Sunday, April 10, 2011

Came Up With a Plan, Are You a Fan?

Well, see right again, take that My Five Men, that was a fast plug, Betsy can now lift her mug, as the cat gave her a compliment in the comments below, oh how I am sinking to a new low. Any way lots to go on about today, as I sit and rant and play. Firstly Scott from Halloween365247 became one of the newest acts, to join the facts. So he deserves a big plug from the cat and probably one from Pat. Oh wait look I just did that, but I would move on and scat. But can't as mean old Tashtoo, must be in a stew. For poor Scott followed her and she didn't follow back burrrr. Yeah she could be cold, but if I may be so bold. She has been posting up a storm, kind of out of the norm, as I can't keep up some days, with all your posting many different ways. Even friggin sequels are being done, but it's always such fun. To visit the Tales of Tashtoo, look another plug for you.

So another big thanks to Scott and if you need to be taught, he left a testimonial too, just in case you didn't believe the ones from Lanie and Tashtoo. Also one more thing to do with the facts before I move on, to a different part of my lawn. There is a new act and that is a fact, under the acts that help the facts. So give Dave a look, as he has a great note reading book. Helping all on the music scene, by teaching all  to read music notes whether an old fart or teen. Oh Fox don't get offended, I wasn't directly referencing you when I recommended. So what has he done? I'll just wait until he's completed his task to share all the fun. Now let's see about this plan and if you are not a fan, blame Betsy because she put the idea in my head, one night right before bed.

The Plan

The Mission

With all the rising costs of everything now a days, thanks to gas causing things to sky rocket in many different ways, Betsy suggested we rob a bank, to fill the gas tank. But that would be a bit too hard to get done, as effort it would take a ton and it be way to easy to get caught, so this is what the cat thought.

Instead of the bank, for which we'd need an actual tank, we'd go for the armored car, lowering the bar. As it could be taken in the alley or outside some little valley. Plus with a lot less ease, than a bank with all its fees. So that's the mission we all will partake, then dump any evidence in a big lake.

The Tools

First thing we'd have to do is get the tools, as we wouldn't want to look like fools. So Brian from WaystationOne would be in charge of getting this done. As he rubbed elbows with Jack Bauer, so he has the push and the power. We'd need masks of course, as even if we show remorse, we wouldn't want our face, to be seen anywhere or any place. Then some bullet proof vests would be nice, incase things go wrong and we get shot once or twice. Something hard to break the glass window on the side, doesn't have to be big or wide and finally some gas to pump in just incase they won't come out, then on that note, we might need something to pry off the door and pick their keys up off the floor. So there you go Brian that is your task, if you have any questions just ask.

The Scout

The Lair of Silver Fox will be bare on this day, as he won't be writing fiction or at play. For he will be out on Rhyme Time Road, that is the best spot for this to take place I've been told. He will make sure the road stays clear, so no one runs in the way out of fear. Then when it is time, I'll send him a chime and he'll throw some spikes across the road, stopping the armored car from moving in any type of mode. But make sure they are good and sharp, as that I must harp, as we wouldn't want them to be able to keep going, that would ruin our whole little showing. Then quickly yank them back, as the come to a halt because of our spike attack.

The Distractions

Then when they get out to look what's going on, that's when the distraction will spawn. Valerie will be off in the distance yelling with her daughter making a scene, each pretending to be so mean, as they fight over who gets to read the cats blog first, each causing quite the burst. Then Natasha will strut right up, with her fancy real estate cup, offering them a tour of a nearby house, being much louder than a mouse. The Fox will also come out of hiding and waltz on by, giving them a quick poke to the eye, yelling at them for not using proper grammer, even threatening them with a hammer. Lanie will then come and bring Sophie for a walk, as people always like to stop and talk, about everyone's mutt, plus Sophie can sniff a butt, distracting them some more, as we pull of our criminal tour. Then to top it all off Brian will come on down, wearing that awful looking gown. That will have them looking ten different places, keeping them from looking at what's really going on with their faces.

The Theft

After Brian runs on by, he'll finally rip off that gown and let it die. Then whistle for his twin to come out of the bush, might even give her a slap on the tush, whoops got Brian confused with the Fox, yes Brian will have on more than socks. So being the repo people they are, Brian and Betsy will break into the armored car, doing it quite fast, as their knowledge is vast. Then they will chuck the bags in the grass, well I wiggle my little ass, chucking a bunch of fake bags back their way, which they replace and have stay. Then they'll close the door like they were never there and jump in the bush watching with an evil glare.

In the mean while Natasha being the country bumpkin that she is, offers to help fix their tires as she is a whiz. After each one is done she'll roll them to the back and the three of us will fill them like they are one big sack. Fill them with the money bags I mean, as we can't just walk down the road with that kind of green. The Fox will also try and help, but then give a yelp, pretending his back gave out, whining a bit every time they look about, keeping them distracted just in case, we need a bit more time to get things in place.

The Finish

DeeDee will be a few yards down the way, dressed in a garbage woman looking way, driving the truck and all, waiting on our call. Then when the tires are all fixed and they are ready to go, she will come down the road not fast, but not slow. As we wouldn't want to draw any undue attention, adding another dimension. Then she will offer to take the old tires and recycle them or burn them in fires. The guard will shrug and help her pull and tug, loading our hidden stash, of all that cash, in the garbage truck for us, with all that we could buy a huge bus. Then Natasha and the Fox will wave goodbye, everyone else will wait until they are far out of our eye, then jump out and cheer, with no more fear, as we've now all become rich and each can be a stuck up son of a bitch. Then we'll split it and be on our way and hopefully rich we will stay.


If it gets pulled off without a hitch, the equipment will stay hidden in a ditch. But there is always the element of chance, so we might have to change our dance, meaning Brian, Betsy and the Cat, would have to throw on a mask, vest and maybe get a bat. Then gas them out, using the stuff Brian ran about and collected just in case, against time we must race. Plus we always have Sophie to bite their heels, in case we can't spike their wheels. So we will have a plan B and a plan C, as you will see, so trust in me.

Then the distractions would all stay in place, never showing their face. If for some reason if gets screwed up in the middle, just start singing hey diddle diddle and act all scared as we threaten, like death is what your gettin. Of course we'd have to consult Who's Afriad Of Alfred Hitcock for a few tips, as DeeDee has seen all the films and read all the lips. So something there could come into play, if an unknown element screws up the plan on this faithful day.


So set your watch rhyming flock, as we countdown going tick tock. For this faithful venture will take place, when the clock is staring you in the face, at three past the five, we'll take this dive. On the day that is bright and we are at full might, the day will also end in y, don't worry this will work we won't die. The month will be somewhere near the end, as we round this great bend. We will do this in the year, that has five digits you hear? So now you know when this will all go down, lets get to work so we can have enough money to buy a town.

Don't you just love the ideas you put in my head, Betsy I think I went a tad overboard on what you said. Maybe I should just stick to the cup I suggest you think? As my lunacy might have hit the brink. But I can come up with pretty good plans, plus I have a few new fans. One being Mr. Knapp, who fell into my rhyming trap. Oh and he said he needed a pill, after reading everything from my rhyming hill..LOL.

So I think I've touched on everything for the day, now back to the facts I go to play, as I'm almost done getting the ads seen by more, then I can rhyme longer at my rhyming shore. What this is long enough you say? Well I guess you'll just have to keep coming back my way, as you might see something longer, not saying it will be stronger. Or maybe I'll just post a short blub, that could distrub, hahahaha who am I kidding right? I never shut up with my rhyming might. So I will rhyme a long time out to my rhyming mass and continue to be a litte rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh heavens!
    This is like Oceans Eleven!

  2. Well, Silver is going to laugh when you want him to be a naked fox
    People will craash their cars as they swerve to gawk
    So no spike strips will be needed
    As for his clothes he pleaded!

  3. Well, Cat, that is certainly a wild plan
    I hope we can pull it off and take that van
    Full of tons of cash so we
    can live on a sandy island in luxury!
    See, your background is incentive
    To pull this off we'll be attentive!

    and where is everybody tonight?
    three is being hoggish so I'm off to delight
    other bloggers with my insight!

  4. Hmmm Is there really eleven
    Or is it more around seven
    I'm to lazy to count
    The amount

    hahahahaha I meant his lair would be bare
    Not that he'd run around naked with his grey hair
    hmmmm could someone be thinking in the gutter
    Or maybe it was because of my stutter
    Fox I think you being a flirt
    Has got her mind really in the dirt..LOL

  5. hehe, you can count on me
    though the feds are probably already well read
    on your plan, dang the man, but he'll never guess my masks, since thats my tasks, and all, oh well. thinking with the new movies, smurf masks might be groovy, paint ourselves blue and sing their dang la-la-la song to really screw with the minds of the tellers, there are plenty to choose from for the fellers, tash and betsy will have to fight over smurfette, not sure who to put my bet on you know, but might be a good show, all this to say i am in, let the fun begin!

  6. You posted while I was commenting back
    With my usual rhyming attack
    Yes the beach is a nice incentive to pull off the plan
    So I guess you're a fan
    Don't know if I'd want to share an island with you
    You might make a zoo
    And stick this poor cat there
    But I now you wouldn't dare
    As I might bite and scratch
    Plus to my rhyming you are too attach

  7. Oh...the LAIR would be BARE?

    Sorry, my bad.
    Oh Silver will love that one. hee.

  8. Damn each time I do a comeback rhyme
    Some one else comes and gives a chime
    Yes smurfs singing would really mess with their head
    If you can sing good we might make them want to go to bed
    Then we could just take the money and run
    And everything would be done
    But if the movies really sucks
    Like someone swimming with ducks
    Then those masks but get us some backlash
    So you might want to think of a new mask to hide in your tools stash
    Oh and I hope the feds aren't on to us yet
    That would be awful to be met
    And surrounded by FBI
    Before Silver Fox could even poke the guy in the eye
    Oh he'd be Papa Smurf
    We'll let him own that turf

  9. Yes Silver will love that for sure
    You might want to lock you door
    As he might show up thinking his won you over
    Or send you a gift in the form of a butt sniffing

  10. Blue Man Group seems so much classier than Smurfs
    But if distraction is what we're after I'm on your turf.

  11. Um...hope Fox puts his clothes on first
    Cause bare at the door would be the worst

    Nugget wouldn't like Rover
    He'd run and take cover!

  12. Yes smurfs wouldn't be very classy
    Maybe we should get some masks of lassie
    Then we could bark at the guards
    They may take off running for yards
    Thinking we are nuts
    Or laugh and punch us in the guts

    Oh that image should be put in my head
    Why did you have to go and let that be read..LOL

    Nugget doesn't like dogs
    What about hogs
    Or pretty cats
    I'll give him some cushy mats

  13. Meant Shouldn't
    Typed fast so you couldn't
    Get ahead of me
    Now I will flee

  14. Aw, you just got flustered
    and typos were all you mustered!


    ok..sent Silver over to read
    and I'm off to bed, if you please.

  15. Hahaha that could have be it
    Look you caused me to have a fit

    Sounds like a good plan
    As off to bed I go with the cat clan

  16. (Hm. "at three past the five," "On the day that is bright," "the day will also end in y," "The month will be somewhere near the end," and "in the year that has five digits." Got it. Very clever! I'll be there!)

    The Fox, Betsy dear, will be wearing his pants,
    When he shows at your doorstep to make an advance.
    Oh, wait! Here I was, getting all kinds of stoked,
    But remembered your husband! Oops! I might get choked.
    As for the robbery, it's been well thought out.
    I can't wait to get rich, which we will, without doubt!

  17. Glad you could decipher the code I gave
    You must have some fancy equipment in that cave
    So we'll see you there
    As we steal enough money never to have another care

    Yes You'd have to be really sneaky
    If you show up for a hmmm
    Or you'll get choked and a good whack to the head
    Maybe even as good as dead

  18. That is a mighty fine plan
    I just hope you don't end up in the can
    doin' some outrageous time
    for committing such a heinous crime.
    Sorry (again) that I haven't been about
    life has been crazy, have no doubt
    thank you for all your comments so fine
    I like to read them while I dine.
    Now I'm off to read the previous post
    A rant it is, or so you boast.
    I always love me a good rant
    and no one will ever say I can't. :D

  19. Yes going to the klink
    For being a thieving fink
    Wouldn't be a very good ending to my plan
    Then I'd have to break out like that Prison Break man
    Then run far away
    And no longer be able to sit and play
    I knew you'd come back one of these times
    As you just miss my rhymes

  20. So what was all of that on my blog, Cat?
    Saying you're scared of me and quivering in your hat!
    Making my readers think I'm like Jason in a hockey mask
    With a chainsaw ready to give you a gash.
    No, I'm sweet as sweet can be!
    I wouldn't hurt a flea!
    And speaking of bugs,
    I'd be more likely to give you hugs
    than to invest you with gnats
    and make you scratch this and that
    and here and there
    and everywhere.

  21. hahaha I was just giving them some insight on your dirty deeds
    Letting them know where following you leads
    As on the outside you are all nice and sweet
    But at night is when you hit the beat
    Becoming Freddy in everyones head
    Well they try to get a good rest in bed
    See I can do horror references too
    And at the same time make fun of you
    Damn I'm just so clever
    And you are getting good too but don't ever
    Try to catch me
    As then I will make you flee
    But you killed the spider
    So you'd hurt a flea as that bug was wider
    So look you lied
    But at least your tried
    Keep you hugs
    As you squash bugs
    For that cat would run near and far
    To avoid the hugs and you finding my car..LOL

  22. I really think I must protest
    I'm not anything like you profess!
    Where did you get that idea anyway
    Because I could feel you were a comment away?

  23. hahaha yes look what your feeling did
    Made me run off in all different directions like the arms of a squid
    One good movie reference deserves one back
    But I know you can take any attack
    As protest all day
    As I rhyme and play
    For all is in fun
    And that is how it's done
    Oh and don't worry I'll cure your little gripe
    With the next post I type