Thursday, March 24, 2011

So When Do You Feel Old, If I May Be So Bold?

While in a few hours or so, I move up the hill another notch as I go, on to be another year, oh don’t bother with a cheer. As there really doesn’t seem to be any difference yet, should I let old Silver Fox cause me to fret?

As I’ll be a big old 26, how about those knicks? But really I’m not different then like 21-25 and no I don’t own a bee hive. I did get a bit fatter during the old university run, but that has since come undone. As I made sure to get rid of that, and stop drinking like a nut getting fat. But other than that everything seems to be swell, so when does everything go to hell?

Do I really want to know? Hopefully if it happens it happens slow. I’m sure the old Fox has a comment or two, if he comes out of the Silver Fox Lair to bid adieu. Betsy already commented like 50 times, so she’ll get her chimes, when she isn’t busy with her Five Men, which one takes computer parts and leaves them in as many places as ten. That was very funny to read and poor Brian couldn’t see the need, to put everything in one spot, so you don’t have to look around a whole lot.

Yes that’s the show runner of WaystationOne, where he may be able to give you some fun, but then when it comes to a bit of sense, could he be a bit dense? Hahahahaha Oh that was a good shot, hmmm he might hate me a whole lot. But I’m sure I can get the sly fox to rub him out, maybe for a few dozen trout. But Brian already had a run with that type of act, to which he wrote about it in fact. Was very well done indeed, should check it out on his feed.

Okay now to damn old Tashtoo, who is a tad slower than me and you. As she commented a whole bunch, but it is this cat’s hunch, that she was to busy at work, to really lurk and missed her name right at top, that was lets face it a flop. Oh did you think I was going to say facts, while look you just sent me down those train tracks. Or did I do that all on my own, oh well I least I didn’t moan. Although she did write such a great little tale, that might make some wail, over at the Tales of Tashtoo, so go check it out well I use the loo.

There you go are you back, see told you it didn’t lack. Yes I really did go to the bathroom there, I even fixed my hair. I see some grey, think it will stay? Do I really care, not at all it just adds some flare. Maybe I’m to stressed out, you think that’s what it could be about? Tashtoo and Lanie giving me all those facts to enter and plugging up the butt, might give me pains in the gut. Okay not really I guess, I just like to sit and mess, with you all, as you all can take it and stand tall. At least most, can take a little roast.

Oh and one more thing to note, Lanie’s new video blog deserves a shout. It’s quite funny how Sophie just gives a stare and goes on playing without a care. Reminds me of a certain wild cat, that thinks he’s all of that. No I don’t mean Pat, but I’m sure he can do the same without falling flat. Damn is it time to check myself in somewhere, like mental health care? When I become at ease referring to myself my different names, or is it all just fun and games? Wait I might not like the answer to that, especially with Mary trying to make Pat go splat.

But then the good old Superhero Extraordinaire will come back and give a shrug, helping Pat sweep Mary under the rug, going oh Fuck, that’s just her luck. Oh that just blurted out, don’t sit there and pout, not like you haven’t heard it before, as it is said while you snore. So now that I am supposedly more old, do you think I’ll get more bold? Yeah I don’t at all, so I go to the comments below to answer each call.


Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy

Wow you sure have a lot to say and you rhyme every time you come my way. For that I have to give a big shout and now I go on to gloat. Yes Brian thought he had it won, but you went and spoiled all his fun. By one whole minute in fact, and you did it with such tact. That was the second time we did that, you really are in sync with this cat. Or maybe it’s just one big fluke if we do it again will I look like a mook? Don’t answer that one too, or I might have to make more fun of you.

Haha while I suppose it’s good your feet don’t smell, as that might be a stinky little hell. Yes with all your different shoes, I’m sure the smell just decided to loose. As it’s to many to keep up with you see, that’s just my two cents worth for free. Yes I’d yawn because it be easy and fun, but I’d sure take off and run, as I wouldn’t want five men chasing me, so I’d have to flee. It wouldn’t be that much of a dastardly deed, as I might just be giving you what you need. As a gnome can be quite ugly in fact, so I might be helping out in my little act. See no greed at all, I won’t even give you a phone call, so no fees there and you can save money for your hair.

Yes it’s always great with you beating Brian to the rhyming plate. But I want a prize too, isn’t that just mean of you, not offering one to the cat, not even to poor old Pat. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an auction ever, yep I’d have to say never. No worries about Natasha as she is getting kind of slow, because she has so many things on the go. Have you seen all those damn real estate forms she has to fill, I’d have to take a pill. But I have to count the shitty things, when ever an order she or any other agent brings. Yes it is quite fun to see you fight, as it is quite the delight, to see who beats who and just what I’m going to say to each one of you. Hell I don’t even know, I just rhyme back on the go. Have to say you all do comment in style, so keep it up for a long while.

As I said at your place, sorry to confuse your ummm face, as I paid to have the voice over done, because doing it with the crap I got is just no fun. For I don’t have the professional stuff and there is just static and gruff. So I wrote the script and did the images up, but the voice over was sent out to another pup.  Oh and on the girl note, God here they don’t even get a vote. They are complete NUTS, I’d rather have a dog that sniffs butts. One to many times I been down the street and no nothing was very sweet. So I decided to become a hermit and in my shitty apartment I sit. Had enough of that crap, but I won’t get into that big long rap. Anyway you deserve the vote from all that I’ve seen, so how could I be mean. Even though I had to pretend I was from down there, but I did it without a care, for I didn’t mind a share, helping you climb up another voting stair. Yes I had fleas before, thanks to a mutt that went out the door, but a little dab of stuff got rid of that, although the price made Pat’s wallet less fat.

Brian Miller, Brian Miller

Oh how that first first everyone else is worst comment came back to bite you in the bum, that just made me hum. As it was soooo funny to see you do that and then Betsy beat you with her comment to the cat. Hahahaha by one whole minute too, that has to impress even you. As you’ve done it to me with Tashtoo, so I’m serves you right, ummm you.

Look Betsy you beat him twice, now he’s not being all too nice. Thanks for the comments on me going profound, guess I won’t have to hide in the ground. Once in a while it comes out, when I see a clever little note. Yeah sow and reap should happen to every creep, as they deserve what they get ten fold, but it usually doesn’t occur to some no matter how bold. While tomorrow has almost past, unless you are one that don’t think it ever can last, meaning tomorrow never comes, no matter how much one hums, because when it’s tomorrow it’s today, but I know no matter what you’ll come back and say hey. So until then the cat will think of something to use for an attack, maybe an old fish rack.

Silver Fox

While that cat is sure you were busy with your new project, to which I’ll interject, that everyone should check out the Fox’s lair, to sit and stare, at his new project he has on the go, as he likes to show. How was that for a mention, think it will earn some attention? You did comment on the last post, just a bit to late for me to boast, but I always like your profound little comebacks, as none of them lacks. And they are fun to read, whether on my or your feed. So whether you miss out here and there or go bald and have no hair, I’ll still shout you at some point, as you always come back to try and put my nose out of joint. Oh right you were just pretending to be mean because of the color green. That day had you all riled up, did you drink some rum in a cup? But I still lock my door just in case you come around or Natasha decides to stalk where I am found. As she is real close, even if she sold her house.

Natasha, Natasha

See Mr. Fox Natasha even saw you weren’t here and she is kind of slow these days to give a cheer. So everyone notices when you aren’t around and wonders where you can be found. He didn’t diss me to much, the cat just likes that he keeps in touch. Even if he calls me names and whatever, I can take it as I’m quite clever. Yes you caused me to go all poetic with the last post, thanks to your Tales that are really the most. Now don’t go and do that again for a while, as you go and cramp my rhyming style..haha. Oh under the hat? Was that a crack at Pat? With the last name Hatt, or was no pun intended over that? Hahaha everyone noticed Brian’s battle cry was a little off the mark, maybe he should check twice for Betsy the rhyming shark. Drinking all the coffee to keep you going, must help with all the lawn mowing, oh that I hate, but it’s better than snow shoveling to which there is none of late. Don’t boast about visiting WaystationOne, or I’ll have Lanie go get her gun as I have none, but that was meant in fun..haha

Hahaha yes you were a tad slow there, were you doing your hair? Is damn really still considered a curse? As other words are supposedly far worse. Yes I got your back, as I go on the rhyming attack, for you help me with the facts, so I help with other acts. One question to ponder though? Is it really good for others to know, that you too are calling me Pat and cat, or should we just forget about that?


Glad you both liked the video I made, according to Betsy that voice must get laid. Oh that was mind in gutter there, oh well I’m sure with that smut site you don’t care. Yes Lanie has a smut site, things are umm errr rather tight, oh I could do a whole post poking fun of that, but then she might come and shoot this cat. You calling me a possum? While at least you said I was awesome. But if I was a possum that be bad, as Sophie would hunt me just a tad. But then she might do the same to a cat, so I’d hide behind Pat. Oh I’m special now, as I get on your Christmas card list wow. That is so nice, just don’t send it with lice. I think that’s a word, if not the dictionary is just a turd. Hahaha you need to work on the rhymes, are you scared of the other chimes, as they aren’t that scary, although the Fox is kind of hairy.


Yes you and me too, as all this rhyming back can drive me right to the zoo. Not that it is hard at all, it just takes quite a while and no I don’t stall. Glad I can feed your brain at least a bit, even though I’m a rhyming twit. Yes I fall behind a bit here and there too, as does everyone not just you. While maybe not Brian as I think he’s on the roids, he comments on everything from movies to factoids. Glad you liked what you read, as after this it’s probably time for bed. You named called me how rude, at least you weren’t crude. I guess that was superhero talk to you enemy, or maybe the cat is more of a frenemy. Oh there is that made up word, at least that’s what I heard. So from the goon to the loon, see you soon, don’t choke on a spoon.


I’m just multi versed, or maybe I’m just cursed, as I can count really high and that poor old Pat guy, can play with other peoples money all day, in every kind of way. Then rhyme at the same time, maybe because he’s in his prime. Never really think of a bean counter doing each, guess he has lots of reach. Or am I confusing the cat with Pat, damn I confuse myself with that. Flat there is another I haven’t used, are you just trying to make me feel abused, pulling out these words I have forgotten about, pretending not to gloat. But I like it too, as it gives me more to come back at to you. So keep it up and raise that cup, but don’t drop it on your feet or spill it on your seat, as that would just make you clean and might cause you to be all mean.

While there we go another post has concluded and as I have eluded, I will be older but no bolder by the time most read this little diddy and if it makes you giddy, some might want to keep that on the down low, as you might not want others to know. So a little older and maybe wiser by a bit, yet still giving you a rhyming fit, the cat tips his glass and signs off as the same old little ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. no betsy yet, a sure bet
    first, first....

  2. happy birthday to you, hope you get presents out the wazoo, 26 is a young buck, no wonder you cant stop saying f***, oh wait raven did that to you, gee hope you dont catch the flue too, so blow those candles and make yer wish,
    the icing is just so delish, so go now and party down and soon enough i'll see you around....

  3. A birthday for you, Pat? You're now 26?
    I hope you cut loose and get in all your licks.
    Moderation is key, or you'll find yourself boxed
    Long before you're the age of the old Silver Fox.
    You seem to enjoy giving my age a slam.
    Let me ask you here,
    how old do you think I am?
    And it's nice that Natasha notes when I drop by.
    (Seems I form a strange bond with those younger than I.
    I form bonds with the
    married ones, too, I should add,
    But I never
    date them, for I'm not such a cad!)

  4. Oh, look what just happened here!
    I go to bed and you post and they cheer,
    Getting to comment while I'm sound asleep
    Laughing as they know I'm counting sheep!

    But that's okay, I don't want to hog the fun
    And comment when you've just begun
    So Brian can have the prize today
    I'm happy for him..that's just my way!

    So, it's your birthday? Well, congratulations!
    You're still young by my calculations!
    I hope you have a wonderful day
    and get to celebrate in some special way.

    You're only as young as you want to be!
    I'm old in numbers but refuse to believe
    That I've had that many birthdays
    So I just hope I keep acting and looking
    Like I'm not that old
    'Cause it's our attitude that is worth more than gold!

    Happy Birthday Pat!!!


  5. Happy Birthday Dear Sir As we all confer
    On how we should celebrate This fateful date
    For without the cat
    There would be no Pat
    There would be no Hat
    Nor Face it Facts
    Which came first
    The Fact, the cat or Pat, Sir Hatt?
    Don't leave me hanging cause I'm up to bat!
    And what about that dreadful F bomb
    Made me blush red, that nasty old song
    My poor virgin ears are starting to bleed
    Why would you go and plant that awful seed?
    My halo is tainted, my wings are a mess
    They were always that way I have to confess
    My pitchfork and tail are normally hid
    And under this make up ~ I'm really red
    So my secret is out, there's no angel here
    But that doesn't mean you should hide in fear
    And while once again, I am slow to post
    Just want you to know I think you're the most
    So I'll take my sin, temptation and fun
    All the way over to Waystation One
    So once again Happy Birthday dear Cat, and Pat, under hat,
    The awesome MC for just face it facts.

  6. Happy birthday my dear Pat
    maybe you'll get a new hat
    or something else really fun
    or a night with a special someone.
    I hope that your day is filled with joy
    and maybe even a new toy.
    I wish you many great things
    and that you live a life of kings.
    Don't party down too hard
    and since I cannot send a card
    I will just wish you well
    and say I hope your day is swell.

  7. Thank you all
    For the birthday call
    All in rhyme
    What a time
    They day went fine
    Didn't cross a line
    The two cats gave me a present
    No it wasn't a peasant
    But it was brown and there were a few
    Three guesses and I'll give you the first two
    So that I had to clean
    Yes they are mean
    But I got money and such
    So that's a nice touch
    Now I must go back to do some work
    As not even today can I sit and lurk

  8. Two days running without a Pat Post.
    No entry to gripe. No entry to boast.
    I hope that you're not feeling under the weather,
    Though your sidebar shows tweets to your "birds of a feather."
    I trust you're not sick, but if so, on the mend.
    I guess that is all I can say, so I'll end.

  9. So nice to see you on my post!
    You were gone two days and feared a ghost!
    We know you're busy but we've become addicted
    When you're gone too long we feel conflicted!
    We must be crazy missing your jabs
    But without you, blog life can be quite drab!
    So start typing a post, Cat, and all of that tease
    Because we miss you! Pretty please?

  10. A finer rhyme we could not get! We
    Dare not doubt our own sweet Betsy!

  11. Pat, you're well versed for such a child
    of course at times your tongue runs wild
    playing with your numbers and and stuff
    you may think life is pretty rough
    now that you're over a quater century
    you're probably headed for a penetentury
    ok, not really, just goiong for a rhyme
    and it's not going very well at this time
    but I guess I should wish you happy birthday
    and hope you got to go out and play
    and have lots of fun on your special day.
    So cheers
    on all your years
    and managing to rhyme
    ALL the time!