Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just for Brian I'll go Big, But I Won't Wear a Wig!

Refrigerator opening
Last laugh always
Incredibly quick witted
Nimble, naughty, rhyming cat.

Awww after she went and forgot my name, Betsy sucked up saying this which wasn't lame, about your host Orlin the cat, forget about stupid Pat. Yes I know it didn't rhyme, but she used such a big word in her cat suck up chime, that I suppose it could have been tough and maybe a little bit rough. But there is only one way to find out, so big words are what this post is about. I know it might be to Brian's delight, after his comment last night, it seems small things give him a complex, so now I will do a bit of a flex, rhyming the big words instead of fit, socks and turds. Letting Brian stand tall, even if some things seem small..hahahaha...oh you stepped right into that one, giving me lots of fun. I also have no idea where this will go, but on with the show. Be sure and blame Betsy from My Five Men, if you can't prounce each word that has more letters than ten. So know I will never fade and will always be here to gasconade.

So a certain member of the rhyming flock, likes to bathe her feet in the sink well her neighbor walks by to gock. Let's just hope her callipygian isn't seen or her husband might get mean and a bit cantankerous, resulting in something that is rancorous.

Then there are the Tales of Tashtoo which are anything but opuscule, unless you are a stubborn mule. Plus her tales sure aren't penultimate as Natasha always strives for the ultimate. Plus she is so coruscant and she'll never levant.

Now there is Orson and the Fox hiding out in his Silver Fox Lair, let's see how I fair. Well he has a beard like Saint Nicholas and maybe is a bit saxicolous. For me using big words is like speaking alien, as Silver would be the first one I'd expect to be sesquipedalian, which would be a quality that is idiosyncratic, as he doesn't like his words to be static. I also love how Orson is quite pertinacious and at the same time contumacious.

Oh and I can't forget Brian and WaystationOne, letting him miss out on all the big word fun. As his poetry is so harmonious and with comments he is never parsimonious, plus he is never too sanctimonious, that comment may cause him to be a bit But that is probably erroneous, as he knows my rhyming shore is unceremonious. I hope my little plug wasn't to circumlocution, I wouldn't want to be sited for word pollution.

Did you know Alan was a thief? Well I'm going to cause him some grief, as I guess he has the usufruct to his News From Nowhere duct. So he is quite unencumbered, but sorry by me your rhymes are outnumbered. But then no one can catch me so that doesn't make them in any way depreciated, for they are always appreciated.

Well now A Sun Kissed Life came for a visit too, as I was there to see you. But the first thing I saw was a mutt, but the mutt is cute so the cat won't be a nut. Just don't go sniffing to many callipygian not even if you are Egyptian. You can sniff what's her names though, as she forgot mine so her name I just don't

Even Orlando came to visit calling me fascinating, I guess it pays not to be procrastinating. He just makes my shore, seem that much cynosure and O' about that, his blog title rhymes with cat.

So you can't say I left you neglected, that I know you never suspected, but you might feel a bit abused and a tad used, after reading all these long words, when you're used to be dropping small little turds. I'll never forget to gasconade, as now that word has been laid, strategically in my brain, so I can use that at my rhyming lane. Anyway yes you are right I'm a sockdolager, that's even better than a proctologer. I'm definetly not magnanimous as I have nothing against running away and being pusillanimous. So there we go Betsy that's how it done, aren't I always such fun, showing everyone up at my shore and at least I try not to bore. I just got on a roll, as the big words took their toll and once again used all of you, next time I'll do something Well this time you couldn't even tell if I was crass, but I bet some are saying what a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha...i am feeling inflates already, but wont get too heady, need to go find a dictionary, perhaps a post next time in pictionary...word pullution from you never, each time better and better, if it was any more rich i would take it to the bank, thank you for the props, and quick returned stops, but the sun is a shining and i am headed out, aint no lying around the house today, on my way...

  2. Even your Google Ads seem to be impressed
    offering rhyming dictionaries at a price that is best!

    No, my acrostic didn't have a rhyme
    as the first letter spelling your name took most of my time!

    Don't be a pecksniffian when criticizing my words
    and don't be a blooter as that would be absurd!


  3. Betsy you let Brian beat you again
    Guess you were to busy with your five men..haha

    No probably glad I could inflate
    I guess my hot air isn't that irrate
    Pictionary I might have to give that a try
    Rhyming with pictures should be nice on the eye
    But be a tad hard to do
    Although I'm sure I could attempt it a time or two
    Nice and dark here
    So the crappy apartment I remain I fear

    You would be the one to notice that
    But your right the were impressed by the words of the cat
    Finding it hard to spell my name
    Bah at least you are somewhat good at the rhyming game..haha
    Oh big words too
    I had to look those up from you
    Yes I can be both at times
    But it doesn't mean it will stop my rhymes

  4. So Orlin, do you always have to hog the show?
    Why not let Cassie give it a go?
    Or is there some kind of sibling rivalry
    and we'd have to call the cavalry
    to break up a spat
    between you two cats
    if there was some friendly competition
    in the rhyming repetition?

  5. Hey diddle diddle
    The Cat and the fiddle
    I jumped over the moon
    Scared like the runaway spoon
    Just so that I could see
    What you be a teller
    About our Brian Miller

  6. Cassie is to stuck up I think
    She might cause you all to hit the brink
    But it would be quite funny to see what she had to say
    I might let her give it a go one day
    No idea is she can rhyme as good as me
    But I guess we shall see
    But don't blame me if miss priss
    Comes out with a hiss and a diss

    Oh using old ones to make a rhyme
    Hey at least you came to chime
    Making it a bit of your own
    As you wanted to see why I threw old Brian a bone

  7. A girl with an attitude?
    With her nose in a different altitude?
    Aww...well, it's not like we haven't met a girl like that before!
    Tell Queen Bee (or C) we want to hear what she has to say
    and maybe she'll come out to play!

  8. But you brought it on yourself
    You may soon want to put her back on the shelf
    Plus she's a bit pissed being in the sleeper and all
    Thanks to us playing and having a ball
    Leaving me scratching her pad
    Making her quite mad
    So it could be miss priss with he nose in the air
    Might come at you with a different rhyming flare

  9. Well, let her get all healed up before she makes her grand appearance
    Then we won't have to hide and give clearance
    When she arrives to give a piece of her mind
    Then she won't take a bite from our behinds! lol.

  10. hahaha she's had it on for 4 months now
    Yes that will wow
    As every time it comes off she bites it raw
    Not leaving alone the paw
    Has to be all clean
    As she is an ocd fein
    Can't have one single hair out of place
    You touch her and she'll give you a mean face
    Then go clean the spot you touched on her
    As you can't get your germy mitts on her fur
    Such a priss I'd say
    Once in a while she does play

  11. Poor cat.
    Although I can relate to that.
    I don't like any hair out of place either!
    And after give a handshake all I can think about is washing my hands after that greeter!

  12. Yes wish she wasn't in that stupid thing
    Especailly hope she's out after spring
    As it will be too hot
    But it hasn't healed fully yet no matter what has been bought

    hahahahahahahaha Pat is a closet germ freak
    As soon as someone shakes his hand he'll wash it for a week
    Okay maybe not that much
    But right after the touch
    When they look away and are out of sight
    You can bet he'll run to the sink and wash his hands day or night
    Opens doors with his sleeve too
    But has only been sick once in ten years so I guess it works and is true

  13. There's no 'closet' about my obsession.
    I just take out the hand sanitizer and use it with aggression!

  14. Sounds like What About Bob, huh? And no, don't start saying What About Betsy. lol.... I'm really not that bad... well, maybe just a little with the handshakes, etc.

  15. How do you know I have a beard? You're looking at a photo of Jerry Garcia.

    (WV is "stork???" Not bloody likely.)

  16. hahaha least you don't snap for a wipe like Monk
    Having a thousand stored away for use in a trunk
    What about Betsy hahahaha that I might have to use
    As it could amuse
    But yes I hear
    That the handshake germ stuff I fear
    Doesn't usually come about
    Because I give a nod and pretend my hand is lost in a moat.

    I just guessed from the photo as all
    As sometimes they relate to a person's real photo wall
    Plus it's what you use
    So it's what I'll abuse...haha

  17. Oh I love that idea of giving a nod
    but acting like your hand is buried in sod!
    OH, gosh I'm laughing so hard!
    what a great way to keep up your guard.
    and stay germ free
    which is the key!

  18. hahahaha I have lots of little tricks I use
    Even if I have to confuse
    To keep the germy people from touching me
    Sometimes if I know they are coming I flee
    Go to a different place in the office or where ever
    With germs I can be quite clever
    Or maybe just a nut
    Stuck in a germ free