Friday, April 1, 2011

Mother Goose, Can Kiss My Caboose

While after all the crap I did today, I’m really going to just sit here and play. Don’t you just love how a one minute check over of a cat, costs more than an hour lawyer chat. Anyway her foot got lasered too, guess it helps who knew.

So I’m going to be really lazy tonight and act like a fool, don’t I always but at least I’m cool. Since today you are supposed to fool people for some reason, in some places that would probably be counted as treason. Ok now I am done, that’s it for today as I’ve had my fun………………………………..
Did you really believe that? Heck you know I never fall flat, as I like to chat and if I have to I bring in Pat. So don’t go and scat or I’ll hide you away in my hat. Then you’d be in a magic show, where you would pop out and go, tada I’m a bunny and earn us some money. Anyway like I said being simple today, as Mary caused me some dismay, making me think of all these damn nursery rhymes, I’ve heard a thousand times. So figured why not try something new, using all of you or at least the ones that commented below last time, for the others ignored and committed a crime. So I will shut my yap before I get whacked with a strap. Oh and the order is in who came first, guess it pays to be the one who got the first burst. Plus I ignored Pat and his corny acts and used his spot for the Facts.
Enter the Silver Fox Lair
If you dare
For he shows off his hair
But why should you care
For the next topic is always a mystery
As the Fox could drown you in history
Or rant about the written word
And your voice will always be heard

You can have lots of fun
Or become completely undone
For if you are mean get bent
And pay your rent
By answering the question of the week
Plus the banner is always getting a tweak
Just ask nice and she’ll show you some smut
That is tucked away but she got
Sophie won’t come to play
As she just runs away
And plays on her own
Maybe if you threw her a bone
But watch out for this soap box
As it might truly make you lose your socks

While now how can you ignore this award winner
Even if some days he upsets your dinner
As his words always ring true
Although some might not understand like you
Plus he always stays on track
And comments back like crack
So when looking for
What you know but expressed a bit more
WaystationOne will help you gets things done
Even through the eyes of one
Or both his sons
As expressive words he has tons

Beware when you visit here you might get lost
Or even tossed
As you leap over each laundry pile
But are always greeted with a smile
Even when things don’t work
Because of some strange quirk
Or due to five certain men
Who at times might seem like ten
Breaks it by mistake
Then run and pretend not to partake
Yet still when you go and take a seat
Everything is upbeat
And the posts are neat
Some might even win a treat

While here you might want to cover your eyes
If you aren’t into half naked guys
If you read allowed
You might want to go bleep really loud
As the words are great and cause no fears
But might not be for a young kids ears
Although when you have this kind of flare
Who cares if you swear
So if you like that you’re in luck
And this just has to end with oh f***

Posts come along
In poems and song
When her muse is about
And she hits a high note
Giving you something to read
That you want not need
To come back once more
As her muse lends her an oar
Helping her into the creative light
She’ll even bid you a good night

Here you might find a new law
At least that is what I saw
Plus a music video or three
Is what you might see
So enter this dungeon if you must
But beware the lust
Of wanting more posts to come
Always looking for some
Plus lots of kind acts
As she helps with the facts
So jump aboard these tales
And get all the juicy details
On what happens in the darkness and light
As you decide to Fight or Flight

Heck maybe they can make a new book and people will give it a look, then you’ll all get some fame, for my going all lame. Hope I didn’t misspell a name, as I kept things rather tame. Yes I know that was more of a promo than a nursery rhyme, but don’t you want to hit the big time? So there is your little plug and play, until sometime I think of something new to say. Which probably won’t be to long, as something will go wrong and I’ll want to yap because some person won’t shut their trap. So while I take care of the foot of Cass, know I’m still a little rhyming ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Cat, my blog has turned into rhymetime25
    I'm going to skin you alive!

  2. LOL...not really, but it's quite funny that you commented first
    And everyone else started in verse
    To be just like you
    And it's fun, too!

  3. Very nice rhymes, Cat
    I love them all and the people they match.

  4. You certainly captured your subjects well.

    Hey, that didn't rhyme. Hm. My bad. *ahem*

  5. You certainly captured your subjects well.
    first comment wasn't a rhyme? Oh, hell!


  6. haha Yes I see
    They are all rhyming because of me
    Isn't that just grand
    Glad I could lend a hand

    Yes Fox is may have took you twice
    But you rhymed how nice

    It looks like Betsy just thought of things to say
    After she already went to play
    Three right in a row
    What do you know

  7. ah a bit of fun had cat, these intros are most elegant, a tip of the hat, right back at you, the rhyming minstrel bippity boppity boo...sorry you had a rough day, time for some sleep eh? well it is for me, so later aligator.

  8. Happy Saturday, Pat
    Just came by for a little chat!
    Nate's smile is huge that is for sure
    And he made a living on it giving tours
    You and Cat smile with your mouth closed
    as if you've swallowed a toad!
    Not really, your both handsome as can be.
    I see you both here looking at me
    as I type you this message you see.

  9. Yes today I have nothing much to do
    So I can chat with you
    And of course plug the facts and update crap
    You'll also notice if you take another lap
    The the blog section you read before
    That now there is a TON more
    So Happy Saturday to you
    Hope all is well and not blue
    What are you sucking up for?
    You want to boot Pat out the door?
    haha time to work out a bit
    But don't worry I'll still be a rhyming twit

    Brian was so nice this time
    I guess the award made him to a nice rhyme
    Although referencing old Cinderalla I can say
    Might not get him a lay
    Oh gutter moment there
    As if anyone gives a care
    So Bippity Boppity Boo
    Hakuna Matata to you
    A whole new world it can be
    You've got a friend in me
    Even under the sea
    And that is enough of the Disney references from me

  10. You added more info in the Factinary?
    Is it now longer than a dictionary?
    Yes, I was looking at the info on blogging
    and had some questions that I needed answering.
    Maybe email would be a better
    If I send one would you answer?

  11. Dear Cat;

    I would follow your blog on~line
    I would follow your blog while stopped at signs
    I would follow your blog here
    I would follow your blog anywhere
    I would read while stuck at home
    I would read while on the phone
    I would read while at work
    I would even read it to the jerks
    That like to think we are uncool
    All those silly little fools
    Who are missing all the fun
    And shout outs for Waystation One
    Betsy and Silver are the best
    And both have passed the Tashtoo test
    so thanks to you, glad the paw is healing
    Even though your bank account is feeling
    slightly put under abuse
    But at least you had it to put to use
    So thanks again my furry friend
    I will return to rhyme again
    And I'm afraid that that's a fact
    That brings it all back up to bat
    For ultimately the goal of this cat
    Is to carry the torch for Face it FACTS
    And all the great folks who do sign up
    Will rejoice in this rhyming muck
    And they will get their shout~outs too
    Because of Sir Hatt, dear Pat and YOU! :)

  12. I answer all emails except for spam
    Those penis enlarger and viagra things I'd like to find the person and go wham
    Right upside the head
    And finally put them to bed
    Actually the Facticles are what the blog stuff is in
    But your mistake isn't a sin
    The Factinary is where links go
    So websites/blogs and such people can show
    But as saying an email I will answer well
    Although I must tell
    They usually aren't in rhyme
    I save that for rhyme time..haha

    WOW this was a great big one
    Your others you have really out done
    It was a promo to the cat
    And the facts with Pat
    You really went all out
    For that surely didn't make me pout
    Thanks for the all the promo and play
    I will keep shouting you back day to day
    As you help the facts
    More than most other acts
    Did you see the facts got over 1000 Facebook likes
    I guess since they all have mics
    It can be useful for traffic at least
    Maybe one day the facts will feast
    From having tons of entries and meeting the goal
    Until then I hide in my hole
    Working away
    And finding time to play
    So thanks for all of that
    From the cat and even Pat.

  13. I tip my hat
    to you Pat
    Imagine that
    you're quite a cool cat
    and sometimes brat,
    but never a rat.
    So, tit for tat
    in our little chat,
    I'll leave you with that.
    Have a great weekend Pat!
    Now it's time for me to scat
    and chase my muse, Mr. Hatt.

  14. Wow you use forget flat
    You little nat
    Oh that was two you forgot
    Are you in a rut
    As I've seen no new posts for a while
    Maybe your muse needed to get in style
    Anyway thanks for the great response you gave
    Now I'll go back to rant and rave