Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Might Need a Fort, to Hide From Your Comment Retort!

While firstly I'm sitting here on a hard little cat scratcher thing because the cat jumped up and gave me a fling, more like a push, with her tush and took up all the room, basically telling me to get, now, come on zoom. So I let her have the chair and now I have to look up and stare, as well as type, about my little gripe.

So depending on what you like, you may want to smack me with a bike, for this little diddy, from the so called kitty. While you can go and blame it on good old Christine, at Vista Woman, as she told me to be mean. Or Ocean Girl told me to Live High so if you what to beat up this guy, I mean cat or maybe poor Pat, blame her too, just because the ocean is blue. Oh what was that? You never seen these ones before from the cat. While I guess that means they are new, here to rhyme with all of you. But lets see if they can keep up even a little, or resort to singing hey diddle diddle, then I might have to give them the boot, but I wouldn't want to mess up my new suit. Oh wait it's just a tie, so I guess I lie.

Anyway today or tonight where ever you are, either near or far, I am going to rant about the word sport, like what you do on a basketball court. As it seems that it has taken on a different meaning heck next there will be a sport for cleaning. I mean really how can you call darts a sport at all, you stand whether small or tall and throw sharp metal things, with a few little wings. Yeah that really causes you to sweat, shouldn't you at least have to put something in a net?

Then there is pool, yeah it may be cool, but a sport it is not, that I never bought, heck I consider golf more of a sport than that stuff, and I've always said that was more of a hobby oh don't get in a huff. I mean they even call cheese rolling or wife carrying a sport in some places, someone needs to slap their faces. Yet that's not even the best of all, how about I give this one a call, Ferret legging, no there is no begging. Two ferrets are dropped down ones pants, move about like ants and the winner is the one, who can stand them biting your nether regions the longest oh what fun.

Now I'm not saying most of these don't take skill, as that they all will. Except for some of the last I stated, as they should just be stamped and dated, then never mentioned ever, yes I mean never. But using the toilet takes skill, as does playing a videogame and getting a kill, as does typing fast on a keyboard, as does playing the correct note and chord, as does typing worthy rhymes, poems, stories and such, so if that crap can be a sport then why not just a touch. That's right touching someone should be a sport too, as that can be done by me and you. It takes skill to catch some people, as they might hide in a steeple. Then we'll use Betsy from My Five Men to track them down or Brian from WaystationOne will huff and puff and chase them all over town.

See look I made a new sport, in my little retort, it can be called Reach Out and Touch, that isn't too much. Heck digging a ditch will satisfying this itch, oh I bet you thought I'd say bitch, while now you got your wish miss witch. Who was I talking to is anyone's guess, as maybe that is another sport making heads or tales of my mess. Oh two new ones in one post, aren't I just the most. So now I'm done going down these tracks and that is simply the facts.

Speaking of the facts and all the great acts, did you see Betsy's new ad, she looks quite glad. Here it is once more, just click here to open the door. Anyway enough with the selfish plugs for Pat, as I should soon scat. But I have to say the latest post from The Lair of Silver Fox is quite the read, it may also plant a certain seed, some, as with here, may disagree, but as far as the opinion of me, the Fox isn't far off at all, in his little blog call.

Oh and the Tales of Tashtoo got all dire today, as stupid happenings lit a fire as she had her say. But she's right as it shouldn't happen and there should be no need to sit here rappin, about how much of a moron some parents can be, as I'm sure you all can see, some people should be sterilized and not allowed to reproduce, as they give out nothing but abuse, but Natasha went there, I won't ruffle any more hair. For I think I've done enough, as I'm sure I've made some of you go into a huff, but Christine told me to be mean, so that's what you get from my posting scene. Blame the noob, it could be easier to solve a rubix cube, then to read my long little chat, but you just so love the cat and maybe Pat, how about that?

Oh and Betsy I must say once more, you didn't trick me with your pic in my last comment tour. I saw it went in and out, as you came back to shout, meaning the picture was bigger in some and smaller the other times you'd come. So I caught you there, I know no fair. Anyway remember what's always greener some where else, i.e. grass and I will go on being a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The Fox is not a fan of "sports,"
    Except for times when he cavorts
    With lovely ladies whom he's met
    For real, and not just on the 'net!

  2. Basketball is my favorite sport.
    Football just makes me snort.
    Maybe it's because I used to cheer
    and then my son was a great player.

    Now if cleaning really were a sport I think I'd participate!
    House Cleaning in the Olympics? I can't wait!
    I'm pretty good, too
    And with a trainer, lets just see what I do!
    I'm sure there would still be ways to improve
    All of those dusting moves.
    Olympians train 8 hours a day
    and I do that much anyway!
    Or maybe it could be how far you jump
    over the great big laundry hump!
    Or seconds it takes to unload the dishwasher
    or shampoo your kids hair all in a lather.
    Boy I bet the competition would be tough!
    All the housewives in the world would think they were top stuff!
    I agree if darts are a sport,
    then housework deserves a special retort!

  3. I heard her Dad on the radio
    It broke my heart, I hope you know
    There was a time I was just like them
    Lived in darkness, had no friends
    But I made it through and they can too
    So tell me, Cat what can we do
    To help those poor kids really see
    That soon this phase will be history
    And tomorrow will be much, much brighter
    Putting an end to their dark nighter?

  4. Fox how did I know
    That was where you'd go
    hahaha was quite clever how you worked that in
    Maybe they can make a sport about that so you'd win

    Yes Basketball I used to play
    At least every other day
    Still do once in a while
    Swear sometimes it feels like I ran a mile
    Volleyball I play every week
    Football pffft I'd rather go take a leak
    Baseball I like but you need too many people to play
    And don't think I can round up that many people any way
    Those are the three
    That are or were played by me
    The rest I can do fine as well
    Hate soccer so that can go to hell
    I rarely watch them on tv though
    As out to play I'd rather go
    And movies take first crack on my tv
    I'm sure that you could see
    Yes cleaning I'm sure you could win
    But making that a sport would be a sin
    Then it can't be worse than darts
    Next you'll know they'll be a sport for farts

    Not quite sure what one can do
    Besides my suggestion of sterilize the idiots with brains of poo
    A lot of the time these idiots that need a smack
    Are making up for stuff they lack
    As when that phase is done
    They'll be the ones working at McDonald's who people will shun
    So what goes around does usually comes back around
    But still it doesn't block out the sound
    Of the here and now
    Especailly with all this socail network crap that is supposed to wow
    But really it just gives them a way to pick
    24/7 and be an even bigger dick
    I was left alone quite quick
    As if they tried to pick
    I either ignored them quite well
    Or they pushed and I'd pushed back..shhh don't tell
    But then still it wasn't as bad as it is now
    And some aren't able to brush stuff off coming from some cow
    Really I don't know how to get around it
    As people are different and they always seem to sit
    And pick on the easiet mark
    With their stupid bark
    Mainly if they are allowed to keep getting away with what they do
    It won't be stopped by me or you
    But then if you try to put a stop
    The ignorant parent will call a cop
    Saying you abused or some crap
    So it is just one big trap
    Best thing to do is I think make sure they talk
    And if any desperate signs are seen take them for a walk
    To someone who can help more
    But then in the end it's up to the person as it's their life shore
    Wow went on a bit there
    Guess maybe I do care

    Alright back to being an ass
    Or going out and digging in the

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. At my age, sadly, I'm not as limber,
    But I used to be Olympic timbre!

  7. By the way, Pat: "I'd rather go take a leak?"

    Only you, Pat, only you. Haha!

  8. hey sport, snort
    i rather like basketball
    though the championship
    game this year was lame
    they even had to hire fans
    to watch for uconn,a con
    yeah right, but i wont get
    up tight, it'll be alright
    football can be a sight
    i like to watch in person
    more than tv, too much of
    that makes me queasy, rots
    you brains they say, what brains?
    hey, well thats it today!

  9. Oh Fox were you trying to be sly
    With your first try
    Must have spelled something wrong is my guess
    As I know you like your words not to be in a mess

    Fox I know what you mean
    But if I wanted to make a scene
    I could really go to the gutter with that retort
    Instead I'll just laugh to myself, I don't snort

    hahaha glad I could make you smile
    With my rhyming style

    What Brains?
    Maybe they only come out when it rains
    You said it not me
    So I can say it with glee
    Yeah in person is way better I'd say too
    As watching the same commercials over and over bugs me to death how about you
    It only rots the brain if you watch that mind numbing reality crap
    That just makes me want to take a nap
    But then now a days things are getting quite lame
    I'll go get a head shot in a game

  10. Nope, just posted the same comment twice somehow, by accident.

  11. I didn't say for you to be an ass.
    I believe you have much more class.

    Now, about these sports.
    You have mentioned, all sorts.

    And I tend to agree with you
    What so you think of Kung Fu?

  12. Yeah it does that to me sometimes too
    Must be a blogger bug or something who knew
    Errr ummm knows
    But that's how it goes

    Oh you implied for me to show the meaner side
    Don't go getting all high and mighty in your stride..LOL
    Yes all sorts came to mind
    Some were left behind
    Kung Fu isn't a sport at all
    I don't even think that is what they call
    It by as it's martial arts
    See at least they have their own category unlike darts
    Or were you talking about the show
    The Legend Continues you know..haha

  13. Well (should have said 'while' just for you Pat)
    I'm back from the grocery store
    And I hope other people don't want more
    As I feel I bought all that they had
    To feed my strapping lads.
    Whoa, and the bill was a sight to behold
    I think need to invest in gold!
    Then to top off the pain in my purse
    I filled up my Jeep and that was the worst!
    $63 to fill up the tank!
    Maybe I should rob a bank!
    I'd probably meet Pat in jail
    as he'd be there to pay bail
    To get Cat released
    For getting a ticket when his manners decreased.
    Getting in trouble with the law
    for hitting someone with his paw.
    lol...I'm cracking myself up here
    Better go but I'll be back, dear.

  14. Regular Tom boy was I
    baseball, basketball, hockey but, sigh...
    That all went to pot years ago
    Now I'm simply old and slow
    Occasionally still like to play
    But it's oh so painful the next day.
    So instead I grab my pen
    Hide in the dark and write again
    The poet life is the life for me
    One day they'll notice, just wait and see! :)

  15. I'll be watching how I use that every day
    Hopefully I'll have in down pat by May
    Down pat, Pat, get it?
    I know lame but don't try to
    Yes I see some people always going with carts so full
    Like they are going to feed a bull
    At least you can build some muscle
    When you do the grocery shopping hussle..haha
    I'm sure the bill was scary
    The gas price is even more hairy
    As that never stops going up
    Maybe we should go out on a corner with a cup
    I'm in but lets not rob a bank
    As that would only work if you literally had a tank
    Lets go for the armored car
    As we can follow it near or far
    And then when they look the other way
    Run off with the cash and hide in some hay
    Yeah the cat would get verablly abusive
    If the cops tried to catch the elusive
    But I know where they sit and wait
    So even when I'm late
    I go slow there
    Because a $300 ticket I wouldn't want to bare
    Yes I see you had such fun
    And when you were done
    You called me dear
    Oh too nice I fear

    All went to pot
    hahahaha that I just caught
    Haven't heard that saying for a while
    You did it in great rhyming style
    Maybe you should play more
    Then you won't be so sore
    Or maybe it's mario that is making you sore
    As you try to find that chest locked behind that door
    To bad you couldn't stay in the dark
    And stop with the real estate bark
    Then you coud write more
    Coming up with all kinds of lore
    But alas as you say
    Have to pay the bills and banker every day
    So weary jobs it is for all
    Until the 100,000 hear the factinary call hahaha
    Now I go eat
    As Orlin is once again at my feet
    He tried to might my toe
    So I better go

  16. The armored car sounds like fun!
    I'll break the lock and you drive when we're on the run!
    I don't know about hiding in hay
    as my allergies might give us away
    With me rubbing my eyes and sneezing a lot
    Someone would hear me and we'd be sure to get shot!
    I agree a cup on the street wouldnt do
    We would want more than it could hold, me and you!
    We'd need bags of bills to pay for our stuff
    None of that nickle and dime fluff!

  17. I wonder why I keep coming back
    To see this Cat in Mr Pat
    I don't think I belong here
    With all these great commenters
    But it is fun to read and see
    How witty the minds can be.

  18. True with your past repo experience and all
    You know how to get in so that's a good call
    We'll wear a mask and gas them out
    Then they won't be able to cry or shout
    The when they pass out all nice and neat
    We'll leave them sleeping on the street
    Move the money bags to another automobile
    And get away with enough money to buy an island how would that feel
    But we'd have to make sure there were no cameras around
    And get rid of all the guns to be found
    As I really wouldn't want to get shot
    Or caught
    So hiding in hay won't do
    As I wouldn't want to be given away by you
    hahahaha yes that nickle and dime fluff wouldn't suffice
    We'd need enough money that we'd have to seek professional advice
    Not of the loonie kind of course
    Unless you feel guilty and have some kind of remorse
    But with all that money you could afford that too
    Heck you could even paint yourself blue

    Don't wonder to far you might get lost
    hahahahaha oh a joke at your cost
    Oh don't tell Betsy, Natasha or the Fox they are great
    Ignore the love and promote the hate
    It's so much more fun
    And makes them come back with rhymes by the ton
    Yes some minds are witty
    But others I kind of pity
    Whose I'll never tell
    Not even if you hit me with a spell
    So you know you are addicted
    And maybe a bit conflicted
    To the Cat
    Dear old Pat
    And all this rhyming chat
    That usually doesn't fall flat

  19. Hey... thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a footprint in my comment box!

    What a fun place to visit.... I think the Dr. would have enjoyed this site!