Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Brag, In My Rag

So you know I’m not one to gloat or to show boat. Did you just check if you were in the right place? While I’ll smack you in the face. That wasn’t very nice making fun of this cat, maybe I’ll stop here and just hide under my hat.
Oh you were just kidding with me? While I guess we’ll see. Damn now I’m talking to myself like a nut, maybe I need to fill my gut. Oh wait spent all that money on gas, thanks to those uptight, greed stricken, BSing, blowhard idiots who are worth less than an ass. That’s right this cat would rather have a donkey in charge at least then gas wouldn’t be that large. As we could ride it down the road, even if it drops a load. Maybe someone should slap a saddle on some of this clowns and walks them around like hounds.
Blaming it on that Libya crap, will only fool a simple sap, they just want more cash to throw a Charlie Sheen bash. Oh damn I went there, better stop before I ruffle some hair. How much money does one really need? Stupid morons and their greed. But I better stop soon or Natasha might jump over the moon, giving me a big long rant like she did to Brian, she must have had him cryin. Oh wait she already gives me great long posts, see I’m already starting with my boasts. So now that, that crap is out of the way, lets move on to the topic of the day.
For its time I get to brag, hope there isn’t any lag. So I got a whole 23 followers, aren’t I good, you don’t think, while you should. Oh wait Brian beats me be by a whole lot, Betsy has so many her tree will fall over and rot, Natasha beats me too, damn guess I can gloat about something else I do.
Comments maybe I could win, crap I may as well eat a fin. As Brian kicks everyone’s behind there, it’s just not fair. Damn old WaystationOne, ruining all my fun.  Did you know he comments back to everyone too even when he has a whole slew. That has to take a lot of time, bet he couldn’t do them all in rhyme. Crap did I just promo him again, maybe I should save it for Betsy with her Five Men.
Oh damn there I go once more, opening up another friggin door. Look I didn’t say the word that rhymes with suck, aren’t I just a clever duck? Oh I mean cat, but you knew that. As Betsy has her own home based baking/gift basket business she uses, to make sure she never loses. As she uses it for such things is building her boys a new room, which really has no doom and gloom. As it is all bright and shiny new, you can even go to her blog and have a view. Just as Natasha already did, when she stalked this cat like a squid. Oh I have many tales, even about whales.
See what I did there? I pulled that out of my hair, I swear, I know it isn’t fair. But those are the Tales of Tashtoo, not fair that they’ll make you stick to the screen like glue. Aren’t I supposed to be bragging about me, maybe I need to go climb Betsy’s tree. At least then I’d get a good snack, although she might reach out the window and give me a smack. But Natasha mixes it up with some videos too, but some sound like they might need to use the loo. Oh I just joke, wink wink, poke poke.
Speaking of videos did you see what Lanie did, she showed off each ebay bid. No she showed what she got, but nothing for the mutt. Oh sorry Sophie didn’t mean to degrade, as you already stick your nose up your own butt like a maid. I better stop before she eats this cat, as she probably thinks I’m a brat. But anyway she does video blogs about all kind of logs. That’s something many don’t do, maybe Brian will get mad and sue. Why I don’t know I just wanted to pick, hey don’t call me a dick.
I’m all full of info that’s right, I even knew about that fight. Oh wait Raven told me that, damn Superhero Extraordinaire showing up this cat. I’m going to mutate you just wait and that will seal your superhero fate. For the villain will rise, in a nifty disguise and all will be lost at only a little cost. As I won’t be too mean, just a rhyming fiend.  Oh wasn’t that blurb just really superb. Oh and don’t worry Mary, I’m not too scary.
As she has Writing in the Bachs, came here and lost her socks. Yeah I’ll pretend to know what a Bachs is, maybe it makes things fizz. But she made me go and look, at her nice little blog nook. With a funny quote, not about a goat. So if I find those socks, I put them under some locks. So you will get them back, I might even wash them and hang them on a clothes rack.
Crap wasn’t I supposed to be bragging about me, I should start to charge a fee. For all this free press, but it is quite the fun little mess. Like a game of chess where I keep making you guess. So it seems I’m beat in most cases, why did I have to go and find all your places? Oh that’s right to annoy, even though you seem to enjoy.
Now I have to talk about you all again from the comments below, you’re really making me work you know. But this isn’t that hard, but you better be on your guard. As you never know what will come out of my mouth, thank God it isn’t a growth.
Brian Miller – Yeah I’ll use him for Filler
Glad you aren’t a nut, just don’t sniff the warm and fuzzy cat’s butt. Then you’d have to seek a professional’s advice, you might even catch lice. And you can admit the rhyming cat is where it is at, I guess, as always, it’s just my hat. I can really confuse you here, you might have to stop and peer, quite a bit, might even think I’m a twit. As I pretend to be a cat, talking about my hat, but my real name is Pat and my last name is Hatt. Did you follow all of that? Or do you want me to pee on your mat?

Natasha Said – I thought your last name was Head
Another that isn’t afraid, maybe you and Brian should trade. Stories on walking under ladders, bah like that matters. Oh you were second poor you, did Brian go and make you blue? You have to be quick, or you’ll take a backseat rhyming lick. Oh it’s fun making you into a clown, then you can’t frown. As you have a big red nose, you know how that goes and big old shoes, looking like you’re on the booze and a big red smile, walking around in style. Oh damn I took that literally didn’t I, sorry if I made you cry. While not really sorry today, just thought it be nice to say. Yes being biased happens to us all, so why not answer the call and gloat like Pat, pretending to be a cat. I’m doing this at my desk too, but they can’t see like they can you. As I hide it right fast, as my knowledge is vast. So the wait is over and now lets see, if you are the first to comment on me. Or will Brian win once more, showing you the door?
Betsy and umm err Betsy – can I use Wetsy
Yeah only thing that would fit with my rhyming lore, although I’m sure you heard it before. Brian was in a gown and ran all over town, of course he was drunk and in a funk. I just keep spreading the word, aren’t I a little turd? Don’t worry I’ve been called worse, it’s my curse, as the other day I was called a little shit and then I got hit. But it was fun, then I had to run. You came back really fast and your rhymes last. All it took was a bio of me to cause you glee. But now you’ve gone and exposed the cat, you should be ashamed of that. What everyone already knew? Will oh friggin foo. You could have let me lived in my delusion, creating a bit of illusion. Awww calling me dear and handsome are you being held for ransom? That be the start of a bad movie, the kidnappers let you use a computer and be all groovy. Oh wait that has already be done but Cellular was about a phone, yet still fun. Brian hanged his head in shame, as his cheers are always lame, where mine was great thanks a lot mate. Oh I just pretended I was from down under, maybe it’s the thunder.
Raven – is it that word your Craven
13 became unlucky because the Catholics weren’t being all nice and plucky.
They had to go and spoil the show
By taking the Knights Templar and offing them all on a Friday in fall
As the Friday turned out to be the 13th day, causing it to go the unlucky way
So now we know who to blame for being all murder crazy and lame.

There we go I can flex and maybe even perplex, that’s how it’s done, wasn’t that fun? Anyway thanks for the did you know hit, as I didn’t know that little tidbit. Oh and I’m glad you are coming back, letting me give you another rhyming smack. So feel free to flex your muscle, use it to beat up a guy named Russell  and practice all you want, as I love to taunt. Yes it is insane, but those words on most idiots go in vain.

Clint – Has a movie Tint

Oh you still haven’t come up with some, you are a little lazy bum. I forget the question for that matter, so you can just go under a ladder and hope to fool, that cat that doesn’t drool. So enjoy your book, you little crook.

Wow another one down hope to many of you didn’t end up with a frown. As I bragged up more than just me completely free. Aren’t I a nice guy, but now I got to fly. So know you’ve just been shown how to rhyme and not moan. That has got to help is some ways, on those crappy days. Plus you can use it to annoy, so sit back and enjoy. For you’ve just read another rhyming mass, from this little ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hummmm
    I love your tight right
    to say what you like
    with rhymes i...
    why don't you come by
    and make me smile
    for a while
    but please don't make me cry
    i already have my own fight...



  2. As I write this little post,
    seems to me i am the most
    As I have beat dear Sir Brian
    Unless he posts while I am trying
    To write these little words of praise
    For a cat trapped in a maze
    As he rhymes forth and back
    He been put under a comment attack!
    Glad to see you can keep up
    Guess SO FAR you've had the luck
    But now you're going POLITICAL
    And I vowed I never will
    So stick to Brian, he's the man
    Check Waystationone, you'll become a fan
    And as I mentioned, Lani's soapbox
    Is a blog that really rocks
    And Betsy's room is super cool
    enough to make my own kid drool
    Raven's place is quite the place
    I even dared to show my face
    Now about the boy who's name is Clint
    As to his location I need a hint
    I've yet to check out Five Men
    It won't taint my halo again?
    And now that all this has been said,
    It is true, the last name is Head :)

  3. OMG! I did get beat
    Looks like the 2spot is my feat :(
    At least it wasn't Brain!
    Gotta hand it to me for trying :)

  4. Libya, Sheen and the current gas rate?
    You sound like you live down here in the States!
    We're complaining about the same stuff here,
    It's all so sad you see, my dear.
    I filled my tank today while out
    and nearly gave a little shout!
    I'm sure we haven't seen the peak
    My shout may turn into a louder shriek!
    Now what's this stuff about calling me Wetsy?
    My sister had that doll and she could get quite messy!
    Feed her a bottle and change her diaper.
    If you burped her, she'd be much quieter.
    You would think the gift would have been given to me,
    Since she had my name, you see.
    But Betsy Wetsy was never mine
    Although now she's worth more than a dime.
    So you have two cats?
    I want to know their names!
    I used to have two until heaven they did claim
    Now I have a rabbit who hops through the house!
    He's really a great pet but won't eat a mouse.
    Well, Pat I really must be going!
    Thanks for the laughs!
    You really had my smile showing.
    I'll look forward to your next visit,
    I hope I'm online then so I won't miss it!

  5. I left a reply to your comment, Pat,
    (The one that you left on
    my blog).
    I wonder: Did you just not see it?
    Or did
    your rhyming brain hit a clog?

  6. In regards to pointing out my mistake
    A nice little rhyme, to say sorry mate...

    I know, I know I tried to rush
    Guess it made my rhyme a bust
    I also messed up Betsy's Five Men
    And went to visit there again.
    Yesterday was quite a chore
    But at least I got to rhyme some more :)

  7. It's five am and hard to rhyme,
    Why am I working at this time?
    I get off early and that's pretty good,
    If only I could get to sleep when I should.

  8. yawn, dont fawn, for i am here, been real busy sitting on my rear, foot thrust in the air...its probably the meds i will have to say that made me slow to you today...but fear not i make my way through the interwebs everyday...poor natasha i gave her hope, but will i do do it again, nope...she writes rhymes that make cats play the fiddle, classier too than hey diddle diddle...but no one sling the words like the man named pat, who just happens to live in the house of hatt.

  9. look shes rubbing it in its plain to see she left not one comment, not two but three...will have to see what i can do about that, see you soon cat.

  10. Of followers you now have 24
    I so thought I had followed you before.
    Thanks for showing me how it is done
    I am so impressed, you are the one
    awesome and most phenomenal master
    and bust the rhymes so much faster,
    I bow before your genius and take my leave
    there is so much to do you just wouldn't believe.

    Oh, and I almost forgot
    how could I stop by and not
    mention that I could use a good nemesis
    and you can bet that in a fight I never miss
    so bring on your best
    and we'll see who wins this..test.

  11. Thanks for the mention Pat
    I appreciate that
    But don't you know
    Bach is my name,
    thus the name of the show-
    the name of the game!
    I'm glad you stopped by
    and gave it a try
    after that quote that could cause a fuss
    how we tend to make our god like us
    My god has a good sense of fun,
    that's how I know that She's the One!
    As for eating fish or duck
    I'll pass on both, but wish you luck
    that whatever you scarf
    won't make you barf.
    So, happy writing my friend
    I'm outta rhymes, so this must be
    THE END!