Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As You Gaze, I Must Give Praise!

Yes you read that right, for the moment I won't cause a fight, I'll do that in a minute or ten as I have to shout out to Betsy from My Five Men. I also want to make clear, I always followed so have no fear. Just you never saw my face, because the stupid blogger needed help tying it's shoe lace. As I always went to the bottom of the pile, in that blank generic pic thing which has no style. But never fear it is fixed as you can see and now you know you truly are followed by me.

Ok now that, that is out of the way, time to make a few peoples day. Firstly Betsy deserves a big shout as she joined the boat. You can see it clear, go and give her a cheer. Doesn't she just look so cute, Silver Fox might print that off and stick it on his wall, damn I'm a hoot. A fancy little description too, giving one just what they need to be just like me and you, sending them to her nice little place, to even see her trace. Oops I meant draw, don't smack my paw. Also she was added to the acts that help the facts, for all her help and such, as she is just too much. Damn all this being nice, I hope I don't have to do this twice. Oh I kid, as Betsy sure gets this cats bid. So be nice to her, don't ruffle the cats furr and go look at the ad, making everyone glad.

Speaking of Acts that help the Facts. A new one has just been added last night, this one will surely give you a fright, as there it is Halloween 365 24/7 whether it's two or eleven. Plus Scott deserves a special cheer, as not only is his site full of Halloween fear, but he also has a blog too, which is followed only by me and not you. So give it a look, as you might want to follow and book, as at least you will always know how long until Halloween by looking at his scene. Plus he can rhyme as well as most of the rhyme flock, except he seems to always go to past talk, as he never posts on the current post, maybe he is afraid of the retort from your great host? Anyway now you have two things to do, aren't I just overloading you?

Oh I hear a cry from the country air, it seems I've ruffled someones hair. As Tashtoo seems to feel left out, that I didn't give her a shout. Yes Brian from old WaystationOne will laugh at that, as he comes at you with all kinds of poem chat. Whoops I missed her again, maybe I'm driving her right around the bend. Oh I'm so funny, maybe I'll replace the Easter bunny.

Ok here we go, giving her the plug she wants from my show. As I would dare, go to The Silver Fox Lair and then forget to shout out to her, was that a cold streak burrrr. hahahahaha Oh I could be getting under her skin, as I always win. But she told me to bring it on, at least I didn't relieve myself on her lawn. So to the Tales of Tashtoo the last post by you, was funny I have to tell, as you basically told the bank man to go to hell and I must agree, as they can shove it coming up with fee after fee.

What else is there to say, oh yeah a good tidbit for today. Betsy had me talking about what I eat, not enough to fill even a seat and I left out the bit of junk, I eat that probably fills my insides with gunk. As I eat pringles by the can, I'll eat them in front of a man, I'll eat them in the snow, I'll eat them on the go, ok I think you get the drift, from my sly little rift. But what some people don't know, as the empty cans can really be used for more than just show.

As they can be used for so much more, maybe even making a certain issue less of a chore. For the empty cans can be used for when you scoop, well ummm poop. As they make great litter box cleaners, they'll even work for wieners, dogs is what I'm referring too, keep that mind out of the gutter you. As no longer do you have to deal with crappy bags, having tons around that look like rags, just take the pringle can and open the cover, getting rid of any smell that will hover. Plus unlike a bag that you tie when done, you can use the can for more than one, little movement in the box, making things smell less like a fox. No Silver wasn't referring to you there, I wouldn't attempt to make fun of your silver hair. Then when it is full you can stick it aside and there will still be no crappy smell inside. Then you can wait until you have three or four and chuck them out the door, in a trash bag of course or you could heave them at someone who showed you no remorse, but that would be mean and probably cause a scene. So next time you eat pringles as snacks, you now know there is something else you can do and that is the facts.

So some plugs, tidbits and a bunch of useless rhymes, oh such good times. Also as you can see there are a bunch of new followers following me. As the exploits of ocean girl will make your head twirl, Stephen and his time travel, will make your head unravel, Indigo is a great place to go and who is afraid of hitchcock, is full of movie talk. See today I was way to nice, you think I ate some bad rice, right I don't eat that, as I'm Pat that pretends to be a cat with the last name Hatt, as I sit here and chat and never fall flat, can dodge a bat and boy I love saying all of that. So I hope none of you have gas and that is all today from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Who the hell are you?
    Giving out a NICE rhyme or two?

    Are you really Pat?
    Or just some differnt cat?

    Where is the sour puss,
    Who usually gives us a kick in the tush?

  2. Number two
    Will have to do
    But at least I made it today
    yippie, yippie, yippie, yi, eh!

  3. As I'm off to Musquodoboit
    My post was short, don't have to off it
    Like to see some say that word
    bet they would say it is absurd
    But I'll be back to comment more
    Upon return from Rural Route Four :)

  4. pat, you just did no want us to know the man in the green suit was you, but nice pic of a face that is true, i really must one day check out these facts, seeing as my friends are all commiting these acts, stretching my rhyme a bit today, but really just stop by to say hey, as you ever entertain.

  5. I'm sure all of that niceness was hard for you to do
    and made you throw up in your mouth a little, too!

    Thanks for the shout out and the chance to do the ad
    And yes, blogger can make you mad
    Sometimes as they mess up things like font and margins
    and who is following and all that jargin.
    I see you way at the end of my group
    A little silhouette like a con in a jumpsuit.
    I like the real photo much better, it's true
    So everyone can see that it's really you!

    And thanks for the tips using a Pringles can.
    Aren't you just a clever man!
    I don't have cat litter to clean up
    But next time I have some smelly stuff
    I'll reach for one of those
    And then the stink won't curl my toes!

  6. So second time through
    Commenting back at all of you
    As the last time stupid blogger said error when I was done
    Guess it's getting back at me for making fun

    Christine go first
    That is a rare burst
    Betsy and Brian must be in disgust
    Or maybe some envy and lust
    Oh and she swore too
    At me for being all nice to you
    Geez maybe I should stick to mean
    Here at my scene
    But don't worry if you want a kick I can do that just fine
    Just remember you asked so don't whine..haha

    Yes I think you should burst about number two
    As usually you are so late we miss you
    While I never miss
    Maybe just hiss
    As I always comment back
    On the attack
    Oh and pull out that sucker
    As it's really Yippee Kay Yay Mother Fu**er
    Oh a move reference don't scald
    And yes now he is bald

    Yes that word is rather rare
    Some might stop and stare
    As they try and say it allowed
    Acting all proud
    But then they'll find they say it wrong
    And we knew how to say it all along
    So I'll be waiting when you come back to my floor
    And comment a lot more
    See a lot
    Was that caught

    Just wanted to stop and say hey
    Yet you went and rhymed all day
    What do you have a crush on the man in green
    Sorry it was me making the scene
    As I'd admit if it was me
    That would be even more funny
    Yes some new acts
    Are in the facts
    As I try to help out one and all
    Who answer the Factinary call
    So hey to you
    And I will always entertain at least for a time or two

    Oh Betsy your just so nice that you make it easy
    And now I'm sounding cheesy
    So I will go back to being mean
    Or give you another look at the guy in green

    The chance was all your to take
    And I'm thank you for your partake
    Blogger is a pain in the butt
    As already rhymed this back once and didn't mention a mutt
    Are you saying that, that makes me look like I'm in jail
    As long as people don't want to lift up my tail
    hahahahaha oh that was dirty
    I better keep my soap on a rope and not get flirty
    What if I don't want everyone to see the real me
    But I'm so pretty I should charge a fee
    hahahaha Oh that was a bit over the top
    Maybe you should get a mop
    And whack me in my big head
    Sending me to bed

    Yes they really work but you need a bunch
    Meaning you'd have to eat them after lunch
    As you should have some in stock
    Or you might end up back using the back or a sock

  7. As for the Pringles
    Here's a little jingle...
    My boys go through a can a day
    It's their favorite snack. What can I say?
    So I should start saving them all
    And I could fill a barn stall
    I like your idea of throwing them out
    when they get full and not pout
    Or better yet
    Leave them on a door step
    Of someone kind of mean
    And watch them turn all green.
    But that's something I'd never do
    I'll leave that prank up to you!

    And I have to know, just because I'm curious
    And since you're so mysterious
    What's your favorite flavor?
    Which kind do you like to savor?
    Is it the original, salt and vinegar, or the cheese?
    BBQ or sourcream and onion if you please?

  8. haha I sorta go through a can a day by myself
    As I have enough in stock to fill a big shelf
    Sometimes on work days I don't though
    Or when I'm on the go
    Plus some days I have to stop myself
    As I don't want to become a chubby round elf..haha

    hahaha Oh as I joke I gave one as a present
    As the person knew what was in it wasn't a peasant
    But I only bought some fake poo
    As real poo just be kind of mean to do..LOL
    Although placing it on a doorstep is a good plan
    Maybe even lit in on fire which will make the bad smell fan
    And linger all around
    But if I was found
    That be bad
    As they could be upset a tad

    Original is the only kind I eat
    As for me they can't be beat
    Sometimes when there is none there
    I'll get the light original but they don't taste as fair
    What type suits your boys
    Did you know when you hold them to your mouth they can make a weird noise
    It scares the wild cat
    which is so funny for Pat

  9. My boys like the original or the light.
    If it's any other flavor, they won't take a bite!

    We'll have to try turning the can into a trumpet
    Maybe we would scare our rabbit, Nugget!

  10. See they have good taste
    As any other flavor would just be waste
    With me too
    As some like those whole wheat ones or whatever just taste like glue

    haha Nugget might not appreicate that much
    Might not longer let you touch
    And just run away
    Hiding all day
    Oh wait you said he sleeps all day anyway
    Oh well then go ahead and play

  11. I've hardly a mention,
    But that's really just fine.
    I'll admit I just came here to boast
    That I'll grab your attention
    ("Has that Fox lost his mind???")
    When you see my upcoming
    two posts!

  12. And if they had a Chicken Nugget flavor
    From your favorite would you waver?

  13. hey I don't make your head twirl, it is you who makes me swirl, twirl and swirl they are both the same, we just hope to entertain

    hey don't say I didn't give it a go, it may just be so so, but thank you for the shout out, i'll be back for more, don't you run out, I can't say more

  14. Silver have you lost your mind
    Or are we just all so far behind
    Hmmm there is a question for you
    But the answer we might not want you to do

    Yes I think I might waver then
    And have a different favorite than your Five Men

    While this time you gave it a good go
    It was a little better than so so
    The more your rhyme the more I shout
    As it gives me something to gloat about
    So yes we both entertain
    And now from the rhymes I will refrain