Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Day That Ends in Y, Oh My!

Don’t you think with seven chances, they’d have taken a few extra glances? At least then maybe they’d find, they needed to expand their mind. For whoever made up the week, should have been a geek. At least then a little originality might have come about, but instead they used some old goat. I have no idea who it was and I’m too lazy to look at the buzz.
But you’d think they could make a day, that didn’t end the same way. Now before you say it had to be like that, listen to this rhyming cat. For yes the definition of twenty four hours, is each of these days of ours. So you could argue with me, racking up a big long distance fee, that they needed to have it end in day, but that is where I will cause you dismay.
For look at another example and you will see from this sample, that things don’t have to be the same old thing, not even in the spring. For let’s look at the month for this task and I can just ask, why doesn’t each month end in onth. Maybe because it’s more than seven and they couldn’t count past eleven. So they made original names, instead of playing games. But alas we can’t change it now or people would have a cow. Yeah some probably literally would, although I doubt most could. But there could be some defect that allows them this kind of connect. Although that would be scary and make me not at all hairy, as I’d go bald from that sight just because of the sheer fright.
Yes I know I bring up things no one thinks about, but at least I don’t just make some quote. Or for whatever reason go on about the season. For if I ever began to constantly chit chat about the weather, you stab me with a feather, for becoming one of those would really make me curl my nose, or get the hose and kill some crows. Oh did you think that was mean, while don’t worry I wouldn’t make a scene. As a cat has to eat, so I still have energy to tweet.
So now that I’ve got you once again thinking about some crap, I could just let my mouth flap. For you’re so deep in thought, that I could hit you with a pot. That might hurt though and I wouldn’t sink that low. So I’m going to go on about something new and make you stick to the screen like glue. Oh and don’t stick your tongue to a pole in winter is my tip, it hurt even more if you slip. Can you imagine being held up by your tongue, that’s almost as bad as falling in horse dung. Ok enough with the scary stuff, as you might come through the screen and give me a cuff.
Now I’m going to blurt out about the little things, oh damn I don’t want to copy what Lanie sings. So you can go there to check it out and leave me in my current drought. I would talk about water, but that be leading this cat to the slaughter. As cats don’t like that, so Tashtoo is where that is at. Damn I’m giving good plugs, maybe I should sell rugs. Wow I better stop or I might start promoting girls without a top. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just be kind of dirty for this cat, especially when I have this nice hat and no one is telling me to scat.
Now on to some comments from before, I hope I got some gore. Nope, but at least they aren’t a bore or will make you snore.
And so I tweeted on your behalf
The latest post from the rhyming cat
And I also must say a big thank you
For the awesome mention of Tashtoo!
Busy is as busy does
I'm off and running with the latest buzz
Selling houses takes so much time
I think I'd rather stay and rhyme
But woe is me the phone does shout
Get your lazy *&^# out
And show the house and make the deal
Loe and behold this deals for real!
So while bossman play's I have to run
This work for me is far from fun!
So until next time, I have to go
I've got a bloody house to show! :)
The first thing that popped in my head when I read this was this:

I was going to post the video but the comments wouldn't accept the object tag. :(

Great read! And Sophie says hello.
Guess the object tag was just being a hag. I can see how the video would pop in your head and make sure Sophie is fed. Don't want her chowing down on a cat, not even one with a nice hat.
5th one down would be Weekend at Bernie’s, damn I'm good.
Brian Miller
wow. you got rhyming flow fo shizo...nice name drop of tashtoo, i recently found her, tis true...but i cant keep this up ao i bid you adieu...
Hmmm this could be tough, ok really that was only a bluff. Now on to the good stuff as I strut around in the buff. Maybe I should get a dress like Lanie did, wouldn’t this cat look good in one of those strutting across the grid? Yeah probably not, forget that thought.
So you tweeted on my behalf, I hope it wasn’t to a calf. For they really don’t help much, but they can be fun to touch. If you’re into that sort of thing, but being from the country it might be your kind of fling. Oh I just got you good, maybe you never understood. I mentioned you again, does that mean you’ll move from the calf to the hen? Maybe soon you’ll get to someone that can see, all of the rhymes from me. Yes selling houses you can keep, I’d never take that leap. To many forms and all that crap, I’m fine sitting here creating my rap. It’s good that the deal was real, now just get the seal. Then you can make some money indeed and maybe get another lead. Don’t like filling the bossman’s shoes? Are you getting the blues? Have fun at each house show, then you can make lots of dough. Or just get really annoyed with someone like Floyd. Who come and looks and then just books. There I’m done, that was so much fun.
This first thing that popped in your head was that video about them, while I won’t condemn. As I’ve heard that song much before, although it doesn’t soar, it is better than a chore and at least it won’t make one snore. Did you tap your feet on the floor? Did they get sore? Did Sophie ask for more? Or did she run out the door? Wow a lot rhymes with before, I’ll have to open my own store, by the shore, just don’t ask for more. Yeah those tags can be such a fuss might be easier to be run over by a bus. Then again that hurt and blood might spurt. Oh that was gross have you had it with this dose? Did Sophie really say hello? Or did she just run really nuts in the snow? Or was it a bark, as she walked in the park?
Ok that’s me and I hear your plea. I won’t boast about me no more today, oh don’t say yay. That was rude, you’re just crude.
While you got one, but then that’s been done, even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days, probably in many different ways. Which one did that come from, come on don’t be a bum.
Of course just when I go to post a new one, you make everything come undone. So now I had to go back and give you a little slack. For you did try to post a rhyme, even if you should be charged with a crime. Using slang words, that should be spouted by birds and admitting you can’t keep up, should get you hit with a cup. But alas Brian, at least you were tryin. Whoops used a bit of slang too, maybe it won’t be noticed by you.
So there we go I’m all done, I know you can’t wait until the next one. Maybe it will be about a garden oh beg my pardon, the sea, whoops hear my plea, buying a dress, now I’m in a mess. Ok I’ll think of something that hasn’t been done, so I can have some more fun. Oh I got it hemorrhoid cream, did you know it can make your eyes gleam? Hahahahaha oh that little comment won’t be gotten by all but it might make someone climb the wall, as they come after this cat with the very nice hat. But watch the brown things in the grass oh aren’t I a fun little ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh Cat you are just too cute! And so likable to boot. I'm thankful for the blurt and I hope that didn't hurt.

    Keep up the interesting blog! I love reading them more than my dog. She is really kinda fickle and her reaction gave me a tickle. I get ignored for an hour or two until it's time for her outside poo. She's jealous you know and bit my toe! I think it's because you're a cat. She's never been fond of that.

    Anyway, I bid you goobye for now. As I exit... with a bow.


  2. This country bumpkin has no hen
    I'd have to keep it in a pen
    But covenants are where I live
    So only house cats can I give
    Or perhaps a little dog
    But no cattle or penned up hogs
    Now I must run as work does call
    But don't forget to write on my wall
    I do so love this rhyming cat
    and think The Factionary is where it's at
    Your idea is really great
    And to share more facts, can hardley wait
    So until next time I bid you well
    Yup...I've got another house to sell :)

  3. oy, this boy can learn a thing or two from this rhyming trio, eww...i think i stepped in that brown thing, next time my galoushes i will bring...

  4. The movie would be White Men Can't Jump, damn I'm still good!

    Maybe I should rhyme like you three, whoops I suck so I'll just be me.

    That was lame really I know, so I'm gonna go!