Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Best Rhyme Ever because I’m So Clever.

Ok I’m going to skip right to it, so you don’t have a fit. For you’ll want to hear and see this great rhyme for not letting you would be a crime. So here it is right away, but don’t worry after you watch I will continue to play!
Now can’t you say I rhymed good there, so good I could make the bald grow hair. Now I just have to get it seen, so spread the word so we all have a chance at some green. Oh that was good too, don’t I just astonish you?
Now on to other things and as luck would have it look what Lanie brings. As she gave me a site, that for some it will cause a fright. But if you have a bit of a twisted mind, you’ll laugh off your behind. So do you want me to tell? Oh just go to hell. No literally go to T-Shirt Hell, oh don’t yell. I was being funny, I wasn’t telling you to go where it isn’t sunny.
Another great thing about this site is they keep things light and what isn’t funny, is you can get some money. For if you sign up to be an affiliate with these guys, you will be very wise, as you get five dollars a shirt, yes you heard me right squirt.
So thank Lanie at her blog for that piece of advice and thank me for getting rid of your mice. So damn I promoted a bunch, I even skipped lunch. As that rat got away, I’ll have to trap it another day.
So just thought I share this good stuff, so you all can take a good puff. Whoops I meant whiff and not get in a tiff. As I wouldn’t want you to accuse me of holding back, you might call upon Jack. Then he’d come with his gun and that be no fun. But he only has twenty four hours, so I’d just use my rhyming powers, then hide out for a while and keep moving in my typical style.
Went off on a completely different rant there, but you all know I’m fair. As I’ll talk about anything without fear even how to run over a deer. There I go again giving you a bad image in your head, maybe it’s time I sent you to bed.
But wait why don’t you watch the video again, as it so good it beats the rhyming skills of ten men. Pass it around to one and all, so we can all stand tall. Look I just ripped off myself, maybe I should go talk to that dumb twitter elf.
So now that you’ve passed that along and gave a quick snap to your thong, speaking of which do you have the itch? Put your mind in the gutter and something may soon be all a flutter. As while writing this I came across something that some wouldn’t promote dead, not even in there head. As they are to scared of what others might think and they may just turn super pink. But I don’t care, as I walk around completely bare. Oh that was too much info for you, while this just might make you poo. Check out the second link from the bottom in Lanie’s blog, you definitely won’t see any fog.
Speaking of dead, the Tales of Tashtoo will keep you fed. Even if she went rather dark this time, it isn’t a crime. Unless she goes a little nuts and starts sniffing butts. Then I’d be a bit concerned and become afraid of being burned, but you should check it out, without a doubt.
Third times the charm, so what’s the harm, watch the video one more time and have fun with my epic rhyme. Ok enough of me gloating, I can already picture some of you pouting.
So now on to the comments below, oh my mind just went to the state of a dirty hoe. Lanie damn you for making me click that link, now I can’t rhyme with out thinking of a dink…errrr ummm…wink? Anyway before I get to out there, time to give the great comments a shout to be fair.
Oh Cat you are just too cute! And so likable to boot. I'm thankful for the blurt and I hope that didn't hurt.

Keep up the interesting blog! I love reading them more than my dog. She is really kinda fickle and her reaction gave me a tickle. I get ignored for an hour or two until it's time for her outside poo. She's jealous you know and bit my toe! I think it's because you're a cat. She's never been fond of that.

Anyway, I bid you goobye for now. As I exit... with a bow.

This country bumpkin has no hen
I'd have to keep it in a pen
But covenants are where I live
So only house cats can I give
Or perhaps a little dog
But no cattle or penned up hogs
Now I must run as work does call
But don't forget to write on my wall
I do so love this rhyming cat
and think The facts is where it's at
Your idea is really great
And to share more facts, can hardley wait
So until next time I bid you well
Yup...I've got another house to sell :)
Brian Miller
oy, this boy can learn a thing or two from this rhyming trio, eww...i think i stepped in that brown thing, next time my galoushes i will bring...
The movie would be White Men Can't Jump, damn I'm still good!

Maybe I should rhyme like you three, whoops I suck so I'll just be me.

That was lame really I know, so I'm gonna go!
So wow I think I’m rubbing off, but not really on “cough” Brian “cough” As he didn’t keep up with the rhymes set before, they just showed you the door, but on to the first, to quench your thirst.
Yes I know I’m cute with my little tie, even if I offended your little guy. Whoops meant girl, maybe I’ll send her a squirrel. That way she might not be jealous of this cat, with the very nice hat. I hope you have at least a few toes still there because losing to many is really unfair. Maybe she likes them as a snack, just give her a slight smack. Wait then she’d be mad at me again, oh I can’t win with this old hen. I’ll just bring the mutt a nice little butt. Then she can stiff and won’t be in a tiff. Oh wait she already sniffs here own, maybe you should give her a bone. You bowed to me, that is so cute this rhyme is free. Oh and the hugs thing I said is off the table, as it is a complete fable. This cat don’t do that, go bug the guy named Pat. Oh that was good, even if most never understood.
You aren’t allowed any barn yard pets, do you live on movie sets? As the country is supposed to be full of that, along with a trusty baseball bat. To play that is, not to makes this fizz. You live in a convent, is that what you meant? You like living with the nuns, at least they don’t caring guns. Although they may frown or hit you with a crown, if they see you reading that second link from the bottom, even in autumn. Oh you meant refrain from the action of having those other pets, this cat finally gets. I didn’t think there were nuns out there, they’d just curl my hair. Or slap me with a ruler, that be crueller. Geez you really have had a lot of work with the boss man gone, did you even have time to yawn? I didn’t forget to write on the wall as you had a good blog sprawl. You love me too, Lanie might have a fight with you. But there is enough of this cat to go around, as I always can be found. Lets hope it becomes more than just a great idea, as many others hear.  Love all the great facts one your many different acts. Have fun selling those homes, kick over those garden gnomes.
Brian, Brian, Brian, even though you are tryin, I must shake my head and put you to bed. Oh wait you should have a bath first, not to quench your thirst, but to get rid of that brown stuff you got on you, as you see it was probably dog poo. Yes Sophie doesn’t clean up after herself, maybe she needs her own personal magic elf. Don’t fear Lanie or Natalie, as their rhymes may make you want run out to sea. But just stick with me and we will win, giving them the middle fin. Actually you could slow me down, so we’ll just slap you in a gown. Then you can distract them two, while I hit them with some Sophie poo. Now they’ll frown, as they’ll be all brown. Damn I’m great, even if I’m sometimes late.
Clint you guessed right, you probably used a site. A two word title movie rhymes with both those words, now go ask the birds and see if you can come up with that, once again fixing this cat. You tried to rhyme too how cute, you should stick to the flute. As Brian might soon show you up, even that Sophie pup. But movies you know, so I’ll let that one go.
So now that is all but I’m not yet going to say have a nice fall. As there was a video you had to view, need me to give you a clue? It’s at the top and it makes a great rhyming pop. Ok I really have to stop, before someone gives me a good bop, but remember to share it with one and all, all the way up to fall. So yes I’m like a snake in the grass, but Lanie has a link that will show you how to shake your ass. Hahahahahaha Oh I delight myself to much, keep in touch.
Later all, have a nice fall!


  1. I had to come on over here
    and give a shout, a great big cheer
    the words you left, they made me smile
    now I'll sit and rhyme a while.
    Rhyming makes the world so sweet
    Sugar globe, a sticky treat.
    that old cat, he would be proud--
    he'd make a mess, and get real loud...
    but I don't mind, he'll be gone soon
    the rhyming wake will make me swoon!
    I can't seem to stop this thing
    I best go now before it stings!

  2. Oh dear...oh dear!
    Cat fight draws near!
    but seriously, no pun intended,
    I wouldn't want someone offended
    I checked out Lanie,she's super cool
    I think her blogging soapbox rules!
    And of Brian at Waystation One
    A mind~blowing poet and alot of fun
    And once again with much gratitude
    A big heartfelt thank you from Tashtoo
    My time is short so I must run,
    Good day, good night, sleep tight, I'm done. :)

  3. Oh are all comments supposed to be in rhyme?
    OK, I'll try it just this one time.
    I think your blog is cute and unique.
    Trust me, I know of which I speak.
    Thanks for your poetic comment today.
    My blog and I are pleased that you dropped by my way.

  4. its been year since i wore a gown, not hush i dont want to be talk of the town, lucky for me no one got pictures, and i only had to replace a few light fixtures, so now i just think, lay off the drink, dont cause a big stink, i am trying my best, and appreciated your jest, but its 11 o'clock so i am off to get rest, sweet dreams to all and to you, good night everyone i bid you adieu...

  5. Silly girl, your rhymes made my head whirl.

  6. I came to see
    Exactly what was what,
    there is so much going on,
    I don't really understand,
    I feel dizzy,
    a little lost

    It seemed fun
    I wasn't frightened
    A little lost
    I'll come again
    I love kitties
    Cats in hats

    it seems I am without rhymes
    Perhaps another day
    I'll do just fine
    I like the part of the
    Hat that shows
    Red and white
    With bows

  7. You have a great voice.
    I had no other choice.
    But to say, wow what a voice!

  8. Oh that be Fright Night...score