Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coming Out of My Vent, If You Don't Like it Get Bent!

That's right scratch your eyes the regular rhyming flock, as you've come here to talk, expecting me to be hidden behind a mask, as I rhyme back at you all on task. But no longer will the cat remain hidden by some fairy tale cartoon, as now you meet the true loon. I would have said coming out the closet up top, but then Brian and Betsy would go to the gutter and I'd need to call a cop. So I save on the 911 fees and keep them from talking about the birds and the bees. PLUS I got to add Lanie's signature line and I know that is just fine.

As this time I give a big shout out to her, for she is the one that showed you my true fur. As Pat's crap was being a pain, so Lanie went and kicked away his cane, yeah I know mean right, but he didn't fight. As she just took the picture of me and did all of this you see. For now the cat has the world in his hands, taking over all the lands and even the sea, but I don't really want that for me. I'll let Betsy and Natasha fight over that, while I sit watching with my brand new hat. So if you don't follow Lanie's little soap box yet, do it without regret, or the cat will find you and send you to blogger jail, where you will remain no matter how much you wail. If you think I had a big head before, now I'm taking over the world at my shore. A bad Saturday morning cartoon villain I may remind you all off, but that won't stop me from giving you all a shove, when I take over the world with my rhymes and every one sits back having fun times.

Oh yeah and Pat will do it with the lets Face it Facts, as you can see the little logo down in the corner covering up some cracks, but I'm the main attraction here, spreading rhymes and sometimes fear. As some know they can't keep up with me, yet they still come to see, how well I can rhyme, all the friggin time.

Wow I have to calm down or some of you might form a lynch mob in town, then come after me with your sticks and stones, maybe even ice cream cones. But know you can never stop the cat, so just sit back and rhyme or chat. As all you can do is go with the flow but don't worry be happy don't you know. Natasha from the Tales of Tashtoo will like that, as she likes using song titles with the cat.

Oh yeah over at The Lair of Silver Fox, something smelled and it wasn't socks. Due to the word that rhymes with dire, but I'll leave you hanging on a wire, so you can go read, and I won't spoil the feed. As the Fox might break me knees, giving me hospital fees. Oh and Mr. Fox you might want to check out the latest post of the cats new follower Orlando from O'About That, as you two can chat, about all the things wrong with the english word, but I'm still going to use turd. I might have created a friendship there, to bad he's a guy and not a girl with long hair..hahahahaha. Rub it in I did, but I better put back on the lid or all potential flirts for the Fox, might never come back to my rhyming box. Wow Fox I went on a bit about you there, now I just need to plug you grey hair, ok now I'm done, on to more fun.

While I always have to give Betsy a shout, as she always fill my rhyming boat, with lots of little comeback rhymes of her own, as if you look at the comments below you will be shown. But she might be quite busy now, keeping Nugget who has the look of wow, from well ummm getting busy, with the new bunny in the yard throwing him into a tizzy. So now she has six men to watch like a hawk, I guess My Five Men might need to be changed until the other bunny takes a walk. Speaking of busy and tizzy, sounds like Brian is getting quite dizzy, giving people hell over at WaystationOne, which quite frankly should be done. Plus coming here and swearing up a storm, a little out of the norm, but so much fun and he did it a ton. I guess I'll have to try another word for word rhyme, down the road some time.

Of course I can't make Ocean Girl frown, as then she might no longer Live High and cause me to drown. Even if she did stroke Brian's ego a bit more, with him being a little comment ummmm ok whore. But of course we all love that, maybe Betsy a little more than the cat. As after all they are twins, riiiiiight and I have fins. Oh and DeeDee might meet a stranger on a train, telling them to come off me with a cane, if I don't tell ask you all Who is Afriad of Alfred Hitchcock, yeah I know you're a fine one to talk. You get scared of anything, but if you give Scott's site a ring, you might pee your pants because of some scary fake ants. Again talking to you, yes I know that's what you will do. What I'm hearing things you say, while maybe I should stop for today. But then my new follower Valerie might get mad, that she never got a shout from this lad, oh I just did that you say, while umm okay.

Bah I never know when to quit, so I will stay here and sit, for a second or two more, ok that's enough for now at this rhyming shore. So as Betsy takes her spoon, sticks on a tune and frolics through the green grass, I will forever remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Phew...I was worried
    Though someone might scurry
    In here before I got my Cheer!
    Not too often any more
    That I'm first on comment floor
    I must say I love the new
    Look in here that says it you
    Awesome job, Lanie my friend
    To see the real cat, not pretend
    So now I've been here, I've had my fun
    Now I'm off to Waystation One :)

  2. dude, nice picture of the cat
    rather dapper in the hat
    look its tash too
    even though i am second i wont boo
    i do comment alot
    but only on posts that are hot
    none that are not
    but here i will be
    as you will see...

  3. Wow! Look at this place. It's very bright.
    I had to find my shades even at night!
    I'll have to remember not to come visit when I have a headache creating
    As that background is a migraine-in-waiting! lol.
    So if we thought you were a smartass before
    From now on we'll be floored?
    See I told people to pop an Advil
    Before venturing over to your rhyming spree
    Down the street to bush number three. :)

  4. Hey Cat!

    Thanks for the shout!
    Sophie seconds my thanks, do doubt.

    I'm so glad you liked the work.
    And it did make you jerk,
    Away from the computer screen,
    And give out a big "it sucks" scream!

    LOL! In non-rhyming language: You rock! :)

    I know you don't like hugs
    Or bugs
    But what about rugs?
    Or thugs?
    Or mugs?

    So instead I'll give you a scratch on the back.
    You'll see it soon and think it's just whack.



  5. One fun and you were done
    Were you eating a hotdog bun
    Had to run
    To play in the sun

    But then you came back
    On the rhyme attack
    Even though you mentioned waystationone
    Ruining all my fun
    But I'm sure that will give Brian a kick
    Although I still might whack you with a stick
    Yes figured sense there were so many that come see
    I wouldn't want to use an image that wasn't me
    Or someone might have a fit
    So my fire was lit
    To change the fake cat
    And now the real one can sit and chat

    Awww so my posts are hot
    Or are you just sucking up all hot to trot
    Yes the cat likes to sit like that
    When he lies on the back of the chair pretending to be flat
    Gotta love the new hat
    And that you come to my welcome mat

    Aren't I just a headache all together
    No matter how bright or the
    Yes as now I rule the world slowly I guess
    With my big rhyming mess
    So smartass I will be even more
    Here at my rhyming shore
    But I'm sure you can take it quite well
    That I can tell
    Aww you remembered my bush
    But don't tell people shush
    They might come after me
    I wouldn't want them to see
    Me taking a pee
    On a tree
    Yes the background is bright
    Change it I might
    Just looking around
    To see what can be found

    Wow Lanie's was longer than all or yours
    Maybe Betsy was to busy with chores
    Oh Sophie likes the cat now
    That is just wow
    Least I don't have to worry about becoming dog food
    That'd be real rude
    No the work was really swell
    You do it really well
    I might not say suck
    Instead I'd say f***
    hahaha had to work that in there
    I know I'm no fair
    Non rhyming language is ok too
    Especially when YOU ROCK comes from you
    Rugs are fun when they slide
    Or I need a place to hide
    Thugs should be shot in the feet
    Then we'll never meet
    Mugs are fine
    But big glasses I prefer to use for mine
    Oh so you'll scratch my itch
    And won't call me a bitch
    Isn't that nice
    Maybe you'll do it twice

    Bye to all
    Until the next rhyming call

  6. P.S. Betsy that gave me a headache too
    While I sat there and rhymed back at all of you
    So now you can truly be at my rhyming shore
    As there is sand galore
    Plus it is a resort
    Where you come to retort
    Plus a giant litter box
    Don't worry there is a spot for you in the back dear Fox

  7. You like blue, don't you?
    Blue shirt on Pat
    Blue swirls on mat
    Blue skies above
    It's blue you love!

  8. I had to make it all match
    So I did get one big blue batch
    If I had it all different colors and such
    You'd point out how it was too much
    See can't satisfy you
    What can I do..LOL

  9. Oh, don't get your fur all in mats
    I didn't say I didn't like all of that.
    Besides, blue is my favorite color
    It's true..just ask my brother!

  10. So now we get to see the cat,
    Who's so much cuter than ol' Pat?
    He's less inclined to meow than bark!
    But on my screen, the hat's too dark.

    (Blends into the background. Just sayin'. Heh.)

  11. But if I try to unmat my fur
    A hairball might spur
    Would you like to see that
    Then it have to be cleaned up by poor Pat
    Blue is one of mine too
    God now I have something in common with you
    That can't be good
    So are you saying ask Brian I should?
    As he's supposedly your twin and all
    Maybe I'll give him a call

    Yes I know so much prettier than Pat
    He's just a dirty rat
    Wouldn't I be more inclined to meow than bark
    I suppose that could be a case with the dark
    But it will just make you look harder a bit
    But maybe I'll make it more lit

  12. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Oh! yeah, I'am back and I like your new header Of the "Cool Cat in the Hat!"
    Oh! yeah, I read what you said, about me in your rhyme and all I say is that is...fine.

    Now, it's time for me to go and Oh! yeah, there is something I want you to know I will cut you, some slack, but not when I come...BACK!

    DeeDee ;-D

  13. Sounds like Deedee is gonna flex her rhyming muscle!
    When she comments again we'll have to hustle
    And see her attack will be since she seemed to give you a warning!
    Sounds like it will be burning!
    See, she's learning!
    You love the spurning!
    It's a weird yearning
    That you have churning!

  14. While looks like DeeDee is really getting into this rhyming game
    And her rhymes are becoming less tame
    She may attack me all she wants with her rhyming fun
    But I'll have the last laugh before I'm done..haha
    So bring it on old Hitchcock lover
    As I'll make you run for cover..LOL

    Betsy that was pretty sad
    Not that is was bad
    But you realize you're starting to sound like me
    That might be your que to
    But you are addictied to my shore
    So you always come back for more
    Maybe one of these days you can do a guest segment in the blog
    When you're not busy with your

  15. Starting to sound like you?
    Well, you must think I'm pretty good!
    Because, of course you think you're the best
    And all this rhyming jest.
    So I'll take that as a compliment
    And I have it writing to document
    That you gave me a nice little token
    And you weren't jokin'
    When you were so outspoken!
    So now we rhyme and love the color blue
    Good thing I like you
    If I'm going to turn out
    Just like you, without a doubt
    So thank you, cat.
    I can't beat that!

  16. And I have it in writing to document, that is. :)

  17. Oh I can say I was drunk
    Or in a funk
    Then it won't count
    Or amount
    To anything of worth at all
    And I can watch you fall
    As I always win you see
    You can never beat me..LOL

    Turn out like me
    Oh damn time to run and flee
    That might not be good
    Run away you

    Do you have it in writing
    Or is in typing?
    hmmmm made you think
    have you hit the brink