Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Damn you Tashtoo, Look What You Made Me Do!

Ok before we get to the title and all, I have to give a big call, errm I mean shout, as I sit back and gloat. For I once again went and did something grand, for Lanie giving me a helping hand. So have a view now, as I can really wow.
Now on to old Tashtoo and her blog, as she made me sit on my profound log and come up with this thing below, preventing me from sinking to a new low. At least until the next post I do, where I can go back to making fun of each and every one of you.
Special Kind of Hell
Fire, Flames consume every step you take,
Affecting every decision some make.
But is it really beneath the ground,
Where this dreaded place can be found?

As you look into the night,
Do you sense a bit of fright?
Hiding in your lair so tight,
Extending above such a great height.

For you are weary of what roams the street
Stirring up this dreaded heat
Fearing what type of harm,
Could be raising this newest alarm.

Then you see that this polluted lake,
Was nothing but a planted fake.
As walls around you start to wilt,
You quickly realize everything has been built.

Nothing here is for real,
As can be seen by every crooked deal.
For all are passed with a quick breeze,
No one caring if you freeze.

While the Fire, Flames continue to grow,
For do you really reap what you sow?
As now one might look above the ground,
For where this dreaded place can be found.

-The Cat(aka Pat)-

There we go now I move on to the comments below, but I notice Silverfox didn’t give it a go. Could that mean he hopped a plane and is coming up here to cause this cat pain? Maybe I should hide, but of course they won’t let him across the border if he tried. For I got his photo posted there, so he’ll stay out of the cat’s hair. Back to all of you, the comment rhyming crew.
Betsy, Betsy, Betsy
Wow you must have had some time to rhyme, but I love each little chime. Plus love your little dig at Brian, too bad he wasn’t cryin. Maybe you need to step on his hurt foot with your new shoe, but then that would be mean of you. So we’ll ignore that and blame it on Pat.
The cat was catching up on site work, as many people go and lurk. Then they ask sometimes dumb questions but make some good suggestions and I have a whole bunch of other stuff to add, which makes me a busy lad, poor old Pat, too bad he isn’t a rhyming cat. So Silver Fox is a cannibal? Maybe he watched too much of Hannibal. Oh now you gave me quite a fright, I’ll be sure and barricade my doors at night. At my day job I don’t work too hard, as I’m not a lazy lard. For I get all my work done fast and right, then I can come on here and fight. As long as I don’t get caught, then things might get hot. Let’s hope no one sees this there or I’ll have to move and come down getting in your hair. Nah the cat lays home in my pretty tie and hat, will through traffic and to work is the fate of Pat. Has to suck for him, as I can sit home and be dim. Yes I am quite a hairy cat, but I keep it clean so we don’t have to worry about that.
You’re talking to Brian what are you tryin? To make this a conversation place, where you can talk out of each side of your face? While you did talk to him and me, so I guess I’ll let you do it for free and see you were talking out two sides, as you talked to Brian who hides and the cat, who you refer to as Pat. I’ll come to your lawn and kick over your gnome, then you’ll have to hide it in your home. That way I’ll be a Grinch at that time and I won’t bother to rhyme. There now you can have a broken gnome and thanks to the cat that went on a roam. I’ll take the bucket of chicken and eat while I lay at your feet, oh that might be a bad idea as they could stink, enough to turn this cat pink. So maybe I’d sit in a chair and after I’m done clean my hair. Yes you have questions coming out your ass, was that a bit to crass? Hahahaha but I don’t mind at all, as I always answer the rhyming call.
Brian Miller
Hahaha see poor old Natasha you can make Brian mad by coming first, but Betsy doesn’t even make his blood burst, so is that better or worse, I’ll let you say it in verse. Playing hide and seek, while being meek, must have be fun, as that’s how it’s done. As you don’t want to make a noise and be found, not even by a hound. Although they can cheat and sniff, once they get a good whiff, so you might be screwed there, unless you cover yourself in mud or some stinky animal hair. A Baboon at the door, I’d start laughing on the floor. That would be kind of cool, I’d teach it to play pool. Maybe Brian was just never found during hide and seek as he was to sleek, that could be why he got beat, wouldn’t that be neat.
You keep bringing them up, so hide them in a cup, Then I will forget about underwear and not even try and share. So don’t force me to rhyme on the issue, then you won’t have to pull out a tissue, and you won’t cry or blow your nose making it look like a pig sty. Yes I forgot all about using chat, when talking about Pat. How about that, don’t call me a brat. You dirty old rat, who will be eaten by this cat, and then buried under a mat, as I get a little fat, but then go kill a nat, did you once again get all of that? That’s all you have to say, that’s not like many women you meet today, as they will yap your ear off about anything, even about some fling. So have a nice day too, so you can get rested up, use the loo and come back with another great rhyme, at some point in time.
Yes you seem to be rather slow, maybe you should drink some Go. Is there such a thing out there? Or am I just making up stuff without a care? Oh well made you look, now you can write another book. Sold your own house did you, while now what are you going to do? Move to bigger and better or stand out doors in a hut and get wetter? I wouldn’t recommend that last, as you’d get sick and tired really fast. Hahaha I don’t think my shitty little apartment could hold many more, but you can hang out in the hall by the door. I’ll hand you out some food here and there, there is even washers to clean your underwear. Geez going to deny us your presence in rhyme, while now you are committing a crime. Best posts on my wall, while you can stand tall, but I’m not going to get into that, as then this cat, will open up a whole new sack and might get some slack. So you can fight with The Fox, Betsy, Mary and Brian and have a lot of fun tryin. As I’ll sit and watch amused until I start to feel abused, then I’ll come back at you all and make you all ball. For your misery doesn’t bother this cat, but send it to Brian because he deserves that. Are you saying we are all miserable here, while there my dear, oh I just sounded like an old fart, maybe Silver Fox will take that to heart. Hahahahaha Oh and aren’t you being quite sly, plugging that Pat guy and his Face it Facts, I love your nice acts.
So now I am through for today, until the next time you all come back my way and I have something to say about whatever is on my mind that day. Hey don’t make fun of that space between my ears, as I won’t give you any cheers. I’ll just go fish for some bass and be a fully fledged little rhyming ass. Anyway as always it’s be fun, now I am done.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Well, I waited here for a few seconds you see,
    To see if anyone wanted to beat me.
    And as I'm reading, you pop up on MY blog!
    How fun that we are on each other's writing log...
    At the same time, too
    That surely makes me smile at you!

  2. first first...everyone else is worst....

  3. boo hoo, i used to like betsy too
    nice verse you cooked up cat,
    a little flames is where its at,
    sow and reap you will, swallowing a bitter pill
    at least i believe, but there is a reprieve
    so see see you tomorrow big fell - a

  4. My feet don't smell!
    I think they're quite swell!
    And pretty, too
    In their new shoes
    But what's that to you?

    Good thing I don't have a gnome on my lawn!
    Can't believe you'd kick it, and yawn
    After doing such a dasterdly deed!
    I'm starting to feel you are full of greed!

    Now be a good cat and I'll give you more chicken
    and soon your paws you'll be a-lickin'

  5. Sorry, Brian! Now wipe your eyes!
    Tomorrow you can have the prize!
    I'll be working an auction of great size
    and clerking all that the bidder buys
    You can even be second, too
    As long as Natasha doesn't beat you!

    I think that Pat gets a big smile
    When he sees us fighting for the top of the pile!
    He knows we love to go the extra mile
    Just to comment here in style!

  6. I didn't write last time
    And it's caused me tension.
    With no comment last post,
    I rated no mention.

  7. Wow Betsy is going right to town
    And Sorry Mr Fox for the Frown
    But a comment I need
    So I have a lead
    For a shoutback at you
    Whether one or two

  8. Well, dear Silver You were missed
    And i think our rhyming cat was...dissed
    By Sly Silver fox Playing hard to get
    He was hiding in his lair I bet!
    But here I'm am, I'm really slow
    Got caught up in the rhyming flow
    For cat's gone all poetic on me
    And in between the words I'm blessed to see
    Under the hat a poet hides
    Perhaps it's not Silver whose so sly
    And poor Brian thought he had won
    But Betsy took the prize, it's done
    Thought the video was awesome
    I watched it all, I'm not just talkin'
    Now I must make my tim horton's run
    Then back to visit waystation one :)

  9. Aaaa! LOVE it cat!
    And Sweets really likes it too.
    It's just so nice of you to do!

    Thanks so much... hey you're awesome!
    Well, at least as nice as an opossum. :)

    You made it to my Christmas Card list.
    And all that jazz, you get the jist.

    (is that really a word or did I just make it up?)

    And I can't think of any more rhymes so I'm stopping now.

  10. I just had to stop by and say
    I was posted in Cat's title today
    Guess it doen't matter that I'm slow
    Cat's got my back with his rhyming flow
    So what if it came with a curse
    I'll take it if it means I'm first! :)
    Thanks Cat...and Pat...and of course Face it Facts :)

  11. I'm trying hard to keep up
    as I sip my tea in a china cup.
    I missed another post I see
    at least you rhymes are for free.
    There are so many blogs to read
    and my brain they all feed
    but sometimes I fall behind
    and maybe go out of my mind
    but I'm glad to be back today
    to read your awesome rhymes and say
    hello to you, and have a good day.
    I'll be back again soon
    you great big goon. :D

  12. For a guy named Pat Hatt you're a pretty silly pup,
    and for an accountant your words don't always add up
    but you certainly do rhyme
    ALL of the time
    so I'll toast you by raising my cup!
    Here's to Pat
    the rhyming cat
    whose verses never do fall flat.

  13. On my first visit here I admit that I rushed
    To comment quickly and now I'm blushed
    To find I missed that's your voice on the clip
    I bet you can make the girls flip
    With a voice that is so mellow,
    I think their legs would turn to Jell-O!
    It really has a nice flow
    When you talk so smooth and low.
    It sounds nothing like a crow!
    And in commercials could make you some dough!

    And thank you for the vote!
    That warmed me like a coat!
    I know everyone here will agree
    That you're as nice as can be!
    And even though you tease
    We hope you, Cat, never get fleas!

  14. Yep, you do rhyme. That's all I can say unless you want serious crit, which I can give but you may wish not to have it.