Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Good Title Today, I Just Want to Play

Before I begin all I have to say, is oops I did it again today. Aren't I just so sly, I know my great rhyming makes you cry. While here is another video for you to enjoy, while you watch I'll go swat at my toy.

So today has this cat confused and yes I feel so abused. All you people making me do so much rhyming back at the comments below, that another arm I must grow. Yes then I’d be an octopus cat with a very nice hat. Oh wait an octopus has eight arms, this cat would surely set of way to many alarms, if I started to become a genetic mess, besides Brian already took that by wearing a dress. Yes I may be a tad sick and I love to pick. So once I learn something you don’t want to share, I’ll send it out in rhyming flare.
I can promo pretty good too, as you saw with the last video I showed you. You did watch it right? You better have as it was tight. If you didn’t go down and watch in the post below but if you don’t you reap what you sow. For you might not be one with a huge chance at enough cash to buy you an old fashion lance. Don’t really know why someone would want one of those, but whatever way your wind blows
Remember the facts too, as they explain things you can print off and read in the loo. But then you’d kill a few trees which might cause you to freeze. As the wind would just come right on through, with nothing to stop it until it hit you. Of course if it was a tornado it wouldn’t matter, as it would just cause everything to splatter. Damn I went completely off to la la land, maybe I should be canned. Oh wouldn’t that be nice, canned rhymes that you could play over twice. After that they’d self destruct and if you’re near, while you’ll be fuc……ummm errrr get plucked?
Back to what I was saying, as I know you’re on your knees praying, that I get to some point, before your nose goes out of joint. I’m talking about twitter, so don’t get bitter. Plus they are written by facts and Tashtoo, so they are sure to well inform you. If you want to add some yourself, stop being a spectator and get off your shelf. So that is one part of my rant, it’s about time I struck up a different chant.
Back to what I stated when I begun, oh I’m having too much fun. As today is Sunday the end of the week, but shouldn’t something get a little tweak? As If this is the end, then the calendar is around the bend. For it puts Sunday first, is your mind about to burst? Now if Sunday was the first day, then we all wouldn’t be home to play. For the fun old jobs would hound us like mobs, wanting to get a jump on the very first day of the week, not even allowing you to take a leak.
Then of course you have the weekend, which is where I’d always like to spend. But alas we can’t because things move on and each day brings us a new dawn. Anyway the weekend comprises of two days and are never changed in any ways. So with end being the key word, someone seems to be flipping us the bird. As if Sunday is included in this end, doesn’t it seem like an awful trend? To have the calendar calling it the start, while everyone else seems to be smart.
Plus if you want to get all biblical and crap, but forget the awful strap. As this cat doesn’t want to get hit over the hand not anywhere on this land. Of course Natasha lives with the nuns and probably helps them bake lots of buns, oh wait that was a mix up last time, what tree was I trying to climb? Or maybe she mixed up and I unmixed the mix up, if your confused ask the pup.  Anyway if on the seventh day he rested and probably was sure and tested and Sunday is the seventh day, then that would mean I need some spray.
For the weekend states it’s the last, the whole rested seventh day thing is vast, but the calendar says it’s the start, someone must have let off a good fart. Then it confused them all so much, that they lost touch and as the calendars were made, the order of the days were laid. Except they got pushed one behind and the makers were just blind. Or they felt it didn’t matter, for most people wouldn’t chatter. For the date and holidays are there, so why shouldn’t anyone really care? Another thing that’s just the way it is, that should be put on a what the **** quiz. So that is another rant complete, now it’s time to blab to those who think their sweet. Ok some might be, but the comments are free. So you really can’t tell who you are going to get as sometimes they come from the bottom of the pit. Yes Brian I’m talking to you, as you don’t have a rhyming clue. Had you going didn’t I? Did you want to stab me in the thigh? Now Brian that’s not nice, the least you could do is bring me some ice.
Or maybe it was Lanie I was talking about, as she seems to be in a comment drought, maybe her and Sophie are chasing down a goat or stuck out in a row boat? Or maybe it’s Natasha about who I speak, but I wouldn’t do that because she could yell seek, then I’d have nuns trying to slap my feet, maybe they’d make me dance to a beat. Don’t I love when I mix up a word then I can be such a turd. Covenants and convents is an easy mix up right? Oh no don’t start a fight. Anyway I’m already yapping on about you guys and girls, making your heads do swirls and I haven’t even started on the comments below, damn you guys really help with this rhyming flow. So without further adieu, it’s about time I started in on all of you.
Just to note there is no more comment repost, because yes you are the most, but this would go on way to long and that’d just be wrong. So I save you time and just hit you all back with my rhyme. You want to see the comments below, just scroll down and go. If that is too hard, then go find yourself a different school yard. Anyway on I go, yes I’m a tad slow.
I’m glad I was able to steer, you all the way over here. The cheer was great but a little loud, I’m only a one man crowd. Next time keep your voice down or I may end up plugging my hears with Brian’s gown. Oh I wasn’t supposed to mention that, I’m just such a bad cat. Rhyming makes the world sweet, while isn’t that neat. I don’t like sticky treats very much, they goo up my touch. They also stick to my hair and then I have a spot that’s bare. As it has to be cut out and then I just run off and pout. I don’t make a mess at all, I use the litter and stand tall. As I have a case of OCD aren’t you so proud of me? You were thinking on making it sting, were you going to use your little pointed ring? Try and sing? Or some other thing? While there we go you have been roasted enough, I’ll go on to the other stuff.
Oh now that’s a fight I could sell tickets too, I’d even split the commission with you. Then we could all get rich and you could leave the real estate ditch. I wanted to say trench, but the rhyme didn’t work throwing me a monkey wrench. Awww are you afraid to offend? Aren’t you trying to be a nice friend. But I can take anything you can dish out, although I’m not gonna share my trout. But if you’re good I’ll throw you a bone, you can pretend it’s an ice cream cone. Although you may choke and blame this poor bloke. So I think I’ll throw that out instead, just so you keep your pretty little head. Yes her little soapbox is really nice, with lots of spice. But then she might tell you to get bent, so you better go and pay the rent. Brain is quite fun, he finally left a good one. I guess I made him think, instead of just giving a wink. Or he really wanted to tell his story about the dress, boy that was quite the mess. No problem shouting you to all around, as shouts for me can be found. So we’re even you see, even if you can’t keep up with me. So a good day and a good night, oh you want me to be good even without the light. I don’t know because when it gets dark, I might give a good bark. Then people can blame a hound and none will be found. Oh that’s so much fun, ok I’m done.
No everything doesn’t have to be in a rhyme, but if you don’t you commit a crime. You’re only going to rhyme once, do you think I’m a dunce? As you’ll be back and rhyme like a tack. For if Brian can do it, you can to without causing a fit. Of that I’m sure, for this is no chore. I know I’m just so cute with my tie and just such a clever guy. But it’s nice to hear, as I spread the rhyming fear. I guess I trust you know of which you speak, until you spring a rhyming leak. Then you may no be such a trustworthy foe and I’ll have to let you go. The comment was fun as was the read, plus it was fun planting the rhyming seed.
Brian Miller
Wow Brian you are no longer tryin. You really showed up your last rhymes with ease and you managed to please. Wow I must be psychic indeed, I never knew for sure you were in need. I’ll try and keep my mouth shut about the gown, but didn’t you already run all over town? Yeah you must have been in a funk and probably smelled like a skunk. With all that booze, I’m surprised you didn’t lose, more than just a silly bet, but that is what you get. So don’t drink and blink or you might end up wearing the kitchen sink. Or like my old buddy Brian, a nice white gown and no I’m not lyin. That last part wasn’t as great, but hey I guess it was late. But at least you wished me sweet dreams and didn’t leave me with some butt reams.
Enchanted Oak
You’re not a very clever bloke huh there oak? As even if I’ve been fixed, one can see your comment is nixed. But then I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt, because side two I could look like a goat. Plus fixed I am really just an it, so don’t worry you won’t get bit.
I shake my head and hope you get a good night in bed. So hopefully you’ll come back, as sharp as a tack and your rhymes won’t lack or rhyme with big mac. Yeah if you reference Mcdonald’s at all, I’ll have to stick you in another stall. For that would be low, even if you say it wearing a bow. I made you lost and dizzy, oh you must have been in quite a tizzy. Did your feet lift off the ground? Have you at least been found? I frightened you too, man I have such influence over you. Maybe I should pretend I’m a dog to give you a break, oh wait then I’d be a fake. But you love kitties as you say, so you will come back another day. For I’m a great cat, with a nice big pretty hat, plus my tie is real fly and it makes you all cry, except for that Brian guy, but we all know why, so all I can do is sigh. My hat has no bows, you must have went nuttier than crows. I’m sorry I spun you all about, but I like it so much I have to gloat. Next time you’ll rhyme at least ok and you’ll keep coming back my way.
JH Poetry
Oh you know you had a choice, but you wanted to insert your voice. Then say to one and all, that you liked my little squall. Plus you did it in rhyme, so you gave it some time. Now that I like, so I won’t tell you to take a hike. As that would be mean and I’m not some screwed up teen. So thanks for the comment below and once again on I go.
Ok you got it again, just go lay an egg like a hen. Then you can score while you snore. As you protect your little egg, all dressed in drag. Maybe you can borrow Brian’s gown, I’m sure you I could also find you a crown.  Then you’d be the royal egg layer and you could even sit in front of your movie player. Oh I’m so great, it must just be fate.
Wow this could get rough if it expands, I might grow calluses on my hands. Then they’d hurt real bad and I’d be all mad. As you all made me rhyme to much because you keep in touch. But I guess I can’t have one with out the other, so all I can say is oh brother and wait to see what comes down the pipe, as I spread my rhyming hype. Speaking of hype, I must type, that you all should see the video I made, as it definitely makes the grade. So if you didn’t see, scroll down to the last blog post by me. It’s right at top and the cream of the crop. So now that I am done with the plugs, squashing the bugs, replying to all of you and making you feel anew. I must go and try to get through my day, without rhyming when not in play. It’s tougher than you think, to switch it on and off with a blink. But I’m sure even my tiny mass, can pretend not to be a little rhyming ass, faking my way through the day until I can come back and play.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh my! Oh my! This is such fun!
    Especially when Hants is placed number one!
    Whatever in the world will this gal do
    In order to repay the likes of you?
    The ad is fantastic, this lets make clear,
    But now I must say that I really do fear
    That my rhyming skills will never compare
    For this awesome shout out should be heard everywhere!
    You've made my day, this first of the week
    If Sunday was Monday would that not be neat?
    So all I can offer in current exchange
    Is this little rhyme, hope that's not strange.
    For I am so flattered, no words could I say
    Would thank you in kind for this shout out today.
    Lot's and lot's of great big smiles!
    I think the buzz will last a while! :)

  2. Screw the title, you don't need a good title with videos like that. Job well done on both of them and what no movie reference to guess? Is it because I didn't rhyme?

  3. whoa whoa i dont want to give you the wrong impression, i'll try to be clear in this session. i dont need another to get me sappy, the wife keeps me quite happy...sunday is just another day, who needs to argue first anyway. each one is new, a clean canvas for you, all in what you do, and when it comes to and end and rest your head my friend, wether you cat, bat or rat, its done and after a bit of sleep a new one has begun.

  4. Look I rhymed in my name, don't I deserve a little fame?
    Or a comment back or do my rhymes lack?
    Am I asking to much questions? Or do you take them as suggestions?
    Really nice blog and great video too you glory hog!

  5. Just wanted to say well done video and blog, keep up the good work!

  6. I'll rhyme back,
    but you have to cut me some slack
    cuz I'm feeling off my game
    due to one I will not name
    but she's been bringing me down
    acting like a giant clown
    That's all I got, and it may suck
    but I don't give a flying...

  7. An octopus cat, now that would be phat!
    Allergic I wouldn't be, if my cat lived in the sea.

  8. I'm the best and your just a cat, I'm gonna take your hat, how about that?

    Nice video though, but I have to go.