confused ask the pup.  Anyway if on the seventh day he rested and probably was sure and tested and Sunday is the seventh day, then that would mean I need some spray.
For the weekend states it’s the last, the whole rested seventh day thing is vast, but the calendar says it’s the start, someone must have let off a good fart. Then it confused them all so much, that they lost touch and as the calendars were made, the order of the days were laid. Except they got pushed one behind and the makers were just blind. Or they felt it didn’t matter, for most people wouldn’t chatter. For the date and holidays are there, so why shouldn’t anyone really care? Another thing that’s just the way it is, that should be put on a what the **** quiz. So that is another rant complete, now it’s time to blab to those who think their sweet. Ok some might be, but the comments are free. So you really can’t tell who you are going to get as sometimes they come from the bottom of the pit. Yes Brian I’m talking to you, as you don’t have a rhyming clue. Had you going didn’t I? Did you want to stab me in the thigh? Now Brian that’s not nice, the least you could do is bring me some ice.
Or maybe it was Lanie I was talking about, as she seems to be in a comment drought, maybe her and Sophie are chasing down a goat or stuck out in a row boat? Or maybe it’s Natasha about who I speak, but I wouldn’t do that because she could yell seek, then I’d have nuns trying to slap my feet, maybe they’d make me dance to a beat. Don’t I love when I mix up a word then I can be such a turd. Covenants and convents is an easy mix up right? Oh no don’t start a fight. Anyway I’m already yapping on about you guys and girls, making your heads do swirls and I haven’t even started on the comments below, damn you guys really help with this rhyming flow. So without further adieu, it’s about time I started in on all of you.
Just to note there is no more comment repost, because yes you are the most, but this would go on way to long and that’d just be wrong. So I save you time and just hit you all back with my rhyme. You want to see the comments below, just scroll down and go. If that is too hard, then go find yourself a different school yard. Anyway on I go, yes I’m a tad slow.
I’m glad I was able to steer, you all the way over here. The cheer was great but a little loud, I’m only a one man crowd. Next time keep your voice down or I may end up plugging my hears with Brian’s gown. Oh I wasn’t supposed to mention that, I’m just such a bad cat. Rhyming makes the world sweet, while isn’t that neat. I don’t like sticky treats very much, they goo up my touch. They also stick to my hair and then I have a spot that’s bare. As it has to be cut out and then I just run off and pout. I don’t make a mess at all, I use the litter and stand tall. As I have a case of OCD aren’t you so proud of me? You were thinking on making it sting, were you going to use your little pointed ring? Try and sing? Or some other thing? While there we go you have been roasted enough, I’ll go on to the other stuff.
Oh now that’s a fight I could sell tickets too, I’d even split the commission with you. Then we could all get rich and you could leave the real estate ditch. I wanted to say trench, but the rhyme didn’t work throwing me a monkey wrench. Awww are you afraid to offend? Aren’t you trying to be a nice friend. But I can take anything you can dish out, although I’m not gonna share my trout. But if you’re good I’ll throw you a bone, you can pretend it’s an ice cream cone. Although you may choke and blame this poor bloke. So I think I’ll throw that out instead, just so you keep your pretty little head. Yes her little soapbox is really nice, with lots of spice. But then she might tell you to get bent, so you better go and pay the rent. Brain is quite fun, he finally left a good one. I guess I made him think, instead of just giving a wink. Or he really wanted to tell his story about the dress, boy that was quite the mess. No problem shouting you to all around, as shouts for me can be found. So we’re even you see, even if you can’t keep up with me. So a good day and a good night, oh you want me to be good even without the light. I don’t know because when it gets dark, I might give a good bark. Then people can blame a hound and none will be found. Oh that’s so much fun, ok I’m done.
No everything doesn’t have to be in a rhyme, but if you don’t you commit a crime. You’re only going to rhyme once, do you think I’m a dunce? As you’ll be back and rhyme like a tack. For if Brian can do it, you can to without causing a fit. Of that I’m sure, for this is no chore. I know I’m just so cute with my tie and just such a clever guy. But it’s nice to hear, as I spread the rhyming fear. I guess I trust you know of which you speak, until you spring a rhyming leak. Then you may no be such a trustworthy foe and I’ll have to let you go. The comment was fun as was the read, plus it was fun planting the rhyming seed.
Brian Miller
Wow Brian you are no longer tryin. You really showed up your last rhymes with ease and you managed to please. Wow I must be psychic indeed, I never knew for sure you were in need. I’ll try and keep my mouth shut about the gown, but didn’t you already run all over town? Yeah you must have been in a funk and probably smelled like a skunk. With all that booze, I’m surprised you didn’t lose, more than just a silly bet, but that is what you get. So don’t drink and blink or you might end up wearing the kitchen sink. Or like my old buddy Brian, a nice white gown and no I’m not lyin. That last part wasn’t as great, but hey I guess it was late. But at least you wished me sweet dreams and didn’t leave me with some butt reams.
Enchanted Oak
You’re not a very clever bloke huh there oak? As even if I’ve been fixed, one can see your comment is nixed. But then I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt, because side two I could look like a goat. Plus fixed I am really just an it, so don’t worry you won’t get bit.
I shake my head and hope you get a good night in bed. So hopefully you’ll come back, as sharp as a tack and your rhymes won’t lack or rhyme with big mac. Yeah if you reference Mcdonald’s at all, I’ll have to stick you in another stall. For that would be low, even if you say it wearing a bow. I made you lost and dizzy, oh you must have been in quite a tizzy. Did your feet lift off the ground? Have you at least been found? I frightened you too, man I have such influence over you. Maybe I should pretend I’m a dog to give you a break, oh wait then I’d be a fake. But you love kitties as you say, so you will come back another day. For I’m a great cat, with a nice big pretty hat, plus my tie is real fly and it makes you all cry, except for that Brian guy, but we all know why, so all I can do is sigh. My hat has no bows, you must have went nuttier than crows. I’m sorry I spun you all about, but I like it so much I have to gloat. Next time you’ll rhyme at least ok and you’ll keep coming back my way.
JH Poetry
Oh you know you had a choice, but you wanted to insert your voice. Then say to one and all, that you liked my little squall. Plus you did it in rhyme, so you gave it some time. Now that I like, so I won’t tell you to take a hike. As that would be mean and I’m not some screwed up teen. So thanks for the comment below and once again on I go.
Ok you got it again, just go lay an egg like a hen. Then you can score while you snore. As you protect your little egg, all dressed in drag. Maybe you can borrow Brian’s gown, I’m sure you I could also find you a crown.  Then you’d be the royal egg layer and you could even sit in front of your movie player. Oh I’m so great, it must just be fate.
Wow this could get rough if it expands, I might grow calluses on my hands. Then they’d hurt real bad and I’d be all mad. As you all made me rhyme to much because you keep in touch. But I guess I can’t have one with out the other, so all I can say is oh brother and wait to see what comes down the pipe, as I spread my rhyming hype. Speaking of hype, I must type, that you all should see the video I made, as it definitely makes the grade. So if you didn’t see, scroll down to the last blog post by me. It’s right at top and the cream of the crop. So now that I am done with the plugs, squashing the bugs, replying to all of you and making you feel anew. I must go and try to get through my day, without rhyming when not in play. It’s tougher than you think, to switch it on and off with a blink. But I’m sure even my tiny mass, can pretend not to be a little rhyming ass, faking my way through the day until I can come back and play.
Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Best Rhyme Ever because I’m So Clever.

Ok I’m going to skip right to it, so you don’t have a fit. For you’ll want to hear and see this great rhyme for not letting you would be a crime. So here it is right away, but don’t worry after you watch I will continue to play!
Now can’t you say I rhymed good there, so good I could make the bald grow hair. Now I just have to get it seen, so spread the word so we all have a chance at some green. Oh that was good too, don’t I just astonish you?
Now on to other things and as luck would have it look what Lanie brings. As she gave me a site, that for some it will cause a fright. But if you have a bit of a twisted mind, you’ll laugh off your behind. So do you want me to tell? Oh just go to hell. No literally go to T-Shirt Hell, oh don’t yell. I was being funny, I wasn’t telling you to go where it isn’t sunny.
Another great thing about this site is they keep things light and what isn’t funny, is you can get some money. For if you sign up to be an affiliate with these guys, you will be very wise, as you get five dollars a shirt, yes you heard me right squirt.
So thank Lanie at her blog for that piece of advice and thank me for getting rid of your mice. So damn I promoted a bunch, I even skipped lunch. As that rat got away, I’ll have to trap it another day.
So just thought I share this good stuff, so you all can take a good puff. Whoops I meant whiff and not get in a tiff. As I wouldn’t want you to accuse me of holding back, you might call upon Jack. Then he’d come with his gun and that be no fun. But he only has twenty four hours, so I’d just use my rhyming powers, then hide out for a while and keep moving in my typical style.
Went off on a completely different rant there, but you all know I’m fair. As I’ll talk about anything without fear even how to run over a deer. There I go again giving you a bad image in your head, maybe it’s time I sent you to bed.
But wait why don’t you watch the video again, as it so good it beats the rhyming skills of ten men. Pass it around to one and all, so we can all stand tall. Look I just ripped off myself, maybe I should go talk to that dumb twitter elf.
So now that you’ve passed that along and gave a quick snap to your thong, speaking of which do you have the itch? Put your mind in the gutter and something may soon be all a flutter. As while writing this I came across something that some wouldn’t promote dead, not even in there head. As they are to scared of what others might think and they may just turn super pink. But I don’t care, as I walk around completely bare. Oh that was too much info for you, while this just might make you poo. Check out the second link from the bottom in Lanie’s blog, you definitely won’t see any fog.
Speaking of dead, the Tales of Tashtoo will keep you fed. Even if she went rather dark this time, it isn’t a crime. Unless she goes a little nuts and starts sniffing butts. Then I’d be a bit concerned and become afraid of being burned, but you should check it out, without a doubt.
Third times the charm, so what’s the harm, watch the video one more time and have fun with my epic rhyme. Ok enough of me gloating, I can already picture some of you pouting.
So now on to the comments below, oh my mind just went to the state of a dirty hoe. Lanie damn you for making me click that link, now I can’t rhyme with out thinking of a dink…errrr ummm…wink? Anyway before I get to out there, time to give the great comments a shout to be fair.
Oh Cat you are just too cute! And so likable to boot. I'm thankful for the blurt and I hope that didn't hurt.

Keep up the interesting blog! I love reading them more than my dog. She is really kinda fickle and her reaction gave me a tickle. I get ignored for an hour or two until it's time for her outside poo. She's jealous you know and bit my toe! I think it's because you're a cat. She's never been fond of that.

Anyway, I bid you goobye for now. As I exit... with a bow.

This country bumpkin has no hen
I'd have to keep it in a pen
But covenants are where I live
So only house cats can I give
Or perhaps a little dog
But no cattle or penned up hogs
Now I must run as work does call
But don't forget to write on my wall
I do so love this rhyming cat
and think The facts is where it's at
Your idea is really great
And to share more facts, can hardley wait
So until next time I bid you well
Yup...I've got another house to sell :)
Brian Miller
oy, this boy can learn a thing or two from this rhyming trio, eww...i think i stepped in that brown thing, next time my galoushes i will bring...
The movie would be White Men Can't Jump, damn I'm still good!

Maybe I should rhyme like you three, whoops I suck so I'll just be me.

That was lame really I know, so I'm gonna go!
So wow I think I’m rubbing off, but not really on “cough” Brian “cough” As he didn’t keep up with the rhymes set before, they just showed you the door, but on to the first, to quench your thirst.
Yes I know I’m cute with my little tie, even if I offended your little guy. Whoops meant girl, maybe I’ll send her a squirrel. That way she might not be jealous of this cat, with the very nice hat. I hope you have at least a few toes still there because losing to many is really unfair. Maybe she likes them as a snack, just give her a slight smack. Wait then she’d be mad at me again, oh I can’t win with this old hen. I’ll just bring the mutt a nice little butt. Then she can stiff and won’t be in a tiff. Oh wait she already sniffs here own, maybe you should give her a bone. You bowed to me, that is so cute this rhyme is free. Oh and the hugs thing I said is off the table, as it is a complete fable. This cat don’t do that, go bug the guy named Pat. Oh that was good, even if most never understood.
You aren’t allowed any barn yard pets, do you live on movie sets? As the country is supposed to be full of that, along with a trusty baseball bat. To play that is, not to makes this fizz. You live in a convent, is that what you meant? You like living with the nuns, at least they don’t caring guns. Although they may frown or hit you with a crown, if they see you reading that second link from the bottom, even in autumn. Oh you meant refrain from the action of having those other pets, this cat finally gets. I didn’t think there were nuns out there, they’d just curl my hair. Or slap me with a ruler, that be crueller. Geez you really have had a lot of work with the boss man gone, did you even have time to yawn? I didn’t forget to write on the wall as you had a good blog sprawl. You love me too, Lanie might have a fight with you. But there is enough of this cat to go around, as I always can be found. Lets hope it becomes more than just a great idea, as many others hear.  Love all the great facts one your many different acts. Have fun selling those homes, kick over those garden gnomes.
Brian, Brian, Brian, even though you are tryin, I must shake my head and put you to bed. Oh wait you should have a bath first, not to quench your thirst, but to get rid of that brown stuff you got on you, as you see it was probably dog poo. Yes Sophie doesn’t clean up after herself, maybe she needs her own personal magic elf. Don’t fear Lanie or Natalie, as their rhymes may make you want run out to sea. But just stick with me and we will win, giving them the middle fin. Actually you could slow me down, so we’ll just slap you in a gown. Then you can distract them two, while I hit them with some Sophie poo. Now they’ll frown, as they’ll be all brown. Damn I’m great, even if I’m sometimes late.
Clint you guessed right, you probably used a site. A two word title movie rhymes with both those words, now go ask the birds and see if you can come up with that, once again fixing this cat. You tried to rhyme too how cute, you should stick to the flute. As Brian might soon show you up, even that Sophie pup. But movies you know, so I’ll let that one go.
So now that is all but I’m not yet going to say have a nice fall. As there was a video you had to view, need me to give you a clue? It’s at the top and it makes a great rhyming pop. Ok I really have to stop, before someone gives me a good bop, but remember to share it with one and all, all the way up to fall. So yes I’m like a snake in the grass, but Lanie has a link that will show you how to shake your ass. Hahahahahaha Oh I delight myself to much, keep in touch.
Later all, have a nice fall!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Day That Ends in Y, Oh My!

Don’t you think with seven chances, they’d have taken a few extra glances? At least then maybe they’d find, they needed to expand their mind. For whoever made up the week, should have been a geek. At least then a little originality might have come about, but instead they used some old goat. I have no idea who it was and I’m too lazy to look at the buzz.
But you’d think they could make a day, that didn’t end the same way. Now before you say it had to be like that, listen to this rhyming cat. For yes the definition of twenty four hours, is each of these days of ours. So you could argue with me, racking up a big long distance fee, that they needed to have it end in day, but that is where I will cause you dismay.
For look at another example and you will see from this sample, that things don’t have to be the same old thing, not even in the spring. For let’s look at the month for this task and I can just ask, why doesn’t each month end in onth. Maybe because it’s more than seven and they couldn’t count past eleven. So they made original names, instead of playing games. But alas we can’t change it now or people would have a cow. Yeah some probably literally would, although I doubt most could. But there could be some defect that allows them this kind of connect. Although that would be scary and make me not at all hairy, as I’d go bald from that sight just because of the sheer fright.
Yes I know I bring up things no one thinks about, but at least I don’t just make some quote. Or for whatever reason go on about the season. For if I ever began to constantly chit chat about the weather, you stab me with a feather, for becoming one of those would really make me curl my nose, or get the hose and kill some crows. Oh did you think that was mean, while don’t worry I wouldn’t make a scene. As a cat has to eat, so I still have energy to tweet.
So now that I’ve got you once again thinking about some crap, I could just let my mouth flap. For you’re so deep in thought, that I could hit you with a pot. That might hurt though and I wouldn’t sink that low. So I’m going to go on about something new and make you stick to the screen like glue. Oh and don’t stick your tongue to a pole in winter is my tip, it hurt even more if you slip. Can you imagine being held up by your tongue, that’s almost as bad as falling in horse dung. Ok enough with the scary stuff, as you might come through the screen and give me a cuff.
Now I’m going to blurt out about the little things, oh damn I don’t want to copy what Lanie sings. So you can go there to check it out and leave me in my current drought. I would talk about water, but that be leading this cat to the slaughter. As cats don’t like that, so Tashtoo is where that is at. Damn I’m giving good plugs, maybe I should sell rugs. Wow I better stop or I might start promoting girls without a top. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just be kind of dirty for this cat, especially when I have this nice hat and no one is telling me to scat.
Now on to some comments from before, I hope I got some gore. Nope, but at least they aren’t a bore or will make you snore.
And so I tweeted on your behalf
The latest post from the rhyming cat
And I also must say a big thank you
For the awesome mention of Tashtoo!
Busy is as busy does
I'm off and running with the latest buzz
Selling houses takes so much time
I think I'd rather stay and rhyme
But woe is me the phone does shout
Get your lazy *&^# out
And show the house and make the deal
Loe and behold this deals for real!
So while bossman play's I have to run
This work for me is far from fun!
So until next time, I have to go
I've got a bloody house to show! :)
The first thing that popped in my head when I read this was this:

I was going to post the video but the comments wouldn't accept the object tag. :(

Great read! And Sophie says hello.
Guess the object tag was just being a hag. I can see how the video would pop in your head and make sure Sophie is fed. Don't want her chowing down on a cat, not even one with a nice hat.
5th one down would be Weekend at Bernie’s, damn I'm good.
Brian Miller
wow. you got rhyming flow fo shizo...nice name drop of tashtoo, i recently found her, tis true...but i cant keep this up ao i bid you adieu...
Hmmm this could be tough, ok really that was only a bluff. Now on to the good stuff as I strut around in the buff. Maybe I should get a dress like Lanie did, wouldn’t this cat look good in one of those strutting across the grid? Yeah probably not, forget that thought.
So you tweeted on my behalf, I hope it wasn’t to a calf. For they really don’t help much, but they can be fun to touch. If you’re into that sort of thing, but being from the country it might be your kind of fling. Oh I just got you good, maybe you never understood. I mentioned you again, does that mean you’ll move from the calf to the hen? Maybe soon you’ll get to someone that can see, all of the rhymes from me. Yes selling houses you can keep, I’d never take that leap. To many forms and all that crap, I’m fine sitting here creating my rap. It’s good that the deal was real, now just get the seal. Then you can make some money indeed and maybe get another lead. Don’t like filling the bossman’s shoes? Are you getting the blues? Have fun at each house show, then you can make lots of dough. Or just get really annoyed with someone like Floyd. Who come and looks and then just books. There I’m done, that was so much fun.
This first thing that popped in your head was that video about them, while I won’t condemn. As I’ve heard that song much before, although it doesn’t soar, it is better than a chore and at least it won’t make one snore. Did you tap your feet on the floor? Did they get sore? Did Sophie ask for more? Or did she run out the door? Wow a lot rhymes with before, I’ll have to open my own store, by the shore, just don’t ask for more. Yeah those tags can be such a fuss might be easier to be run over by a bus. Then again that hurt and blood might spurt. Oh that was gross have you had it with this dose? Did Sophie really say hello? Or did she just run really nuts in the snow? Or was it a bark, as she walked in the park?
Ok that’s me and I hear your plea. I won’t boast about me no more today, oh don’t say yay. That was rude, you’re just crude.
While you got one, but then that’s been done, even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days, probably in many different ways. Which one did that come from, come on don’t be a bum.
Of course just when I go to post a new one, you make everything come undone. So now I had to go back and give you a little slack. For you did try to post a rhyme, even if you should be charged with a crime. Using slang words, that should be spouted by birds and admitting you can’t keep up, should get you hit with a cup. But alas Brian, at least you were tryin. Whoops used a bit of slang too, maybe it won’t be noticed by you.
So there we go I’m all done, I know you can’t wait until the next one. Maybe it will be about a garden oh beg my pardon, the sea, whoops hear my plea, buying a dress, now I’m in a mess. Ok I’ll think of something that hasn’t been done, so I can have some more fun. Oh I got it hemorrhoid cream, did you know it can make your eyes gleam? Hahahahaha oh that little comment won’t be gotten by all but it might make someone climb the wall, as they come after this cat with the very nice hat. But watch the brown things in the grass oh aren’t I a fun little ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aren't I Great? Yes I'm Late!

I know you all have to be going through withdrawal, as you can't quite make it to fall. As the cat as been busy of late and hasn’t opened the rhyming gate. While don’t worry as I’m back and sharp as a two dollar tack.
So why not keep up with what I did before and give you all the juicy gore. On what you ask? While take off that mask. Then at least you could see and know what you’re going to get from me. As I usually rhyme off the title, it’s better than being idle. So what does this cat get from it, something that will make you have a fit.
As you all can’t guess movies in rhymes going back to your silly New York Times. When I bring you the news in a much better way and give you a chance to play. So can you guess what I’ll rant about, nope it isn’t a goat. I already mentioned it a bunch, you have to at least have a hunch.
As it will be time, no I didn’t say lime, for I’m late, so this is my fate. But I get to confuse all of you guys, but at least I don’t tell lies. So time it would seem is a fickle matter, as it can confuse even the most aggressive batter.
For are we in the present now because as soon as you say that the present is the past, wow. Did I confuse you yet, while keep going don’t fret. Or are we always in a changing present, acting like some peasant, with its head all gone, yet still running across the lawn. Wasn’t that a good image in your brain, at least I didn’t make it get hit by a train.
Then there is the future that comes, even to all the bums. But does the future ever really get here, as it will once again be the present I fear. Then it goes and turns in the past, boy is time quite vast. I think I’m confusing myself, maybe I should go back and bother that dumb happy elf.
Oh and now we come to the fun, no I’m not even close to done. For now I go on about time travel, where things really start to unravel. As if we could go back, wouldn’t things all but lack. Especially if things could change, creating a whole different type of range. But then if they could they would, so you probably can’t not even if you’re an ant. But maybe you can go back and look, then write a nice book. You could make lots of dough and go where there is no snow.
Then you could go to the future and see, all of what might be. But if you can’t change what you encounter there, you might end up an evil hare. Oh again I brought those twitter clowns into this, who do nothing but hiss. But maybe what’s supposed to be will be, even if you see it for free.  Wait wasn’t that part of a song, I don’t think I’m wrong.
So if you go forward of back, everything will still stay on track. But whatever you do was supposed to be, even something as simple as taking a pee. Of course you could simply screw up space time, than I’d be unable to rhyme, as everything would go boom not matter where you loom.  This would create nothing at all and we’d all be dead going down a bright hall. Unless you end up in the other place, you might want to get some mace.
Now on to my comments from the last post, as you really are the most. Well at least some of you, the rest smell like poo!
I guessed them all! Ha
I have no idea but it was a great read! :) LOL!
While this will be an easy one, a few thoughts and I’m done.
Clint you guessed them all? Really even the one about fall? Oops there wasn’t one like that, damn I’m such a fun cat. But what’s the fifth one down, if you can’t answer I’ll make you wear a gown. Yes I will track you with my nose and give you a nice rose. Then slap a dress on you and laugh while I put you in the zoo.
I’m shaking my head at you not having an idea at all, some were easier than a trip to the mall. Maybe you should ask Sophie, I’m sure she’d like a trophy. After all you talk to her all afternoon, making you a little bit of a loon. See the cat wins again, as I’m mightier than a pen, for I outsmarted the pooch and don’t need to be a mooch. As I can talk and rhyme, even talking about time. Making cats rule and poor dogs drool.  Ok I’ll leave your husky be, as she might decide to come after me. That be real scary, as even I’m not that hairy.
Well there we go all done, I hope you enjoyed the fun. What am I talking about, of course you did but you don’t get a vote. For what the cat says goes and I can count without my toes. Aren’t I a talented fellow, as I can even bellow. I sound kind of scary then though, so I better go. Oh look a yummy bass, I’ll share and give you the ass. Oh did you just curl your nose, bah go put on some clothes. Then maybe you can curl that nose with some flare, probably not but I’ll pretend, I swear.
Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can You Guess? Or Do I Cause You Stress?

Now don't bother to measure, that pesky old blood pressure. As when I'm through with this yap, you may notice a huge gap. For it will rise from all this stress and you may end up wearing a dress. Of course that's ok for one gender even if they go on a bender. But for the other it could be strange depending on your size range.

But what is going to cause all of this? No it isn't the Swiss. Oh did I offend any one, don't worry I'm done. So back to that task at hand, wouldn't I like to snap you with a rubber band. Oh that would sting, but it's just a little rubber thing.

Oh yeah stay on task or I might have to wear a mask. As people might hunt this cat down even if I skip town. So what was I supposed to be going on about, damn I just can't keep a float. Oh yeah some quotes about certain old movie goats. Lets see if you can guess or I bring on the stress.

He doesn't like to fly but he can make you die. Fists with your toes, no that isn't for hoes.

They had quite the adventure and no none wore a denture. They even got to sing about that babysitting thing.

There was an albino jack rabbit son of a bitch, who caused this guy to itch. Plus if you want to jump he'll help you over the hump.

In this case he wears a dress because he caused others so much stress. He wants to make so dough, to get his play to go.

This pair almost pull out their hair. As they walk around with a dead dude, which is kind of crude. The weekend lasted though and on to the sequel they go.

This one is alive and his name has a five. He runs on wheels and sometimes squeals. But not because he ran over a foot, but because he's looking for input.

These guys stick their eye through a wall, looking in the girls shower stall. They want to put wanted posters up for a prick because it was last seen hanging out waiting for a lick.

He picked the wrong guy on the wrong day and so he made him stay. He didn't know an ass could fall asleep, but you sow what you reap.

He had until midnight to end his run and along the way he had some fun. He threatened to stuff his head in a toilet bowl if he didn't shut his hole.

He was either gonna get busy living but not forgiving or get busy dying and he wasn't lying.

Wouldn't it be pleasant to get back to the present. Oh wait wouldn't you have to be in the past, which is very vast. Then it be the future instead where you must go to find your bed.

They journeyed over a mountain but didn't find a fountain. A mountain lion though made them run anything but slow.

There were three rules or they'd turn into stubborn mules. They like Snow White and can surely put up a fight.

Wild thing, makes the fans hearts sing. Actually it was their mouth as he headed south. Out to the mound, is where he was bound.

He was a cop that had to make a stop. In the land of the rich and became a big itch. Look at your tail pipe because there may be a fruit of some type.

Who you gonna call? Oh don't start to bawl. This one is a piece of slime, even with my little rhyme.

There was quite a bit of hooch in a story about a pooch. There was also a bit of a turn would made the bad guy feel the burn.

I'm hungry for rabbit stew, how about you? Do you think we'd get framed or at all blamed?

Remember old Zeus who let things hang loose. He helped with the titans and his bolts lightened. Remember the titan, you think you might'n?

Oh I candle handle this cold, no I'm not being bold. So stop with this beat and give me some heat.

If one is white, he may want to fight. For he supposedly can't jump even with no back hump.

Oh they are so fast and their was a big cast. Some were a bit furious but it just makes you curious.

They were bad, even when they weren't mad. These boys had lots of toys.

Even through that fuzz you can feel the buzz and even with a hoody, you may see a woody. Oh that sounded dirty, I didn't mean to be flirty.

Now I must end as I'm sure I sent your brain around the bend. I could do a million more, but my fingers might get sore. So now what to do, oh yeah give something to you. Some great advice, no don't eat my mice.

Now for one final thing, seeing these comments that seem to cling. So on I go to look and stop writing this book.

And from Big Country
I bring to you
A wonderful comment
Or maybe two...
As you are the rhyming man
And can rhyme like no one can
I think a big shout out's a must
Before we call the whole thing bust
So while you dwell in concrete land
Counting all these fluffy flakes
Buckle up and drive real safe
Watch for the idoit's for heaven's sake!

PS: Sent a fact your way
On art history
Let me know if it will work
Or what you'd rather have it be :)

Thanks again! I'm addicted!(And for some strange reason I have the desire to clean my house, hmmm!)

Oh this is rich, oops scratched an itch.

Keep it up, you silly pup.

Oh I meant cat, sorry about that.


Another one that was huge at least she isn't a scrooge. From the country you bring me a comment or three. It looks like we both can't count to a very high amount. As you left a whole bunch, trying to make me feel the crunch. A shout out is great, as you help out this mate. I'd never call it bust not even with a wind gust. For I will continue to rhyme for some long time. Yes I drove with all the great city folks, some are rather unwise blokes. But I'm alive and my rhymes thrive. Your PS was nice, as another was added more than twice. The more facts the come, the more I can strum. About how good it is, this fact finding biz. Addicted to my rhyme, while that's not a crime. But you should seek help even if you have to yelp. Yes I stole your word aren't I a little thieving nerd. There I'm done on to the next one.

I hope that itch gave you a rash and you trip over the trash. Calling me a pup, I'll hit you with my cup. But you did catch your mistake, even though I think it was fake. You meant to say that, be mean to this nice cat. So go fly away and come back some other day.

Another of those words combined into one but I will have some fun. So TFB to you too, if you don't have a clue. But yes I'm awesome even if you're a possum.

Wow that was another long one, I'm so glad to be done. For these rhymes just keep coming and I keep on a strumming. But talking like this through out the day really makes me want to hide in the hay. As it can be a bit much as ones tries to keep in touch. Oh well screw it I say, maybe I'll change come May. So see you another day as we once again start to play. Oh I just passed some gas, out of my lovely ass. Wow that was great so don't give me hate.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I’m on Your Screen, Creating a Scene!

Oh were you hoping I’d use lean, mean, green fighting machine? While I’m sorry I’m not a turtle, can we get passed that hurdle? For slow and steady doesn’t win my race, I go at a faster pace.

So what to run my yap about today, oops sorry for the spit I let spray. Sometimes I just can’t help myself with that, as I’m only a poor little cat. Why not go back to the start, it be easy on this old fart. Besides I don’t want to impress a tart, I might screw up your heart.
So clean is the topic of the day, as it rhymes with title I used to get you to stay. Oh come on you don’t have to pay, you can then go swim in the bay. But depending where you are you may want to travel far, for if you swim in weather like mine, you may not turn out fine. At the very least some things might shrink and put you out of sync. Okay I’ll keep my mind out of the gutter for now, so don’t have a cow. Oh I used that old line, I’m really a swine.
You know lots of people have wishes, like keeping the kitchen clear of dishes. While when you have a cat that goes into the sink, like it’s his own personal rink. Then grabs the fork or spoon and runs around with it like a loon. It’s not hard to keep it clear or you might find out he drank your beer. I wouldn’t put it past the wild cat, as he thinks he’s all that. So that’s easy for me, which I think you can see.
There is also all that dust which getting rid off to some is a must, while it should be for most, as its worse than a ghost. As one dust mite alone, can dirty up your phone, just one can leave up to 2,000 fecal particles, no I’m not exaggerating articles. Think of how nasty that is, then become a cleaning wiz.
What about the can, yeah everyone needs a quick plan. Just looking at that makes one’s nose curl, sometimes it even makes one want to hurl. But then it has to be done and is no fun. But did you know, that after you go, when you flush, lots of germs fly up in a gush? Even if you close the lid, they fly out like a squid. Just think what came out of you, just filled your toothbrush with goo. If you keep it in the clear, as it now has stuff on it from your rear.
That is my nasty lesson for the day, sorry if I turned you gray. Actually I’m really not but I thought I’d be nice for a spot. So think about this the next time you squat on that white little pot.
A good portion of my blog, that’s helps you through the fog, was about the bathroom for a lot that would spell doom. But since I’m so great, you’ll all take the bait and come back for more like a kid in a candy store. At least I can’t rot your teeth, maybe send you a pretty wreath. Instead I’ll rot your brain as you struggle through all the pain, of keeping up with my rhymes a whole bunch of times. But I have a little hope, that you won’t think I’m on dope and be sorta able to follow along, as you fix up your thong. Yes I’m talking to you, oh don’t turn blue. Wait shouldn’t you turn red, maybe it’s time for bed.
Now I must go and see what kind of crow, is in the comments below, as I still ignore the snow. Hate that white crap, I’d like to give it a slap. Anyway on I continue and pretend I’m a Ginyu. Don’t get that reference, while it’s a preference.
LMAO this is awesome, totally agree about the Ghostbuster reference too.
A boy came by my blog today
And said his name was Pat
Seems he rhymes and will have his say
Like feline with striped hat
I must say I love his rhymes
And think they are all that
I will tweet and follow him
Much like the rhyming cat! :)

Thanks much for the rhyme
And for your time!
If you need help,
Just give a yelp! (Okay..that one needs work!)
Pat Hatt
Haha that was good
This could be tricky, as one wasn’t just a quickie.
You want to pull of the shortened words, do you use the language of the birds? Is that language dead? Or was that all in my head? I can play that way though and let you reap what you sow. So TFB for you, if you don’t like the response I just flew…lol…..Yes that movie should be made now, although it could end up like other crap and not wow. So who knows what’s the better road or how it will bode.
Hmmm this one was given some thought, but I won’t get caught. As I can play this game and ignore that name. For I’m no boy, I’d rather be a stuffed toy. I’m a funky cat, with a real big hat. Yes I will have my say, in every which way. And I know I’m all of that as I chew away the fat. Following me is right, so then you can put up a fight. As I wouldn’t want to be called a snot, with the big comment you brought. I have the time and for everything a rhyme, so thanks for the response as well, even if you used a crappy dell. I need no help with a rhyme, that would be a crime. But you never do with the site, as I just might. Yeah that last part needed a bit of work, but it made me smirk, as I’m still the champ thanks to your brain…ummm hand cramp. Yeah I tried to be nice, with a little spice.
So who is this punk, not in a rhyming funk? This Pat guy is so damn strange but he seems to have a little range. Who is he to say it was good, I should tan his behind with wood. Although that might be kind of hard considering he’s on the same card. If you don’t get what I mean, you deserve to be green. Wait would they send me to the nut house for this response back, as clearly something must lack? Then again I’m not above, giving myself some tough love. Damn did I just give it away, I better shut up and play.
So after that long rant, I may have made you feel like an ant. No not the one where you have little kids running around, the one where little creatures abound. So enjoy your hill in the dirt, you little squirt. I promise not to hurt or look up your skirt, as now I am done with all the current fun. As I drink from my glass and enjoy being an ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ahead of the Game, Time for Fame?

Yeah who ever wants that, needs to be hit aside the head with a bat. Fame is nothing but trouble, as a person's head becomes so big in their own little bubble. Plus it gets stuck up their butt so far, not even a mutt can pry it out with a bar.

A good example would be, no not those idiots on Glee. Oh did I offend your show? That's to bad now on I go. His first name rhymes with hill and no it's not Phil. His last rhymes with currey and no he's not furry. Now if you can't get that, then you can't be helped by even this cat.

But anyway as I was saying, while I type here laying. This man seems to think, he's not quite a dink. Which he definitely is well on his way, if not there already today. For instead of making a movie people want to see, he goes and makes two about a fat cat with the IQ of a pea. Yeah he couldn't just settle for one, oh no he had to make two before he was done.

What else has he made, not much as he begins to fade. So instead of making another one about those ghosts he just walks around and boasts. Becoming more of a big ass and a rather worthless mass. Just a case of fame, making a man lame. So they can keep that, but the money will do for this cat.

Then I'd go hide away and only come out once a day. Hmmm now what do I have to say, things are getting kind of grey. Oh wait we are getting more of that white stuff, I wish I could blow it away with a puff. Now don't get all hyped up dope heads, or this cat might call the feds.

That's right this cat would then be a rat. A ratty cat with a big hat. Kind of weird really, I actually want a feely. Oh that sounded dirty and a bit flirty. Can one do that with themselves? Maybe I should ask Santa's elves.

Ok now I'm really going out there, time to settle down and lick my hair. Oh wait I already did that earlier, don't I look pearlier. I suppose I could go use the litter box, think I should wear socks? As it leaves such a mess, but that's litter I guess.

There was my selfish plug, now I'll go squash a bug. I do see one under that rug, so if I give it a good tug, I will reveal it to the world and attack it all squirreled. Now I'm a squirrel, maybe I should do a twirl. Okay this cat has pretended to be enough, now it's time to be tough and give my comments a shout, so I can gloat.

LOL! Thanks for the shout, that was really sweet of you!
I don't see how you do this! It's awesome but I'd be pulling out my hair.

I don't know how I do it either, sometimes I need a breather. But it comes off rather easy for me, maybe at post 100 it might be harder we'll

Wow everything rhymes, this must take a while. Very well done though!

Now it's time to see what I can do with these, let's hope you don't bang your knees.

Awww I'm really sweet and look I didn't even have to tweet. Had to see that one coming, even over my horrible humming.  Now we wouldn't what you to pull out your hair, not even on a dare. That wouldn't look as nice, but then again you wouldn't get lice. Good thing you don't see how I do this, then I'd have to kill you with a hiss. Oh that was such a bad movie rip off line, but it works fine.

Hmmm who is that clever fellow with the second comment made, oops it was me better talk to my maid. As I shouldn't shout or gloat about myself, instead just sit that comment on a shelf. But oh well it was fun, now I am done.

Actually it doesn't take that long. Can I snap your thong? Would that be wrong? Will it stretch real long? Ok that's enough questions, I might lose any future suggestions. It is very well done I know, but of course it's nice to hear even in snow. Actually wouldn't that be nice to read, since I never hear you like Creed. Oh did I just reference them, time to cough up some flem. So Joe don't go stubbing you toe, while you mow and pretend to be Santa going Ho Ho Ho!

While those three came out rather well, even if I did have to talk about myself for a spell. So see you all in hell, really I meant when you fell.

For now this is the cat signing off once again, I hope I didn't hurt the ego of to many men. Or women too, but if I did just moo. That will make you sound drunk and maybe even smell like a skunk. Then you'll forget about what I said and go to bed. Yes I'm an ass, but I love it dear Lass.

Later all, have a nice fall!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another Fling!

Now don't go putting your mind in the gutter and no I didn't stutter. What I said was right, but I had to make it rhyme so don't fight. So back to the rant of the day, then I can go play. Yes I'm a cat that likes games, I even remember all the names.

Anyway ever notice how just when everything is in hand, suddenly in comes another band? Yeah something always comes up and no it isn't a pup. Although I'm a cat that likes mutts, even if they do sniff butts.

So just when I had to brave the snow, the heat decided it didn't want to blow. The stupid car sank to a new low, while I was on the go. Been there before and will probably be there more. Until one day hopefully soon, I can trade it in for a big balloon.

Going to the store in a balloon would be a sight, you know I just might. Of course it wouldn't be in the snow, it have to be when you can row. For right now there is to much ice and that isn't very nice. I can't even go volley a ball, because one would slip just going down the hall. But I won't talk about ice because Lanie was oh so very nice. She gave us all a lesson on science today, even though I'll be out of school until I'm grey. It was still a nice refresher lesson, so go read her little session. The link is on the right side, enjoy the little ride.

So I know I'd get bored with the heat all the time and at least the snow causes me to rhyme. So I can be thankful for that and my very nice hat. But spending out cash on a crappy car, makes me want to stab it with the edge of a star.

I'll be glad when Jack Frost gets lost. Maybe he should go to that island and get eaten, then a bit beaten. By that smoke monster thing, don't that have a nice ring. Yes that was a tad violent you may say but to bad considering all the snow we got the other day. He deserves a good trip to that place and to get smacked with a mace. No not the spray stuff, the big stick with a spiky ball that is tuff. Ok I may be starting to scare, so I'll go back to licking my hair.

Oh wait a second here..."cough"...."cough"...."cough"....sorry about that I had a hairball I fear. Yeah it was all nasty and long, just like you sitting in that thong. Whoops I didn't mean to offend, are you still my friend?

Now for something new, which I thought I should do. It has to do with comments you see and people talking to me. So I will talk back, in my rather odd tack. So here is the new section of this blog, which I will continue with each comment as you sit on my log.


Oh this is going to be really good! :) I can't wait to read all of the stuff you are going to be posting here.

Hmmm what can I do with this, something is a miss, so here I go and sink to a new low, but putting a show from the comments in the post below.

Yes this could be really good, don't get a splinter from my wood. I share my log with you, but if you get hurt by it don't sue. It is kind of rough and a little bit tough. Don't you just love those symbols :) that make you want to look at thimbles. As they should always work and not be a jerk. But oh no they don't show most of the time and that is a crime. Just some nonsense symbols in a row, while I hope they do not pass go. Yes stuff is a very good word for I will go from time travel to eating a bird. So there is no defined topic persay, I yap about whatever comes my way.

So there is my reply, if I get to many I may die. From all the friggin rhymes I have to do, even when I poo. But I will keep it up for all you readers, just remember to fill my feeders. As a cat has to eat too, why to you think I keep going to the loo.

This is the cat signing off  as you drink from your trough..."cough" I mean glass "cough" I'm such an ass "cough"

Later all, have a nice fall!