Thursday, February 3, 2011

If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another Fling!

Now don't go putting your mind in the gutter and no I didn't stutter. What I said was right, but I had to make it rhyme so don't fight. So back to the rant of the day, then I can go play. Yes I'm a cat that likes games, I even remember all the names.

Anyway ever notice how just when everything is in hand, suddenly in comes another band? Yeah something always comes up and no it isn't a pup. Although I'm a cat that likes mutts, even if they do sniff butts.

So just when I had to brave the snow, the heat decided it didn't want to blow. The stupid car sank to a new low, while I was on the go. Been there before and will probably be there more. Until one day hopefully soon, I can trade it in for a big balloon.

Going to the store in a balloon would be a sight, you know I just might. Of course it wouldn't be in the snow, it have to be when you can row. For right now there is to much ice and that isn't very nice. I can't even go volley a ball, because one would slip just going down the hall. But I won't talk about ice because Lanie was oh so very nice. She gave us all a lesson on science today, even though I'll be out of school until I'm grey. It was still a nice refresher lesson, so go read her little session. The link is on the right side, enjoy the little ride.

So I know I'd get bored with the heat all the time and at least the snow causes me to rhyme. So I can be thankful for that and my very nice hat. But spending out cash on a crappy car, makes me want to stab it with the edge of a star.

I'll be glad when Jack Frost gets lost. Maybe he should go to that island and get eaten, then a bit beaten. By that smoke monster thing, don't that have a nice ring. Yes that was a tad violent you may say but to bad considering all the snow we got the other day. He deserves a good trip to that place and to get smacked with a mace. No not the spray stuff, the big stick with a spiky ball that is tuff. Ok I may be starting to scare, so I'll go back to licking my hair.

Oh wait a second here..."cough"...."cough"...."cough"....sorry about that I had a hairball I fear. Yeah it was all nasty and long, just like you sitting in that thong. Whoops I didn't mean to offend, are you still my friend?

Now for something new, which I thought I should do. It has to do with comments you see and people talking to me. So I will talk back, in my rather odd tack. So here is the new section of this blog, which I will continue with each comment as you sit on my log.


Oh this is going to be really good! :) I can't wait to read all of the stuff you are going to be posting here.

Hmmm what can I do with this, something is a miss, so here I go and sink to a new low, but putting a show from the comments in the post below.

Yes this could be really good, don't get a splinter from my wood. I share my log with you, but if you get hurt by it don't sue. It is kind of rough and a little bit tough. Don't you just love those symbols :) that make you want to look at thimbles. As they should always work and not be a jerk. But oh no they don't show most of the time and that is a crime. Just some nonsense symbols in a row, while I hope they do not pass go. Yes stuff is a very good word for I will go from time travel to eating a bird. So there is no defined topic persay, I yap about whatever comes my way.

So there is my reply, if I get to many I may die. From all the friggin rhymes I have to do, even when I poo. But I will keep it up for all you readers, just remember to fill my feeders. As a cat has to eat too, why to you think I keep going to the loo.

This is the cat signing off  as you drink from your trough..."cough" I mean glass "cough" I'm such an ass "cough"

Later all, have a nice fall!


  1. LOL! Thanks for the shout, that was really sweet of you!

    I don't see how you do this! It's awesome but I'd be pulling my hair out.

  2. I don't know how I do it either, sometimes I need a breather. But it comes off rather easy for me, maybe at post 100 it might be harder we'll

  3. Wow everything rhymes, this must take a while. Very well done though!