Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things that are Funny, Even When It’s Sunny

While the cat is back for another rant about nothing at all, no you can’t give me a call, go away and come back another day. How long do you have to wait? Until it is really late. When is that? Stop asking questions of this cat. There now that one more person with questions is out of the way, I can move on with my day. Oh wait was I talking to myself just there?
But alas we shall not go there right now, and so I ask how, are all you today? Do you think I really care anyway? Hahaha could be a loaded question you see, but then opinions are always free. Just noticed almost thirty whole followers I got, maybe I’ll catch Brian and old WaystationOne one day as he hides in his hut, watching a mutt, scratch it’s butt, in a rut, pretending to be king Tut.
Anyway I see the Superhero Extraordinaire has come back my way, commenting on the comment below the comment just the other day. Wow two in one short span, you must be a fan. Or had some time to kill, least I gave you a frightening chill. Much like what would happen if you entered the Lair of Silver Fox by mistake, as he might drown you in a lake. Maybe he works for the mob, watch out he could go and rob, lock your doors and don’t go on any sight seeing tours, as he may pop out and grab you taking you out in his boat. Then chop you up into little pieces throwing you in a bag, and tossing you in the drink like some rag. Oh do I have him mixed up with that show or maybe he really does want to steal your dough.
But Betsy has her Five Men to protect her, so the Fox will leave her alone for sure, so safety in numbers it seems to be, guess that kind of screws me. Oh well I can run and hide, moving swiftly like the tide. So who did I miss, someone who might just hiss. As she continues to go dark, one of these days she might just bark. Then the Tales of Tashtoo would go to the dogs and it would be the battle of the pet blogs. But the cat would still win in the end, because rhyming is my friend. At least until I burn out or end up in a drout, which won’t happen soon, as I am still quite the loon.
So on to things that are, whoops I forgot Mary, Mary quite contrary, yes she’s very hairy, as she does writing in the Bachs all alone, so go throw her a bone, but if she catches it in her teeth like a mutt, don’t let her chew on it and fill her gut. Probably isn’t the best thing to eat, even if that be a clever feat.
Back to the Funny things that aren’t so funny, but are right on the money. There is another one of those things, that has sprouted wings, right on the money? Why not say makes your poo runny? As even if something is true which might not be the case if said by Tashtoo, but then she did add some nice facts about all kinds of stuff, so I don’t want to put her into to much of a huff. Anyway if you say on the money is it really? For unless you give you money a feely, your still on the dirt, being a flirt, the road, in rhyming mode or the floor, slamming the door or whatever else you seem to be standing on, from dusk until dawn. Rarely are you on money, while back to the stuff that is funny:
When a driver is in a rush to pull out in front of you, but then goes slower than a cow trying to moo
When you go to the grocery store and there is no room, because dumb people are standing right in the middle of the aisle yapping and you want to make them go boom.
When someone says they don’t do that, then you see them doing it like a lying rat.
How you can always go to work hours early, but if you leave one minute too soon they get squirrelly.
How a certain wild cat uses more toilet paper than me, because he thinks it’s a toy, that shit ain’t free.
How something can supposedly be a fact, then they go and change it to another act. Like Pluto the planet, now it’s the equivalent of granite.
How on twitter you get followers that read #$#%@#%#^^&%&$%#$^#%@$@%%@ what do they expect you to do some kind of deed?
How so many people watch reality tv, when it’s more fun taking a pee.
How society supposedly evolves more each year, but then everything seems to get that much more dumbed down I fear.
How so many superhero’s can live in New York yet they never seem to meet, isn’t that just neat.
How many people can’t even remember a phone number any more, because it is too much of a chore.
How gamers always seem to talk trash, but then leave like a bad rash, when they get beat only saying you’re a cheat, as they need an excuse for their loss, because they still want to believe they are the boss.
How every second person on the internet seems to be a guru at something and most can’t even sing.
How people seem to come out of the wood work when they think they might be able to leech, but by then you have a big reach, so you can ignore the hounds and continue with the rounds.
So there is my little rant for now, as I take a quick bow and go on about the comments below in the order they came, because Natasha was slow but her comment not lame. Brian was first, must have made some burst, but alas I will get to that, so on goes the cat.
Wow you guys screw me all up, really filling a rhyming cup. In one post you rhyme for two words, then you rhyme all long you turds. You trying to stir up shit and make me have a fit, or did I do that making you shout back at this cat. Or maybe it’s a full circle type deal, oh well let’s see how you feel, after I go at you some more, leaving you on the shore, all alone without your precious phone, oh we can’t have that, don’t you just hate the cat?
Brian Miller, Brian Miller
Yes you were up first and that rhyme was the worst, but you made up for it with the second post, as you do with most. You just wanted to beat old Natasha and the Fox, being a glory ox. Hog didn’t rhyme, but I'd take an ox over a hog any time.
You don’t do the beer or the pop, what you being watched by a cop? I don’t either but that’s just me, as I’m as picky an eater as a worker bee. Yeah I can see crazy living in your head, after some of those things I read, but then sometimes crazy works, with your sly little smirks. Zoned in on one fact about smut, figures it be you that go for that putt, oh and I’m not talking about putting a golf ball in a hole, it’s something else that doesn’t really roll. But I think that will be enough of that, as things might start to rise on this cat. Oh that was dirty too, look what you did you. Oh and thanks for the light, without it I might have had a fright, as Silver Fox was hiding in an alley ready to break my bones, but I saw and heard his moans, then ran far away, as the old guy couldn’t catch me on his best day. But watch out as you helped the cat out, so you might have to avoid the old goat…hahaha
The Silver Fox
Wow your one scary guy, you trying to make this cat cry? Well at least you won’t make me die or go somewhere and fry. But I like my arm and leg and don’t want a toe tag. But if you really must have a need to fill your violent lust, I’ll let you take a toe, then you’d just have to go. But you would have to come up here, for a I really do fear, the money it cost to go down south, really doesn’t come out of my mouth, or wallet for that matter, as it doesn’t seem to get fatter. But then it’s too cold and your old bones might freeze, I’m sure that wouldn’t please. So you stay there and that cat stays here and do nothing but peer, then there will no problem at all, at least until I get a scary phone call. Yes I know you don’t seriously threaten, but it makes for some fun I’m bettin, and it gives me something to use, as I rhyme and abuse. So bring it on, as I’ll take you on just stay off the lawn.
You want to make poor Brian and Silver Fox disappear, oh you are getting dark I fear. Or do you figure we better get the Fox before he gets us, as if he comes up you just might be a plus. For you aren’t that far away and he could ruin your day. You rhymed out of sync, you little fink. But it still works pretty well, as you are always swell. Wait Lassie is Timmy down the well? Is that what you are trying to tell? Hahahahaha Oh that just popped into my head, I think it’s soon time for bed. Ewwww you love all those forms and crap, maybe you need to take another office lap, but then I guess if it keeps you from going broke, you can’t help but sit and soak, up all the real estate mumbo jumbo, even if you come across someone that looks like Dumbo. Yes it be very nice just to sit and write, without needing to haggle and fight, maybe one day we both could see that light, wouldn’t that be an awesome sight. Like facts is an awesome site and with all your help we just might. Oh shameful plug there, but I don’t care. So until then have fun with the jerks, and use all the perks, for the next guy could be named Bob, that makes you hate your job and I guess things could always be worse, I could rhyme another verse. Hahahaha thanks for the appreciation and lets hope what you sell has no depreciation? Hey I guess that worked out, now I go and eat my trout.
Wow this is like your longest one yet, you’re trying to make the others jealous I bet. Sorry the facts made you sick, as some were kind of ick. But don’t worry once the spider gets so far, it’s turns into the form of tar, for the stomach dissolves it to juices, who knows if it has any nutritional uses. Drinks from you tears, damn maybe they even go in your ears. But do you cry when your asleep, as your not awake so how can you weep? Maybe they drink drool, that isn’t very cool. But at least like you say we don’t know, for that would be even more low, as it be nasty to sleep knowing for sure about that, I’d have to hire a guard for this cat. Yes I found a bite mark here and there before, even if I closed the door, one was right on the cheek, the one closer to where you take a leak. Was that too much info to share? Does the cat really care? Yes it be nice to hear a beep, maybe your rabbit could jump on your with a leap, as my wild cat does all the time, sometimes it should be a crime. While enough about those insects for one day, although they sent a lot of rhyme our way.
Maybe that is why women are so messed in the head, as they go clock wise instead? Oh I might get some slack for that crack, I better watch my back. Yes we’ve all eaten a few and we’re still here to stew, so they can’t be all bad for you, must just come out in your poo. Why would the liver make you shiver, do you intend to eat a sliver? You brought the thong back into place, so I thought I’d rub it in your face and announce it to one and all, so you can just go have a ball. You wear them on your feet, now that be kind of neat. Don’t they get all dirty and such or don’t you wear them much? Few things go to my head, (mind goes to gutter) and I rhyme something about bed. I think you can fill in the words for that, as we wouldn’t want you to get embarrassed by the cat. I can find pleasure in many acts, but I won’t give the facts, for you keep making me go to the gutter, so I think I’ll just sit and mutter. At least I don’t stutter or take foul words and utter, them to all around, although some can be found. So Pat took that, and came back as the cat, with the big hat, talking like a rat, having the last name Hatt, did you get all of that or are my rhymes just making you fat?
No worries computers can be a pain in the butt, sometimes I wish they had a gut, so I could just punch them really hard, but instead I’ll have to settle for pitching them across the yard. Oh one day one is going to be taken by this cat and just destroyed with a bat. All the frustrations will come out and then I can just sit and gloat. But I’d probably have it clean up the mess or I could just leave it I guess. Yes I can find facts galore, as my mind is like a store, keeping a little about a lot and a lot about a little, even something about a cat and a fiddle. At least you gave a skim, as you computer grows dim. But it looks like you got it working for now, as you shouted a wow, on the story post too, thanks for that you. So I remain well, even if some days I go through hell, for a little spell, but we all have been there I can tell. So just for you on the days that suck, yes I go oh friggin fuck. Sorry Brian had to say it, but I’m sure no one here will take a fit. Maybe the Fox who doesn’t like the words from his lips, when he uses his sly little quips. Oh and hope the scare wasn’t to much to bare, until next time I go off in my usual rhyming flare or at least getting a spare.
For you have all just read another post by the rhyming cat and I’m sure most will let me know what they think of that. As you all sure aren't shy, especially that Brian guy. But then some are to lazy to comment even once, as they are a rhyming dunce. So before I offend any more, I will close the door on this latest rhyming chore that is for sure. As today the cat has gas, so more then rhymes are coming from my little ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.
(why did the comments back have less space, maybe just to confuse your face? Beats me but I was to lazy to fix it, so read and don't have a fit)


  1. Hey, I beat Brian!
    I bet he'll be cryin'!

  2. So where have you been our dear cat, Pat?
    You were gone for days and we can't have that!
    Your friends will worry and stress out, too
    Wondering if Silver Fox actually ate you!
    And to hear you've been working hard on the job,
    Arriving early without complaint or sob.
    Only to want to take off early
    And then they complain and frown like a jury!
    I've been wondering if you wear that hat to work
    The tall one with stripes that might make them jerk
    A knot in their neck and they turn to look
    As they couldn't help but stare up from their book.
    But the tie is a nice addition
    especially if it is your mission
    To make everyone take notice and stare
    At the cat in his hat with lots of hair.

  3. darn that betsy, but shes like a sister, we both did repo in yesteryear, and eat pickles with peanut butter, so being second to her does even make my pulse day was fine, spent with my boys, played hide n seek in the house, hid behind toys, but didnt desturb anyone not even a mouse, my cat would eat it anyway, and she has little fear, but sleeps all day, then licks all her hairs. so top of the evening, i say cya soon, dont answer the door, if through the peephole you see a baboon...

  4. I couldn't believe I beat you Brian!
    You must have been busy and not even tryin'
    Yes, we could have a fun time chatting
    Eating pb and pickles and doing some laughing
    When that food was through
    A key lime pie would do
    and a nascar race
    would complete the space!
    We could invite the Cat if he would behave a little.
    For a treat we could throw him some kibble.
    I heard he likes to eat chicken nuggets.
    We could buy him enough to fill a big bucket.
    Glad you had some days off to kick back
    and play with your boys and be all slack
    Cause tomorrow is Monday and it's back to work.
    Even the Cat's disappointed to go there and lurk.
    I asked him about the outfit he's wearing
    and if his coworkers lurk and start jeering.
    Or maybe he only wears it at home
    And for work he dresses like a gnome!
    I know he doesn't like the questions you see,
    but I can't help it, it's just part of me!

  5. First you call this cat a grinch and now a gnome
    Why don't you just go clean your home
    Oh and questions I like from some people and you
    It's just the ones that fail to read that to me are do do
    I might be able to behave a bit
    But then I might go into a rhyming fit
    So who knows if I'd be a good guest
    Maybe better than the rest
    No I wear crappy work clothes all day
    As they want let me come in dressed how I play
    So there your question is done
    Now off to have more fun.

  6. Now Pat, enough talk of thongs
    that's gone on far too long
    You mentioned a new rhyme for Pat
    when I used the word chat
    I have another - that would be BRAT!
    So Pat Hatt, don't be a brat
    when you chat
    with me
    because, you see,
    You'll find
    I'm in my right mind
    cause I use my left hand.
    Do you understand?
    So Pat, I hope you have a lovely day
    and that's all I have to say
    (at least for today)

  7. My goodness, I get slower each day
    As these rhyming fans come have their say
    too busy this weekend to really post
    As this was the weekend...I sold MY OWN HOUSE!
    So looks like I am without a home
    So with Rhymetime I may have to roam
    But now there's packing and cleaning and lots of fun stuff
    To drive this girl crazy, right into a huff
    So seems's I'll be busy the next little while
    And may have to stand for later posts with style
    No matter where my words may fall
    I'll have the best posts on your wall
    So dear cat while you run with your trout
    There's no need to fear, and there's no need to pout
    I may be slow, but I've been busy you see
    but I'll always stop by to cause misery
    It loves company as no doubt you know
    Especiaially here at Rhymtime24's show
    But now I must run as i do have to act
    And that's just the true

  8. Glad you could tell 'twas all in fun.
    I don't even
    own a gun!
    No "Get outta town 'fore the settin' sun!"
    So you need not be on the run!