Friday, March 18, 2011

Did You Know, Here I Go!

While it’s been one of those days, where this cat was being pulled ten different ways, as thanks to old Natasha over at the Tales of Tashtoo, where she will amuse all of you. Not quite as good as me, but hey she’s free. Anyway as I was rhyming about, how Natasha submitted enough new facts to sink a boat.

While that’s more facts for the great acts, giving you facts by the packs. That is more work for this dear old cat, errr umm, I mean silly old Pat. Not that either of us care, as we’ll take them by the pair. Also the cat was answering more emails today then ever before, God knows what is in store.
But I will never be done, as I can’t be beat not even by old Brian at WaystationOne. Or that sly old Silver Fox and is little lair, boy does he have a lot of grey hair. Hahahaha Oh got him again, does that make ten?
So saw this and that among my travels today and thought I’d ask hey, did you know this or did you miss. So here we go, as the cat puts on another little show, about did you know, watch it don’t stub your toe.
There are over 20,000 brands of beer, damn Brian must have just let out a cheer.
Cows don’t have any upper front teeth, maybe they should wear a wreath.
The most babies are born in August thanks to the Christmas season, guess if you need a reason.
That 5 billion crayons are produced every year, wow that is a lot I fear.
That poor Natasha is a victim of real estate, don’t you just hate fate.
A man actually ate an aircraft, was he born on a raft?
More movies produced in India than Hollywood, to bad now a days most aren’t any good.
The average person spends 1 hour and 6 minutes a day traveling, is your life unravelling?
Fresh egg will sink in water and a stale one can’t, like this rant?
That Betsy has Five Men, who she talks about now and then.
Roughly 2700 languages spoken on the planet, oh just can it.
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair, sucks for those bald and bare.
In every episode of Seinfeld there is a superman somewhere, just have to stare.
Wearing headphones for an hour increases the bacteria in your ear by 700 times, nasty so many times.
Silver Fox is a huge Jay Black fan, yes he may also need a tan.
The world’s youngest parents were 8 and 9, that just isn’t fine.
Grapes explode when they go in the microwave, lets try and throw a rave.
The average chocolate bar has 8 insect legs in it, that should make you have a fit.
The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night, hmmm yummy and calorie light.
Captain Dumbass has tons of postcards on his wall, errr I mean work stall.
Stewardesses is the longest word typed with only the left hand, wow maybe it should be a band.
An average human loses about 200 head hairs a day, Brian better start to pray.
Cherry is the most popular flavour of edible underwear, maybe that’s what the fox does in his lair.
A shrimps heart is in its head, least that’s what I read.
Mary doesn’t like people touching her thong, as she stated in her rhyme which was semi strong.
Polar bear livers are poisonous because of too much vitamin C, now you won’t eat thanks to me.
The Groundhog is only accurate 28% of the time, pffft has to get lucky I guess in his prime.
Butterflies taste with their feet, that be kind of neat.
Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise, guess it wants to sever those same old ties.
Jill’s property is called Killeny Glen, doesn’t look like she has a hen.
There we go that is all for now, as I know you are just saying wow. At all my clever facts I found, probably making a disgusting sound. As some of them are quite ewww, least I didn’t talk about poo. So back to the comments below, with a little different kind of show.
So today errr umm tonight, I’m going to cause a bit of a fright and let each of you respond on your own, but I will set the tone. Now don’t be shy, give it a try, it’s easy and a bit cheesy, but you will like, standing up to the mic. As you do your little diddy and some take pity. For this is the hoedown that will be heard all over town!
The Blog Comment Hoedown
The Silver Fox

I was up late one night and came over for a spell
When I found out everything had gone to hell
For I got to comment first and became a conniving troll
But I stood above each and every ass hole.

Silver fox the language that comes from you, you better watch out Natasha might sue.

Brian Milller
The little tale you wrote really hit the spot
Although in reality I’d never be one to get caught
For as I said my notepad would make them bleed
And if that didn’t work I’d scream and run away in hyper speed

Yeah Brian I can see you running now, oh did you really have to go and take a bow? “Cough” show off “Cough, Cough”

I sit and help with the site and thank the cat for his rhyming might
As the third times the charm and I come off really bright
For I get a break from filling out forms piled up oh so high
I wish these clients would just **** off already and buy

Oh Natasha one upping Silver Fox with the dirty mouth, are you pretending to be from our neighbour in the south?

Captain Dumbass
Every time I come here I lose all me cheer
As this rhyming cat is simply something to fear
So I pretend I’m tired or sick
Boy I hate that cat, he is such a prick

Oh Dumbass you flatter me, no go back out to sea.

I come here and I get lots of offers for wear
As a sweater and ear rings are offered to me without care
But I don’t care, leave me be or I’ll pinch
As Pat was right, I’m nothing but a Grinch

It takes a big person to admit when Pat was right, now you’ll sleep better at night.
So I’m new to each and everyone of you
While Brian comments on a slew so to him I may not be new
Again wow that was just quite the tale
As it was clever and full of lots of detail

Awwww see you all can take lessons from nice Jill, as she has no rhyming skill. At least to be seen, but isn’t like all of you and not mean.

My muse just won’t let me catch up to her
She drives me right to drink and my words I slur
But then I might really do something wrong and show the thong
Oh hell, I’m done singing this damn song.

Are you grumpy tonight Mary or are you just drunk pretending to be scary?

The Cat (aka Pat)

You all still try to beat his cat at every single turn
But I make you all feel the rhyming burn
For even with your back talk I still win through my sass
As you ought to know you can never beat a little rhyming ass

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. so now that is done, lets have a little fun, been a while since i was top, but i'll pass on the beer and even the pop, well ok i occassionally woohoo, with a fristy brew or two, but mostly i abstain, already enough crazy in my brain, and bow i will but humbly so, no need for my ego to grow, some crazy facts you have tonight, the young parents give me a fright but i believe it these days, younger and younger they get their first lays, we aint taking potato chips but hips and lips, any way i need to sleep, so for a few hours you wont hear a peep, so keep the music down, if you go out on the town, we'll leave a light on for you, toodly doo...

  2. Now, Pat, you should never
    Put swears in
    my mouth.
    I might have to go north
    If you fear to trek south.
    I can be a bad foe
    If I'm fueled by hot coffee, a
    Warning for you
    From the old "Irish Mafia."
    Of course I would
    Cause any
    real harm,
    Other than, say, detaching
    A leg or an arm...
    (I hope you don't think
    That I
    seriously threaten.
    It's only a
    playful rebuke
    That you're gettin'!)

  3. Let's just pretend the two up top
    Didn't appear and I've the number one spot :)
    loved your list of little facts
    You've both been busy, poor Pat and Cat
    And yes, real estate has been my fate
    The family biz I do so....hate?
    It really is a harsh strong word
    One that I think's a bit absurd.
    So I guess maybe I do really love
    This biz that keeps my accounts above
    that god awful thin red line
    If I keep selling all will be fine
    But with your help one day I'll write
    For 24hrs without a fight
    For face it facts will grow my fans
    And Rhymetime can clap his hands
    As your hard work we appreciate
    Good golly gee, Cat you're great.
    So will leave and back to work
    It's all in fun, even the jerks
    That make me say I hate my job
    But I really don't I swear by god!

  4. I have a tickly feeling down in my throat
    As if I had just swallowed a goat!
    Just reading about insect legs in my candy
    and how spiders think my throat is a handy
    tunnel to get to my tummy you see,
    to feast on something yummy from me.

    I've also heard they take drinks from your tears
    as you sleep naively away from the fears
    that little things are crawling on you
    and feasting away while you never knew.

    Sometimes I wake up and find a bite mark!
    Just a tiny one, not like a shark.
    They get red and itchy
    and make me feel twitchy
    just thinking of what happens when I sleep!
    I need an alarm that would give me a beep
    when little eight legs on my sheets might creep!

  5. Venus goes clock-wise?
    Now that's a surprise!
    The spiders and bugs I already knew
    and in my day I have eaten a few
    The polar bear liver
    now that makes me shiver!
    But your attention to my thong-
    that's just wrong
    unless you mean the thongs on my feet
    that I wear walking through the street
    with my toenails painted cherry-red
    but don't let that go to your head
    I don't know at all what gives you pleasure
    apart from a good, long rhyming measure.
    So take that
    Mr. Pat Hatt

  6. You sure know a lot stuff
    but I can never have enough
    random facts that make me smile
    you have enough to fill the Nile.
    I wish so much that I could stay
    and read your posts from other days
    I skimmed them quick and they look good
    but I must make it understood
    that my computer is being a pain
    it's real slow and making me insane.
    Now I must go to fix it
    or maybe I will just pitch it!
    But I'll be back another time
    to catch up on your previous rhymes
    so until then I bid you farewell
    have a great day and be well!