Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three in a Row, I Just Don't Know!

So a update or two today, while I sit here and play, with a bit of randomness thrown in, as I go for another rhyming spin. First, thanks mostly to Betsy the comments below thing are going to be shown the door, not that it is becoming a bore. And yes I can keep up just fine Tashtoo, so don't go playing that card you.

Basically it's just more fun being interactive in the comments below, as who knows where they can go. I can write some spiel on the blog and be a glory hog, but you can't really directly comment to that, so that is one reason it was decided by this cat. Plus the posts are getting way to long, as people come and see how I'm never wrong. Also that means less time it will take and that's the more posts I can make. Keeping you all entertained more days and in more clever ways. But don't worry I always work in a shout of two, for something like the Tales of Tashtoo, oh aren't I just clever, but never say never. As I still got the jig up me sleeve, but to many of those might make people leave and go get a drink, causing their liver to sink.

So let me know what you think, as I don't want to bring anyone to the brink. But for all the reasons above it seems a good step, but if you want they can be kept. Just the posts will be far and few between, as it takes time to rhyme back and be I can't be too mean as Betsy will track me down, causing me to frown, as she comes out of retirement for one last job and takes my car like she wants to rob, this poor cat, how about that? But then she'd have to leave her Five Men all alone, so I have no worry of her coming near my car with a stone. Or Brian could do it to from what I'm told, I wonder if he's still that bold. As he has a big head now like this cat, so he may not bother with that. Haha unlike old WaystationOne, I just get a big head from my fun. I didn't have to win a thing, isn't that a sadder song I sing.

Wow on a roll, oops a topic from the Lair of Silver Fox I might just stole, as on a roll he might not like, for it could mean I'm riding a bike, or rolling down a hill, just for a thrill, but you all know what it means for real, Silver Fox sorry for the steal. At least I didn't mention sleeping in, then you might make me all thin, but chopping me up into bits, taking one of your old guy fits..haha

Ever think about as your mind is afloat, that you blow on your hands to cool them down, so they aren't hot and make you frown, but also blow on them to warm them up, when you can't stick them on your coffee cup. Just a random thought like I said, that just popped into my head.

I also tried to make a banner for this blog, better than the one currently above my little log, but the stupid thing wouldn't work, as the program was being a jerk and it didn't look nice, I tried it twice, so I guess I'm stuck with what I got, at least I didn't put up a picture of my naked butt. Oh and speaking of banners where is my manners, poor Lanie who goes through them like underwear, Betsy has a sign that says you should always have a new pair, had a nice little video up today in her blog, plugging the facts and using her old camera that might not be able to see through fog, as her new one went kaput, I still say she kicked it with her foot.

Oh and I have to give Kristine's Place a nod, as she came her and showed her bod. That's right she flashed you all, what you couldn't see as Silver Fox was too tall. Yes he did want to get right in front of the crowd, as he likes to be wowed. Now what was that other thing, oh yeah a new friend Betsy did bring Christine the Vista Woman to the loony crowd, I guess now she can be proud, that she might have created another rhyming nut, who gets stuck in a rut. And yes just like Betsy and the rest of you, I even rhyme when I don't mean too. Oh well I have fun, so that's how it's done.

Also who puts the music on the phones, when you sit with your moans, waiting an hour or so, for them to just tell you to go, as they can't fix crap, deserving the bad rap. We've all dealt with that, but the music isn't much liked by this cat. As they are like Mary and just want to be contrary, maybe their garden won't grow, but what do I know.

So that was my random bunch of thoughts for now and the plug or ten I snuck in as I wow. For I can now go on about all sorts of stuff, not worrying about length putting you in a huff. But don't worry as you can see, you always get a shout back or plug here and there from me. As most deserve to get at least one, as I make them come undone, rhyming like they didn't no they could or ever knew they would. Oh and Betsy beat you all in the comments below, as her count wasn't low, she even beat her previous ten, I guess she's not such an old hen..hahahaha...there you go Silver Fox I got her back, for her mean old age attack. While that is all from the nice sunny area with green grass, as I'm still a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friggin Tashtoo Did it Once More, I Really Have to Stop Coming Ashore!

No don’t fear I’m not going all profound, as elsewhere my mind is bound. As Natasha hit a nerve I guess you can say, when I read her post at the Tales of Tashtoo the other day. Look a plug right at the start, hope that didn’t make you tip over your country cart. Anyway when she mentioned the red tape, it made me think of a dumb ape, while not really that per say but we’ll just go with that okay?
As who is the idiot that came up with this crap, that makes you want to take one big nap? You do your job for years and then all of a sudden you find, that you supposedly need to advance your mind. So they hire some clown, to come in which causes you to frown, as you know exactly what is going to take place, it involves you wanting to stab him in the face.  Or shoot yourself in the foot just a little, so you can get out and not be stuck in the middle, of some long drawn out boring crap, that as said wants to make you nap.
So for the slow readers in the audience today, oh did I offend someone that came my way? While it you can’t take the heat, you’re already beat. Hahaha Oh don’t worry if you don’t know how it’s done, now you know it’s all for fun. Except for the Fox, don’t open that box, or he might jump out and bite, that just isn’t right. Of course Betsy also has her mind in the gutter as of late, So Brian today I guess you win mate. As the others are easier to make fun of at this precise time, so you avoid the back talk rhyme. Oh wait a minute we can’t have that, as then you might start to like this cat. But I know your pooped after coming home from your big win, so making fun might be a sin. Aww hell you met Jack Bauer, making the cat all sour. So whether your pooped or in a stoop I’ll throw you for a loop and make you read this twice, to see how I made you eat rice.
Did you read it twice as I asked Brian? While now you are cryin, as I made you read it twice and that wasn’t very nice. As that was the trick I made, just to see if you’d follow my fade, ok I mean fake, so hope you had fun with your double take. Damn I went way off topic there, but I’m sure no one has a care. So back to the evil mess, that you all should guess, is when they bring some person in to train, on the exact crap in the exact same lane.
Yes I’m going to show you how to talk and do a fancy walk, not like you haven’t already done this for years, but I’ll pretend you had lots of beers and act like I’m teaching a drunk, who is in a two year old mind set funk. Really do they expect people to be that dumb? I have more fun counting the things that come out my bum. Oh you saw that one coming right? If you didn’t you aren’t worth the fight. Haha Oh two put downs in one post, maybe I should retire as host. Oh that is never going to happen at least not soon, not even if you give me the full moon.
Speaking of which it seems Kristine, the newbie, has her mind in the gutter and said she’d flash her umm..errr…okay to hell with it booby. Hahaha Oh that was so pathetic it was funny, might not be right on the money. But I’m sure she’ll give me a smack to the face, over at Kristine’s Place. See how I worked that little plug in there? Try and be as sly if you dare.
While next these mooks show you computer things, which sleep it just brings, as only a nut, wouldn’t be able to get passed this rut. So all and all, anyone who gives some training (insert bad word here) a call. Do it well you are still new, if not shove it up the old gazoo, as it is completely pointless other wise and no I’m not spreading lies. Or do you think the cat is just so smart or Pat is just a lazy fart? Hmmm either could be the case, as the cat can’t even tie a shoe lace, while because I don’t wear shoes, I’d save the money and go on a cruise. See I win, you lose, now go get drunk off some booze. Damn I’m just on fire today, wonder what caused me to get this way. Oh yeah Natasha is to blame, as she started all of this within her new little poem frame.
Oh and Betsy says we're in sync, maybe that brought me to the brink? Or it could be that I’m a nut, stuck in a rhyming rut, but I have to say she does pretty well, especially with Five Men I must tell. Oh and watch out for her, she wants to find the cat and steal my fur. As this stranger was trying to get peoples address, isn’t that danger I guess? Hahahaha Oh I just joke, better say that or she’ll give me a poke. That might hurt, but it would keep be alert.
So Silver Fox any bites? Have you had to turn out the lights? Maybe that’s why your mind is in the gutter of late, as you want to love not hate. Hahaha oh that was a corny expression, it belongs on Betsy’s latest nice post suggestion. Where Brian is being all nicey nice too, helping the young folk not like you. Yeah can’t help Betsy or the Fox, as they are older than my locks. Oh damn I just got them both once more, who knows what else I may have in store.
So there is my rant for today, I know you’ll all come back to play. So lets see about the stuff below, as some of you posted two in a row.
The Silver Fox X 3
While thanks to Natasha’s suggestion and Betsy’s overprotection, you were the star of the day, at least that is what some might say. So maybe one day soon, a nice woman near you will come across the rhyming loon and be able to make sense of my yapping, then come over to your door a tapping.
Yes the internet blows a whole lot with that internet crap, everyone says the same thing in their little box yap, it’s like a carbon copy plastered the same thing with different names, as they all just like to play games, but I won’t go there any more, as that one is a closed door.
Hahaha and you know about the whole little lass, that was a great catch as you pretended not to be crass. But I was constantly on the go, so never stopped to read the actually flow. But yes reading it fast now, really made me laugh and wow, glad you pointed that out, as it deserved a shout
Betsy X 2
What’s this you go from ten to two, what’s got into you? Oh no poor old Pat to go back and forth and chat, heck you just could have asked the cat. While this month 50,000 visitors have come to lurk, but the whole dating thing will not work. As the ads last forever and as much as the Fox may say never, he won’t look that way for life, as someone will come along and cause him strife. So lets Face it, the Facts stray away from the dating acts. Look you gave me a plug too, wasn’t that nice of you. Yes the game is something fun I do, when I’m not on here rhyming with all of you. But then I also like sneaking up behind a foe, stepping on his toe, sticking a mine behind his crouching butt and watching as he tries to run like a mutt, then goes boom and I sit and loom. As I wait for him to come back and then once again attack. Can’t do that with Pokemon you see, as they don’t really have guns that make you flee. Yes you can try to look as young as me, but it might not happen you see. As I found the fountain of youth last week, and with a little tweak, I’ll stay alive for years to come, while everyone else develops a saggy bum..LOL
Yes we really do that a lot, lets hope we never get caught. By any one but ourselves you see, as they might take that out of context from me, wait you already did that with my last post on your blog, as you saw way through the fog and looked for more that wasn’t there, but you didn’t come back with rhyming flare. Then you say you have nothing in common with the Fox, while I say you both have some of the same rocks, rolling around in your head, from all that I have read. Wasn’t that fun? Now I’m done.
Brian Miller X 1
Wow Brian you are getting slow, must be because you were constantly on the go. Plus you were kind of high, as you reached for the sky and won your award, straight across the board. Congrats to you, that win won’t make you blue. Yes a party we had while you were away, what do you think we are trying to say? I’m sure with all your little words, you can mix the bees and the birds, finding a way to give the Fox a hand, helping him find a woman near his land. Yes you broke down at the end, that has to drive you around the bend, knowing the cat out did you once more, as you closed the door and went to sleep on the floor, because you didn’t do that chore.
Alan Burnett
While the Fox sent me your way and I went for a bit yesterday, then you came to play, wasn’t that a roundabout way. Yes you added to the stock quite well and your comment didn’t fell, err umm fall on deaf ears, so I give you a few cheers. Although the end was kind of lacking, but it beats Brian’s so you sent him packing. That is a big plus, now look at all the fuss, you created by coming here, but don’t fear. Brian, the Fox and the rest, know that I just jest, so whatever comes out of my trap, as I sit here and flap, don’t take to heart, as it has the value of a fart, for I can blab on filling a tanker, as I’m just a bloody wanker!..hahaha like how I worked that in to my retort, now I go back to building my fort.
By chest I meant like where a pirate keeps it’s loot, but you are a hoot, as you went right to the gutter and no you didn’t mutter, so when you come by on your next dash, don’t forget to give a flash, as the Fox would really like that, maybe even Pat.
Natasha X 2
Okay after most of you went to the gutter, I'm going to go there and putter. Betsy right on top of things? What kind of thoughts do those words brings? hahahaha Natasha should really watch what she says around here, as I won't be the only one reading into that I fear. Yes Silver got his ground rules laid out, now you and Betsy have to not make him pout and find a girl that's right, so Silver can win his fight, finding at least a little fling, making him feel like a king. Ok enough of the lovey dovey talk, now I take a walk to the other stuff you said, before I rest my head. Yes Brian might have to relearn a whole lot, thinking he's oh so hot to trot, as he is so large now, winning that shorty wow. Quite the play on words there, I didn't mean to I swear. I can keep up with the rhyme any day, it's the time that just isn't coming my way. So yeah with a little luck, I might not be saying over and over ummm duck, you know what I mean, so don't turn green, or red or blue, just get over it you. Yes you must sell, in your real estate hell, so you have to chat with not just the cat, or poor old Pat, not even someone with the last name Hatt, but all kinds of strange folk, some you just want to poke, right in the eye, hoping they'll cry, oh my, give it a try. So I will be along to your tale, once my time gives me time to sail.

Oh now you came back with a second post, and this one is the most. The best of the bunch, is my hunch, giving the facts a big old plug, aren't you great at giving them a tug. So thanks once again for that, from Pat more than the cat.
I will only give you hell for rhyming LOL, but that was pretty clever, as I haven’t seen it done here ever, maybe that means we're above that, or it wasn’t thought of by a single rat. The acronyms are quite the pain, but something like TFB could cause pain. So I won’t go there just now, instead I’ll talk about a cow. How the cow wanted the ham, but instead he got yam. Then tried the eggs, but they tasted like wooden pegs, so he did not want them Mary I am, he did not want green eggs and ham.

Look a post two days in a row, but I am always on the go. So don't get used to this kind of attention, but don't worry I will always be back to give you a mention. Now I have to go eat, with my hands not my feet. I'm having chicken not bass, so away I take my little ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Natasha and Betsy Set Out to Help Silver Fox, Betsy Will Even Let You Keep Your Socks!

So it was suggested in the comments below, by the two above that we should go and help out the Sly Fox, using this place to get him some knocks. As we start a new game, to find the Fox a flame. Natasha’s words not the cat’s, not even Pat’s. So I thought I’d give a clever little plug, maybe even just to bug, although the Fox can take it in stride and he isn’t very wide. Look two good aspects right away, doesn’t that just make your day.
Damn I just went all dating service there, oh don’t sit and stare. Unless of course your engrossed by the Fox and want to send him a message to undo his locks. As he can be found over at his little Silver Fox Lair, so make the journey if you dare. But if you are married all he can do is look, as he wouldn’t want any husband to come and stab him with a long hook. So there you go all the women around, you now know where the Silver Fox can be found. So Betsy, Natasha I’ve done my part, now you have to sort them out and see which one will win his heart.
Hahaha P.S. I’m not a good one to talk, as I’ve had better luck dating chalk. Yes that’s how low I sunk, never hitting a slam dunk. So I will leave the rest up to the married ones, as all this dating talk makes me remember what it’s like and gives me the runs. Yes they were that scary, so I have a right to be weary, so that is that and now you know more than you need to know about Pat.
So what else is there for today, not much else I can think of to make you stay. Plus I wouldn’t want to take the focus away from the Fox and his dating game, as that wouldn’t be very tame. Also it’s hard to come up with something new, when you’ve be stuck like glue.
While I’ll have a nap and it’s quite easy for Pat. As he has that new Pokemon game to beat, catching all of them is now a big feat. Oh did I just show you how he is a nerd? But he doesn’t care he’ll just flip the bird. Don’t worry Brian he likes head shots too, as I read over at WaystationOne from you.
So now what to do with the comments below, as Betsy and Pat really messed up the flow. So I will just hit on certain aspects tonight, as I have to go get in the Pokemon fight..hahahaha that sounds so lame, what’s even worse as many I can name. Ok I don’t think I’m getting any fans with that, should I mention the over 2000 dvds owned by Pat. Ok that probably just made things worse, so I’ll end this rhyming verse.
Oh and a little shout out to the cat’s new follower DVD Infatuation, as he sits in contemplation of all the movies he’s going watch to mee his goal and talks about them on his blog hole. But he still has quite the ways to go to catch Pat, but then who doesn’t when it comes to that.
Brian Miller X 2
Haha I’ve been called worse than a nut, even the bad word used for butt. But it never bothers me, as I could care less you see. But you do it in fun as I do back before I run, so bring it on Brian, you’ll never see me cryin..haha. Are you bragging or complaining, as my heart is really waning, oops I meant feeling for you, now that your legs are that of do do. Yeah right I think you just like to brag, on mine and everyone else’s rag, but hey why not, but just know you got caught. By the clever cat, who had a little help from Pat. Then you say you need a nap, but come back and do another lap. As I guess you had to rub it in at Natasha and Betsy a bit, making them have a fit, that you were first once more and they were shown the door. But I’m sure they will have their day, unless old Silver Fox gets in the way.
Betsy X 10
Damn what to say to you, I think you and Pat staged a rhyming coo. As you two went on forever, and yes each one was quite clever. So let’s see what I can hit and if I miss come back with a rhyming fit, to ease your addiction to my Fact and Fiction.
Yes that Drazin guy needs to be shot or at least go some where and rot.
Aren’t you glad I came along and helped you discover a new talent you never knew, now you rhyme here like glue.
Yes you can draw really well, of that I can tell, from your blog posts I see, when I visit you and you visit me
Hahaha I fooled you with my grin, aren’t I good at actin(yes I know spelled wrong, but it works better with my little song) Then you go and call the cat cute, rendering the whole thing moot..haha
Yes every one should tease poor old Brian, as he can come back just as good and I’m not lying.
So we got the socks thing resolved, now I have evolved and will also smile when I use that word, as it’s locked away in the brain of this nerd.
Yes coincidence seems to be our thing, as we seem to be at each others wing, with out evening knowing, the other is going.
Glad each posting session makes you smile, at least the cat is good for something once in a while.
Rhyming back at Natasha to, you picked up some of my slack and let me go to the loo. Thanks for that, from the cat.
Oh sucking up to Natasha too, what is in that for you?
I think the Fox likes your intentions, as he didn’t send out any foul mentions.
Yes it was quite fun commenting back at each other, as we trying to rhyme also with one another
Then we got into all the stuff about old, where Pat was quite bold. But the cat learned about the senior citizen phrase, for which you do not give praise, stick that in my pocket of fun, although I might be toying with a loaded gun..haha
Yes that cat and Pat both enjoy being a tease, especially when you come back for more and say please. As it’s done in a fun matter and nothing more, as neither of us wants to get beat around on the floor. Yes they went away and left us alone, oh well we really set the rhyming tone.
There I think I got a lot of it here, if not hopefully it’s at least near. Then you already had a clever retort to each, so what else do you want a speech?..haha

The Silver Fox X 4
I have a feeling he will come back, making me go on the rhyme attack, but we shall see what will become of that over eager little bum. At least you can say your age without a moan, as some people stick their head in a cone and it’s seem to hurt more than getting shot, to admit the age they got. Yes I just jest, with you and the rest, so no need to get sore, as I try not to bore. Temptation can lead down the road to hell, so you might want to stop and think a spell. But you know the outcome that will come, if you mess with someone else’s wife’s bum..haha
While you should notice this time, that your are in the title as well as part of my rhyme. As I went full out on the ladies suggestion they gave, now lets see what kind of little rave, we get that could find your fave or lead you to an early grave. As women can do that you know, that’s why you may just want to go with the flow.
Yes I don’t know how this whole fix up committee came about, but Betsy and Natasha will have to give their vote, as it can’t be lead by the cat or for that matter Pat, as neither of us are very good and give you a real “winner” we would. I don’t mean that in a good way either you see, as picking good ones doesn’t seem to be in me. So the blame goes to that pair if you end up losing all your hair.
Yes you are very correct, as that time I did neglect, the censorship I used before, when I went on my rhyming lore. Yes it is way better used only here and there, as pretty soon no ones seems to care. But that Drazin guy was such a big goon, that his words weren’t part of this rhyming loon. So at least I had that and poor old Pat. But as you can see, you will only find one curse from me, in this little post, as they are gone like a ghost, except the usual ending one I use, when only I, I abuse. Oh and you read it once more, while thanks for taking another tour.
Natasha X 3
Now are you name calling this poor cat, I guess your halo must have went flat. Look I even put you in the title first, so don’t go and burst, a blood vessel you hear, as I will even give a cheer. To the Tales of Tashtoo, because I sorta like you…hahaha. There now has your jealousy been locked away, as I wouldn’t want you to stray. Yes Brian likes to gloat, but hopefully he’ll get the vote and win the shorty award, wish a trip to New York I could afford. So you’re going all farmer Joe, while don’t stub your toe, or step in cow crap, when you do your real estate lap, showing off every inch of the barn and stalls, with hopefully washed down walls. I have reach, maybe I should teach..haha…as I can go rhyme, short story and both at the same time, I guess I’m just in my prime. Just don’t ask me to draw or do art, because then all I can do is fart. You look forward to my little diddy oh aren’t those words oh so pretty, plus giving the Pat some hope, that the facts won’t get hung by a rope. Better late than never, as your retorts are very clever. Then you go and promote as much as me, I really should start charging a fee, maybe I’ll just pass along a flea or two, to each and every one of you. But what if 2 plus 2 equals 22, then what would you do?
So as you can see I took your idea to heart and hope to find a flame for the old ummm fart. Hahaha Sorry there sly old fox, as that just worked but it’s better than calling you an ox. You really went on about your man, maybe I should place a ban, on all this relationship talk, as it makes this single guy just balk. But then I’m all for free speech, so I won’t be a leech and let you go on about how opposite attracts and that is just the facts.
Yes that was really long, keep on bringing them back even in song, as it’s not wrong, just don’t get high off a bong. So there we go on to the next show.
While look Natasha a fellow Canuck has joined this rhyming tale, giving her own self a wail. But she didn’t rhyme like the rest, maybe she knows we're the best. Oh I just jest, one day she may come and open her rhyming chest. So for now I wave back and go back to the rhyme attack.
Captain Dumbass
Yeah that is kind of weird that getting back is more hard, as you just go across the yard. Plus we are supposed to be all nice to travellers and such, so why go overboard to much, with all the crap they put you through, as you just want to get home and have a poo. My imagination was off today, as you didn’t rhyme when you came my way, shame on you poor captain for I know it can be done, so now you won’t get to bask in the rhyming sun and instead walk the plank, when a give you a push and yank.
While you might have won, but it’s seems even getting last you were out done. As the Fox came back once more, to knock on my door. So you were screwed over there, hey at least now you can go on a rhyming tear, giving you something to use, for you just had to go and lose. Pretty sad when you can’t even get last, but that is the past. I like being a kitten, as I still don’t get sore just sittin, wait does that happen as you age or did I just read that on some page? Yes I suppose you are kind, at least in some people’s mind, the cat may be still on the fence at bit, but after another rhyming fit, you might be able to get me to pick a side, at least I can say I tried. Yes I have rhymed in my dreams, as while as been on sports teams. It was really getting weird I’d say, but I’ll save that for another day. Oh you’ll hear from me, as long as you stay free. As the cat just keeps coming back on each and every rhyme attack.
While I don’t think I missed anyone or anything, as my rhyming back I bring. So on this final note, remember to send your profile to Betsy and/or Natasha so they can vote and find the sly old Silver Fox a little lass and that is all from this little rhyming ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Betsy and the Fox are Addicted, Should I Feel Conflicted?

So after some badgering from the above mentioned two, I decided to write up a new post right now for all of you. As I was busy with the lets Face it Facts, but I can take a quick step off the tracks.

But as you all might not know Brian from WaystationOne is up for a shorty award in old New York, the cat would like to go there one day even on a stork, but who knows, we'll see how things goes, as the cat just tried to make the trip and here's a tip, if you come across a Drazin guy, run away or you might cry, as he is really mean and acts like a teen. So here is the tale of how the cat and of course my tag along Pat, tried to go to help Brian win a shorty award in New York, but instead almost got stabbed with a fork.

Oh and the Drazn guy and Pat, didn't rhyme like the cat, so you'll have to excuse these two nuts, as they just don't have the rhyming guts.

Pat and the Cat
Try to get across the Border

It was a day like any other, as the cat and Pat drove up to the border with one another. But things went rather a rye when they met this Drazin guy. For we pulled up to pass and came across this ass. As he asked for all the normal stuff, then started in on us in a big huff.

Drazin: "So why do you two runts want to go to this God forsaken country today?"

With the first words the came from his foul mouth, as we tried to head south. I was going to tell him where to go, but Pat was quick to say no. Then tried to respond all nice, but that Drazin guy did it twice.

Pat: "The cat and I are going to see Brian from WaystationOne win a shorty award, is that ok with you?"

He raised an eyebrow having no idea what the award meant and I was about to steal from Lanie telling him to get bent. Before he once again opened his big trap and went on a big long yap.

Drazin: "So you and this funny looking cat are going to go watch some guy win an award for being short? Only in America Drazin guesses, only in America."

Pat raised his eybrow and look at me, of which I knew that he could see, this guy was talking in the third person, only making our situation worsen. So I blurted something out, to this stupid looking man goat.

Cat: "What don't you shut your mouth and let us pass, you stupid low level toll booth ass."

Pat gave me a glare, as the Drazin guy started to stare and we knew he was going to let us have it now and boy what came out of his mouth did wow.

Drazin: "Did Drazin hear you right? Did you just call Drazin an ass? While no fleabag is going to talk to Drazin like that, get out of the car now fleabag before Drazin comes in there and drags you out."

Pat and I started to get out of the car, as Drazin lifted his bar. He then came to my side, with a huge stride, looking kind of scary and his face was really hairy. But he pointed at Pat to stay in the car as he just wanted me, but I'd take this guy on for free. So Pat just smiled and let us duke it out, as he had little doubt, the cat could handle his own and knock this clown off his thrown.

Cat: "So now what do you want Drazin you clown, you want the cat to make you frown?"

Drazin: "Drazin has to see if you've had all your shots, as Drazin thinks Drazin sees some little green spots. This could mean you have rabies and won't be allowed to cross and Drazin would just love that. Now turn around you stupid looking flea bag, while Drazin looks you over."

Cat: "You want to sniff the cat's but like rover, maybe I'll shit out a four leafed clover. Then it bring you luck and I can be done with this third person talking fuck."

Drazin: "Alright up against the wall fleabag, Drazin is going to see if Drazin can't find that four leafed clover or any other contraban you might have stashed in your body cavity."

My eyes went right wide, as I was hoping he lied, for he slapped a long white glove on his hand and it wasn't long before he was shoving it up the cats no mans land. Pat couldn't even watch, as he went up another notch. Oh that wasn't pretty and made me yelp, but this guy was going to need help.

Cat: "Did you enjoy that you baffoon, as you are nothing but a bad Saturday morning cartoon. Thinking your all big and bad, being a poor deprieved border crossing lad. Sitting in your little square, acting as if it's your big old lair, when really you are nothing but inbred trash, that I hope gets a good rash."

Drazin: "While Drazin seems to have a little smart mouth standing before Drazin, who likes being felt up the ass and who likes to rhyme, and you call Drazin the cartoon, maybe you should look in the mirror poor fleabag. Heck maybe Drazin should let you pass, as you are awful short, then you could win a shorty award too."

Not knowing how dumb he sounded he gave a big laugh which had many confounded. As we were starting to cause a scene as this guy was just getting more mean.

Drazin: "For Drazin is the law in this little section here and if Drazin doesn't want to let you pass, Drazin doesn't have to let you pass."

Cat: "Do you like repeating yourself? Maybe you're broken and need to go back to the factory shelf?"

Drazin: "Alright fleabag, Drazin has had enough off you, access to the south is denied, get back in there with your little bum buddy there and leave, for you ain't getting across. Drazin isn't going to allow it, for you've messed with the Great God Duke Drazin, border crossing expert and what Drazin says goes, so scat you silly looking cat."

Cat: "We're going through, even if it means running over you. So what do you think of that you over exageratted twit, will that cause you to have a fit?"

Some of his co-workers were now laughing at this Drazin guy and liking how the cat was being sly, as you could almost see steam coming out his ears, as they were giving the cat cheers.

Drazin: "While Drazin is going to pick up your flea ridden ass, throw you in a garbage bag and chuck you in that river over there. Don't worry Drazin can beat an animal cruelty rap, after all that river is in the U.S. and all Drazin needs is a good lawyer and Drazin will get off with ease."

It was obvious this guy had some kind of grudge against the south, as more and more came out of his mouth. But he was a little funny yet crass, which is why I got back in the car and told Pat to run over his ass.

Cat: "Pat don't worry he'll get out of the way, as even he doesn't want to die today."

So Pat slowly stepped on the gas and thinking this Drazin guy just chucked his huge mass, right in the middle of the road, like a huge truck with a load. There was no getting around, at least not that the cat thought could be found, as I reached over and put the pedal to the floor, preventing Pat from turning any more. Then the Drazin guy just gave a big grin, as we could hear the sound of tin. For he hit the tire spike button he was hiding in his hand and our tires turned into nothing but sand.

Drazin: "Now Drazin has all the cause Drazin needs to throw you two in some deep dark hole, oh boy does Drazin love that."

He just kept grinning ear to ear, having no fear, as he came up to the cats door, the next thing that happened as he swore, for the cat whacked him in the head with the door and then took running on all four, legs that is, in case you needed the quiz. Pat wasn't far behind, as it was all my fault in his mind, but we took off through the trees and avoided some scary bees, then finally made it back home today, so sorry Brian that's why we couldn't get down your way.

Now wasn't that a fun little diddy, but it is quite a pity, that the Cat and poor old Pat, might now be wanted some where, heck maybe there is a bounty on my hair. But then I'd say that Drazin fellow probably couldn't fill out the forms so we're probably safe from the swat swarms.

There now you know where the cat and Pat were, now I'm back home to sit and purr. Even if my story was a bit far fetched and a little stretched, wasn't it a good excuse, or should I used we hid behind a moose? There now you all can have some fun, ready what the cat supposedly done, so on to the comments below, in my usual rhyming glow.

I'll just thank you all for the Birthday wishes here, as you all did it with a nice cheer. Then I don't have to go to each individual one and won't go on for ever so I can get this done. So thanks a bunch and it's just past lunch. Oh and I got a bunch of presents and money too, just to share with all of you. Although the cats gave me presents in the litter box, I'm not sure that is any better than socks...haha
Brian Miller, Brian Miller
Yes you finally got first, quenching your thirst. As you've been trying to get there for a while, just a tad shy last time with your rhyming style, but you finally won, see that's how it's done. Poor Natasha I fear, seems to be to slow to ever give that cheer..hahaha
Yes it's all Raven's fault for the f*** or maybe I'm just a weird duck, or just both could be it, but who cares because no one has a fit. Least of all you, who just goes sh******it or something like that you know it's true.
Silver Fox, Silver Fox, Silver Fox
Yes I agree moderation is key, so then I can stay all nice and healthy. Unless of course I get hit by a bus or car or train or plane, but I'm good at staying away from each traffic lane. I just slam the age because it's fun, but I try not to do it a ton, as I will be there too, just like you. What I'd say around fifty or so, is that too high or to low? Yes you seem to be hip with the young crowd, you don't even have to talk loud. Although those married women you should steer clear, as they are nothing but trouble I fear.
Don't worry I will always come back, on the rhyme attack, it's just that this takes a bit of time, while on twitter I can do a 140 character rhyme, it mere seconds you see, as it as easy and free. Here it takes a bit of work, but how can I not do a new one knowing you and Betsy lurk.
Yes Betsy can rhyme pretty good, maybe she never knew she could, until she came across this cat, and started to chat.
Betsy, Betsy
Very true you are correct and I would neglect, that attitude makes all the difference as you say, of course staying healthy too one must stay. But other than that the age is just a number, that you can count as you slumber. You were asleep, dreaming a heep, as Brian beat you to the punch, I did have a hunch, that he was justing waiting to get first, as you kept making him lose and he was about to burst. So you were oh so nice, letting him post twice, before you and the Fox came on the attack and each of you didn't lack. And oh it's quite easy not to act like your old, just rhyme through warm and cold, then you'll at least look like a nut, and know one will look at your saggy butt, hahahahahaha oh that just came out, which I was just kidding about..hahahaha
Maybe I should sell a pill for your addiction, to cure that confliction. Then I could get rich or at least stop the rhyming itch. But then why would I want to do that, as you keep coming back being so nice to this cat and even silly old Pat, who never falls flat. Plus since you said pretty please, I decided to appease and didn't wait until tonight, to come up with a new rhyme for your sight.
Oh now you are getting all philosophical on the cat, do you really want to confuse poor Pat? While if you must, I'll satisfy your lust, I'd say first was the Hatt, then the name Pat, then came the cat and next up the Face it Facts so take that. Hahahahaha I don't thing virgin and you ears can go together, no matter the weather, as you proved you can dish it out, so don't try and shout, about my little cuss, as you know it doesn't cause a fuss. Yes glad you can say, you aren't nice all day, as that pitchfork can hurt, as you pretend to flirt, then stab some poor guy, in the bum on the fly. Damn that wouldn't tickle, hope your not fickle and get a kick out of that, or the cat will have to hide poor Pat. Also I don't fear, as even in the Tales of Tashtoo you give the Facts a cheer, so you can't be all bad, for that I'm glad. So thanks for the wishes, now I'll go do the dishes.
Yes the day was swell, but nothing new to really tell. The life of a king, the facts might be able to bring, but until then, I just live the life of men, doing the same of shit, trying not to have a fit. A special someone I do not have as of now, unless you count the cats who at least beat a cow. As the women I meet around here just are out and out nuts, so as said next up could be a dog that sniffs butts. Yes I got a new toy, although I knew so no one had to be coy.
Wow you were kind of nice, more than twice. What got into you? Do you have the flu? But then you went and said I should be locked up, maybe they'll let me have a tin cup. So I can use it to hold my pills, who knows they might give me thrills. But then I can count on Betsy and the Fox to break me out, as with no new posts they'd pout. Calling me a child too, while at least that means I'm younger than you..hahaha..did I rub that in? Bah it's not to much of a sin. Bah it isn't to rough, although playing with the numbers and seeing the money they get for stuff, makes me want to just steal it and run away, but then I go to jail and wouldn't be able to play. So I won't do that, but I don't know about Pat. So thanks for the wishes and chat, even if you were kind of flat, on the rhyme, this time.
There we go now how was that, did this satisfy your time away from the cat. I will be back as always you see, for you can usually count on me, unless you want me to shovel snow, then far away I might just go. So I don't think I was too crass, but if so that's what you get when you visit my little ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So When Do You Feel Old, If I May Be So Bold?

While in a few hours or so, I move up the hill another notch as I go, on to be another year, oh don’t bother with a cheer. As there really doesn’t seem to be any difference yet, should I let old Silver Fox cause me to fret?

As I’ll be a big old 26, how about those knicks? But really I’m not different then like 21-25 and no I don’t own a bee hive. I did get a bit fatter during the old university run, but that has since come undone. As I made sure to get rid of that, and stop drinking like a nut getting fat. But other than that everything seems to be swell, so when does everything go to hell?

Do I really want to know? Hopefully if it happens it happens slow. I’m sure the old Fox has a comment or two, if he comes out of the Silver Fox Lair to bid adieu. Betsy already commented like 50 times, so she’ll get her chimes, when she isn’t busy with her Five Men, which one takes computer parts and leaves them in as many places as ten. That was very funny to read and poor Brian couldn’t see the need, to put everything in one spot, so you don’t have to look around a whole lot.

Yes that’s the show runner of WaystationOne, where he may be able to give you some fun, but then when it comes to a bit of sense, could he be a bit dense? Hahahahaha Oh that was a good shot, hmmm he might hate me a whole lot. But I’m sure I can get the sly fox to rub him out, maybe for a few dozen trout. But Brian already had a run with that type of act, to which he wrote about it in fact. Was very well done indeed, should check it out on his feed.

Okay now to damn old Tashtoo, who is a tad slower than me and you. As she commented a whole bunch, but it is this cat’s hunch, that she was to busy at work, to really lurk and missed her name right at top, that was lets face it a flop. Oh did you think I was going to say facts, while look you just sent me down those train tracks. Or did I do that all on my own, oh well I least I didn’t moan. Although she did write such a great little tale, that might make some wail, over at the Tales of Tashtoo, so go check it out well I use the loo.

There you go are you back, see told you it didn’t lack. Yes I really did go to the bathroom there, I even fixed my hair. I see some grey, think it will stay? Do I really care, not at all it just adds some flare. Maybe I’m to stressed out, you think that’s what it could be about? Tashtoo and Lanie giving me all those facts to enter and plugging up the butt, might give me pains in the gut. Okay not really I guess, I just like to sit and mess, with you all, as you all can take it and stand tall. At least most, can take a little roast.

Oh and one more thing to note, Lanie’s new video blog deserves a shout. It’s quite funny how Sophie just gives a stare and goes on playing without a care. Reminds me of a certain wild cat, that thinks he’s all of that. No I don’t mean Pat, but I’m sure he can do the same without falling flat. Damn is it time to check myself in somewhere, like mental health care? When I become at ease referring to myself my different names, or is it all just fun and games? Wait I might not like the answer to that, especially with Mary trying to make Pat go splat.

But then the good old Superhero Extraordinaire will come back and give a shrug, helping Pat sweep Mary under the rug, going oh Fuck, that’s just her luck. Oh that just blurted out, don’t sit there and pout, not like you haven’t heard it before, as it is said while you snore. So now that I am supposedly more old, do you think I’ll get more bold? Yeah I don’t at all, so I go to the comments below to answer each call.


Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy

Wow you sure have a lot to say and you rhyme every time you come my way. For that I have to give a big shout and now I go on to gloat. Yes Brian thought he had it won, but you went and spoiled all his fun. By one whole minute in fact, and you did it with such tact. That was the second time we did that, you really are in sync with this cat. Or maybe it’s just one big fluke if we do it again will I look like a mook? Don’t answer that one too, or I might have to make more fun of you.

Haha while I suppose it’s good your feet don’t smell, as that might be a stinky little hell. Yes with all your different shoes, I’m sure the smell just decided to loose. As it’s to many to keep up with you see, that’s just my two cents worth for free. Yes I’d yawn because it be easy and fun, but I’d sure take off and run, as I wouldn’t want five men chasing me, so I’d have to flee. It wouldn’t be that much of a dastardly deed, as I might just be giving you what you need. As a gnome can be quite ugly in fact, so I might be helping out in my little act. See no greed at all, I won’t even give you a phone call, so no fees there and you can save money for your hair.

Yes it’s always great with you beating Brian to the rhyming plate. But I want a prize too, isn’t that just mean of you, not offering one to the cat, not even to poor old Pat. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an auction ever, yep I’d have to say never. No worries about Natasha as she is getting kind of slow, because she has so many things on the go. Have you seen all those damn real estate forms she has to fill, I’d have to take a pill. But I have to count the shitty things, when ever an order she or any other agent brings. Yes it is quite fun to see you fight, as it is quite the delight, to see who beats who and just what I’m going to say to each one of you. Hell I don’t even know, I just rhyme back on the go. Have to say you all do comment in style, so keep it up for a long while.

As I said at your place, sorry to confuse your ummm face, as I paid to have the voice over done, because doing it with the crap I got is just no fun. For I don’t have the professional stuff and there is just static and gruff. So I wrote the script and did the images up, but the voice over was sent out to another pup.  Oh and on the girl note, God here they don’t even get a vote. They are complete NUTS, I’d rather have a dog that sniffs butts. One to many times I been down the street and no nothing was very sweet. So I decided to become a hermit and in my shitty apartment I sit. Had enough of that crap, but I won’t get into that big long rap. Anyway you deserve the vote from all that I’ve seen, so how could I be mean. Even though I had to pretend I was from down there, but I did it without a care, for I didn’t mind a share, helping you climb up another voting stair. Yes I had fleas before, thanks to a mutt that went out the door, but a little dab of stuff got rid of that, although the price made Pat’s wallet less fat.

Brian Miller, Brian Miller

Oh how that first first everyone else is worst comment came back to bite you in the bum, that just made me hum. As it was soooo funny to see you do that and then Betsy beat you with her comment to the cat. Hahahaha by one whole minute too, that has to impress even you. As you’ve done it to me with Tashtoo, so I’m serves you right, ummm you.

Look Betsy you beat him twice, now he’s not being all too nice. Thanks for the comments on me going profound, guess I won’t have to hide in the ground. Once in a while it comes out, when I see a clever little note. Yeah sow and reap should happen to every creep, as they deserve what they get ten fold, but it usually doesn’t occur to some no matter how bold. While tomorrow has almost past, unless you are one that don’t think it ever can last, meaning tomorrow never comes, no matter how much one hums, because when it’s tomorrow it’s today, but I know no matter what you’ll come back and say hey. So until then the cat will think of something to use for an attack, maybe an old fish rack.

Silver Fox

While that cat is sure you were busy with your new project, to which I’ll interject, that everyone should check out the Fox’s lair, to sit and stare, at his new project he has on the go, as he likes to show. How was that for a mention, think it will earn some attention? You did comment on the last post, just a bit to late for me to boast, but I always like your profound little comebacks, as none of them lacks. And they are fun to read, whether on my or your feed. So whether you miss out here and there or go bald and have no hair, I’ll still shout you at some point, as you always come back to try and put my nose out of joint. Oh right you were just pretending to be mean because of the color green. That day had you all riled up, did you drink some rum in a cup? But I still lock my door just in case you come around or Natasha decides to stalk where I am found. As she is real close, even if she sold her house.

Natasha, Natasha

See Mr. Fox Natasha even saw you weren’t here and she is kind of slow these days to give a cheer. So everyone notices when you aren’t around and wonders where you can be found. He didn’t diss me to much, the cat just likes that he keeps in touch. Even if he calls me names and whatever, I can take it as I’m quite clever. Yes you caused me to go all poetic with the last post, thanks to your Tales that are really the most. Now don’t go and do that again for a while, as you go and cramp my rhyming style..haha. Oh under the hat? Was that a crack at Pat? With the last name Hatt, or was no pun intended over that? Hahaha everyone noticed Brian’s battle cry was a little off the mark, maybe he should check twice for Betsy the rhyming shark. Drinking all the coffee to keep you going, must help with all the lawn mowing, oh that I hate, but it’s better than snow shoveling to which there is none of late. Don’t boast about visiting WaystationOne, or I’ll have Lanie go get her gun as I have none, but that was meant in fun..haha

Hahaha yes you were a tad slow there, were you doing your hair? Is damn really still considered a curse? As other words are supposedly far worse. Yes I got your back, as I go on the rhyming attack, for you help me with the facts, so I help with other acts. One question to ponder though? Is it really good for others to know, that you too are calling me Pat and cat, or should we just forget about that?


Glad you both liked the video I made, according to Betsy that voice must get laid. Oh that was mind in gutter there, oh well I’m sure with that smut site you don’t care. Yes Lanie has a smut site, things are umm errr rather tight, oh I could do a whole post poking fun of that, but then she might come and shoot this cat. You calling me a possum? While at least you said I was awesome. But if I was a possum that be bad, as Sophie would hunt me just a tad. But then she might do the same to a cat, so I’d hide behind Pat. Oh I’m special now, as I get on your Christmas card list wow. That is so nice, just don’t send it with lice. I think that’s a word, if not the dictionary is just a turd. Hahaha you need to work on the rhymes, are you scared of the other chimes, as they aren’t that scary, although the Fox is kind of hairy.


Yes you and me too, as all this rhyming back can drive me right to the zoo. Not that it is hard at all, it just takes quite a while and no I don’t stall. Glad I can feed your brain at least a bit, even though I’m a rhyming twit. Yes I fall behind a bit here and there too, as does everyone not just you. While maybe not Brian as I think he’s on the roids, he comments on everything from movies to factoids. Glad you liked what you read, as after this it’s probably time for bed. You named called me how rude, at least you weren’t crude. I guess that was superhero talk to you enemy, or maybe the cat is more of a frenemy. Oh there is that made up word, at least that’s what I heard. So from the goon to the loon, see you soon, don’t choke on a spoon.


I’m just multi versed, or maybe I’m just cursed, as I can count really high and that poor old Pat guy, can play with other peoples money all day, in every kind of way. Then rhyme at the same time, maybe because he’s in his prime. Never really think of a bean counter doing each, guess he has lots of reach. Or am I confusing the cat with Pat, damn I confuse myself with that. Flat there is another I haven’t used, are you just trying to make me feel abused, pulling out these words I have forgotten about, pretending not to gloat. But I like it too, as it gives me more to come back at to you. So keep it up and raise that cup, but don’t drop it on your feet or spill it on your seat, as that would just make you clean and might cause you to be all mean.

While there we go another post has concluded and as I have eluded, I will be older but no bolder by the time most read this little diddy and if it makes you giddy, some might want to keep that on the down low, as you might not want others to know. So a little older and maybe wiser by a bit, yet still giving you a rhyming fit, the cat tips his glass and signs off as the same old little ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Damn you Tashtoo, Look What You Made Me Do!

Ok before we get to the title and all, I have to give a big call, errm I mean shout, as I sit back and gloat. For I once again went and did something grand, for Lanie giving me a helping hand. So have a view now, as I can really wow.
Now on to old Tashtoo and her blog, as she made me sit on my profound log and come up with this thing below, preventing me from sinking to a new low. At least until the next post I do, where I can go back to making fun of each and every one of you.
Special Kind of Hell
Fire, Flames consume every step you take,
Affecting every decision some make.
But is it really beneath the ground,
Where this dreaded place can be found?

As you look into the night,
Do you sense a bit of fright?
Hiding in your lair so tight,
Extending above such a great height.

For you are weary of what roams the street
Stirring up this dreaded heat
Fearing what type of harm,
Could be raising this newest alarm.

Then you see that this polluted lake,
Was nothing but a planted fake.
As walls around you start to wilt,
You quickly realize everything has been built.

Nothing here is for real,
As can be seen by every crooked deal.
For all are passed with a quick breeze,
No one caring if you freeze.

While the Fire, Flames continue to grow,
For do you really reap what you sow?
As now one might look above the ground,
For where this dreaded place can be found.

-The Cat(aka Pat)-

There we go now I move on to the comments below, but I notice Silverfox didn’t give it a go. Could that mean he hopped a plane and is coming up here to cause this cat pain? Maybe I should hide, but of course they won’t let him across the border if he tried. For I got his photo posted there, so he’ll stay out of the cat’s hair. Back to all of you, the comment rhyming crew.
Betsy, Betsy, Betsy
Wow you must have had some time to rhyme, but I love each little chime. Plus love your little dig at Brian, too bad he wasn’t cryin. Maybe you need to step on his hurt foot with your new shoe, but then that would be mean of you. So we’ll ignore that and blame it on Pat.
The cat was catching up on site work, as many people go and lurk. Then they ask sometimes dumb questions but make some good suggestions and I have a whole bunch of other stuff to add, which makes me a busy lad, poor old Pat, too bad he isn’t a rhyming cat. So Silver Fox is a cannibal? Maybe he watched too much of Hannibal. Oh now you gave me quite a fright, I’ll be sure and barricade my doors at night. At my day job I don’t work too hard, as I’m not a lazy lard. For I get all my work done fast and right, then I can come on here and fight. As long as I don’t get caught, then things might get hot. Let’s hope no one sees this there or I’ll have to move and come down getting in your hair. Nah the cat lays home in my pretty tie and hat, will through traffic and to work is the fate of Pat. Has to suck for him, as I can sit home and be dim. Yes I am quite a hairy cat, but I keep it clean so we don’t have to worry about that.
You’re talking to Brian what are you tryin? To make this a conversation place, where you can talk out of each side of your face? While you did talk to him and me, so I guess I’ll let you do it for free and see you were talking out two sides, as you talked to Brian who hides and the cat, who you refer to as Pat. I’ll come to your lawn and kick over your gnome, then you’ll have to hide it in your home. That way I’ll be a Grinch at that time and I won’t bother to rhyme. There now you can have a broken gnome and thanks to the cat that went on a roam. I’ll take the bucket of chicken and eat while I lay at your feet, oh that might be a bad idea as they could stink, enough to turn this cat pink. So maybe I’d sit in a chair and after I’m done clean my hair. Yes you have questions coming out your ass, was that a bit to crass? Hahahaha but I don’t mind at all, as I always answer the rhyming call.
Brian Miller
Hahaha see poor old Natasha you can make Brian mad by coming first, but Betsy doesn’t even make his blood burst, so is that better or worse, I’ll let you say it in verse. Playing hide and seek, while being meek, must have be fun, as that’s how it’s done. As you don’t want to make a noise and be found, not even by a hound. Although they can cheat and sniff, once they get a good whiff, so you might be screwed there, unless you cover yourself in mud or some stinky animal hair. A Baboon at the door, I’d start laughing on the floor. That would be kind of cool, I’d teach it to play pool. Maybe Brian was just never found during hide and seek as he was to sleek, that could be why he got beat, wouldn’t that be neat.
You keep bringing them up, so hide them in a cup, Then I will forget about underwear and not even try and share. So don’t force me to rhyme on the issue, then you won’t have to pull out a tissue, and you won’t cry or blow your nose making it look like a pig sty. Yes I forgot all about using chat, when talking about Pat. How about that, don’t call me a brat. You dirty old rat, who will be eaten by this cat, and then buried under a mat, as I get a little fat, but then go kill a nat, did you once again get all of that? That’s all you have to say, that’s not like many women you meet today, as they will yap your ear off about anything, even about some fling. So have a nice day too, so you can get rested up, use the loo and come back with another great rhyme, at some point in time.
Yes you seem to be rather slow, maybe you should drink some Go. Is there such a thing out there? Or am I just making up stuff without a care? Oh well made you look, now you can write another book. Sold your own house did you, while now what are you going to do? Move to bigger and better or stand out doors in a hut and get wetter? I wouldn’t recommend that last, as you’d get sick and tired really fast. Hahaha I don’t think my shitty little apartment could hold many more, but you can hang out in the hall by the door. I’ll hand you out some food here and there, there is even washers to clean your underwear. Geez going to deny us your presence in rhyme, while now you are committing a crime. Best posts on my wall, while you can stand tall, but I’m not going to get into that, as then this cat, will open up a whole new sack and might get some slack. So you can fight with The Fox, Betsy, Mary and Brian and have a lot of fun tryin. As I’ll sit and watch amused until I start to feel abused, then I’ll come back at you all and make you all ball. For your misery doesn’t bother this cat, but send it to Brian because he deserves that. Are you saying we are all miserable here, while there my dear, oh I just sounded like an old fart, maybe Silver Fox will take that to heart. Hahahahaha Oh and aren’t you being quite sly, plugging that Pat guy and his Face it Facts, I love your nice acts.
So now I am through for today, until the next time you all come back my way and I have something to say about whatever is on my mind that day. Hey don’t make fun of that space between my ears, as I won’t give you any cheers. I’ll just go fish for some bass and be a fully fledged little rhyming ass. Anyway as always it’s be fun, now I am done.
Later all, have a nice fall.