Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make You Lose Your Screws, With Some Big News!

So today I have such a huge topic to discuss, I doubt it could fit on a bus. It will delight each and every one of you by the time the cat is through. So without delay, lets get to what I have to say…..grrr……..ummmm……awwwww…….stop……that……Paaaaaaat!

Cassie has control now, as I type you will all bow!

Look at this meek little brother of mine, acting like he’s all fine, when really he’s some imported half breed, if only Pat didn’t take those in, in need. All he’s good for is bait, for if someone opens the gate, I’ll send him out first to see if anything is there, if he survives and keeps all his hair, venture out for a bit I will go, if not at least I’ll know. But anything out there will spit him back, as fat he does lack. Plus he’s quite a mouthy cat, why do I talk in rhyme chat? Well to prove he’s no better than me, some big expensive cat and I was free. Yes Pat can be a moron like you all, so now I start to have a ball.

There that is all the plugs I’m going to give, as I don’t live and let live. I only plug those with class, it's just to bad none have as much as Cass. Yes that's me in case you are kind of slow, now lets see about those commenters below.

Betsy is a real class act, that has to be a fact, oh I delight myself so much, as toilet seats she will not touch, hovering about, trying to stay afloat, but then she loses her step and a little pep, as she falls right in with a splash and the germs all make a dash. But what do you expect from some one that uses a port a pottie, oh I'm so naughty, yet I'm still the one to be admired, next my publicist will be hired.

Country Bumpkin at her best, with such fire and zest, but with class she has nothing on me, so go now, flee. Look I didn't even mention her name, see I'm remaining some what tame. Then the poor Fox and Orson making quite the pair, although I like his black hair. But still it's all ruffled and matted, the Fox should be batted. But such class he just does not have like me, so watch and take a knee, looking up the skirts of married chicks, did you ever see any dicks? Oh I'm sorry such a dirty word you see, I don't know what came over me. Must be the company Orlin keeps, as he seems to find the classless by the heaps.

Brian at least won an award, yaaaaawwwwwn now I'm bored. Ocean girl? Really? You make my head twirl. Wanting be part of the ocean with all the dirty polluted water, may as well be cannon foughter. Alan is the nicest of the bunch, maybe with his trip he and Brian can do lunch, then Brian can show his award....yawwwwwn once again bored.

Hey don't touch me filthy cat, get away now..Paaaaat. I'm going to hit post before you can stop this and making all your fans hiss, driving them all away, so you can no longer play. Poor dear half breed, I'm just following your rhyming lead.

Hey that's not fair, I'll kill you I swear. Let go, stop running to and fro, get over here and let me knock you out your stupid cat, Paaaaat.

There I lost her for a second as I am just to fast, but I don't think my confusion will last, so I apoligize for Cassie the priss, if she made you all hiss. I'd delete it but I don't have the time, to do that and rhyme. Oh and my news it seems in all the fuss I forgot, Cassie just confused me talking about Betsy's butt, falling in the toilet as she tried to hover above, oh don't worry unlike her I mean it with a liitle love..hahaha So ignore the cat with supposed class and I will remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

(heck I can't post this at all my flock, they might sit and gock, I'll just delete it here and now, owwww.)

(like hell you will, let's give your flock a thrill.)

Paaaat, where you at?

(Here he comes, he's going to use his thumbs and stop this post, as you are never supposed to be the host. Betsy should have never brought that up, I'd rather share with a pup.)

click.......you....you.... dick.......(your post has been published have a nice day, now I'm going to cause you dismay)

Hey you two cut it out, don't make me shout!

(Half Breed)
(Priss with Greed)

(Wannabe Wild Cat)
(Annoying old Nat)

(Pat likes me more)
(Bah you're just an added chore)

Ok shut up you two, before I sell you to a zoo.

(Won't get much for her)
(Skin him and sell his fur)

Enough, Don't make me get rough!

(It's all your fault, you just should have stayed away from my rhyming vault)

(Is not, is not, is not)
(Is too, is too, is too you prissy snot)

is not, is too snot, is not, is too snot.......


  1. Cassie, you're one beautiful cat!
    Love you in that photo posing for Pat.
    But then, I'm sure you already knew
    how gorgeous you are and it's so true!

    We girls need to stick together
    Seems like we'll be outnumber here forever
    You with two men and me with my five
    They are lucky to be alive!

    Now, enough of all the potty talk
    As tomorrow I have an auction walk
    And it's out on a farm with a portajohn
    and I'd certainly need a magic wand
    to work 10 hours and not respond
    to any urges below
    that I really need to go.
    And just for the record, I've never fallen in
    Because that would just begin
    a major fit as bad as Orlin!

    So tell me Cassie, what's your favorite thing to eat?
    Do you stick to the Iams, Cat Chow or Meow Mix?
    Or do you cry for Pat's nuggets made from chix?

  2. Well I suppose you show some class
    For speaking so highly of the Cass
    Yes I already knew that
    As I'm the cream of the crop cat

    Yes outnumbered we may be
    But that shouldn't scare you or me
    As we show them whose boss
    Leaving Orlin for a loss

    Yes I suppose you wouldn't want to hold it in
    But I'm going to take a page from Orlin
    And say something like I guess that how it goes
    As you wouldn't want to hold it and well sitting hear there she blows...LOL

    Nah I get the good stuff with no additives and crap like that
    As I'm spoiled by Pat
    I'm not a pig like Orlin though
    So I eat a bit of chicken and then go
    Well he sits and gulps every bit down
    Even when it's gone and his gut is full he'll still frown
    Wanting more
    Sprinting across the floor

    (hey stop responding to the comments below)
    (make me my half breed little bro)

  3. Hey, what was in your spaghetti! Did you wash your hands before you eat??

  4. hahaha I don't eat that
    As it's not good for this cat
    But I always lick my paws
    and sharpen my claws

  5. hahaha, sorry you are bored with my award, i think you bear a nice coat, does a hairball hurt in your throat, that is what little siblings are for, the first to push through the door, to see if the monsters are there, so i can go somewhere else if they are. par & cat you are nuts but that whats keep us coming back for more.

  6. Yes nuts we are
    But we at least set a whole new bar
    Don't worry Cassie is just a priss
    Whether it be an award or the lottery she'd still hiss
    Also she had like ten hairballs the other day, no joke
    As the sleeper came off and she licked until I thought she would choke
    Yes the monsters can be scary
    So push out the little ones who know no better and think it's just a fairy..lol

  7. Uhhh, just to set the record straight... I did not say I partook in "looking up the skirts of married chicks," or any other "chicks." I did mention liking the thought of someone "hovering like a helicopter," but that was only in the sense of watching a human being act like a hummingbird. I'm not fourteen.

  8. Now Silver you know us cats are still young
    So we don't have quite the sophisicated tongue
    As we know the record you keep
    But that still doesn't mean we can't make fun a whole heap

    Look we typed at the same time
    And all in rhyme

    (get off me now half breed)
    (ewww was that you that peed)