Monday, April 4, 2011

Betsy I Didn't Use Anything Twice, If I Did Shhhh Be Nice

So Betsy keeps picking up on when I go and use, or maybe abuse, the same word a few times, in my post rhymes. So this time I am going to try and remain aware and not leave one single pair. This might be quite hard to do, as I have to shout back at all of you. So lets just say I tried, even though I lied and we'll leave it at that or just blame it on Pat. As he continues to work on the facts, searching for new acts.

Anyway did you see the new page I put up on Sunday, when you came to look my way? Betsy and her Five Men got a few links and Natasha and Lanie got a few winks. As now they are always there, forever remaining in your hair, as they help old Pat, so the cat won't let them fall flat. As we wouldn't want the Tales of Tashtoo to go belly up and force Natasha to get a Kangaroo, wait that be quite funny, maybe she could attract one with honey. Or would that just work on bees, plus it be hard considering they don't live in these trees.

So I decided to flex my muscle a bit on this post, after of course I give my intial roast. Of everyone from Silver Fox in his lair, who seems to be either busy or without a care, as I haven't seen a new post in a while, maybe that's his age just making him go slow or could be his style. Oh Betsy just laughed at you Fox, you maybe want to throw a pair of dirty socks, right at her door, just don't hang any on the knob as that means more. Oh damn gutter once more, how did I go there with a door? Anyway I still need to give Brian a plug, as I go and bug, for I have to ask, is it an easy or lazy task, to write something in 160 words or less, as you can tell from my mess, that I talk way to much about whatever comes out my yap, so I don't think I could fit something in that gap. But he can do it at WaystationOne, I'm sure the cat could get it done. But that would be no fun, then I wouldn't have enough words to give all of you a shun. And Natasha I must just shake my head at you, as you couldn't think of click not even boo, to use for the noise, maybe you should stop chasing the boys. Oh wait you already got one, or those ethics just left you undone.

Can't you see how I lurk and collect all the info using it to be a jerk. Oh it is such a delight, to use my rhyming might and get a dig in at all of you, at my rhyming zoo. As I get the first laugh and the last, for I can lock each post and leave it in the past. So you can never win against the cat, and that's just tit for tat. Who came up with that saying anyway, just sitting around one day and thought of tit for tat, while they started to chat. Must have been hammered or someone stammered and they came up with that, or someone mumbled under their hat.

Oh and new follower Scott, who doesn't seem like a robot. Although he is a tad slow, commenting on a post that was long ago. Okay not more than a week, maybe he got lost in all this rhyme speak. Betsy tells people they may need a pill, when they come to my rhyming hill. How rude is that, but she's still liked by the cat.

So didn't I say I was going to stretch my muscle, maybe do a big old tussel. Nah I'd just run away from that, as the cat can really scat. The Fox can attest to that, as he came at me with his bat, but wasn't spry enough to catch this cat and thus his dream fell flat, of shutting the cat up, before I could say Whatzzzzzup. As he doesn't like language like that, say it and he might squash you like a rat. Damn I keep going off everywhere, maybe that means I shouldn't dare, try this little act I thought I should, but hell lets see if I could, come up with something that could surpass, that little annoying lass, from Tashtoo land, who tried to one up this one cat rhmying band, with the song title post I made last time, in her comeback comment rhyme. Betsy also had to go and give her an applause, so I guess she is also the cause, of this little verse, so I send you both out a curse, for making me go above and beyond my usually fun nonsense and move to the more lyrical side of the fence.

That's right the cat isn't going to rhyme using songs today, although I might do movies one day, instead the cat will just blow Natasha and the rest out of the water, leading you all to the rhyming slaughter, as the cat makes up a new song of his own, that you can sing on the phone. So here goes nothing I guess, I never tried this before I must confess.

What You Made Me Do

Oh don't you wish you could go back to before this begun
When things made sense and you knew when you won

But sense you lit that fire in me
That which you ignored yet now cry out and plea
Seeking all the attention you never wanted before
As now you come knocking at my door

While all you have now is the facts
For you placed me on this set of tracks
So for all that now makes you feel blue
Just know it's what you made me do

Things were so simple in life
Now the air has become so thick with deceit it has to be cut with a knife
For now even when you phone
It means nothing as your true colors you have shown

While all you have now is the facts
Trying to now pretend you never committed past acts
As I ignore each message in my cue
Just know it's what you made me do

Things could have remained all nice and neat
As we could have sought a different street
But thanks to you loading the gun
I surpassed much and enjoy lying in the sun

While all you have now is the facts
Hoping if you keep at it you will patch up the cracks
But it doesn't matter what excuse you brew
Just know it's what you made me do

You don't care for all you have that surrounds
Still letting the echoes seep through of past sounds
Continuing to forge on and persist
That you deserve all of that you have missed

While all you have now is the facts
Coming up with reasons by the stacks
For the past acts you claim were untrue
Just know it's what you made me do

Now whenever you come across my face
Things just seem to be out of place
As you think what could have been
If only you didn't have to win

As I now know you wish you could go back to when this begun
But that luxury is afforded to none
So the facts have been given to you
And just know it's what you made me do
What you made me do
What you made me do

There I slapped up the title thanks to Tashtoo and Betsy needing to be beat and that's what came out all nice and neat. Not where I expected to go, although it came out in a nice little row. Now I don't know if that work as a song, as it might not be quite that long. But damn that took more thought then my usual rhyme, are you happy you made me take some time and prove I can beat you back, for your comment attack. Yes I'm talking to you, look what you made me do. Oh you like it you say, while I guess I'll let your comment stay at least for one more day, so I don't cause dismay. As I wouldn't want to block any of my rhyming back flock. Oh now I'm grouping you all together, that might create some heat and unlikley weather. I'd love to by a fly on that wall, as long as you all weren't in a bathroom stall. Yes I know I have no class, but what do you expect from my little rhyming ass?

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. nice bit of verse, could be worse, made me think of a country song, we could all sing along, we just need a pickup truck, and a cow, pig or duck, bet you thought i was gonna rhyme f***, nothey dont do that in opry land, but a cold bud in hand, give an old boy a holler, til the cops show and collar em all for stillin' and grinnin, wow what a tangent, but dont get complacent, you are the man cat, heres where its at.

  2. first again
    ho ho baby
    dont go crazy
    there is always tomorrow
    do you follow,
    well if you comment
    you ccan write it in cement
    it surely will
    my second one beat you as well.

  3. Wow you really went aboard of this one
    Getting lots of rhyming done
    Beating the Fox, Betsy, Natasha and the rest
    I guess for this post you are the best
    Oh that stung to admit
    As at work I sit
    Oh I might have to plug my ears
    If some sing along in cheers
    Oh country I never thought
    But I guess you caught
    That it could be
    How dirty of me
    Maybe I should have used a dog and a truck
    Yes I knew you'd work in f***
    Just as you did
    And so now I bid
    You adieu
    As you had a great comment one and two
    But back to work I go
    Until I come across a new show

  4. Not even an attempt
    Do you think yourself exempt
    If Brian can do it any one can too
    I guess scrabble is out then huh you?
    But thanks for the visit to my rhymming coo
    As Betsy can become boring just between me and you
    hahahahaha Oh I kid
    The Fox wins that bid
    Oh I better stop
    Before someone calls a cop
    And throws me in jail
    For spinning this tail
    (p.s. Fox I did that last one on purpose just for you, as tail should be tale, but it was something I had to do)

  5. All that your think and do,
    I'm beginning to act like you!

  6. Oh that might not be good
    See a professional you should
    As this might be addictive you see
    So you might want to stray away from me

  7. Oh my gosh...where to begin?
    Let me take that Advil and come back when
    It's fully taken effect
    Then I can give you heck
    For saying I can be boring!
    So you've been snoring
    While reading my comments I write to you
    I hope the cops throw you in the zoo.

  8. So are you telling us that Green Man will sing?
    Imagine all the new Facts that could bring!
    And since your not willing to step in the ring
    To rhyme with song titles, I guess it does sting
    But just a tiny little bit
    I know I'm the best and won't let you forget :)
    I want to see the Green Man dance
    I'd pay for that if given the chance
    I have to admit he gave me bad dreams
    Fearing that suit would split at the seams
    But I think it would work if he sang your song
    And would keep Face it Facts plugging along
    As anyone who is worth their weight
    Will want to be a part of this internet take~
    Over and over, heres to just face it facts
    The silly green man and of course YOU dear cat.

  9. A new post I will do
    When I have time, I'll do a few

    Right now it's Spring Break
    No time to post, for heaven's sake.

    My needs are doubled
    and my wants are troubled

    So sit back and chit chat
    With Betsy and the Cat in the Hat.

  10. Now Betsy is being mean
    Maybe I should once again show her the guy in green
    Giving here a scare
    So she knows you don't dare
    Give the cat heck
    Instead reading this I'll give you a kink in your neck
    So take your pill and come back for more
    As I always have a retort in store
    But if they threw me in the zoo
    I'd be expecting you
    To come and break me out
    Because then you'd be in a rhyming drout

    hahaha I don't think he sings
    But if original music one brings
    He'll dance around all scary
    Maybe even like a fairy
    I stepped in the ring just fine
    Coming back at you Walking the Line
    Just didn't want to beat it into the ground
    Like some butt sniffing hound
    While if you have original background music or sound
    You can go to where he is found
    And he will dance up a storm
    Although I admit it's a bit out of the norm
    Yes that would be quite the nightmare
    And really ruffle my hair
    Don't know if that work for the facts
    As singing that might scare away the acts
    Especially with a green man in a suit
    Can you imagine what would happen if he did a toot
    Think it would echo in the green
    That be a sight to be seen
    Shouting the Green Man and the Cat
    We are very weird at that
    But the lets Face it Facts
    Will help all down the right tracks

    Oh spring break is happening down there
    While hmph I don't care
    As I'm still stuck at work
    So I'll be a
    But don't be to troubled for you see
    It will be over one day and you can rhyme with me
    As well as post some new stuff
    Then I'll huff and puff
    Up a new rhyme for you
    That is just what I do

  11. Betsy is not mean
    And you two make a great team.

    You're at work?
    Don't make me smirk.

    Have a nice day,
    I'm on my way.

  12. There's so much here I don't know where to start
    and anyway I'm trying to eat this pop tart
    but I must say that I like what you do
    with your rhymes which are always fresh and new.
    Today I'm going to keep this rhyme short
    and my long response I must abort
    I'm just too tired to think straight
    and for my nap I'm going to be late.
    Have a wonderful day and evening too
    and I'll stop by another day to see you.

  13. Oh, even with my headache
    Christine is making me shake
    With laughter, Oh she's good for you
    And look, she can dish it out, too!

  14. Betsy and the cat make a good team you sure?
    Are you trying to ruffle this cats fur
    She's scary
    And I'm hairy
    Oh I guess that could do
    I guess Betsy should thank you
    Are you trying to rub it in on this cat
    If you are then scat
    But you said have a nice day
    so you didn't cause to much dismay

    Yes Raven I sort of went on longer than I meant too
    Sorry to confound and confuse you
    I truthfully don't know how I jeep it up
    And I don't want to make you spill your cup
    You took the weekend off and are still tired
    Hmmm guess it wouldn't help to be fired
    Anyway have a nice nap
    And I'm sure to keep running my yap

    Aww you really have a headache
    Do you want the cat to give it a shake
    Maybe that will put everything back in place
    Or wipe the smile off your face
    Yes she seems to be able to keep up for now
    But we'll see how long she can wow

  15. Unlike others, I only post stuff on my site
    When my schedule permits and I'm hit by the muse.
    Plus not all of us read Blogger-blogs every day,
    So I often give people some time to peruse!

  16. Aww the Fox being so nice giving you all time
    And coming back with a little rhyme
    Guess old age makes him slack
    Oh was that an attack
    Whoops now I should go
    As others might not want to no
    Whoops spelt it wrong
    Does that make you want to sing a grammar song?..LOL

  17. OK my headache finally went away
    I thought it was here to stay!
    I took an Aleve and 4 Advil
    That surely killed it's will
    To make my day full of pain
    Although my liver may go insane
    with all of that medicine to sort through
    But my head is better woo-hoo!

    What a post
    from our host!

    Your song sounds like someone hurtful
    Is getting an earful.
    Being a little brat
    and now wants the Cat back.

    You set them straight alright
    and gave them a little fright.

    It almost sounded like a Beat It
    song or maybe a 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,... with a Slip out the back, Jack... kind of attack.

    And yes, Christine can rhyme quite well
    And since she's on spring break
    she might stay a spell.

    Gee, you're commenting an awful lot!
    Work must be slow for you to come back to this spot!

  18. The Green Man might dance?
    Oh dear...and prance?

    I'm not so sure that's a good idea
    Maybe he should just make some tortillas.
    We already know he prefers boxers over briefs
    And that's all I'm saying, as you sigh in relief.


  19. Haha yes your all those piles you deliver
    To your hard working liver
    But not be so appreciated
    But at least your headache has depreciated
    Yes I went off just on a rant
    Then to some song slant

    Yes it may sound like that
    But believe me it's all made up by Pat
    As lets just say when it comes to that sort of thing
    Besides the odd fling
    There isn't much to dwell on
    Not even in a
    Now I will stop
    Before I go back to the gutter and get a bop

    It did sound like that?
    Damn it was never though of by the cat
    Or Pat
    Or even my
    It just came out
    As I was looking for something to spout
    All I knew was I had to throw in the facts
    To plug it for more acts

    Yes she seems to be able to keep up with most
    But don't start to boast
    As she may go splat
    As the cat makes fall flat..haha

    Hmmmm work is always slow
    That's why i need something to keep me on the go
    As I'm just to efficient and have all my stuff done
    Then I can either sit bored or have some fun
    Hey maybe I'm going for 1000 comments back
    Yeah I'm to slack
    To count that high
    I'm not that patient a guy

    hahahaha what you don't like the green man and his skin tight suit
    Maybe he can even play the flute
    At least he didn't go commando for you
    That might really not make you save me from the zoo
    Yes good thing your didn't delve to deep
    Or you might have scared me a whole heap

  20. Damn a few words out of place there
    But I don't care
    Had to get it up before I was caught
    And fired leaving me to

  21. No offense to Mr. Green Suit.
    I think he's really a hoot.

    Commamdo? Now that is a scene
    I don't want to see!

    But I did laugh and almost...
    spilled coffee on my toast!

  22. Hey weren't you just asking what people wanted on their toast?
    While if the coffee is hot it might make it roast
    But then it could add flavor
    Maybe I just did you a favor

  23. Before I get roused by that jolt of caffeine,
    When I'm sleep-deprived and abnormally groggy,
    I'd never pour coffee directly on toast,
    Since it's unappetizing and far, far too soggy!

  24. I have to agree that coffee ON toast seems kinda yucky
    It would be all soggy and mucky
    No, I'd never do it seriously
    But if laughing hard deliriously
    Some accidentally spills on my toast
    I'm blaming you, Pat, cause you're the most!

  25. So now it's the toast
    For these rhyming hosts
    Burnt black with butter and rasberry jam
    But no coffee on mine, prefer that in a can
    I have to say, I am still all smiles
    Today's been hell, has been for a while
    So I just come over here
    To feel better and rhyme with good cheer
    So thanks again Cat, be back I will
    For this is much cheaper than my therapy bill! :)

  26. So sorry to see hat Natasha feels "down,"
    But I'm glad this blog's comments make smiles from a frown!

  27. Well I was down in the form dungeon at work
    You all came back to lurk
    I HATE counting those stupid things out
    But thats part of what crappy work here is all about

    Geez it seems no one likes my idea of coffee on toast
    Are you going to ignore the advice or your host
    Maybe you need soggy proof toast before you pour
    Then it would taste good and you could go on tour
    Selling your water proof toast all around
    Where ever people need it to be found
    Oh look I just gave you another way to make some dough
    Aren't you glad you come to my show

    Blame Pat all you like Betsy if you spill
    As he'd just laugh and get a big thrill
    Unless you burnt yourself a bit
    Causing you to have a fit
    Then he might feel a bit bad
    But eventually it be way more funny than sad

    While if You're Going Through Hell
    Sit and rhyme a spell
    Or keep going
    On with your house showing
    One day the facts
    Might get all kinds of acts
    And who knows what will occur
    Maybe we can make hell be burrrr
    Or freeze over
    So you can skate with rover
    Yes we wouldn't want you to waste money on a shrink
    Plus I'm cheaper than a kitchen sink

    Yes Fox see the more of you that is around
    Giving off your oh so nice sound
    The more everyone is filled with delight
    While Betsy just gives us all a fright hahahahaha

  28. Nothing's "frightful" or bad about Betsy, friend Pat...
    'Cept the fact that she's
    "taken". (Oops. Had to say that!) ;-)

  29. hahahahahahahaha what a flirt you are
    You'd think this was a bar
    Oh I just had to get my dig in at her
    As she'll come back to ruffle my fur

  30. Nothing you throw at her daunts that tough girl!
    Remember, car repos were part of her world!
    And as for my flirting? Yes, guilty as charged.
    It's all part of being a "Bachelor-at-Large."

  31. Aw, Pat you just made my day
    I really don't know what to say
    So you want to follow?
    I almost can't swallow
    With this lump in my throat
    Now don't go and gloat
    How very nice of you
    And tell Cat thank you, too.

  32. Oh wait, I wasn't suppose to be nice
    I should have read the comments twice
    You think I'll come back and ruffle your fur
    Instead I just made you purr!

  33. Hmmmm the cat was thinking what he did
    That made you give me a nice bid
    I looked over my comments back
    And was there something nice in my attack
    Damn I must be losing my touch
    Being nice when I don't know it a bit to much
    But even though I don't know what it was
    You're welcome just because
    You are always nice to the cat and Pat
    So glad I made your day at that
    Yes you made me purr
    At least my words I did not slur

    Yes very true if you didn't pay she'd repo your car
    No matter if you ran very far
    While Fox at least I can say I know the feeling
    Just my flirting has yet to hit the ceiling...LOL

  34. Hm. I do have a wisecrack for that, but I'd better not use it, even if I do rhyme!

  35. Oh come on are you scared what I'll say
    Don't be afraid to play

  36. It wasn't a comment, Cat.
    I left you a clue so look at that.
    I said "so you want to follow?"
    And I don't think that's hollow!

  37. Is it my imagination
    Or do you use 'while' and 'well' in conjuction?
    Using one for the other?
    That's sure to give the Fox a grammar fit.
    I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned it!

  38. It's my comment itself, and not your reply,
    That makes me uncharacteristically shy!
    So rather than say it, I'll give up the ghost,
    And leave now to publish my
    own latest post!

  39. Oh did you mean now that you can see I follow
    While don't worry I'm not that hollow
    I always followed you all before
    It's just that this dumb blogger door
    Used that bland pic they give to everyone
    And I just figured out how it was done
    So now I'm not at the bottom of the pile
    And you can see my ugly mug in style

    Yes I suppose I do
    Why do you keep picking this stuff out you
    Hey at least I can rhyme
    Even though some of my grammer is a crime

    Oh Fox you're no fun
    I wanted to see what was on your mind which you'd shun
    It has to be bad
    At least a curse to this lad
    Or you'd say it in verse
    But never fear here you can rhyme, talk or curse
    Freedom of speech is alive and well
    Even if you want to make fun of how I spell
    Like a certain other person on here
    But Betsy is quite the dear
    Oh I just through up in my mouth being so nice
    Good thing I didn't have to say it twice..LOL

  40. If ever I do choose to play "grammar cop,"
    I'm sure you'll eventually beg me to stop!

    Just sayin'.

  41. Yeah I know my grammer can be quite bad
    And off here and there a tad
    But I mainly focus on getting across the rhyme
    And having a fun time
    There is something else I do
    That I make sure the grammar is correct almost as much as you
    One day soon I'll show it here
    But it may be overwhelming I

  42. Hey, you just did it again!
    "while don't worry..." It's not a sin.
    I just happen to pick up on little things people do
    And have a good memory to bring it back to you.

    I agree...Fox needs to tell us.
    If he can't type it out, then astriks will do
    I think I can handle it, how about you?

    Threw up in your mouth a little?
    Well, (not while!) I've moved on from my coffee to tea
    But I still
    can spill
    If you make me laugh, you see!

  43. Hahaha that time I did it on purpose just to see
    If you were awake and would catch me
    Yes I can tell
    Your memory is like a well
    But mind is quite vast too
    As I remember everything I read and see and can rhyme it back to you

    Yeah he needs to suck it up and say it soon
    Or we'll go all high noon
    Making him spit it out
    Ending our wonder drout

    hahahaha Are you saying you're clutsy when you smile
    Hmmmm maybe I should make you laugh a good long while
    Then you might make a big mess
    That be quite funny to me I must confess

  44. Clutsy? Never thought I was, I guess!
    But drinking hot liquids and laughing can be quite a mess!

    So, Pat you seem to be full of caffeine
    Is it coffee for you or is soda your thing?
    Do they call it soda
    in Nova Scotia?
    I say 'pop' but that's just where I hop.
    And no, I'm not a rabbit
    Just in the rhyming habit!

  45. Haha maybe your just clutsy here and there
    When I cause you to laugh, I know no fair

    Truthfully the only thing I ever drink is apple juice
    Nothing else goes into my caboose
    I wasn't kidding when I said I was a picky eater
    I can make a fussy two year old look sweeter..LOL
    Guess I'm a picky drinker too
    I swore of alcohol as I hate the hangover making me think I have the flu
    Caffeine I don't eat or drink any
    As I'm way more hyper than many
    Don't know why
    Just a full of energy guy

    Yeah I say pop too
    But I think soda is said maybe one can elaborate such as Tashtoo
    As I've always heard pop
    Or just call it by it's name like Coke, Pepsi or whatever else that is over the top

    While you do have a bunny
    And you proved here you can come back in rhyme and be quite funny
    So whats to say you don't mock the rabbit
    And picked up a hopping around habit..hahaha

  46. Chicken nuggets and apple juice.
    You could live at McDonalds and have fun, too!
    Cause I bet they never run out of your favorites
    You can always eat there and savor it!

    So no toast, I remember
    What's for breakfast January through December?

  47. Yeah Mcdonalds is kind if ick
    As a kid it was fun but now I just look at it and get sick
    Plus you never know if you'll find a toe
    Or finger in your meal to go..LOL

    Lets see Breakfast is Chicken nuggets every day
    Then lunch is a big old nothing I must say
    Then for supper it's chicken, corn, carrots and bacon
    Yes I know a bit backwards the stuff I could be makin
    Then just apple juice is all I drink
    And I can't leave the dishes in the sink
    So I wash them when I'm done
    Or Orlin will take a fork and spoon, think he has a great toy and off he'll run

  48. So Orlin plays with silverware
    And Cassie just sits and stares?

    And your supper sounds delish...
    but I thought cats loved fish!


  49. Oh Savannahs will eat any kind of meat
    If I bring the groceries in and drop them at my feet
    He will make a quick dash
    Not being the least bit rash
    Take a frozen chicken or steak from my bag
    And run down the hall with it in his mouth like it's a rag
    He even tried to eat a frozen one once too
    He really makes this little hole of mine a zoo
    Cassie does just stare
    Thinking he's nut with little

  50. The epic poet of the land of blog
    Whose posts shine through the background fog
    I like your work, 'cause it's so fine
    .... Oh why can't I ever think of a last line.

  51. Alan came back to rhyme time land
    I've got to give him a hand
    For the double dip
    But you need no tip
    As the Silver Fox stated
    You made a last line and it wasn't dated