Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to Back, Need Some Slack?

While I usually wait a few days for a new post, as I need to wait before I boast. Don’t want to do it every day or you might not want to play. Oh who am I trying to kid, you all come back like you’re watching a bid.

With Natasha commenting three whole times on the last one and if I didn’t put up a new one I doubt she’d be done. But she did one up Brian so for that she can be proud, as she stands out above the crowd. She might need to turn on a light though, as that darkness seems to continue to grow. But the Tales of Tashtoo remain strong, so I guess there’s nothing wrong.
While why am I back so soon, when I’ve been rhyming with Silver Fox sense noon? Awww it’s all because of poor Brian as thanks to his sore foot he’s sitting around cryin. I have to give him something to do, or he might bother all of you. But then he still has WaystationOne, so I guess he can get things done.
Don’t you see how slick I am at giving a plug, I can easily swap out your rug, and you’d never know because I’m just not that slow. Then Betsy had to go and call me on my cats names, why do you keep up these games? Forcing me to respond to such things, making me use my rhyming springs. Don’t you have Five Men to take care of and confuse me like some dove. Saying that was meant for him making me all dim, when you knew it was for you, you want me to go to the zoo? There have I confused, good now I don’t feel so used.
I also have to note, about all the rhymes you three wrote. As they are getting longer every time, as you rhyme on my dime. Are you trying to see who can go the longest, even though you know I’m the strongest? Or you just trying to trip me up a bit and see if I can keep up each rhyme back fit? Either way you’ll never get ahead of this cat, as my rhymes will make you go splat.
So I’ll answer Betsy’s question I guess and before she has to put on those new shoes with a dress. Or maybe I’ll just show them here and let you peer.
Now Orlin the spotted one, is glad you watched and had fun. Cassie is rather sassy and a little bit classy. So she really couldn’t care, as long as you don’t touch her hair. Although neither will do much with the camera on, I guess they are shy until it’s gone. But let’s just say Orlin the Savannah isn’t from Havanna. He descends from the Serval’s of Africa somewhere, like he could really care.
As he is part wild cat, what do you think of that? He can jump clear over a 6ft tall persons head, standing at your feet not needing a bed. He also bathes in the sink and takes a quick drink. Jumps in the bathtub and splashes about, without fear or doubt. He talks back all day long, especially when he thinks you’re wrong. No I’m not a kidder, as he talks even when he uses the litter. He can open the fridge and go right in, even the friggin garbage bin. He learned how to use the door handle to open the front door, but I always keep it locked so he can’t do it no more. Dogs he’ll play with all day, but besides Cassie cats cause him dismay, as he hates them all and howls so loud you’ll hear his call. At night he even chirps like a bird overall he’s just one big attention loving turd.
Cassie is running around right now, with something that will wow. As she has three baby sleepers on her, covering up half her fur. As I cut them in two and slapped them on so she can still go do do. Then I stuck an elastic around, so she and Orlin the wannabe hound, can’t get rid of them, see I’m not dim. Because just like Brian she has a sore foot and it looks nastier than soot, as she picks it raw with even her claw. It was thanks to the wild one she got cut a tad, as they fought and he nicked her pad. It’s been wrapped fifty ways, but she gets it off and then goes and plays. This she can’t get off not even with a cough. So after two months of her sneaky crap, trying every type of wrap, resulting in her escape even when I used tape, the foot is almost healed meaning the pad has almost sealed. So the sleepers will soon be gone and then she go back to pretending she’s allowed to run across the lawn.
There we go was that enough about all this cat stuff? Don’t worry I’ll have a dog one day too, I just have nowhere to let it use the loo. So whenever I can get a house, the cats will scare away each mouse and then I’ll get a dog, no not a hog. See I’m a both guy, so zip up your fly, as I don’t pick sides and just give them both raw hides. Yes Orlin will chew on dog bones too, doesn’t that impress you?
There now everybody knows about the cats and how they can scare away the rats. See Betsy I answered your question at length, in my typical rhyming strength.  Now on to the stuff back at you, before I go and have a poo.
I made you smile and didn’t fight, I didn’t even go and bite. Yes everyone has the right to say what they like, even about a dirty old bike. While to a point I’d say, as long as you aren’t causing others complete dismay. A little is fine, just get them drunk on wine.
Natasha and Natasha and Natasha
Damn you went on a while, in typical rhyming style. You even made Brain get mad, Oh I’m so glad. Whoops I pulled a Natalie and spelt it wrong, maybe Brian will sing us a song. Damn I screwed Natasha’s name up too, look what you made me go and do. But you thought you were first and had quenched your rhyming thirst, when really you were a tad too slow, that is how these things go. Luck has nothing to do, with me rhyming back at each one of you. As I can keep up you see, even when I do it for free. Actually I went more conspiracy theory, instead off all dark and dreary. Oh look another dig at you, I’m just a one man crew, errrr meant cat, so scratch that. Damn you promoted my promos in the comments below, I was trying to keep these on the down low. Then you went and screwed up on Betsy, did you know her sister had a doll named Wetsy? Must have really been in a funk, who would have thunk. That’s what you get for going dark, as you had no light to see you missed the mark. Damn I got you twice, aren’t I nice?
At least it wasn’t Brian? You might just be fryin. Making fun of the poor guy that has to sit on his butt, lying around filling his gut, relaxing with his feet in the air, without a single care. Oh damn scratch that, he deserves to get made fun of by you and this cat.
Yes you messed up and need to get a new coffee cup. As the one you have has a hole or maybe I just came and stole. Hmmmm you never know, as it wouldn’t be that far to go. You tried to rush and ended up with mush, shame on you but then you were trying to hide from your real estate crew. So that I understand plus you give facts a helping hand. So I can’t hold a grudge, maybe just make you sit in fudge. Then you’d have brown pants and might get covered in ants, oh I’d laugh to one and all, then this cat would stand really tall. Yeah you just wanted to rhyme some more, admit it don’t hide on the floor.
Oh don’t tell me I live down there, then I’d have to pay up the butt for health care. Yeah I try to put off filling up as long as I can, but then it jumps by ten. Oh it is so annoying you see, but not much can be done by the likes of you and me. As unless people stop altogether, it’s going to keep going up no matter the weather. Never knew there was a doll, not at all. Must have been before my day or when I still had time to play. Oh I’m so bold, didn’t mean to make you feel old. Damn I just rubbed it in some more..hahahaha hmmm do those shoes make your feet sore? Look I changed the subject real fast and yes my rhymes last. It also sounds like you were jealous you didn’t get the doll with your name, oh well at least you can say you have some fame. I think you already got the cat names at the top with all my rhyming games. A rabbit that runs through the house free, how does that work tell me? Doesn’t the rabbit poo everywhere, at least it probably doesn’t shed much hair. Also doesn’t it chew cords and try and hide under boards. Would be interesting to have a pet like that, although I think it get eaten by my half wild cat. As you have seen I visit more and more coming back like a little attention whore. Oh that sounded bad, aren’t you glad. Happy that I can make you smile at least once in a while.
The Silver Fox
While I’ve rhymed with you all damn day, so what else can I say. I commented on your blog post what ten times, committing no crimes. See I still have some juice left as I have quite a bit of rhyming heft.
Captain Dumbass
Five am I was fast asleep, not even hearing my alarm clock beep. As I didn’t have to work until late, thus is my crappy fate. As I missed volleyball tonight, thanks to this damn work plight. So hopefully you get some sleep soon, before the sun is high at noon.
Brian Miller and Brian Miller
You came back twice, my aren’t you being nice. Although Natasha beat you by one, it must be the drugs that let that get done.  Although you made a mistake too, talking about do do. You said it twice when you meant once, although I’ve done that so we both can be a dunce. I don’t think I’d ever fawn, you can do that with your wife on the back lawn. Or maybe playing with one of those things, Raven hides in the wings. You know the one that takes batteries you questioned that made her giggle, I bet it does wiggle. Ok that’s enough of that, that’s giving a bad image to this cat. Yes she does one’s better than a cat and a fiddle, and can keep up with me a little. But your right not as good as this cat or errr umm Pat. Although I wish I had a house of Hatt, by no stuck in a crap apartment how about that?
Hahaha it will be interesting to see what you do about that, as you two really amuse this cat. It could turn into one big war and I’m sure that won’t bore.
Yes you must have put off a lot when you wrote that post at your Superhero Extraordinaire spot. Oh and 24 yippee, although it’s kind of trippy. As my twitter name is rhymetime24, so now it matches but I’ll stop before I bore. Damn you really are going to make me blush, giving me all this praise is such a head rush. Every hero needs a villain in the story, but let’s not get to gory. As we wouldn’t want to scare the kids making them drop their cups with no lids. Then there would just be one big mess but it will be fun I must confess. So the test will be on and the villain cat will start to scheme and con.
There we go now I must get back to work or just go on the internet and lurk. So from me to all of you, don’t lose another screw. Or you might end up rhyming in everyday living and some people will surely be giving, you the eye, thinking the well has gone dry and you are now nuts sending you to the loony huts. So off I go not being too crass, signing off as the little ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. So I am here to try for not
    To reach that very first comment spot..

  2. Yay you won, see that's how it's done.
    But your rhyme wasn't very fun, as it was no where near a ton.
    Now I have to run, to look at the tale I spun

  3. Here I go, for number two
    Comment that is, nothing new
    Time was short for my last post
    So I'm back to haze this host
    This silly cat in silly hat
    Who so loves to rhyme
    Really should invest at least
    A little bit more time
    In checking facts and checking names
    And checking for mis-spellings
    But a proof reader I am not
    And would rather stand here yelling
    That Face it Facts the place to be
    If you want real views
    A little ad or sponsership
    Is all you need to use
    This mean machine is building steam
    Please don't wait too long
    He's spinning rhymes and giving signs
    Selling ad space for a song.
    So there, dear cat, my shout outs done
    I hope I did you proud
    This comment ring is quite a thing
    Your starting to draw crowds!
    So with a wave and quick adieu
    I bid you all farewell
    My fingers itching, my pen is twitching
    I've another tale to tell!

  4. we have a cat as well, whose got a streak from hell, found in a woodpile, abandoned quite a while, she slept on my chest the first night, years later she gave us a fright, fighting aligators by the lake, the hair off her back legs did they take, two months she was gone, but then she came home, again to brighten our life. now i wont mention do do this time, that would be quite a crime, no poo poo for you i bid you adieau, i hope that you have a good day...

  5. drat she did it again, i really must repent of this sin, to tash i give a bow, for i surely wont have a cow, at one with such grace, winning the race, i have to get to work right now....

  6. I knew last night I would awake
    To face this awful, cold cursed fate
    So Brian sits and heels his feet
    And I am stucking sipping tea, yes sweet
    But no matter, I am done
    As I was here as Number One! :)
    I have a crazy cat too...
    But I'll tell that tale, later, thank you :)

  7. Hey Pat, you're the fastest rhyme in the west
    but fastest isn't always the best;
    slow and steady wins the race
    so I'll stick with my languid pace
    I guess you can tell with a name like Bach
    that I come from musical stock.
    But why do you put your cats in a box?
    Methinks you may be dumb like a fox...
    so Mr. Pat Hatt, I’ll end my note
    by giving you one final quote:
    (since that’s how I first came to your attention
    and got your special little mention)
    "To do is to be." -Nietzsche
    "To be is to do." -Kant
    "Do be do be do" –Sinatra

  8. Gee Pat, I only ask their names,
    Not their 9-life history!
    Ha ha! Now I'm just kidding
    Your two cats are so pretty!
    They look a lot like one I had
    When he died I was so sad.
    But yes, I have a Rabbit now
    He uses a litter box like a pro!
    He did chew on a cord one time
    A little shock did not feel sublime.
    He learned his lesson very fast
    and doesn't chew if he wants to last!
    Yes, my shoes were very comfy
    Thanks for asking when I was dressed so fancy
    Thanks too, for posting that clip.
    Your cats are so cute I could just do a flip.
    Well, I'm off now as it is late
    I'll visit again for another rhyme date!

  9. Wow, those are quite the cats
    are they silly acrobats?
    I have two lovely felines
    that incessantly dine
    and then they sit and get fat
    and meow plaintively at this or that.
    We have a parakeet they'd love to make a snack
    but then I would feel such a lack
    cuz her singing is just so pretty
    and she makes me feel good when I'm down and gritty.

  10. When glancing at the comments here,
    It certainly does seem
    That poets choose the easy form,
    The "rhyming couplets" scheme.
    I prefer a greater challenge
    once in a while.)
    And try to choose a different form
    To give
    myself a smile!

  11. That Fox is sly I have to say
    To question how we rhyme
    So I had to stop on by today
    Be ready for next time! :)

  12. Oh I see you want to challenege us
    While I can rhyme the hard way
    As I never used the short bus
    And made an effort everyday

    But is it really that much harder to do
    You just have to take your time
    Make sure your a little bit Cuckoo
    Then you find you can still rhyme

  13. Forgoing the rhymes here, I'm glad there's been some response to my informal "challenge," but I never meant to suggest any across-the-board format changes, haha! Sometimes I rhyme, sometimes I don't, sometimes my rhyme scheme fits one pattern, sometimes another... Most of the time I'm not writing poetry at all on my own blog!

  14. Angry cupboard cat: the greatest diet aid invented since the gastric bypass!

  15. my hope, like soap on a rope,
    around my neck in the shower,
    is that to the power that be
    we see you again soon and that your
    tongue hasnt been stolen by the cat...
    gone missing in your mission to
    keep us entertained....

  16. Now where did that cat go?
    I've searched up high...I've searched down low
    I've looked here, and I've looked there
    But I can't find him, anywhere!
    I wonder where, Rhymetime can be
    I saw him tweet...but not at me ;)