Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going All Profound, To Gain Back Ground!

So after Cassie's abrupt interruption, causing all kinds of corruption, at my rhyming shore, I'll try not to let her do it anymore. But before I go and bore or cause you to lose faith in my rhyming lore, I will give you all a chill, for Brian it might be a thrill. As last time it made him swear a whole bunch, just don't choke if you are reading and eating lunch. So proving I'm better than that stuck up Cassie, the primp and so called proper lassie, Ha I just compared her to a mutt, that has to be a kick to the gut. So as I was saying, time for a second to stop playing, impressing the masses who come to read, at my little rhyming feed.


Force exerting all around
Coarse, hurting, fall drowned

Crushing shoulders from weight carried
Brushing boulders, numb state buried

Life closing in gasping for air
Knife imposing skin, grasping your glare

Kick and squirm your way back up top
Thick hand firm allure, stay smack closeup, nonstop

Light can be seen almost there
Bright span key, screen foremost, prayer

From an abyss comes simply more
Numb, plan miss, gums chilly, tore

Sinking, Sinking, trying that much more
Drinking, Drinking, lying flat such gore

Kicking, squirming, for one more breath
Sticking, confirming, your done for, death

Sinking, Sinking, yet you still try
Shrinking, Shrinking, wet, skew, will high

For hopes of rising above remain alive
More slopes thereof surprising , shove, strain, thrive

So there we go, I just know, I won you all back with that, forget the stuck up Cassie cat. Actually I think it made more sense than my last, plus this one came out rather fast. Must be because one and all feels like there is no end or some light around the bend, at one point or another, as things start to smother. So that just came out, as with before I picked the title and out came each note. So Brian remember this isn't WaystationOne, so you don't have to bleep out your swearing fun..haha...not like you did that with your latest post, something must have stirred up the host.

Orson what was that? Are you name calling this cat? Oh wait that was Cassie from behind my back, I guess the female voice she must lack. So as you stay in The Lair of Silver Fox, why don't you go put some holes in his socks? Take it from me it can be quite fun, as a time or two it has been done, to poor old Pat, by this rhyming wild cat. Heck I take the toilet paper off the roll and for quite the stoll, stretching it all around the place, while making a funny face. Pat chases me away and then wraps me up in the stuff to my dismay, I just wanted to play, I'm not the one who has to pay.

Oh it sucks to have no internet, at least that is what I'd bet, as poor old Natasha hasn't been seen, good thing as Cassie was a little mean. No new posts at the Tales of Tashtoo either which must cause her distress, she just must be in a rhyming mess. Unable to come here and rhyme or even post elsewhere wasting some time. Then there is Raven who is kind of slow, but you know how things go. Life gets in the way, but she comes to play. Even if the comment is on an older one, at least she gets it done. Wait maybe she tries to be late, so you all can't see the rhyme she leaves at my gate. Oh she could be a closet rhymer, pretending to be a ghost like Slimer. Ok that was a bad comparison, I hope I don't going embarrassing.

Who have I forgot, some silly mutt? No, but I just can't remember her name, as she doesn't have my type of fame. Hmmm Bobby, Billy, Berla, Batsy, Betsy oh now I remember, how could I forget my usual rhyming member. Oh that's right when I saw the sheep last night at My Five Men, for which she made way more than ten, Pat looked over my shoulder chiming in my ear, no sorry Betsy it wasn't to give a cheer. As he had the hiccups for at least thirty minutes or so and I could hear him no matter where I tried to go. It kind of gave me a scare too, as I jumped when he came near me hiccuping two by two. Oh it must suck to get those, I'm a cat so never have to know how that goes.

There I went all profound, didn't treat anyone like a hound, showing Cassie up in fifty ways, like she could best me on her best days. Plus you all got a plug, no I didn't say hug, keep that to yourself or I'll ban you from my rhyming shelf. Also you know I had to give you one, as I needed as easy link to follow when I want to go read your fun. See alterior motives I have as well, but I don't think that will send me to hell. So now I must get off, as Pat is beginning to scoff. Yes he can be clever, but as good as me never. So don't give me no sass, as I'll always be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. And so you give, a second time,
    A post where each word tends to rhyme
    With what is in the previous line.
    And once again, it came out fine.

    And here's a challenge for any who wish to take it: Wherever possible, DO NOT use "rhyme" and "time" as rhymes for each other (as I did, above)! It's too easy. We're all getting lazy. ;-)

  2. ha i can drop the bombs when i need, just need the right seed you know, so if its swearing you want, no need to taunt, yo shit is whack, flow tightern'a load'a smack, fo shizzel, with mfing pretzels, and mustard, no turd, word, see wut i sayin, i aint playin dawg!

  3. mac daddy
    roll me a fatty
    cause i numero uno
    catch up soon yo

  4. And now, our Brian starts to rap?
    His talents once again are tapped.
    There are several layers here,
    And Brian shows them, without fear!

  5. Yes Fox I can admit
    That within my rhyming fit
    I tend to use time and rhyme
    As do most when they chime
    I will try to be more sublime
    And not sound like I'm sucking on a lime
    As I wouldn't want to become a slime
    For I know I am in my prime
    So I will go through the muck and grime
    Dropping a rhyme worth more than a dime
    Be of higher class than a mime
    Trying not to cause a crime
    As this rhyming tree I climb

    How was that?
    Much better from the cat?

    hahahaha ok I guess you can swear when you like
    Especailly when a taunt getting you on that bike
    That's one thing I don't know if I can do
    Talk in the slang like you
    I suppose one day I can try
    Heck I'd probably poke myself in the eye
    But I can swear straight up in your face
    Leaving quite an ugly trace

    That was whack
    My dog on the attack
    Ok I'll stop before it gets worse
    Then everyone might curse...lol

    Yes he has no fear
    The layers make me peer
    Trying to comprehend some of the slang
    Why can't we just use dang...lol

  6. I loved the drowning poem!
    When you want, you can really show 'em!
    I think we've all felt like that
    in a dark tunnel with a bat
    and no light at the end
    to encourage us to win.

    I think you should give Cassie a second chance!
    Tell her no potty mouth. She should be a lady with class!

    She sure is pretty
    It'd be a pitty
    for such a kitty
    to act like a ditty
    and not be witty
    and talk all sh*tty!


    And what's this forgetting my name????

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Orlin, give this little hiccup cure to Pat...

    As soon as you start the hiccups, raise your arms above your head and stretch up as far as you can, arching your back. You can be sitting or standing. Hold that position for a few seconds. The idea is to stretch your diaphram, which is having spasms.

    Yes, he'll thank me. :)
    I'm just nice like that.

  9. Yes with the facts site
    Pat has surely been out of the light
    Drowning in everything from here and there
    To every friggin where
    Oh you have a potty mouth too
    Guess maybe a twin to Brian are you
    Yes I can show them quite well
    When I really want to stop and go profound for a spell
    Cassie will probably steal my thunder at some other point
    The priss wouldn't want to do it to much as her nose might go out of joint
    Yes she is pretty enough I guess
    Plus right now she is out of that sleeper mess
    So one happy kitty I must say
    Running about all day
    I guess you forgetting mine just caught on
    Sorry I won't forget next time Dawn
    Whoops there I go once more
    Remembering your name is such a chore..LOL

    Oh you messed up with that one
    Or did Blogger be dumb and made you post twice when you were done
    Did it to me at yours
    When I was taking the tours

    I know he tried all other methods to no avail
    But never heard of that tale
    So next time they come
    He'll stand and stretch his arms and bum
    If it works he will thank
    If not he'll let me play a prank

  10. Nice poem - wow

    What's new pussycat?

  11. Damn forgot all about you
    What have you been up to
    But now back has come Mary
    To be quite contrary
    Using song lyrics as well
    Aren't you being swell

  12. Back home from the auction work!
    Did anyone miss me as I wasn't here to lurk?
    Hope you didn't have too much fun
    while I was gone auctioning guns
    and all kinds of gadgets and tools,
    mowers and tractors without the mules.

    Yes, you'll thank me for the hiccup secret.
    At least you don't have to hold your breath until you're as blue as an egret!
    It's s nifty little tip
    and you won't have to drink liquids til you throw a fit!

    When I get the hiccups they are really quite loud
    and it's enough to draw a crowd!
    I could never make them stop
    not even by doing a bunny hop.
    Not lady-like at all and I sound like a goose
    so I had to find a cure that was better than a noose!

    So I found this is a nifty little cure!
    And it will help. Of that I am sure!

  13. Geez you had a lot to say
    I guess you were going through rhyme withdraw well out in the hay
    Auctioning tools and tractors must be neat
    Yeah I'm sure going out and doing that would make one beat
    Especailly listening to that chant
    Deciding whether or not if it's a rant

    Yeah the holding breath never worked at all
    Liquids just made me feel more blouted and less tall
    The ones that hurt really suck
    The ones that don't are as loud as a duck
    Thought I was going to say you know what
    Nope not the bad word for butt
    So next time I get them which I hope isn't soon
    I'll strench really tall like a rising balloon

    Oh and have fun hovering above the john
    On some poor persons lawn...LOL

  14. Rhyme withdrawl?
    Yes, I missed you all. :)

    No portajohn for me today!
    I drank nothing to stay that way.
    I figured with the wind and rain
    it was a chance I was not willing to play.
    Wouldn't want to be in or around
    if the wind picked it off the ground.

    But I used a ton of hand sanitizer
    after touching all those driver's
    (licenses, that is)
    and people's money, honey.
    Talk about bacteria
    Enough to cause hysteria!

    But mud was the real problem today
    come to my post and you'll see my dismay.

  15. Bah you can admit it to me
    You didn't miss Brian at all well you stayed under that tree
    But I won't tell
    Unless they try and drag me to hell..lol

    hahahaha now that would be quite funny
    And I'd even pay some money
    To watch you get blown away in a port a pottie
    Oh aren't I naughty
    Yes I'd do that with all the germs too
    Ummm tad slow I already came and visited you..haha

  16. I think we were on each other's blogs at the same time again. ha.

  17. haha yes it would seem that way
    It's seems we do that every other day

  18. yep...and sometimes I can predict when you are there and say hello before you say so! ha.

  19. Could you use your prediction skills and tell me the lottery numbers pretty please
    I promise I will no longer tease
    Plus give you a cut
    Enough to make you almost as rich as king tut

  20. hahaha...oh, NOW you want to be all nice and sweet. :)

  21. Oh so you don't use your skills for profit
    What you don't want to become known has some great prophet