Monday, April 11, 2011

Only 48% Like Pat, What Do You Think of That?

Did the title make you think or are you still doing dishes in the sink? If the later is the case then you won't be reading at my resort, so that was kind of a pointless retort. But I guess with Betsy multitasking with her Five Men, do both I'm sure she can. Anyway poor old Pat isn't liked much at all, when you look at the rep in his Xbox stall. As what once was 90% and above, has now taken quite the shove, in a downward spiral, do you think the haters went viral?

As most say unsporting as he, for while they run around and flee, he keeps shooting them in the back and they can't find where it is he's committing this attack. So when the game is through, they go and rate him and others in the crew, for being a cheat, because they couldn't beat and it is such a sin that they couldn't win..hahaha

Love when they come into the room acting all big and bad, then they lose not saying a word and slinking off all sad. The ones that glitch and cheat, then get beat, really have something to say, as they went and wasted pay, buying a modded controller thinking it will up their skills, when really they should have kept the bills. As cheating and winning is a different story, but cheating and losing gets you no glory, heck it's probably even worse, so then they go and curse.

Also that's something else I noticed a lot, as no matter where you go someone is always swearing on the spot. Yes they even put Brian from old Waystationone's swearing comment here to shame, as people are anything but tame. It's like they have to be all big and bad over a game because in real life they are, well, ummm, lame.

One other thing that is rather pathetic in every single way, as when a female comes in to play, it's like oh lets impress with our mouth and skills, hopefully giving her all kinds of thrills. Meanwhile she's 3000 miles away and doesn't even stay. It's like they all come from The Lair of Silver Fox, damn Silver don't throw rocks..haha It was just an observation, adding to my conversation.

I'm sure old Stuperhero Extraordinaire would get along great, as she'd put them to shame with all the swearing from her plate. Plus now a days everything is trying to please, making the game be beaten with ease, so when something that truly takes skill comes, they all stick their fingers up their bums and whine because it's to hard for the poor babies, instead of just maybe, becoming better so you can win and not pretending you got some shovelware out of the bargain bin.

Now Pat isn't all innocent you see, as he is just like me, egging them on and adding to the commotion, just because it's such a fun notion. Probably another reason why his score is so low, but it's so much fun watching them run to and fro, then shooting them in back the head, as they fall down dead. Only in the case of fiction, as there is no nut here with that affliction, blaming games for shooting someone or some other crap, when really you had to be a tad nuts when you started down that lap.

So from the guy that is liked a whole 48%, to the other 52 they can get bent. Sorry Lanie stole your line once more, but it works so well at my rhyming shore. As I just think it's quite funny, hey maybe I give them a tummy ache and their poo gets all runny. hahahahaha Ok that is a good place to stop this little chat, from the cat, talking about Pat, with the last name Hatt, who can be an annoying nat, how about that?

But that is just my tidbits of info for the day, as I finish my little moment of play. So as the Fox mulls over my plug thinking things that are crass, know I'm still 100% a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I guess I'm just at a loss today.
    I find I've not a thing to say...

    But I'm first!

  2. Yes you are first
    Making Brian and everyone else worst

  3. Oh, they'll complain, but not really feel cursed,
    Or by now they would have all dispersed.

    (Would you call what I just did a crime?
    I added on to
    your last rhyme!)

  4. No crime when it's your addition
    Just don't go charging a commission
    Because if that were to commence
    I'd consider that an

  5. should feel better getting that off your chest!
    I'm sure they are jealous because you are best!
    So you get a high score
    and show them the door.
    You can rant with the best, I will say that
    Fox does that, too...did you know that, Cat?
    I don't rant. It's not in my nature.
    But you two can, that's for sure!

  6. @Betsy:

    It's true when you say ranting's not in your nature,
    But that's why we love ya! We sure couldn't hate ya!

  7. While I'm better than most
    When I am the host
    I just kick them from the room
    And they go bye bye zoom zoom
    Yes the Fox can rant quite well
    About meme's and nothing for a spell
    Yes I've never seen you rant at all
    You just have lots of fun over at your blog stall

    Well Fox as much as it pains me to admit
    This doesn't make me have a fit
    As for the most part your are correct
    For Betsy is so nice we can't neglect

    Oh I can a chill
    Being nice at my rhyming hill

  8. only 52 % dont like you
    whoopty do, bet i can score 54...
    haha, cha cha...who really cares what others
    think away, they can just go away, we like green eggs and ham, but no one named sam, its pat and a cat so thats that...

  9. haha oh yeah I don't give a rat behind
    I just thought it was a fun find
    Something I could rant about
    As I sit here and gloat
    Oh and I'll have it 54
    Very soon I'm sure
    Fun seeing how low I go can
    Well a goat they can go blow
    Just makes me laugh
    As I mouth off at them watching them board the hating raft...hahahaha

  10. You nicely judge me by one rant,
    But you've just found my blog, and can't
    Expect to know the Fox's scope.
    But you'll check out past posts, I hope.
    That is, of course, if you can find
    time to read what's left behind!
    If e'er your schedule is stable,
    Just click on some post's "RantZ" label!

  11. Oh dear cat, I missed the last
    I feel so bad, but see
    I'm writing crimson, moving house
    I hate reality!
    But once moved all will be well
    I know it for a fact
    And then I won't miss anything
    From you dear cat in hat!
    Now I must run I'm telling tales
    For Onestop today
    You should come on over and jump in
    To this story telling fray!

  12. Where are you today, Cat?

    Did that rant do you in?
    Too much to hold within?
    Don't know where to begin
    Tired of their sin
    Hating you when you win
    Saying you cheated again
    Easier to pretend
    you weren't honest than to made amends
    or take it on the chin
    and congratulate you when
    you win?
    You get the last grin
    Those silly women and men!

  13. Well let me just say to start
    That today I was being a tad of a lazy fart
    But all of that will be explained in a bit
    With my usual rhyming wit
    Plus it's half Betsy's fault
    You'll see why when I open my vault

    Yes Fox when the Facts become stable
    I will than be able
    To read up a storm
    Of your past posts that surely aren't the norm
    So one day I will
    When I get the facts over this hill

    Natasha missed the plan
    Didn't even say she was a fan
    Bah less we have to split
    And the more we get
    Moving is no fun
    Been there and all done
    For now at least
    Until I become a rich
    Yes I saw the story telling fray
    But I must say
    I don't play well with others
    Not sisters, friends or brothers
    Well maybe a few of those
    Who knows
    Although don't worry I did my own thing
    With the story telling fling

    Well the cat is right here
    It's now all you fault I fear
    As you're making me do work
    And I'm not able to lurk
    The games I will get to in an hour or so
    Making my score going even more low
    Yes I get the last laugh
    Even if I have to stab them with a magic

  14. I'm making you do work?
    I ask with a smirk!
    Can't wait to hear how I did that!
    I don't control you, little Cat...
    Or that brat, Pat!
    Maybe you meant that I was the muse
    Giving you inspiration for your new news.
    So hurry and write a post
    and I will boast
    at doing my part
    to make your blog have heart.

  15. No I meant you made me do work
    But I do say it with a smirk
    As I'd had some fun
    For that's just how it's done
    I guess you can say sorta you were the muse
    Behind act one of my news
    Brian would get the second act
    And the third is just a lets Face it Fact
    It's will be up in a minute or three
    I hope you like what was done by me
    As it could bring glee
    Or cause you to flee..hahahahahahahaha

  16. Oh the anticipation!
    I wait with jubulation
    At your work and creation!
    I hope it doesn't cause aggrevation
    or is an abomination
    Your little animation
    I'll wait in anticipation. :)

  17. So many big words
    I'll just stick with turds
    You hurt my head
    Oh well one more link and this new post has been put to bed

  18. Dearest Pat, I like you 100 percent
    and as you say, the rest can get bent.
    I love your rhymes and your style
    everyone else is just in denial
    and can't admit to your great charm
    they should just go live on a farm!

  19. Yep they can go to hell
    And that be quite swell
    But 100% is great for Pat
    Although you forgot the
    Yes let them live on a farm in the muck
    As I don't give a f***