Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can You Guess? Or Do I Cause You Stress?

Now don't bother to measure, that pesky old blood pressure. As when I'm through with this yap, you may notice a huge gap. For it will rise from all this stress and you may end up wearing a dress. Of course that's ok for one gender even if they go on a bender. But for the other it could be strange depending on your size range.

But what is going to cause all of this? No it isn't the Swiss. Oh did I offend any one, don't worry I'm done. So back to that task at hand, wouldn't I like to snap you with a rubber band. Oh that would sting, but it's just a little rubber thing.

Oh yeah stay on task or I might have to wear a mask. As people might hunt this cat down even if I skip town. So what was I supposed to be going on about, damn I just can't keep a float. Oh yeah some quotes about certain old movie goats. Lets see if you can guess or I bring on the stress.

He doesn't like to fly but he can make you die. Fists with your toes, no that isn't for hoes.

They had quite the adventure and no none wore a denture. They even got to sing about that babysitting thing.

There was an albino jack rabbit son of a bitch, who caused this guy to itch. Plus if you want to jump he'll help you over the hump.

In this case he wears a dress because he caused others so much stress. He wants to make so dough, to get his play to go.

This pair almost pull out their hair. As they walk around with a dead dude, which is kind of crude. The weekend lasted though and on to the sequel they go.

This one is alive and his name has a five. He runs on wheels and sometimes squeals. But not because he ran over a foot, but because he's looking for input.

These guys stick their eye through a wall, looking in the girls shower stall. They want to put wanted posters up for a prick because it was last seen hanging out waiting for a lick.

He picked the wrong guy on the wrong day and so he made him stay. He didn't know an ass could fall asleep, but you sow what you reap.

He had until midnight to end his run and along the way he had some fun. He threatened to stuff his head in a toilet bowl if he didn't shut his hole.

He was either gonna get busy living but not forgiving or get busy dying and he wasn't lying.

Wouldn't it be pleasant to get back to the present. Oh wait wouldn't you have to be in the past, which is very vast. Then it be the future instead where you must go to find your bed.

They journeyed over a mountain but didn't find a fountain. A mountain lion though made them run anything but slow.

There were three rules or they'd turn into stubborn mules. They like Snow White and can surely put up a fight.

Wild thing, makes the fans hearts sing. Actually it was their mouth as he headed south. Out to the mound, is where he was bound.

He was a cop that had to make a stop. In the land of the rich and became a big itch. Look at your tail pipe because there may be a fruit of some type.

Who you gonna call? Oh don't start to bawl. This one is a piece of slime, even with my little rhyme.

There was quite a bit of hooch in a story about a pooch. There was also a bit of a turn would made the bad guy feel the burn.

I'm hungry for rabbit stew, how about you? Do you think we'd get framed or at all blamed?

Remember old Zeus who let things hang loose. He helped with the titans and his bolts lightened. Remember the titan, you think you might'n?

Oh I candle handle this cold, no I'm not being bold. So stop with this beat and give me some heat.

If one is white, he may want to fight. For he supposedly can't jump even with no back hump.

Oh they are so fast and their was a big cast. Some were a bit furious but it just makes you curious.

They were bad, even when they weren't mad. These boys had lots of toys.

Even through that fuzz you can feel the buzz and even with a hoody, you may see a woody. Oh that sounded dirty, I didn't mean to be flirty.

Now I must end as I'm sure I sent your brain around the bend. I could do a million more, but my fingers might get sore. So now what to do, oh yeah give something to you. Some great advice, no don't eat my mice.

Now for one final thing, seeing these comments that seem to cling. So on I go to look and stop writing this book.

And from Big Country
I bring to you
A wonderful comment
Or maybe two...
As you are the rhyming man
And can rhyme like no one can
I think a big shout out's a must
Before we call the whole thing bust
So while you dwell in concrete land
Counting all these fluffy flakes
Buckle up and drive real safe
Watch for the idoit's for heaven's sake!

PS: Sent a fact your way
On art history
Let me know if it will work
Or what you'd rather have it be :)

Thanks again! I'm addicted!(And for some strange reason I have the desire to clean my house, hmmm!)

Oh this is rich, oops scratched an itch.

Keep it up, you silly pup.

Oh I meant cat, sorry about that.


Another one that was huge at least she isn't a scrooge. From the country you bring me a comment or three. It looks like we both can't count to a very high amount. As you left a whole bunch, trying to make me feel the crunch. A shout out is great, as you help out this mate. I'd never call it bust not even with a wind gust. For I will continue to rhyme for some long time. Yes I drove with all the great city folks, some are rather unwise blokes. But I'm alive and my rhymes thrive. Your PS was nice, as another was added more than twice. The more facts the come, the more I can strum. About how good it is, this fact finding biz. Addicted to my rhyme, while that's not a crime. But you should seek help even if you have to yelp. Yes I stole your word aren't I a little thieving nerd. There I'm done on to the next one.

I hope that itch gave you a rash and you trip over the trash. Calling me a pup, I'll hit you with my cup. But you did catch your mistake, even though I think it was fake. You meant to say that, be mean to this nice cat. So go fly away and come back some other day.

Another of those words combined into one but I will have some fun. So TFB to you too, if you don't have a clue. But yes I'm awesome even if you're a possum.

Wow that was another long one, I'm so glad to be done. For these rhymes just keep coming and I keep on a strumming. But talking like this through out the day really makes me want to hide in the hay. As it can be a bit much as ones tries to keep in touch. Oh well screw it I say, maybe I'll change come May. So see you another day as we once again start to play. Oh I just passed some gas, out of my lovely ass. Wow that was great so don't give me hate.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I guessed them all! Ha

  2. I have no idea but it was a great read! :) LOL!

  3. Here I am to post a comment
    yes, it's late I must lament.
    But better late than never, right?
    I have a record to keep bright!