Monday, March 7, 2011

I Might Cause Fear, You Better Stay Clear

Ok before I scare you all away, look what I did the other day. Yes I did one more and no it wasn’t a chore. For it is easy to do when coming up with something for the Tales of Tashtoo, so watch it now YOU!
Damn I’m just that great, it must just be fate. So now it’s time to scare, away all your hair. Yes a bunch of bald visitors would be scary, at least you can all be on the same ferry. Then you’ll all look the same and a little less lame. So what is this scary thing I speak of? No it’s not me eating your pet dove. It’s a scary number that all seem to fear, which this cat just thinks is kind of queer.
This is the cat’s 13th post, another time I give Brian a roast. Give Lanie and her blog a toast, give Raven a reason to swear and boast, plus give me a chance to be your host with the most. Oh I missed some newbies there, while don’t worry I am fair. So Betsy and tatty, aren’t that bratty. Plus I made Betsy go all rhyme, thanks to Brian committing a crime. Yes you are rhyming as much as me, I’m going to charge you a copyright fee. Plus tattytiara has a pic of a cat, so I just have to like that.
So back to the scary number, that can make all of you suck on a cucumber or go chop lumber or go into a deep slumber. As when some see the scary 13, they will turn all green, falling over faint, even if they land in paint. Oh a number is so frightening, after all it might get you struck by lightning.
Plus when you go to a hotel they seem to forget the number, hoping without it you’ll get a good slumber. While you want to know what? That’s as dumb as a kick in the butt. Just because 13 is nowhere to be seen, doesn’t mean you’re on floor 14. Unless you can’t do basic math or follow a simple path, but then you are just dumb and need to pull your shoes off to count to this sum.
No matter what is says on your door, the 13th floor is the 13th floor. Some people need that little 14 there or they’ll go all nut job running back to their lair. But the only one you are fooling is yourself, for not even a magic elf, would believe in such crap, if you do you need a good slap. So next time you see an elevator with no 13th floor on it at all, don’t get happy and climb the wall because the floor is still there, you are just dumber than a hare.
Then there is the whole fact that taking this plus this, give it a kiss and subtract that from that carrying the rat, it equals that awful number. Which is just the dumbest thing ever, as now you aren’t being clever. As anything can equal any number you want, in any type of font. It’s only there because you want it to be there, no matter how much you pretend it was fair.
So think about that the next time you even attempt to shutter or go all a flutter, at some dumb number anyone can pull out of thin air, even if your poor cupboards are bare. As saying the number was or is your jinx, is like blaming it on the Sphinx. If you have bad luck and blame it on a number you suck, you may as well blame it on a duck or be smart and just say f***. Then move on and go mow the lawn.
But if you want to blame the cat, I don’t care about that. For I know it’s just a bunch of crap and can handle any bad rap. So if my 13th post causes you to become as white as a ghost, know you can blame me for your luck and I’ll just say who gives a f***. Look Raven I used it twice, now I’ll go back to chasing my mice. As it’s on with the show and time to see what comments were left below.
Oh Crap now I’m going to be the cause of everyone getting drunk, I think I might be sunk. As soon they'll slur their words and I may as well be talking to the birds. But then they are a good snack and won’t give me a drunk smack.
Brian Miller
No I don’t think you have to be drunk to sing my little funk, but you just might be on the sauce, don’t disappoint your boss. Yes I get a little money back, so I don’t have to say ack. As if I had to pay, I’d be laying about and not want to play. Your rhymes got weak and lack, maybe you should keep them in a big sack. Then you‘d have some to recall and wouldn’t start to fall. But they still rhyme fine, I just think you like to walk a fine line. As you run away before you are out of juice or start to really hang loose. And sound like Raven who likes to swear without a single care.
I think you’re rhymes are getting longer each time, maybe you can stop them by sucking on a lime. Oh I doubt that too, as you still do it on the Tales of Tashtoo. Look I just plugged you again in the same post, aren’t I just the most. Yes I’ve caused many to rhyme all the friggin time. As Brian is doing it everywhere all from his little lair. Big Brother’s tax is all done it wasn’t very fun. But as said I get money back, so for that my work didn’t lack. Thanks for promoting Face it Facts, even to all the little country shacks. Yes winning 10 grand could happen soon, then someone will jump over the moon. Just need more ads to show and then away we’ll go. But you never know, how these things will go. So we shall see, if someone will ever jump with glee. Oh it’s never too early to rhyme, stopping is the real crime. I’ll even toss you a dime if you ignore the time. Hope you had a nice chill and you didn’t have to climb up big a hill.
Thanks for reading my irish ditty or at least taking a bit of pity. Oh THANK GOD no more half naked men, you had what ten? I lost count as I had to close my eyes, there were just too many half naked guys. So yes it makes me smile and as with Brian my eyes can now heal in style. Glad you enjoy your visits to my spot and I’ll be glad to see you come back a lot.
Brian Miller
You came back again twice, my aren’t you being very nice. Or are you just trying to cure your new addiction, with your now great rhyming affliction? A musical attack from Raven is what you’re craven. While you never know, she might came back at you with something above or below. Yes the taxes will be mailed and everything was nailed. So that is out of my hair and now I don’t really care. Don’t you just hate, when your rhyming starts to deflate, then I have to open the gate and send you out to pasture to find your mate?
While here is a cat that doesn’t rhyme, but don’t worry that isn’t a crime. As the praises are nice, one day we might share some mice.
Yes I am clever but sometimes I have to say whatever, as I don’t want to gloat to much or no one will keep in touch. As they might run for the hills or start to take pills. To try and cure this rhyming disease at least it doesn’t make one cough and wheeze. I also saw what I did, maybe next time I can take an ebay bid, to see who can out rhyme the cat, with the very nice hat. So now I am done, hope you’re still having fun.
Oh you disappoint, did your nose go all out of joint? As I have beat you this time, now hand over my dime? As I have won and you are done, this is so much fun, maybe I should vote with Lanie saying I have a gun. Oh that be scary and kind of hairy. As a cat with that, might shoot a hole in his hat. But then that never happen, as the cat is just rappin, plus has no opposable thumb, maybe if I squeezed the trigger between my bum. Think that would do? Or would it cause me to poo?
Who exactly are you? Were you that scary kangaroo. Oh I just can’t seem to place your pretty little face. Oh could it be that girl who hasn’t been around and nowhere to be found. Ignoring this cat like some dirty rat. Maybe Sophie bit off all your toes and or you had to go scare away some crows. Yes I rock even without a sock, I even have my own outline in chalk and never caused a balk, yes I like to talk and even go for a walk. Don’t crack up to much or Sophie might get more jealous if you keep in touch. Or maybe you’ll disappear but I’m sure one day I’ll hear, from your fashion wise self, even if you fill up your closet shelf. Remember you promised not to break the bank or you might end up walking the plank. Good keep your hugs I don’t want any, I’d rather have a pretty penny. Then I can double it each day and be a millionaire before May. Oh wouldn’t that be nice, maybe I could do it twice. Also just to note, Lanie may cause you to vote. But she also changes her blog background giving it new flare, heck she does as much as i change my underwear. So off I go to look at no more friggin snow.


You came back just a little to early, are you getting all squirrely? I know I made you an addict and all, but you don't have to worry I'll never stall. It just takes a little time, do to this very very long rhyme. So yes I rule and dogs drool. I'm always cool, even when I'm a fool.I showed off your video at the start, in case you were distracted by my fart. You must be psychic of something to that affect because a new rhyme you were able to detect. As a few minutes later I posted this one, I did have it all done. But then you came and made me do more, but don't worry I have lots of rhymes in store. So now you and Brian are being a double comment pair, you trying to make me pull out all my hair?
So I kept you all from wanting to get drunk, maybe now you can slam dunk. Can any of you jump that high, did that make you cry? Good I’m glad, aww don’t be too sad, as at least you didn’t get a rhyme from Brian then he’d have you cryin, but WaystationOne will make you think, so I give it a wink. Have I got to all, if not just call. Oh wait you don’t have my number but I can’t give you that because you might go into a slumber. As once again it is the dreaded 13 oh are you still acting like a silly bean? Oh you thought I was going to say Chuck, oops meant Duck, damn it Schmuck, crap Luck…it won’t come out, maybe I’m in a drout. Or I want to stay pg, so I’m not allowed to say it anymore you see. Yeah that could be it, as I wouldn’t want you to have a fit. Natasha wouldn’t mind I’m sure, but that Betsy might get mad if I went up to four. Lanie would just shoot me with her gun and Brian would just come back for fun. Raven is a weird duck, as she wants me to say oh fuck. Look you made it work, maybe you were about to lurk? Anyway I hope the number didn’t scare, the word didn’t ruffle your hair, the insults weren’t taken to heart and oops that was a fart. But if you think I’m to crass, just know that’s what you get from a little ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. you are taking the game to a whole new level, all the f bombs put my head on a swivel, you little devil. thirteen has not power over me, i'll walk under a ladder you wait and see, black cats are just as warm and fuzzy, i'll even break mirrors without a doozy, we keep coming back to see you pat, a rhyming cat cause thats where its at.

  2. 13 is my lucky number, surprise
    No fear will flash through these sly,green eyes
    I have to say I prefer to be first,
    But I guess Brian has a more powerful thirst
    For these tight rhymes you've been throwing down
    Making us all look like clowns
    Guess we're just gluttons for your abuse
    As we try to put our rhyming to use
    Isn't that Tashtoo video the best?
    Personally I think miles above the rest
    I have to say I am a bit biased
    And am not about to try to deny it.
    As I am rhyming from my office desk
    I must hide it from all of the rest
    So for your next post I'll wait patiently
    And thanks once again for the mention of ME! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my room re-do.
    My boys are enjoying it, that is true.

    Now what's all this talk about Brian in a gown?
    I'd think if he had to wear one, he surely would frown.

    And where is your profile on your blog page here? If you posted one, we would let out a cheer!

    I'll be back to visit again I'm sure,
    Rhymes are addictive and there is no cure!

  4. Hey, I asked for a profile and one did appear!
    And one nicely written! Well, thank you, dear!

    Not only that but a photo is included,
    What a handsome guy is what I've concluded!

    Yes, I promised a cheer if a profile you gave,
    So here, it is Patrick...Hip Hip Hurray!

  5. When I come here I get to flex my rhyme muscle
    and sometimes it puts my head in a tussle
    but I love to have the chance to practice
    and of your posts I say, I wouldn't miss this!
    Oh, and I loved your vid,
    you are totally the rhyming kid!
    And did you know 13 used to be lucky
    isn't that just ducky?
    Then the Catholics ruined it all*
    and the number took a great fall
    now 13 is seen as a bane
    I think all the flack about it is insane.

    *I read somewhere that the #13 became unlucky cuz the Catholics slaughtered the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th. Sorry, didn't know how to make that rhyme. Guess my muscles need some more flexing!

  6. While I'm to lazy to look, I'd rather read a book.

    Not really but it rhymed so well and I will get them and then tell.