Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aren't I Great? Yes I'm Late!

I know you all have to be going through withdrawal, as you can't quite make it to fall. As the cat as been busy of late and hasn’t opened the rhyming gate. While don’t worry as I’m back and sharp as a two dollar tack.
So why not keep up with what I did before and give you all the juicy gore. On what you ask? While take off that mask. Then at least you could see and know what you’re going to get from me. As I usually rhyme off the title, it’s better than being idle. So what does this cat get from it, something that will make you have a fit.
As you all can’t guess movies in rhymes going back to your silly New York Times. When I bring you the news in a much better way and give you a chance to play. So can you guess what I’ll rant about, nope it isn’t a goat. I already mentioned it a bunch, you have to at least have a hunch.
As it will be time, no I didn’t say lime, for I’m late, so this is my fate. But I get to confuse all of you guys, but at least I don’t tell lies. So time it would seem is a fickle matter, as it can confuse even the most aggressive batter.
For are we in the present now because as soon as you say that the present is the past, wow. Did I confuse you yet, while keep going don’t fret. Or are we always in a changing present, acting like some peasant, with its head all gone, yet still running across the lawn. Wasn’t that a good image in your brain, at least I didn’t make it get hit by a train.
Then there is the future that comes, even to all the bums. But does the future ever really get here, as it will once again be the present I fear. Then it goes and turns in the past, boy is time quite vast. I think I’m confusing myself, maybe I should go back and bother that dumb happy elf.
Oh and now we come to the fun, no I’m not even close to done. For now I go on about time travel, where things really start to unravel. As if we could go back, wouldn’t things all but lack. Especially if things could change, creating a whole different type of range. But then if they could they would, so you probably can’t not even if you’re an ant. But maybe you can go back and look, then write a nice book. You could make lots of dough and go where there is no snow.
Then you could go to the future and see, all of what might be. But if you can’t change what you encounter there, you might end up an evil hare. Oh again I brought those twitter clowns into this, who do nothing but hiss. But maybe what’s supposed to be will be, even if you see it for free.  Wait wasn’t that part of a song, I don’t think I’m wrong.
So if you go forward of back, everything will still stay on track. But whatever you do was supposed to be, even something as simple as taking a pee. Of course you could simply screw up space time, than I’d be unable to rhyme, as everything would go boom not matter where you loom.  This would create nothing at all and we’d all be dead going down a bright hall. Unless you end up in the other place, you might want to get some mace.
Now on to my comments from the last post, as you really are the most. Well at least some of you, the rest smell like poo!
I guessed them all! Ha
I have no idea but it was a great read! :) LOL!
While this will be an easy one, a few thoughts and I’m done.
Clint you guessed them all? Really even the one about fall? Oops there wasn’t one like that, damn I’m such a fun cat. But what’s the fifth one down, if you can’t answer I’ll make you wear a gown. Yes I will track you with my nose and give you a nice rose. Then slap a dress on you and laugh while I put you in the zoo.
I’m shaking my head at you not having an idea at all, some were easier than a trip to the mall. Maybe you should ask Sophie, I’m sure she’d like a trophy. After all you talk to her all afternoon, making you a little bit of a loon. See the cat wins again, as I’m mightier than a pen, for I outsmarted the pooch and don’t need to be a mooch. As I can talk and rhyme, even talking about time. Making cats rule and poor dogs drool.  Ok I’ll leave your husky be, as she might decide to come after me. That be real scary, as even I’m not that hairy.
Well there we go all done, I hope you enjoyed the fun. What am I talking about, of course you did but you don’t get a vote. For what the cat says goes and I can count without my toes. Aren’t I a talented fellow, as I can even bellow. I sound kind of scary then though, so I better go. Oh look a yummy bass, I’ll share and give you the ass. Oh did you just curl your nose, bah go put on some clothes. Then maybe you can curl that nose with some flare, probably not but I’ll pretend, I swear.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. And so I tweeted on your behalf
    The latest post from the rhyming cat
    And I also must say a big thank you
    For the awesome mention of Tashtoo!
    Busy is as busy does
    I'm off and running with the latest buzz
    Selling houses takes so much time
    I think I'd rather stay and rhyme
    But woe is me the phone does shout
    Get your lazy *&^# out
    And show the house and make the deal
    Loe and behold this deals for real!
    So while bossman play's I have to run
    This work for me is far from fun!
    So until next time, I have to go
    I've got a bloody house to show! :)

  2. The first thing that popped in my head when I read this was this:

    I was going to post the video but the comments wouldn't accept the object tag. :(

    Great read! And Sophie says hello.

  3. Guess the object tag was just being a hag. I can see how the video would pop in your head and make sure sophie is fed. Don't want her chowing down on a cat, not even one with a nice hat.

  4. 5th one down would be Weekend at Bernies, damn I'm good.

  5. wow. you got rhyming flow fo shizo...nice name drop of tashtoo, i recently found her, tis true...but i cant keep this up ao i bid you adieu...