Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend off, Don’t Scoff

Yes I was a tad lazy this weekend and little time on the internet did I spend. Don’t scoff at me for not being online or I’ll hang you upside down with a vine. As this was the first one I took for me, in over two months as I work for free.

Natasha may be able to help though, as she’s getting more dark like a crow. Maybe she’ll make all the guards go night night and then you won’t have to fight. But you still need to get the door open, oh quit your mopin. As I can find a way to do that, for I have all kinds of things hidden in my hat. But then I’d take the money and run, leaving you and Natasha with none. Yes I’m mean, that’s why I’m Superhero Extraordinaire’s evil fiend whoops that her teen. Or kid not sure her age, I’ll go to a different page.
Ok how did I get onto that, damn I’m a one of a kind cat. Wow look at all those comments below, Natasha really must have nothing do to now that there is no snow. As she doesn’t have to shovel it giving her a bad back and a fit. But oh she was so sick, that’s just ick. Keep her yucky germs, I don’t want any under any terms. As this cat has only been sick once in ten years and no I don’t drink beers. Ok I have to knock on wood, there knew I should. Now I won’t jinx myself or turn into a magic elf. Hahaha got you all, as I pretended to stall. For I don’t care about that knock on wood crap, it’s the same as sticking your head under a tap. Simply pointless to do and yes I’m pointing at you.
Who me you ask, while that is a whole other task, as I don’t want to pick and be a big dick, than Brian and Betsy would feel left out and Natasha would pout. Silverfox would just think about rhyming that hard way and making me strain my brain all day. Look a rhyme in a rhyme, oh I’m still in my prime. Oh don’t chime in yet, my full goal has not yet been met. So no the comments aren’t opened up below and read on you go.
Unlike old WaystationOne who goes all dirty with his long little tale all flirty. Oh wait wasn’t that Betsy talking about her Five Men or was that the Tales of Tashtoo spreading such foul words, that I wanted to go eat birds. Damn I’m all mixed up now, so all I can say is ciao. I’ll come back with something more relevant soon, heck that never comes from this loon. So I will continue to say whatever the hell I want, in whatever type of font and there is nothing you can do, because I’m me and your just you. Oh that sounded rather cocky, I better stop before things get rocky.
So on to those great comments below, as they try to keep up with my big rhyming toe.
Crap I just noticed Brian and Natasha both miss me, awwwww you fill me with such glee. I promise I’ll never go away at least not today.
Natasha, Natasha, Natasha, Natasha, Natasha – Wow you have a lot to say maybe you should join the rhyming fray.
Oh I’m sorry I forgot you’re a cheat, as you went and had to beat, poor old Brian to the first post, good thing he’s not the host, or you’d get the boot but he’s not so the point is moot.
You messed up the name first, almost making my mind burst. As I followed suit on your lead, bad idea indeed. Calling me a silly cat and making fun of my hat, do you want to tangle with Pat, yeah who’d be afraid of that? Oh you want to haze me, while thank God the comments are free. As if you had to pay, you’d be there all day, for your hazing kind of lacks, so off you go make tracks. Oh aren’t I so wonderful, here’s my finger want to pull? Hahahaha I’m on a roll, time for a stroll. Damn I take half that back, as your promo for facts didn’t lack. Aren’t you just the little promo machine, ok back to being mean. Don’t twitch and maybe you’re finger won’t itch and then you can tell a bright tale, instead of one where you kill a whale. Oh that was Moby Dick, sorry you have to go and find another tale to lick.
Hahaha crazy cats are such fun, as they make things come undone. That tale can be told whenever, as they can be quite clever. Yes Brian and his poor feet, while you attempt a different feat. Look the same word rhymed back to back aren’t I as sharp as a tack. You like to rub in being number one, boy it doesn’t take much for you to have fun. Oh zing one more for me, I better go and climb a tree. Before you come after me with a bat and try to put an end to this cat.
You proved the Fox wrong, as we can all rhyme in a different song. But what we chose is not to lose, so it doesn’t matter which way you rhyme, as long as you do it on time.
You want me to tweet at you, then you’d be stuck there like glue. You’d miss out on selling a house and have no money to feed a mouse. I wouldn’t want that to happen, so I don’t sit there all day rappin. But if you’d like me too, I guess I could do it a time or two. But if I don’t want to be found, I’ll go to ground and then I’ll come back and say something profound for a second before I become a hound. So now you are done, boy that was such fun, on to that Pat Hatt, oh who cares he’s fat, let’s roll him in mat, now I’m done with that.
Brian Miller, Brian Miller, Brian Miller – oh still defeat, as Natasha has you once again beat.
Wow sounds like your cat has been through much and add a whole more bunch. Trying to fight with the gators becoming their lunch or maybe they thought it was brunch, probably wasn’t the best move, glad she didn’t lose her groove. Just a little fur, but at least she’s still alive to purr and you know she can find her way back, so that doesn’t lack. But 9 lives probably are no more, so you might want to lock her behind a closed door. Good you didn’t mention either poo or do, or wait did you? As they were there, oh am I not being fair?
Oh what are you sucking up for, hoping she’ll do a chore? As grace she may have at certain times, but sucking up is the worst of crimes, then you are on drugs, so sending out hugs and things that are all nice, even if you do it twice, I can forgive for now, but don’t do it again or I’ll wow. Nope won’t have a cow, just won’t give you a bow and send you off the reservation with a new designation. WaystationTwo for Rhyme Time is better than you. Hahahahaha oh that was good as well, damn I’m going to hell.
Oh now it’s my mission to entertain, while I won’t fail in vain. As I’ll come back whether in a plane, switching my lane, in a car, the must go really far or on a train, where I have nothing to gain. See I have to all worked out, even if I have to use a boat. So I will always come back and try not to lack. No matter what my cats try for the rhymes can never die. Oh that was a bit over the top, oh well I’ll never stop, so go call a rhyming cop for I’ll make him flop or not the bop to some hip hop. Wow went off there too, and it was all because of you.
Yeah is some cases fast can get you a smack or get you thrown out of the sack. Oh mind went to gutter there, but I don’t really care. Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race, not if you trip on your shoe lace. Oh I can hear you sing way up here and I give you a cheer. For stretching your voice that far, you really must hit a high bar. It was a cupboard not a box and there was no locks, as they went in all on their own, giving quite the moan because they didn’t want to go on a car ride and would rather try and hide. Hahaha that was another good quote, you made them all work and float. As one big one, very well done.
Shaking my head at you for you rhymed like you had Natasha’s flu, messing up in certain spots, but at least you didn’t do it lots. I only gave two lives, as I haven’t spoke about their wives, oh wait they have none, yep guess I’m done. Wow didn’t know a rabbit would use a litter box, he is a sly fox. It be really interesting to have a rabbit running around free, especially if he knows where to go pee. Yeah they learn fast especially with a shock and go to a whole new block. But must have taken a lot of training, at least you didn’t have to stand outside when it was raining. As you would with a fun mutt, that likes to sniff each and every butt. Yeah the clip was up a while, but I thought I’d show it off in rhyming style. But they won’t do much with the camera on, they wait until I’m gone, leaving a big mess, to which I have to clean up more or less. While I’ll be around to rhyme no matter the time.
Yes my wild cat wouldn’t rest, until he was wearing a parakeet vest. So it’s a good thing no birds are around him or their lifespan be rather slim. Mine don’t know the meaning of lay around and get fat, as they run around like an crazy bat. All over the place, right in your face. For they want attention and don’t like detention. Although the second with her hurt paw, thanks to the wild cat’s paw, has laid around, easy to be found and probably will, until she can chill, with a healed pad and run around all rad.
The Silver Fox, The Silver Fox
More than one post, my aren’t you being a spry old goat. Hahahaha Oh that was another good one, ok I am done. I will be nice to my elders for a change, at least in this first comment range. It is good to mix up the rhyming form, as it creates a different type of storm. One where you have to read a bit more, to get all the rhyming lore. But then I can be lazy most days, so I rhyme not in many other ways, but as seen I can do it, the fire just had to be lit.
Oh and no problem say what you want, as is this little haunt, anything within reason goes, as long as we get no two dollar hoes, promoting their service, making others nervous. I’m sure expensive ones might have more class but then I’d still boot them in the ass. As who needs their disease, that just doesn’t appease. Ok went off topic there, but I did it with flare. So say what you like, with any type of mic, as I’ll let it slip, just don’t break a hip. As I wouldn’t want to get sued, that just be rather rude.
Hahahaha oh that could really be a new way to diet, perhaps everyone should try it. Pin a cat in a cupboard for a while, then when you want to eat something in style, open to door and it will knock your butt on the floor. You’ll be too busy feeling sore, the even attempt eating a bore. No wonder there is an AAA1 Quality Blog, as it clears away the fog.
While off I go to leave work, yes I'm sitting at work being a jerk. I had to work at night, oh it's a crappy plight. But it has to be done, so I sit and rhyme a ton. Now I go home, where the cats roam and howl at me for food, boy are they rude. But then I can be clear as glass or also a rude little ass. So takes one to know one I guess, hoped you enjoyed the latest rhyming mess.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Look a rhyme is a rhyme" , isn't that what you said?
    I'm going to quote you..the words in your head!
    Before you say my rhyme was all yucky and
    I must have been sick and my mind was all mucky.
    At least I was kind and came for a read
    And left you a comment, wasn't that a good deed?
    I'm wondering if you really are The Cat
    You sound more like The Grinch under that hat!
    Go look for green fur up close in the mirror,
    Cause I'm thinking you should treat me more dearer.

    haha...all in fun, Pat, all in fun. :)

  2. Oooh...and I was FIRST!

    And SECOND!!!

  3. I've just a brief gripe to lay out on your table:
    Why do I see no "Silver Fox" in your "labels?"

  4. I did forget something, and so I've come back.
    I've posted part two of "The JAY BLACK ATTACK!"

  5. i rush to beat tash and betsy one ups me...drat oh cat drat....

  6. Wow you guys didn't wait long
    To leave me a rhyming song
    Brian's kind of lacked,
    Betsy's was jam packed
    The Silver Fox I remedied that,
    For a Fox now appears in the labels of the cat
    As I was in a rush to get out of work
    And back home to be a jerk

  7. Yep, that's me...laying low while no one suspects

    and then I show my intellect!

    haha, Brian. ;)

  8. I beat you too, Brian.
    You saw that, I trust.
    Or cuz sweet Betsy's here
    You can't see me for dust?

    And Pat, glad to see
    You're a most gracious host.
    Now I'm one of your labels?
    That pleases me most!

  9. well i have fallen to number five, but now you know i am alive, it seems tash is out wiht the wash.(chuckle chuckle) a weekend to be lazy would be nice, call me crazy, but not twice. did you see that i blended two layers of rhymes, doesnt it make you want to get limes, and makes margaritas, or fajitas, now i am going all food blog on you, whoopty doo, alright i am done, this was fun, and i have only just begun....

  10. I think Pat is stunned at our talent
    he's trying to rhyme and be so gallent
    But he's speechless at how we rhyme
    And how we came to comment in time!

  11. We all read fast.
    We all kicked @$$.

    Just sayin'.

  12. Damn you all are going right to town
    And Brian didn't even have to show up in his gown
    Fine by me because you amuse
    Even when I abuse
    Silver Fox and Betsy are right
    But I'm not speechless out of rhyme fright
    As you look kind of scary
    As you are a bit hairy
    hahahahahaha I kid
    Just mentioned as I know you know I did
    Oh and Natasha is really slow huh Brian
    I beat she'll soon be here cryin
    For being last
    As she wasn't very fast

  13. So we save the best for last
    Welcome all to the land of Tash
    My god! Could I be any more dumb!
    I was killing time at Waystation One :)
    While you were all here putting me down
    Because I'm so slow...look at this frown!

    But there's something to be said
    For just killing time
    There amendments, and agreements
    And contracts to sign
    So while I hang at the office
    And fight with the fax
    I'll hold my head high
    While this rhyme crew attacks
    Even Silver and Betsy
    Beat me today.
    But I rhyme the best
    I do hate to say,
    But that sly Silver fox
    Of him I'm not sure
    I think he's got what it take
    to bring on rhyme war,
    So for now I'll simply make plans
    To return once again to this rhyming land

    First or last it won't matter
    For I have the pratter
    To outrhyme the cat
    In the ring or on mat
    So let's just wait for round number two
    Then I will show you what I can do! :)

  14. @Natasha:

    While through these comments you do trudge, you
    Know we'd never seek to judge you!
    'Tis not important who comments first,
    Nor even whose rhyme's "best" or "worst."
    If we compare, we kill frivolity.
    Each poem has its unique quality.

  15. Ah dear Fox, a poet at heart
    I do so enjoy, this break apart
    From this hectic work day
    I really must say
    And so while I try
    To think outside the box
    I bow in humility
    To the sly silver fox :)

  16. @Natasha:

    I may have done things
    Some call sordid or shady,
    But I never forget
    How to best treat a lady.

  17. Silver Fox what a sly guy
    As you sit here and try
    To be such a suck up to the girls
    Maybe if you send them some pearls

  18. I never count on gifts
    To win the ladies' hands or hearts.
    I count instead on what God gave,
    My "original parts."
    So treat them all with loving care
    And you will not despair, son.
    And never coldly cast one out!
    Someday they may be
    scarce, son!

  19. ummm...I still want the pearls. (ducks)

  20. Sorry, Betsy, I get in too much trouble when I give expensive gifts to married ladies. Their husbands try to choke me!

  21. Oh Silver Fox you made my mind go to the gutter
    Look like Betsy is all aflutter
    You gave gifts to married ladies did you?
    That must have got you in poo.

    And oh the nuts I've seen around here
    I must say I fear
    I'll be single a long time
    As I would much rather rhyme
    Then was my time with another nut
    They can kiss my butt