Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three in a Row, I Just Don't Know!

So a update or two today, while I sit here and play, with a bit of randomness thrown in, as I go for another rhyming spin. First, thanks mostly to Betsy the comments below thing are going to be shown the door, not that it is becoming a bore. And yes I can keep up just fine Tashtoo, so don't go playing that card you.

Basically it's just more fun being interactive in the comments below, as who knows where they can go. I can write some spiel on the blog and be a glory hog, but you can't really directly comment to that, so that is one reason it was decided by this cat. Plus the posts are getting way to long, as people come and see how I'm never wrong. Also that means less time it will take and that's the more posts I can make. Keeping you all entertained more days and in more clever ways. But don't worry I always work in a shout of two, for something like the Tales of Tashtoo, oh aren't I just clever, but never say never. As I still got the jig up me sleeve, but to many of those might make people leave and go get a drink, causing their liver to sink.

So let me know what you think, as I don't want to bring anyone to the brink. But for all the reasons above it seems a good step, but if you want they can be kept. Just the posts will be far and few between, as it takes time to rhyme back and be I can't be too mean as Betsy will track me down, causing me to frown, as she comes out of retirement for one last job and takes my car like she wants to rob, this poor cat, how about that? But then she'd have to leave her Five Men all alone, so I have no worry of her coming near my car with a stone. Or Brian could do it to from what I'm told, I wonder if he's still that bold. As he has a big head now like this cat, so he may not bother with that. Haha unlike old WaystationOne, I just get a big head from my fun. I didn't have to win a thing, isn't that a sadder song I sing.

Wow on a roll, oops a topic from the Lair of Silver Fox I might just stole, as on a roll he might not like, for it could mean I'm riding a bike, or rolling down a hill, just for a thrill, but you all know what it means for real, Silver Fox sorry for the steal. At least I didn't mention sleeping in, then you might make me all thin, but chopping me up into bits, taking one of your old guy fits..haha

Ever think about as your mind is afloat, that you blow on your hands to cool them down, so they aren't hot and make you frown, but also blow on them to warm them up, when you can't stick them on your coffee cup. Just a random thought like I said, that just popped into my head.

I also tried to make a banner for this blog, better than the one currently above my little log, but the stupid thing wouldn't work, as the program was being a jerk and it didn't look nice, I tried it twice, so I guess I'm stuck with what I got, at least I didn't put up a picture of my naked butt. Oh and speaking of banners where is my manners, poor Lanie who goes through them like underwear, Betsy has a sign that says you should always have a new pair, had a nice little video up today in her blog, plugging the facts and using her old camera that might not be able to see through fog, as her new one went kaput, I still say she kicked it with her foot.

Oh and I have to give Kristine's Place a nod, as she came her and showed her bod. That's right she flashed you all, what you couldn't see as Silver Fox was too tall. Yes he did want to get right in front of the crowd, as he likes to be wowed. Now what was that other thing, oh yeah a new friend Betsy did bring Christine the Vista Woman to the loony crowd, I guess now she can be proud, that she might have created another rhyming nut, who gets stuck in a rut. And yes just like Betsy and the rest of you, I even rhyme when I don't mean too. Oh well I have fun, so that's how it's done.

Also who puts the music on the phones, when you sit with your moans, waiting an hour or so, for them to just tell you to go, as they can't fix crap, deserving the bad rap. We've all dealt with that, but the music isn't much liked by this cat. As they are like Mary and just want to be contrary, maybe their garden won't grow, but what do I know.

So that was my random bunch of thoughts for now and the plug or ten I snuck in as I wow. For I can now go on about all sorts of stuff, not worrying about length putting you in a huff. But don't worry as you can see, you always get a shout back or plug here and there from me. As most deserve to get at least one, as I make them come undone, rhyming like they didn't no they could or ever knew they would. Oh and Betsy beat you all in the comments below, as her count wasn't low, she even beat her previous ten, I guess she's not such an old hen..hahahaha...there you go Silver Fox I got her back, for her mean old age attack. While that is all from the nice sunny area with green grass, as I'm still a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I have to say that your thinking is clear.
    There's plenty of action in the comments here!
    A stand-alone post can be quite a good thing
    While the "comments" part... Who knows just
    what they will bring?

  2. Thanks for the feedback it is appreciated
    Glad to know the posts are depreciated
    As you are right
    Now we have two ways to fight or flight
    Whoops ripped off tashtoo
    She might give a boo
    So yes both can now stand alone
    Although each in the same fun rhyming tone

  3. While on your last post almost all did have sport,
    I sneaked over and left
    this one's first retort!

  4. Tonight has been fun,
    But my comments are through.
    I'll be up after one,
    For there's much I must do!

  5. No time to play today. :(
    Have too much stuff to do to get ready for our vacation next week.
    Just stopped in to wish you a wonderful weekend!

  6. @Kristine: Aw, crap. And I was lurking here this early just in case you decided to flash us again!

  7. hahaha Dirty old man
    But you proved you can
    Beat old Brian and Betsy to the punch
    With your first retort and three more before lunch
    Vacation, must be nice
    Since I started the facts I've been work twice
    As much as I used too
    So have fun you
    Yes my weekend starts at 4:30 today
    As I don't work Friday
    While at least not at my accounting job
    The website though is a whole different sob
    While there you go Fox something to see
    If you are still lurking around me

  8. Took it back yesterday
    But that didn't leave much time to play. :(
    Yes, I got a new camera... yay!
    So I'll have videos now at least until May.
    I really suck at this rhyming thing.
    But it would be worse if I started to sing.

    On a different note, what's up with the banner?
    Send me an email about it... I may be able to help. :)

  9. good morning cat, came by to drop a rap,
    not a bad call kicking it to the curb,
    seeing (x47) next to betsys name can disturb,
    but why not when you keep it fun, for
    everyone, so i wont bang a drum, hum, strum
    or chew gum, loudly, or proudly, for the day
    has just begun...but what if i told you i never really had a gun, turn it upbring the noise...sorry broke into some public enemy, from back in the day, see, rap, since you like the music, or not, these comments i drop they be hot, so peace to the homies in the house of the cat, mess wit his car and i break out the gat....WORD!

  10. Ha ha Forty seven I'm sure it wasn't,
    but chatting with you Pat, sure was pleasant!
    It won't be like that every day with comments galore
    I was just being lazy from my chores.

    Today I promise to watch what I say
    Things that can only be thought of as nice in every way.
    I don't want to tease too much
    and have anyones frown lines in a bunch.

    I like your new idea here
    And everyone is sure to cheer.
    That will be much easier for you
    and we can just comment back anew.
    Then you can post almost every day
    and we will come to read and play!

  11. Yes we all know we wouldn't want Betsy to show off
    Then poor Brian might sit and scoff
    About how she has undone
    All his rhyming fun
    hahaha that was a very funny comment though
    Haven't seen someone use WORD here yet
    So you have won in that respect.
    One of your biggest comments ever too
    Guess either I or maybe Betsy is bringing out the rhyme in you

    Haha know it was maybe half that
    As Pat had the other end of the chat
    Awww Pat is pleasant
    I guess that gives the cat time to go hunt down a peasant

    Bah don't watch what you say
    It's much funner that way
    The poor old Fox can take it quite well
    As he can give out his own little hell
    You'll never make me frown so tease away
    As I won't stop no matter who I might dismay

    Good that the idea went over so good
    I was hoping it would
    As it makes it easier for me
    And it shorter and easier to see
    Yes I can make up some little post more regularly
    So you can come and play for free

  12. Yes, Brian is quite hilarious!
    And we are all gregarious
    enjoying your blog and we tease and chat!
    This is certainly where it's at!
    I'm sure we're making your head swell
    But it's really hard to tell!

    So what's happening there at work today?
    Are you getting anything done or is it all just play?

    I slept awful again last night!
    I kept feeling a tickle and feeling some fright!
    I knew it was my imagination!
    No spiders, but I lay in anticipation!
    So I tossed and turned a lot in the dark
    Lying awake there thinking of remarks!
    And my mind kept talking to me in rhymes
    So, I thought I'd blame you and all of that time...
    I spent on this blog chatting away
    And now I need extra coffee today!

  13. haha Oh my head is about to bust
    With all the attention I get but you can trust
    That I will still be the same old cat
    Oh wait something new is going to come of that
    It will be seen rather soon
    As I become even more of a loon

    Just got done printing off cheques and I have to say
    I wish I could steal all this money and get away
    hahaha not really as that be wrong
    Plus I wouldn't be free for very long

    hahahaha yes I've done that too
    Just as you
    Unable to sleep some nights
    Even with no lights
    Then I think
    And almost hit the brink
    When I start rhyming in my head
    Wanting to sleep instead
    I can't blame no one though
    So at least you can go
    And blame the cat
    Or maybe even Pat
    For this rhyming chat
    And all of that
    So suck the coffee back and stay awake
    As we wouldn't want your rhymes to sound like you were drowning in a lake

  14. gurgle...gurgle...
    I think I see a turtle...

  15. What out it might bite
    Or latch on your hair tight
    So you better get out fast
    So the pain won't last

  16. Finally I can make it back
    to give you a little flack!
    No, seriously, I really love your new plan
    and love being part of the rhyming clan
    even if I can't stop by as much as I'd like
    and now I must be off to take a hike
    I've got so many more blogs to read
    it is overwhelming indeed
    but that's ok I love to catch up
    with my bloggy friends and have tea in a cup
    I'll be back soon have a great day
    and that is all I have to say!

  17. While look who it is
    Raven finally came back to our little rhyming biz
    Yes I know you are a busy bee
    But it's nice to see you back and visiting me
    The day is half over here
    And it's been ok but not enough to cheer

  18. I'm not in charge of phone-waiting music
    that crap is enought to make my muse sick!
    And my garden won't grow
    because there's still snow
    all around
    on the ground
    where my garden is found!

  19. Well, after a full day ethics course
    I'm not surprised I missed this tour de force
    You guys have been rhyming without me
    While I was listening to a lawyer tell me how I should be ?
    I love the comments and think their great fun
    As long as it doesn't mean your shoutouts are done
    Look at your clan on twitter my friend
    I couldn't compete, as I'd never win
    So with headache still roaring its time for wine pouring
    Then soon you will find me in my bed snoring :)

  20. After twelve cups of coffee and a pill called Energy Boost
    I caught my second wind and did housework to boot!
    I went to the grocery and did all the chores,
    Made dinner and watched after my boys!
    Maybe I'll actually sleep tonight
    If not, I'll look like a fright
    For even makeup won't cover dark circles
    if three nights in a row I'm a sleepless girl!

  21. You can keep the snow poor Mary
    As having it now is just scary
    Yes the music is crap
    Makes you want to take a nap
    Maybe that's what they want
    So you won't ask and taunt
    Proving the are dumb
    And you have poor brains in your bum

    Can you really learn ethics anyway
    That is one thing I don't think will pay
    As you can't teach someone to do things right
    You can blither and blather with all your might
    But they are going to do what they want to do
    No matter what is said from me or you
    Yes the shoutouts will still come
    For all or some
    Yes twitter people seem to like the rhyme
    They even follow Pat and the facts with they have time
    Oh you snore?
    That is something you might not want to say no more

    But at least Natasha can sleep unlike poor Betsy who can't
    Think she's being attacked by a spider or an ant
    Oh and I went to the grocery too
    God I hate spending all that money how about you
    I did no chores though
    Besides chasing the cats to and fro
    As the wild one likes attention
    Especailly when you give him a mention
    Bah get big sunglasses
    To cover the big circle masses
    But if you want to sleep
    Maybe just rhyme a whole heep
    Then it's out of your head
    And you can go to bed
    Just don't snore like Natasha says she does
    Or I'll spread it around and it will be all the buzz

  22. I bet my grocery bill
    would send you over the hill!
    Feeding five men and myself
    just to keep up our health!
    Although it didn't rain on me like it usually does
    So I was quite happy to go buy more suds
    To finish the laundry
    I also bought tons of food
    So we could eat when we're in the mood.
    No, I don't snore
    and I'm glad cause I'd get teased galore
    by my five men
    to their mother hen.

  23. The cat would tease too
    Making so much fun of you
    Wait don't I do that now
    Yes I guess so I take a bow
    Oh and I'm sure it would be way more than mine
    Wish it was still 1969
    Then everything was cheap
    And one could by a whole heap
    Not even care
    So their cupboards were never bare

  24. Good morning, Pat
    Just had to say I see you're awake today
    I'm sure you're glad it's Friday, too
    And you aren't in the accounting zoo
    A whole day of Factinary fun
    and the morning has just begun!

  25. But Pat... if it were '69,
    You wouldn't be
    born yet! Now isn't that fine!

  26. (If I were to leave a second comment here, the word verification is "patruck!" Close to "Patrick, innit?)

  27. (Oh, wait... I guess I did leave a second comment, didn't I?)

  28. While I'd say good morning Betsy but it wouldn't work
    As it's now afternoon as I'm back to lurk
    So Good Afternoon is what I can say
    No it isn't much of a Factinary day
    At least not yet
    As Pat had been a little neglect
    In his daily workout
    Don't know what that was all about
    So he gave it a tweak
    And did an extra hour or two to his streak
    Then he had to clean
    As the dust was looking mighty mean
    But yes not at the accounting job
    For that he can not sob
    But then he has to take the cat to the vet to check out her sore pad
    That bill will prob be sad
    After that comes the Factinary fun
    As some work must get done
    Then I'll try for a new post
    As I'm sure you know I like to boast

    Not if I jumped in a delorean and went 88 MPH
    But I'd have to think where I drove so I don't run smack dab into a tower
    haha that word verification was rather close
    Maybe it just wanted you to comment again at my blog house
    And a third
    But it never bothers this rhyming turd

  29. Your mid-'80s reference surely did suit ya!
    I laughed at your mention of "Back to the Future!"

  30. Hope you're cat's pad
    Isn't too sad
    Then that would make you
    An unhappy lad.
    Wine and conforming does equal snoring
    Yesterday I would have rather been touring
    Now we are under another storm watch
    Perhaps we can blame it on good ol' sasquatch
    Stomping and tromping thru my back yard
    At the height of the full moon his footsteps fell hard
    But now I am going really off track
    in my effort to keep up this rhyming attack
    So to my friends I wish a Jolly Good day
    I will return to my dungeon as I've had my say.

  31. Oh I could reference movies up the wazoo
    But Back to the Future Part 1 and 2
    Were damn good movies and still are
    Three is a little far
    From as good as the previous ones
    But it was bad like the tons
    Or crap they shovel out today
    Just making me go into dismay

    Yes I heard we were supposed to get more snow
    Betsy it's all your fault you know
    Sending it up this way
    I'd rather have a sunny day
    Yes I can imagine ethics being a bore
    Staying awake must have been a chore
    You have a sasquath out there
    That would be scary and ruffle my hair
    Don't lock the door in your dungeon to tight
    Because you just might
    Get stuck and starve
    Then a door you would have to carve

  32. I'm ducking and dodging these icy pellet's
    Yesterday was spring, I swear cause I felt it
    But now it looks like it's snow, it's rain, no it's Ice
    This is not what I wanted, this is not nice
    So back to the lair of the fox I now go
    I left him a comment too, don't you know
    And in my dungeon, my doors never tight
    Occassionally I even need the sunlight :)

  33. Yes those pellets were quite the pain
    I think they may have hit a vien
    As they hurt with they hit
    While most had a fit
    Going over to the fox are you?
    While what am I do to
    You traitor you
    But I guess you can't always be at my zoo
    So have fun
    And enjoy the sun
    Whenever it comes back
    Now I go get a snack

  34. Nice one, Pat trying to blame me
    for your snow that freezes your knees!
    Ours turned to rain and wind
    It's not a good way the weekend to begin!
    Wow, you had a busy day!
    Workout, cleaning and the vet to pay!
    I was browsing on your Face It Facts
    and I must say I'm quite impressed!

  35. Pat and Cat, I really must say
    that I thought you'd take advantage of April Fool's Day!
    I expected to wake up this morning to some big hoax
    Going on over here that would make people choke!
    Some far out terror that we all would believe
    Until you gave in and gave us a sneeze
    Laughing until milk came out your nose
    At how gullible we were from head to our toes!

  36. Hey if I have to blame someone for this snow crap
    May as while use you while you a taking a nap
    As yes it sucks for the weekend start
    But I had nothing to do but site work and maybe stop at wal-mart
    Probably not the last
    Just needed a rhyme fast
    Oh finally checked out the site
    Seeing my 100,000 ad plight
    And I impressed too
    Isn't that nice of you
    As that isn't easy to do
    Which on the internet I'm sure you knew
    Oh and if there is a topic for the facticles you think of you'd like to see
    Just tell me
    As I have tons I'm deciding which to use
    As I don't want to go overboard and abuse

    hahaha yes see that is what you'd expect
    And that means you'd detect
    That I was trying to trick all of you
    So it isn't something I'd do
    As it's better to do it when you wouldn't suspect
    So that is when I elect
    To throw you for a loop
    When you come and be a snoop

  37. Your Rhyming blog is something to behold
    Poems and sonnets will never get old
    but if you want to know what is the bomb

    Thanks for your comment on my blog
    I shared it briefly with my dog
    she liked the rhymes and the stanzas i'm sure
    but i guess the point was lost on her.

    It's nice to chat with a friendly Canuck
    But now I have to make a buck.
    So keep it up and have a blast
    I will visit again sometime fast

  38. Yes I never knew I could do this at all
    Until I answered the blog call
    Wow that site is very nice
    I gave it a look up and down twice
    Those props would be such fun
    If I had a house and a little one
    But just me and two cats
    And they'd prob eat the bats
    That isn't a joke
    As they would eat a scary bloke
    They are weird like that
    But then so is Pat
    Yes I can be a friendly Canuck
    And if you want to try your luck
    You can show your site in the let Face it Facts
    As we are home to many great acts

  39. I have posted your banner on my links page today
    I have posted with pride and I just want to say
    that what you are doing is truly unique
    and it can really help out this internet freak

    like you I am an IM'er guy too
    I thought I would join in a blog, maybe 2
    at first it just seemed like kind of a laugh
    but your business is solid and and prices are half

    or more of what one would usually pay
    so Pat it is to you I will say
    I wish to buy a space on your wonderful site
    Are Russian Rubles alright?

    Just kidding! Seriously though, I am going to buy a spot as soon as I get a banner.

  40. Wow Scott thanks a lot
    I will defintely show off your Factinary spot
    Causing that much more commotion
    Thanks to your great devotion

    Also check back soon
    Because from this rhyming loon
    You will get a special plug in the acts
    That help the Facts
    Plus a rhyme as well
    For being so swell

    Again thanks alot for the great feedback and link
    I will promote your site to the brink
    Glad you joined for a laugh the other day
    As now you never know what could come your way

    Love to hear you think it's a good idea
    Although I'm a ways off from making it a career
    But I never quit
    And my fire is lit
    So 100,000 I will go after
    Even if I have to shout it from a rafter..LOL