Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's all Lanie's Fault, Just Remember She Opened This Vault!

Yes Tashtoo this time I can't blame you or pick on the Fox or even blame Betsy and make her smile when I say something about socks. For this little venture Lanie brought on, when she got on her soap box and sang a little song. About this guy who wears green and jump around making a scene. It was so funny I had to get something done, if not for anything than to have some fun. So the voice of course you've heard before, but you'll never guess what's in store. As you watch this new little diddy, that might make you laugh and get all giddy. Or I can see how it would also seem strange, for those who are uptight and have no range. But it was to funny to pass up, so I tip my cup, to the man in the green movie suit, for giving facts a toot. Yes I admit its a strange way to promote, but hey it might help fill the boat. Or just be good for a laugh, as you think what he might do with that pool staff.

So if you come to my place and get a strange look on your face, know that you can go do what the last two words in my about states or open the gates and give Lanie's Blog a visit too, where she will tell you, if you don't like it get bent and that is exactly what she meant.

But I'm sure anyone who comes here to spread some cheer, will definitely find this fun, unless Betsy doesn't watch and has to run. As she did last time when she got confused and thought I used, my voice for this thing, when really I don't have the stuff to bring these types of videos to you, yes I know oh poo. So Betsy and maybe Brian as he may get confused a bit, don't go and have a fit. That isn't me in the suit, I don't even have a green boot. Plus I'm not that tall, so don't give me a call, as I can't prance around in green, although I'd say he's a bit late for the St. Patrick's day scene.

There I've had my fun, now what to do before I'm done. Oh yes Brian from WaystationOne, came and went all Cinderella in the comments on the last one. Then he made me come back with Hakuna Matata and such, going a bit Disney to much. Plus Natasha from the old Tales of Tashtoo, started something in thanks to you. That's right Mr. Fox I'm pointing at your box, or rather The Lair of Silver Fox his little secret place, where you can go talk back and he'll never disgrace. As the two of them started something there, using song titles to rhyme with flare. So I figured I may as well give it a try, as I'm a clever guy.

But before I scat, I wouldn't want Mary to fall flat, as she missed that one when responding to the Cat or maybe it was Pat. Oh and Betsy how can I forget you, as thanks to a post or two, I made My Five Men the next rhyming place, as you can see more than a trace, of rhymes from all over the net and it's a safe bet, that the cat started all of this, wait was that a hiss? Oh don't be so sad, you know you like the cat or at least this Pat lad. So a rhyme here and there won't hurt, as even Brian gives a spurt. Also isn't it great how I just work those shouts into casual conversation, not causing any intimidation but maybe a little contemplation and giving your stats some escalation. Oh big words for me, I'll go back to rhyming pee, now you will see, what songs I can think of before I flee

Are you on the Highway to Hell
I'll Never Tell
As I Put a Spell on You
But Hey Hey What Can I Do
As now you Swing on a Star
Side by Side going far
As The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
And you'll Twist and Shout too

Or maybe you'll go Waltzing Matilda instead
Or If You're Going Through Hell you might want to go to bed
Than again Dude Looks Like a Lady could apply to Brian and his gown
Or The Boys are Back in Town
But You Are Still the One
Even if Janie's Got a Gun
I'll still do it My Way
Whether you give some Respect and stay
Or have Fun Fun Fun
Because of Run Red Run

Yakkity Yak don't talk back
That's right Run Around Sue cut me some slack
As you go Zero to Hero sometime soon
Or go out in a Blaze of Glory at high noon
Then you can do the Jailhouse Rock
For Kung Foo Fighting breaking the lock
Being all Bad to the Bone
As your were Once Bitten Twice Shy by the phone
For you said Roll Over Beethoven but he just stared
As you felt Cubically Contained like no one cared

As It's Hip to be Square
For Rockin Robin has a nice lair
And I've Got Friends in Low Places
With Great Balls of Fire that will delight your faces
For in the California Sun
Your Shout has just begun
As you have Nowhere to Run
Doing the Neutron Dance under the sun
For you Walk Like a Man
But had to much Tequila and had to go to the can
Then you just said Gimme Some Lovin to a girl
And they sang YMCA which made your head twirl

For it was a Secret Agent Man
Who Whiomeh in the jungle because they needed a tan
Then you went to work and told them To Take This Job and Shove it
For Jerimiah Had a Bullfrog and you had a fit
So Splish Splash you went home and had a bath
As Dowadiddy made you suffer her wrath
By bringing in Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Causing you to Stir it up and give him a frown
Then you said Hit the Road Jack
As you were Movin On so cut him some slack
For it was the Eye of the Tiger you see
Or maybe Cotten Eyed Joe who you hired for a fee
Because Bit By Bit you wanted to go
On a Holiday and visit a show
It was on Copper Head Road
Where you found you Can't Stop Rocking as you carried your load
Getting to the Island in the Sun
Where you Won't Back Down and just wanted to have some fun.
That's My Story and I'm Sticking to it
And if your after the Money Honey just get!

Damn that went on longer than I had planned to, some might not be known be you, heck I just remembered the titles to some, could have used Old Black Rum. Ok enough with each song, but if you think that was long, movies I could sit for hours and do, I'd only stop to use the loo. That is pretty sad, probably more than a tad. But I guess I know a little about a lot and a lot about a little yet just can't play the fiddle. Isn't that how that saying goes, heck maybe I'll leave it to the pros. Oh wait no one can rhyme better than me and I do it for free. Oh I think my head just got bigger by a bit, so until my next fire is lit. I will let you watch the green mass, as I go on being a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh. My. Word. :)

    Well, I have to say I'm glad that isn't you in the green suit. Because that thing didn't leave much to the imagination. Just sayin.

    And the post with song titles was just awesome! Can't believe you did that on the run! And I loved it because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. :)

    emailed you straight on the this time. If you didn't get that, then you email's in my profile.

  2. Betsy beat me to this post.
    (She's such a doll, that girl's the most!)
    I wondered if you knew those songs
    Or merely strung us all along!

  3. hahaha yeah what you see it what you well see
    And I'm also glad that isn't me
    But hey maybe it gave you a thrill
    And you didn't completely stick to the rhyming drill
    Shame on you
    But it doesn't bother me what kind of response you do
    I forgot about girls just want to have fun
    Maybe a sequel will have to be done
    Yep I got it that time
    As you were using the email in the rhyme
    That one I kind of just ignore the junk
    As most of it is viagra and crap from some scammy punk
    Had my scared there I missed mail
    Through me off my rail
    At least now I know
    So on I go

  4. Oh no I know each and every one
    I just wanted to see how many I could remember and rhyme for fun
    Although I admit
    And don't have a fit
    Most of my songs on my list
    Come from movies I hear the words and get the gist
    Then I go find the ones I want to listen too
    And that is generally what I do

  5. I know my rhyme wasn't too cool
    I think I was flustered by that green ghoul.
    Still, your song rhyme was impressive
    And not the least bit excessive.
    I have to say you stopped saying socks
    and about them being knocked off.
    Now I've noticed you can't quit
    when you talk about having a fit.

  6. Of coures you'd be the one
    To notice when I'm on a run
    Using the same word multiple times
    When I come up with my rhymes
    While next time I'll remember that
    And blame it on poor Pat
    If it happens again you see
    Maybe I'll just talk about a tree

    Flustered were you
    hahahahahahahaha what that made it all worth the while to do

    Yeah the song one would be small
    Compared to the movie one I'd have going down the hall
    So I'll spare you all from that
    As you might want to whack be with a bat

  7. haha love all the song refs in you poem, you sure know how to show em', and that so it you all green like goo, dont be embarassed by your fetish, could be worse, you could be amorous with fish, glub, glub, bub, but anyway really the poem was tight, a great end cap to the night, but now off to sleep you wont hear a peep until the rooster crows, as your fame grows...

  8. I think if a rooster crowed near here
    It would have something to fear
    As the wild cat would eat it fast
    So the crowing wouldn't last
    The cat has growing fame
    Or so you claim
    The green guy was just for fun
    And to make Betsy run
    Yeah the music rhymes just kept coming out
    Guess I know I dont have to worry about a drought

  9. Well now, we've got a green "Man on the Run"
    A little weird...but lots of fun
    And as "Saturday Night's all Right for Fighting"
    Face it Facts is like "Grease Lightening"
    Now the "Son of a Preacher Man" you're certainly not
    but "Janie's got a Gun", do you think she'll get caught?
    If she "Walk This Way" I'll have my say
    I hear she's a "Crazy Bitch" hope the word won't make you twitch.
    But than again that's the "Hair of the Dog"
    I so prefer to have Cat's like you on my blog
    So please steer clear of "Yellow Submarine"
    And watch out for that man in green!
    Cause "My Michelle" landed in hell
    and in "My Darkest Hour" I will live to tell
    So I'm headed down to "Paradice City"
    Please have "Patience" my striped hat kitty
    For a "Stairway to Heaven" is what we're all looking for
    That will leave us all "Knockin on Heaven's Door"
    This song thing I think I will like
    As "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night"...
    And party everyday...yay!

  10. Oooh...Natasha is impressive too
    With the song titles rhyming as good as you!
    It's like a show-down
    for the best in town!

  11. While didn't you just go right to town
    Trying to one up this rhyming clown
    With each song title
    As I sat around idle
    That was very good too
    Even some new ones were used by you
    But then you used some of mine
    So don't Walk the Line
    As Another One Bites the Dust
    As Thunderstruck is how I leave you in my rhyming gust

    Don't egg her on
    Then she'll never be gone
    Then I'll have to come back at her as much as you
    And that would be hard to do
    Ok not really at all
    I just wanted to sit and stall
    Now back to the facts
    Gotta stay on the tracks

  12. We are the champions,my friends
    And we'll keep on rhyming till the end
    Just ask Suzie Q
    Cause it's what we do
    or Jumpin' Jack Flash
    He's got some class
    Incense and peppermints are all well and fine
    When you want to Break on Thru to the Other Side
    But when you truly desire to rhyme
    Just remember, I Walk the Line
    So watch out for that Burning Ring of Fire
    And please don't drown in My Heart's Desire
    Simply take these Broken Wings
    And Don't Damn Me cause I like to sing
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow on a Highway To Hell
    For Whom the Bell Tolls could be really swell
    So straight to you from Damage Inc
    I love this idea, don't cause it to sink
    So straight from my Heart Shaped Box
    Much thanks to you, Brian, Betsy and Fox!

  13. Oh that Rhyme Shook Me All Night Long
    Everybody Should Sing This Song
    Oh Hells Bells you went all Wizard of Oz
    But it was just an Itty Bitty clause
    Babaranne won't like that
    In your Surfing Safari you didn't thank the cat
    But I'll Let It Be
    As Most of All You like me
    For the Trail We Blaze
    Past Katmandu is 100,000 ads for people to gaze
    So Don't Worry Be Happy
    You and Me is a little sappy
    For I Am The One and Only
    Even if you Run Through The Jungle you won't be lonely
    As Betsy can go play with Run Around Sue
    The Fox is Hungry Like a Wolf too
    Brian and Scottie Doesn't Know
    Superman, oops I mean Pat must go

  14. Muse-less and useless
    here I sit.
    It's Monday morning and I feel like...poop!

  15. Geez that isn't a good way to be
    Hope the poop feeling goes away soon you see
    So then you can feel all better
    And be a go go getter
    With a new post here and there
    And I rhyme like you really