Friday, March 4, 2011

Kind of Tricky Post, From the Cat Your Host

So this weekend I’m doing taxes, I’d much rather do something that relaxes. But this crap has to be done and it is no fun. Don’t want the tax man coming after this cat, as I don’t think I can hide in my hat. So the stupid things will get finished by day end tomorrow and away will go my sorrow. But I still wanted to drop a line, hope that is fine.
Anyway this time my post and shout back are all in one and boy this was such fun. I must apologize in advance because some might take offense to this stance. But I had to do it because it came out so well, so if you want tell me to go to hell. As this was too good to pass up, just don’t steal my cup. As you’ll get me dehydrated and faint then I might become a new saint. But I don’t want to die because then all of you would cry. Alright on with the show, so one, two three here I go:
The Shout Back Plugging Irish Drinking Song, It May be Kind of Long!
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Brian Miller is the blogger from WayStationOne
You can go there and have lots of fun
But you must keep in mind
That you won’t be able to leave this find
As his reads are very tight
But there is also a cause for fright
As one day you may curl your nose and frown
For a picture might be shown with Brian in a gown.
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Natasha rules the blog waves with the Tales of Tashtoo
I swear what I’m saying is entirely true.
She has great poetry that goes very deep
Some you may even want to keep
But her latest post gives you something ever better
And no it’s not a fancy sweater
For if you go take a look
You will see a nude chick not even covered by a book
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Clint keeps coming back
With movies he’s sharp as a tack
But if he thinks he can beat this cat
I’ll roll him up in a mat
For sure he can name ten movies where that occurred
Probably even one that stars a bird
But if for some reason he can’t
He’ll be squashed by this cat like a measly ant
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Raven has a blog where she says she doesn’t have much to say
But I went there for a view the other day
And lets just say there were lots of words
So unless she thinks she’s just dropping turds
There is plenty to read and enjoy
I think Raven is just being coy
But when she shows pictures of all those half naked men you might want to duck
Or if your like this cat just scream oh F***
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Oh look it’s Brian Miller once more
I guess I’ll never be able to show him the door
As he keeps coming back to comment on each post
This time it was twice, boy is he the most
He even satisfied the geek
By referencing the myths of Greek
Maybe he wants to be a modern day Zeus
And fire a lightening bolt right up your caboose
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Bauer Power talks about 24
He knows lots of the lore
It’s too bad it ended so dumb
And the show went out like a bum
The movie probably will never get made
So we’re just stuck with what they laid
Oh but we can still hope
While Bauer Power stays high on his dope
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
The bratty kid has returned
Now he’s going to get burned
For Brian number two
I’m about to sue
Stealing that corny line
Wasn’t that fine
But I’ll let it slip past
Because that space between his ears is so vast
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
So now you must go take a look
And keep a running book
For facts will delight you in many ways
While the Tales of Tashtoo will leave you in a lovely haze.
Then there is WaystationOne that I must give another shout
Also buy From Hell with Love before it’s all sold out
Do them in any order and take them in stride
For the delight will have you bopping side to side
Oh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Oh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-diiii-deeee-diiii-deeee-diiiiiii!

Oh as I said that was really fun, but now I have to go so I am done. So although this tax stuff I wish I could pass, it was such fun taking time out to be a little ass.

Later all, have a nice fall!


  1. must i be drunk, to sing this funk
    dididydoday, rip roaring drunk i'd say
    but you got style, so i'll stick around a while
    hope you get money back, taxes are ack
    forgive my weak rhyme, perhaps next time
    they'll be better,so i wont write a letter
    just bid adieu, and a see you soon
    and quickly be on my way...

  2. Well, Rhymetime you've got some grooves
    As this Irish jig does prove
    But I think me needs some amber ale
    To be sure my dance won't fail
    Now Brian rhymes on my blog too...
    Dear Cat, whatever will we do?
    For this has become a strange addiction
    Cursed with your rhyming affliction
    I fear I may never find a cure
    And will only have to rhyme some more
    So as you play with big bother's tax
    I will promote more Face it Facts
    Thanks so much for posting my writes
    To win ten grand would be an awsome sight!
    I fear it's still to early in my day
    To continue to rhyme this way I owe Sir Brian puns
    Over at WaystationOne!
    Then I'll chill and show some love
    By reading all of From Hell with Love :)

  3. I love your little Irish ditty
    I find it to be very witty
    and I promise no more half naked men for a while
    that thought alone outta make you smile
    I really enjoy my visits here
    you brighten my day and have no fear
    I'll be back lots of times this year!

  4. just waiting for Raven to find a rhyme for Godsmack, cause then sh'ell flip a musical attack, kinda glad about the men my eyes may just heal, i hear they are inflated, not even real, so taxes must be done, you are spreading your rhyming fun, now its time to wait, for the mail your finances to sate, its getting late, my rhymes are starting to deflate, catch you another calendar date...

  5. Oh, you are so clever! And did you see what you started on my post comments? We had fun! :)

  6. I'll have to think a bit and get back to you, as I could only come up with two.

    Think it's quiet funny though that Brian isn't beginning to slow.
    As he comes back and rhymes about the rhymes all kinds of times.
    I think you created a monster this day, seems everyone likes to play.

  7. Cat!

    You rock! Love reading your stuff. It cracks me up.

    And since you don't like hugs, I'm not leaving you one. :)

  8. Just thought I'd drop in on this Monday morn
    To see if a new rhyme was born.
    And to give much Tashtoo thanks
    For a video I can take to the banks.
    My feline friend, your just too cool
    Your entire presence truly rules!
    Happy Monday, my feline friend :)
    Until your next post is ready to begin.

  9. I came to say thanks for reading my 'Bachs'
    but what I found here knocks off my socks!
    I'm in rhyme overload
    head's about to explode
    So I'll leave you now with a tip of my hat
    Though I feel a bit tongue-tied at 'meeting' you, Pat!
    (or should I say finger-tied since this is in type and not spoken words,as if using skype)