Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don’t Have a Fit, I’ll Never Quit

So I’m back today and really have nothing worthwhile to say. Do I really ever? But you know at least I’m clever. Unlike certain people who shall not be named for I don’t want them shamed. Ok if you really insist, I’ll do it but they may get pissed. Just remember don’t blame me, as opinions are free. But then they are also like bum holes, as everyone has them even if they have rolls. Can you see where this is going yet? I wouldn’t place a bet, as I don’t even know, but on I’ll go.

So back to those certain people I spoke of, watch out they might try and give me a shove. So I’ll be coy and use this as my ploy. I’ll meet you half way and give you a hint, but only for a quick little stint. The first is Tash blank, she’ll make you walk the plank. Was that too hard? You’re going to leave me scarred. But ok here’s a better hint, don’t go and squint. The first is blank too, she’ll make fun of you. Did you get it yet or are you starting to sweat? Let’s try another maybe about your mother. Oh that was so decades ago, so just say the next one real slow. The second would be blank Miller, now he’s a real killer. He even wore a dress, oh what a mess. What you still didn’t get that? Are you trying to annoy this cat? While then it be Brian blank, he’ll shoot you with his tank.
Now aren’t my hints so hard, I know I’ve got you all jarred. You going nuts yet? No, while don’t worry we just met. Anyway after making fun and maybe giving them a bit of a stun, they deserve a shout, at least so they won’t track me down and rub me out. Oh I went all mob there, maybe this cat should slick back his hair. Nah that look freaky and I might scare away my squeaky. That’s a toy for your information, happy I quickly ended your contemplation?
Anyway before I go off on some other thing, I’ll give these guys a ring. Go to the Tales of Tashtoo and your face will stick to the screen like glue. Then try WaystationOne for he can really stun. Or do them in reverse, maybe avoiding a curse, if you believe in that, unlike this cat
So someone said on TV, as he was climbing a tree, that he killed two birds with one stone, now of course this saying is known. But does it make any sense or just cause you to get all tense? Did he take the stone and throw it twice, that wouldn’t be real nice. Or did he pick it back up over and over, having it brought back by rover and throw it until he killed two birds, do you follow my words? Or maybe it bounced off one and hit the other, landing on it causing it to smother.  Or maybe the stone caused two birds to dodge and run smack dab into a lodge. Then they died from that and were eaten by a cat. Or there could be fifty other ways, that you could interpret this phrase. Aren’t these sayings dumb? Maybe they were thought up while someone was drunk on rum.
Oh then there is a rolling stone gathers no moss, someone really must have been in the sauce. As the stone can’t roll forever, this person wasn’t very clever. It has to stop at some point, especially if it runs into a joint. Maybe a stone rolled down a hill, smacked into a guy named Bill. Then another sitting at a bar, saw it from afar and made up this little phrase, trying to get some praise. Oh there are many many more, but then I’d begin to bore, so I won’t get into them, what I nice cat I am.
Oh brain freeze , I need some cheese. It makes me elated and a bit constipated.
A Simple Change
Each morning as you awaken
One must take a minute to see if they were mistaken
For the dreamscape from which they just emerged
Has to try and be purged

As now two different realities lie in the mind
Each being so well defined.
But is that we believe to be true
Really the correct point of view

What if we are being shown
A simple change if we followed the unknown
Or this place is allowing us to be forewarned
Providing us with insight so others don’t end up scorned

Should we trust this voice
Is it really helping us make a choice
Or is it simply what will be
No matter which road down you try and flee

As one simple change
Would cause every single thing to re-arrange
Just being five seconds late
Would send you into a different fate

Or is everything supposed to occur
No matter how much you try and transfer
But just when you think you know
Basking in your own subtle glow

Night falls once more
And these questions begin to restore
For another world can now be seen
And your thoughts once again begin to convene

While shit, that brain freeze must have caused me to go into a fit, all this profound crap never comes out of this cat, I’d rather be an annoying gnat. I better go before it happens once more and I cause myself to snore. So I will make fun of all of you, who just don’t have a clue. That will keep in the ground and end all this crap about being profound. Now to the end where I make fun of each friend.


Yes this is kind of fun, especially getting a dig at you before I’m done. Hants already stated it was number one, I just pressed the point a ton. You give me links and shouts, enough to fill some boats. So hopefully that will be enough and get the facts through the sales rough.  Oh at least you can admit my rhyming skills are vast, but you aren’t in a cast. As you can rhyme pretty well too, as you’ve done on the Tales of Tashtoo. The first of the week, may need a tweak, and yes that would be kind of neat, although I think I’d get beat. For people don’t like change and may go a bit out to the range. Strange not at all, maybe if you say the same thing come fall. Flattered is something the cat doesn’t get much, unless I walk around on a crutch. Hopefully the buzz didn’t last too long, as those not in the know would think something is wrong. Oh well their loss, if they think you got in the sauce.
Thanks for the response to the video I made, I’m going to try not to let them fade. I’ll make more at some point, when I get a chance to put my fingers back into joint. Maybe I should call Mrs. Doubtfire and get three wishes, getting all kinds of fancy dishes. Was that one to easy, probably a bit cheesy.
Brian Miller
Oh I’m just going to skip you and go use the loo. You made me cry not wanting me to get you sappy, not really I just like being yappy. Besides you’re not my type, not even with all your WaystationOne hype. It’s just another day, but it may have shades of grey and its name is different too, so take that you.  Yes a new one begins so one shouldn’t care, whether a mare, a bear or a snake I swear. So I guess you could be right, but that doesn’t mean I still won’t put up a fight.
Bauer Power
First like the name, although you’re using someone else’s fame. So I guess you just got a comment back, how do you like that Jack? Was my one question to many? Do you need me to throw you a penny? Oh now I’m up to three, think I should charge a fee? You called me a hog, how rude at least you read my blog.
Damn I guess I should do more of these video things, but then I need to grow wings, as it takes some time, except when it comes to the rhyme. That’s really easy and I try not to be too sleazy.
Hahaha you used that dirty word that rhymes with suck and no it isn’t duck. I ate that fowl and shared it with an owl. You don’t need much slack, as you could fill a rhyming sack. Even if you are off your game by those you shall not name. Are you stuck in a Harry Potter flick? Is that bad guy being a dick? Does the clown have the red nose and all the pretty bows? That be quite funny, I’d like to see that and would even pay some money.
Captain Dumbass
While I don’t have to worry about degrading you or make you go into a stew. As your name does that right away, so I guess you like to play. Allergic you are, even to this cat from afar? I make you sneeze and wheeze oh boy does that please. I can beat a human and have him run away with all his crewman. Or maybe I’ll take your boat and sink it causing it not to float. My hat is better than yours, now go do your chores. Swab the deck and don’t worry I’ll check. If it isn’t shiny, I’ll get whiny and make you walk the plank, even if you try and stab me with a shank. Then you can join up with Captain Crunch, at least you’ll always have something for lunch.
Another Brian what is this? Should I start to hiss? Are you trying to create a tribe? Will you take a bribe? Don’t gang up on me or I’ll pitch you both in the sea. Then you and the captain can talk, but you’ll need to swim because you can’t walk. As water doesn’t let you do that, not even for this great cat. But you take my hat and I’ll shoot you with a gat, what do you think of that, you spoiled little brat? Yes it was nice, go watch it twice.
There finally all done, what is this my eleventh one? These posts take a little bit of time, as I come up with each and every rhyme. So anyway watch the videos I made, I don’t think it will get you laid. But they’ll make you a little happy and not at all sappy. Click the links I promoted today, but don’t yet go away. For leave a comment too, so I can make fun of all of you. Could also follow the cat, but I don’t really care about that. Just do the first three or I’ll bite your knee, giving you rabies and maybe a touch of scabies. No I’m not rabid, that just had to be added. So make sure you don’t throw stones at a house made of glass or someone might go and tan your ass. Oh aren’t I great as I give it to you less than straight.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. thanks for the shout out, securing my spot on the mountian top, or the tip of the cats tail, swish, swish. your rhymes are hot, reynolds wrapped potato out the fingers drop...a change today affects tomorrow, for good or sorrow, opportunities for which i wont sit shiva, shivering in fear, for today is here and the morrow will worry about it self, so nicely done my slippery friend, see you tomorrow...

    ----the end.

  2. Indeed your time must be getting short,
    Too many comments, you may have to abort
    This mission that you have made
    To rhyme back to each comment laid
    Amazing you can keep it up,
    Instead of saying who gives a Whoops!
    You are such an awesome dude
    Even with your attitude :)
    Thanks again for kind shout outs
    Your loyalty I would never doubt
    So know with me you have a fan
    Cause you can rhyme like no one can! :)

    Oh and by the way
    You can go profound any day
    Appears to me still waters run deep
    As profound thoughts begin to seep.
    So share with us your profound thoughts
    As you know they can't be bought!
    A poet lives within your head
    Who knows where we might get led!

  3. Wow you must have been strained, you made that one a bit easy..umm Aladdin would be it, don't have a fit...haha

  4. I really don't have much to say
    but thought I'd send a rhyme anyway.
    Today I'm feeling a bit off
    maybe I'm starting to get a cough.
    That's all I got I'll be back another day
    and hopefully next time I'll have more to say!

  5. pat is here, pat is there,
    cat i see you everywhere
    dropping rhymes in comment boxes
    moving quickly sly as foxes,
    but i just wanted to say,
    hello there, today.

  6. Aww getting all profound, now you sound like a hound.
    Just had to say that and don't pee on the mat

  7. I'm not a brat, you're just a dirty rat, you killed my brother...Oh I had to say that...I'm way better than you hahahaha