Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I’m on Your Screen, Creating a Scene!

Oh were you hoping I’d use lean, mean, green fighting machine? While I’m sorry I’m not a turtle, can we get passed that hurdle? For slow and steady doesn’t win my race, I go at a faster pace.

So what to run my yap about today, oops sorry for the spit I let spray. Sometimes I just can’t help myself with that, as I’m only a poor little cat. Why not go back to the start, it be easy on this old fart. Besides I don’t want to impress a tart, I might screw up your heart.
So clean is the topic of the day, as it rhymes with title I used to get you to stay. Oh come on you don’t have to pay, you can then go swim in the bay. But depending where you are you may want to travel far, for if you swim in weather like mine, you may not turn out fine. At the very least some things might shrink and put you out of sync. Okay I’ll keep my mind out of the gutter for now, so don’t have a cow. Oh I used that old line, I’m really a swine.
You know lots of people have wishes, like keeping the kitchen clear of dishes. While when you have a cat that goes into the sink, like it’s his own personal rink. Then grabs the fork or spoon and runs around with it like a loon. It’s not hard to keep it clear or you might find out he drank your beer. I wouldn’t put it past the wild cat, as he thinks he’s all that. So that’s easy for me, which I think you can see.
There is also all that dust which getting rid off to some is a must, while it should be for most, as its worse than a ghost. As one dust mite alone, can dirty up your phone, just one can leave up to 2,000 fecal particles, no I’m not exaggerating articles. Think of how nasty that is, then become a cleaning wiz.
What about the can, yeah everyone needs a quick plan. Just looking at that makes one’s nose curl, sometimes it even makes one want to hurl. But then it has to be done and is no fun. But did you know, that after you go, when you flush, lots of germs fly up in a gush? Even if you close the lid, they fly out like a squid. Just think what came out of you, just filled your toothbrush with goo. If you keep it in the clear, as it now has stuff on it from your rear.
That is my nasty lesson for the day, sorry if I turned you gray. Actually I’m really not but I thought I’d be nice for a spot. So think about this the next time you squat on that white little pot.
A good portion of my blog, that’s helps you through the fog, was about the bathroom for a lot that would spell doom. But since I’m so great, you’ll all take the bait and come back for more like a kid in a candy store. At least I can’t rot your teeth, maybe send you a pretty wreath. Instead I’ll rot your brain as you struggle through all the pain, of keeping up with my rhymes a whole bunch of times. But I have a little hope, that you won’t think I’m on dope and be sorta able to follow along, as you fix up your thong. Yes I’m talking to you, oh don’t turn blue. Wait shouldn’t you turn red, maybe it’s time for bed.
Now I must go and see what kind of crow, is in the comments below, as I still ignore the snow. Hate that white crap, I’d like to give it a slap. Anyway on I continue and pretend I’m a Ginyu. Don’t get that reference, while it’s a preference.
LMAO this is awesome, totally agree about the Ghostbuster reference too.
A boy came by my blog today
And said his name was Pat
Seems he rhymes and will have his say
Like feline with striped hat
I must say I love his rhymes
And think they are all that
I will tweet and follow him
Much like the rhyming cat! :)

Thanks much for the rhyme
And for your time!
If you need help,
Just give a yelp! (Okay..that one needs work!)
Pat Hatt
Haha that was good
This could be tricky, as one wasn’t just a quickie.
You want to pull of the shortened words, do you use the language of the birds? Is that language dead? Or was that all in my head? I can play that way though and let you reap what you sow. So TFB for you, if you don’t like the response I just flew…lol…..Yes that movie should be made now, although it could end up like other crap and not wow. So who knows what’s the better road or how it will bode.
Hmmm this one was given some thought, but I won’t get caught. As I can play this game and ignore that name. For I’m no boy, I’d rather be a stuffed toy. I’m a funky cat, with a real big hat. Yes I will have my say, in every which way. And I know I’m all of that as I chew away the fat. Following me is right, so then you can put up a fight. As I wouldn’t want to be called a snot, with the big comment you brought. I have the time and for everything a rhyme, so thanks for the response as well, even if you used a crappy dell. I need no help with a rhyme, that would be a crime. But you never do with the site, as I just might. Yeah that last part needed a bit of work, but it made me smirk, as I’m still the champ thanks to your brain…ummm hand cramp. Yeah I tried to be nice, with a little spice.
So who is this punk, not in a rhyming funk? This Pat guy is so damn strange but he seems to have a little range. Who is he to say it was good, I should tan his behind with wood. Although that might be kind of hard considering he’s on the same card. If you don’t get what I mean, you deserve to be green. Wait would they send me to the nut house for this response back, as clearly something must lack? Then again I’m not above, giving myself some tough love. Damn did I just give it away, I better shut up and play.
So after that long rant, I may have made you feel like an ant. No not the one where you have little kids running around, the one where little creatures abound. So enjoy your hill in the dirt, you little squirt. I promise not to hurt or look up your skirt, as now I am done with all the current fun. As I drink from my glass and enjoy being an ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. And from Big Country
    I bring to you
    A wonderful comment
    Or maybe two...
    As you are the rhyming man
    And can rhyme like no one can
    I think a big shout out's a must
    Before we call the whole thing bust
    So while you dwell in concrete land
    Counting all these fluffy flakes
    Buckle up and drive real safe
    Watch for the idoit's for heaven's sake!

    PS: Sent a facticle your way
    On art history
    Let me know if it will work
    Or what you'd rather have it be :)

    Thanks again! I'm addicted!(And for some strange reason I have the desire to clean my house, hmmm!)

  2. Oh this is rich, oops scratched an itch.

    Keep it up, you silly pup.

    Oh I meant cat, sorry about that.