Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ahead of the Game, Time for Fame?

Yeah who ever wants that, needs to be hit aside the head with a bat. Fame is nothing but trouble, as a person's head becomes so big in their own little bubble. Plus it gets stuck up their butt so far, not even a mutt can pry it out with a bar.

A good example would be, no not those idiots on Glee. Oh did I offend your show? That's to bad now on I go. His first name rhymes with hill and no it's not Phil. His last rhymes with currey and no he's not furry. Now if you can't get that, then you can't be helped by even this cat.

But anyway as I was saying, while I type here laying. This man seems to think, he's not quite a dink. Which he definitely is well on his way, if not there already today. For instead of making a movie people want to see, he goes and makes two about a fat cat with the IQ of a pea. Yeah he couldn't just settle for one, oh no he had to make two before he was done.

What else has he made, not much as he begins to fade. So instead of making another one about those ghosts he just walks around and boasts. Becoming more of a big ass and a rather worthless mass. Just a case of fame, making a man lame. So they can keep that, but the money will do for this cat.

Then I'd go hide away and only come out once a day. Hmmm now what do I have to say, things are getting kind of grey. Oh wait we are getting more of that white stuff, I wish I could blow it away with a puff. Now don't get all hyped up dope heads, or this cat might call the feds.

That's right this cat would then be a rat. A ratty cat with a big hat. Kind of weird really, I actually want a feely. Oh that sounded dirty and a bit flirty. Can one do that with themselves? Maybe I should ask Santa's elves.

Ok now I'm really going out there, time to settle down and lick my hair. Oh wait I already did that earlier, don't I look pearlier. I suppose I could go use the litter box, think I should wear socks? As it leaves such a mess, but that's litter I guess.

There was my selfish plug, now I'll go squash a bug. I do see one under that rug, so if I give it a good tug, I will reveal it to the world and attack it all squirreled. Now I'm a squirrel, maybe I should do a twirl. Okay this cat has pretended to be enough, now it's time to be tough and give my comments a shout, so I can gloat.

LOL! Thanks for the shout, that was really sweet of you!
I don't see how you do this! It's awesome but I'd be pulling out my hair.

I don't know how I do it either, sometimes I need a breather. But it comes off rather easy for me, maybe at post 100 it might be harder we'll

Wow everything rhymes, this must take a while. Very well done though!

Now it's time to see what I can do with these, let's hope you don't bang your knees.

Awww I'm really sweet and look I didn't even have to tweet. Had to see that one coming, even over my horrible humming.  Now we wouldn't what you to pull out your hair, not even on a dare. That wouldn't look as nice, but then again you wouldn't get lice. Good thing you don't see how I do this, then I'd have to kill you with a hiss. Oh that was such a bad movie rip off line, but it works fine.

Hmmm who is that clever fellow with the second comment made, oops it was me better talk to my maid. As I shouldn't shout or gloat about myself, instead just sit that comment on a shelf. But oh well it was fun, now I am done.

Actually it doesn't take that long. Can I snap your thong? Would that be wrong? Will it stretch real long? Ok that's enough questions, I might lose any future suggestions. It is very well done I know, but of course it's nice to hear even in snow. Actually wouldn't that be nice to read, since I never hear you like Creed. Oh did I just reference them, time to cough up some flem. So Joe don't go stubbing you toe, while you mow and pretend to be Santa going Ho Ho Ho!

While those three came out rather well, even if I did have to talk about myself for a spell. So see you all in hell, really I meant when you fell.

For now this is the cat signing off once again, I hope I didn't hurt the ego of to many men. Or women too, but if I did just moo. That will make you sound drunk and maybe even smell like a skunk. Then you'll forget about what I said and go to bed. Yes I'm an ass, but I love it dear Lass.

Later all, have a nice fall!


  1. LMAO this is awesome, totally agree about the ghostbuster reference too!

  2. A boy came by my blog today
    And said his name was Pat
    Seems he rhymes and will have his say
    Like feline with striped hat
    I must say I love his rhymes
    And think they are all that
    I will tweet and follow him
    Much like the rhyming cat! :)

    Thanks much for the rhyme
    And for your time!
    If you need help,
    Just give a yelp! (Okay..that one needs work!)