Monday, March 28, 2011

Natasha and Betsy Set Out to Help Silver Fox, Betsy Will Even Let You Keep Your Socks!

So it was suggested in the comments below, by the two above that we should go and help out the Sly Fox, using this place to get him some knocks. As we start a new game, to find the Fox a flame. Natasha’s words not the cat’s, not even Pat’s. So I thought I’d give a clever little plug, maybe even just to bug, although the Fox can take it in stride and he isn’t very wide. Look two good aspects right away, doesn’t that just make your day.
Damn I just went all dating service there, oh don’t sit and stare. Unless of course your engrossed by the Fox and want to send him a message to undo his locks. As he can be found over at his little Silver Fox Lair, so make the journey if you dare. But if you are married all he can do is look, as he wouldn’t want any husband to come and stab him with a long hook. So there you go all the women around, you now know where the Silver Fox can be found. So Betsy, Natasha I’ve done my part, now you have to sort them out and see which one will win his heart.
Hahaha P.S. I’m not a good one to talk, as I’ve had better luck dating chalk. Yes that’s how low I sunk, never hitting a slam dunk. So I will leave the rest up to the married ones, as all this dating talk makes me remember what it’s like and gives me the runs. Yes they were that scary, so I have a right to be weary, so that is that and now you know more than you need to know about Pat.
So what else is there for today, not much else I can think of to make you stay. Plus I wouldn’t want to take the focus away from the Fox and his dating game, as that wouldn’t be very tame. Also it’s hard to come up with something new, when you’ve be stuck like glue.
While I’ll have a nap and it’s quite easy for Pat. As he has that new Pokemon game to beat, catching all of them is now a big feat. Oh did I just show you how he is a nerd? But he doesn’t care he’ll just flip the bird. Don’t worry Brian he likes head shots too, as I read over at WaystationOne from you.
So now what to do with the comments below, as Betsy and Pat really messed up the flow. So I will just hit on certain aspects tonight, as I have to go get in the Pokemon fight..hahahaha that sounds so lame, what’s even worse as many I can name. Ok I don’t think I’m getting any fans with that, should I mention the over 2000 dvds owned by Pat. Ok that probably just made things worse, so I’ll end this rhyming verse.
Oh and a little shout out to the cat’s new follower DVD Infatuation, as he sits in contemplation of all the movies he’s going watch to mee his goal and talks about them on his blog hole. But he still has quite the ways to go to catch Pat, but then who doesn’t when it comes to that.
Brian Miller X 2
Haha I’ve been called worse than a nut, even the bad word used for butt. But it never bothers me, as I could care less you see. But you do it in fun as I do back before I run, so bring it on Brian, you’ll never see me cryin..haha. Are you bragging or complaining, as my heart is really waning, oops I meant feeling for you, now that your legs are that of do do. Yeah right I think you just like to brag, on mine and everyone else’s rag, but hey why not, but just know you got caught. By the clever cat, who had a little help from Pat. Then you say you need a nap, but come back and do another lap. As I guess you had to rub it in at Natasha and Betsy a bit, making them have a fit, that you were first once more and they were shown the door. But I’m sure they will have their day, unless old Silver Fox gets in the way.
Betsy X 10
Damn what to say to you, I think you and Pat staged a rhyming coo. As you two went on forever, and yes each one was quite clever. So let’s see what I can hit and if I miss come back with a rhyming fit, to ease your addiction to my Fact and Fiction.
Yes that Drazin guy needs to be shot or at least go some where and rot.
Aren’t you glad I came along and helped you discover a new talent you never knew, now you rhyme here like glue.
Yes you can draw really well, of that I can tell, from your blog posts I see, when I visit you and you visit me
Hahaha I fooled you with my grin, aren’t I good at actin(yes I know spelled wrong, but it works better with my little song) Then you go and call the cat cute, rendering the whole thing moot..haha
Yes every one should tease poor old Brian, as he can come back just as good and I’m not lying.
So we got the socks thing resolved, now I have evolved and will also smile when I use that word, as it’s locked away in the brain of this nerd.
Yes coincidence seems to be our thing, as we seem to be at each others wing, with out evening knowing, the other is going.
Glad each posting session makes you smile, at least the cat is good for something once in a while.
Rhyming back at Natasha to, you picked up some of my slack and let me go to the loo. Thanks for that, from the cat.
Oh sucking up to Natasha too, what is in that for you?
I think the Fox likes your intentions, as he didn’t send out any foul mentions.
Yes it was quite fun commenting back at each other, as we trying to rhyme also with one another
Then we got into all the stuff about old, where Pat was quite bold. But the cat learned about the senior citizen phrase, for which you do not give praise, stick that in my pocket of fun, although I might be toying with a loaded gun..haha
Yes that cat and Pat both enjoy being a tease, especially when you come back for more and say please. As it’s done in a fun matter and nothing more, as neither of us wants to get beat around on the floor. Yes they went away and left us alone, oh well we really set the rhyming tone.
There I think I got a lot of it here, if not hopefully it’s at least near. Then you already had a clever retort to each, so what else do you want a speech?..haha

The Silver Fox X 4
I have a feeling he will come back, making me go on the rhyme attack, but we shall see what will become of that over eager little bum. At least you can say your age without a moan, as some people stick their head in a cone and it’s seem to hurt more than getting shot, to admit the age they got. Yes I just jest, with you and the rest, so no need to get sore, as I try not to bore. Temptation can lead down the road to hell, so you might want to stop and think a spell. But you know the outcome that will come, if you mess with someone else’s wife’s bum..haha
While you should notice this time, that your are in the title as well as part of my rhyme. As I went full out on the ladies suggestion they gave, now lets see what kind of little rave, we get that could find your fave or lead you to an early grave. As women can do that you know, that’s why you may just want to go with the flow.
Yes I don’t know how this whole fix up committee came about, but Betsy and Natasha will have to give their vote, as it can’t be lead by the cat or for that matter Pat, as neither of us are very good and give you a real “winner” we would. I don’t mean that in a good way either you see, as picking good ones doesn’t seem to be in me. So the blame goes to that pair if you end up losing all your hair.
Yes you are very correct, as that time I did neglect, the censorship I used before, when I went on my rhyming lore. Yes it is way better used only here and there, as pretty soon no ones seems to care. But that Drazin guy was such a big goon, that his words weren’t part of this rhyming loon. So at least I had that and poor old Pat. But as you can see, you will only find one curse from me, in this little post, as they are gone like a ghost, except the usual ending one I use, when only I, I abuse. Oh and you read it once more, while thanks for taking another tour.
Natasha X 3
Now are you name calling this poor cat, I guess your halo must have went flat. Look I even put you in the title first, so don’t go and burst, a blood vessel you hear, as I will even give a cheer. To the Tales of Tashtoo, because I sorta like you…hahaha. There now has your jealousy been locked away, as I wouldn’t want you to stray. Yes Brian likes to gloat, but hopefully he’ll get the vote and win the shorty award, wish a trip to New York I could afford. So you’re going all farmer Joe, while don’t stub your toe, or step in cow crap, when you do your real estate lap, showing off every inch of the barn and stalls, with hopefully washed down walls. I have reach, maybe I should teach..haha…as I can go rhyme, short story and both at the same time, I guess I’m just in my prime. Just don’t ask me to draw or do art, because then all I can do is fart. You look forward to my little diddy oh aren’t those words oh so pretty, plus giving the Pat some hope, that the facts won’t get hung by a rope. Better late than never, as your retorts are very clever. Then you go and promote as much as me, I really should start charging a fee, maybe I’ll just pass along a flea or two, to each and every one of you. But what if 2 plus 2 equals 22, then what would you do?
So as you can see I took your idea to heart and hope to find a flame for the old ummm fart. Hahaha Sorry there sly old fox, as that just worked but it’s better than calling you an ox. You really went on about your man, maybe I should place a ban, on all this relationship talk, as it makes this single guy just balk. But then I’m all for free speech, so I won’t be a leech and let you go on about how opposite attracts and that is just the facts.
Yes that was really long, keep on bringing them back even in song, as it’s not wrong, just don’t get high off a bong. So there we go on to the next show.
While look Natasha a fellow Canuck has joined this rhyming tale, giving her own self a wail. But she didn’t rhyme like the rest, maybe she knows we're the best. Oh I just jest, one day she may come and open her rhyming chest. So for now I wave back and go back to the rhyme attack.
Captain Dumbass
Yeah that is kind of weird that getting back is more hard, as you just go across the yard. Plus we are supposed to be all nice to travellers and such, so why go overboard to much, with all the crap they put you through, as you just want to get home and have a poo. My imagination was off today, as you didn’t rhyme when you came my way, shame on you poor captain for I know it can be done, so now you won’t get to bask in the rhyming sun and instead walk the plank, when a give you a push and yank.
While you might have won, but it’s seems even getting last you were out done. As the Fox came back once more, to knock on my door. So you were screwed over there, hey at least now you can go on a rhyming tear, giving you something to use, for you just had to go and lose. Pretty sad when you can’t even get last, but that is the past. I like being a kitten, as I still don’t get sore just sittin, wait does that happen as you age or did I just read that on some page? Yes I suppose you are kind, at least in some people’s mind, the cat may be still on the fence at bit, but after another rhyming fit, you might be able to get me to pick a side, at least I can say I tried. Yes I have rhymed in my dreams, as while as been on sports teams. It was really getting weird I’d say, but I’ll save that for another day. Oh you’ll hear from me, as long as you stay free. As the cat just keeps coming back on each and every rhyme attack.
While I don’t think I missed anyone or anything, as my rhyming back I bring. So on this final note, remember to send your profile to Betsy and/or Natasha so they can vote and find the sly old Silver Fox a little lass and that is all from this little rhyming ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Now that the cat has had his say,
    I really feel like I'm the star of the day!

  2. I expect to find nothing on Blogger but friends.
    I flirt with the ladies, true. But there it ends.
    I scoff at the internet style "boy meets girl."
    It's hard to find true love, halfway 'cross the world!

  3. If this gets a date for the Fox,
    He surely will owe you a lot!
    And if it doesn't work,
    he should buy a Face It Fact ad to catch those who lurk!

    Yes, chatting last night was fun to do
    While everyone else slept under the moon
    Hope you have fun with your new game!
    And no, I don't think that's at all lame!
    Everyone needs something fun to do
    when their work is all done, relaxing is the clue!
    Yes, we need our rest so we can look as young as you!

  4. By the way, cat, when you wished me "a little lass,"
    Did you stop to think how that will sound when said fast?!?"

  5. hahahaha Silver Fox that really made me laugh a lot
    I have to admit that little innuendo I never caught
    But mind is in the gutter now
    And really I must say wow
    Boy don't you have it made
    As with that you could find a date or get laid

  6. Hey we did it again!
    Commenting on each other's blog when
    the other's comment pops up, too!
    That's just so fun to do!
    I guess they call that being 'in sync'
    And knowing what you're going to think!

  7. wow, this place is like a party, and youve gone all hearty, fox is the ladies man, to that we can give him a hand, find him a date even a short term mate and i know what he means about saying lass fast, and all that. happy tuesday to you, gotta get to sleep....yeah my rhyme broke down

  8. What an extraordinary Blog you keep my friend,
    Full of people I like, but speaking in verse,
    I'd add to the stock, and enrich the blend
    But my poetry is bad, and my rhyming is ... not as good
    (I can never seem to finish such things off properly)

  9. I will leave the rhyme to the masters. *bows*
    If I will bare my chest it is because I'm flashing you.
    Just sayin'..LOL

  10. Oh dear, Oh my
    Ol' Silver's Sly
    And Betsy right on top of things!
    Oh woe is me
    Not even three,
    But still I'll hang around to sing
    So around the world, but not for girls
    Silver got his ground rules
    I have to agree, between you and me
    I don't think he a simple fool.
    And travelin'Brian still keeps trying
    But I fear he's been outdone
    Guess upon his return, he'll have to relearn
    And get some new posts at WaystationOne
    And a new face or two, Cat what will we do
    To you think we can all keep up?
    With a bit of rhyme and a whole lotta time
    And perhaps some magic and luck!
    So away I will go, as I have work you know
    And a Oneshot to prepare
    So if you have time, Tashtoo Land is fine
    And you all are always welcome there
    So now I must chat with other than cat
    And my rhyming must come to an end
    But have no fear, I'll always be near
    And ready to rhyme again! :)

  11. One more thing I forgot to mention
    I really hope that all you listen
    Cause Pat, or cat, our Dear Sir Hatt
    Has been working up a storm
    Going above the norm
    At Face it Facts, you have to see
    He's been a really busy bee
    New Facts are loading everyday
    Have you happened to have your say?

  12. Fox and Cat
    my thoughts on that
    run to the book
    Green Eggs and Ham
    Go have a look,
    Sam I am
    'Would you could you in a box?
    Would you could you with a fox?'
    Now please don't give me hell,
    I'm just quoting, lol