Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stretching My Skill, Was That a Chill?

While I had an idea I wanted to try, so I figured I'd be sly and try it with this post, but it could end in a roast, of this cat and maybe Pat for making no sense what so ever, wait me, never. So I'll get to my lashing in a bit, now I'm going to see if I can make this fact or be a twit. Again I just placed a title and away I went, so be happy and don't get bent.

Everything's The Same

Society tries to state what normal should be
Sobriety eyes through great but formal wood sea

For all remains stiff and sturdy unwavering in what is told
More haul chains riff tanned, wordy flavoring pin cut his cold

Should one be classified by what others rule
Could none flee pacified, wry, rebut anothers mule

Or go with an ever designed flow accepting fate at hand
Sure though myth can never blind glow, intercepting state spat brand

Strange, Disabled, Out of whack
Change enabled, spout above, black

Surely even attempting to break all binds
Purely believe in, preempting glue, scrawl reminds

Pushing on though most would consider you doomed
Smushing upon flow, post stood bidder, skew entombed

Pressing beliefs upon you wanting acceptance, making them your own
Stressing briefs put on, through daunting transcendence, partaking numb, sore, lone

Achievements mounting little to not
Agreements surmounting, brittle, grew rot

For alone you stay
Obscure stone few sway

Never waning of thrust upon stated
Forever straining above lust, dawn undated

Knowing what will come
Showing uncut still from

Breaking routine, breeding success through means
Raking scenes, feeding stress, new screens

Gripping gaps between new and old
Flipping maps seen true, canned, told

Now achieved what you strived for when begun
Bow, relieved, strut, queue thrived tour, spin, done

Normal came through your creation
Informal fame grew more escalation

Damn I have to go back to the easy stuff, as that was a tad rough. Did you see what I did there? Oh don't swear, look a little harder at each line, oh you're lazy ok that's fine. For I wanted to take it one step beyond, rhyming the normal every day stuff at my pond. So I rhymed each and every word, above and below not making them blurred. It mostly makes sense I guess, wasn't as big of a mess, as I thought it could be, damn now I should just flee.

As that was not easy at all, but don't worry I won't make you bawl. As I know old Tashtoo would get on my case, maybe drive to work and get in my face, if I didn't spout out about people here and there, so I will because of course I care. At least about some, the others can well, ummm errr, kiss my bum. One time on a drunk excursion someone said that during all the emersion and instead of getting mad, the guy got kind of glad, told them to present their bum and he'd do it with a hum. While that ended that right quick, as yeah that be kind of sick.

Wow that was about nothing there and should you care? Yes as the meme about nothing can be found in The Silver Fox Lair. I admit it is, well nuts, but he didn't take any short cuts, so you will feel the full force of his word and you can visit and become a nothing turd. Yeah makes more sense if you go there I think, if your a female he might give you a wink.

Oh and as Brian from WaystationOne learned fast, my reach is quite vast, as I lurk all about, so watch the comments you shout. Or one day they will be right in your face, at my rhyming place. Of course Betsy and her Five Men don't have to worry at all, as she's always here answering my rhyming call. So if I want to make fun of her, I can do it below to ruffle her fur. But of course she can come back and her rhymes don't lack, so I'll cut her some slack and only do a little attack.

Speaking of rhymes that don't lack, give the Tales of Tashtoo a good whack, I mean the link, not Natasha of course wink wink..haha. As her poems are pretty much a story and she writes them in all her glory. Plus I can make her overwhelmed with all of you, going over as she doesn't know what to do. Oh that is such fun, but see I get it done. As the shout outs work, as other come here and lurk.Oh but It's a Beautiful Life you say, well to get that go Brenda's way.

Also I can't bock, at Who is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? As DeeDee and Pat Hatt, had a good chat, about movies and such, maybe a tad bit to much. But oh well it relieves stress, unless the movie is a crappy mess. Then all it's good for is a coffee table coaster I'd say, but I still keep it in case one day. I need something to throw that is sharp, then they'll bring in the tarp, cover you up as I run, for that wasn't nice what I just done.

Oh you think I'm done now, hahahaha I'm still going to wow. As not only did I type all of this today, to cause some dismay. But remember than Duke Drazin fellow, the guy with the rather weird bellow. While he showed his face once more, over at this little shore. So click here if you want to read what is up with him, yes I'd say he is pretty grim, but beware he isn't that nice and may make you think twice, as you read the crap that comes from his yap, no mind like a steal trap. Divine Right is the title you seek, again not for the meek. As a friend told me I should join and it costs no coin. So it's something I do for a bit of fun and no the topic isn't my idea of fun in the sun, as since I am older and know it's fake, I don't bother to partake, you'll see what I mean, but make sure you have ten to fifteen minutes to read his scene. As it is right at the top when you're done you might want to call a cop. Damn I need to stop, before someone gives me a bop. So before the fading of the grass, know you've read another post from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. your verse &^&*$%
    rocks, really )*&^(&^)
    no *(^*(&%^ takes a lot of ^%*^&% talent to ^%*(^& make all the *&%(* words above and ^*%*&% below rhyme...just like i did with random symbols this time, its not a crime, just excited cause i am first, whose bubble did i burst....

  2. you are attracting some cool peeps, dee dee rocks sox, not fox, but i like him too, and of course tashtoo, and betsy is my sister, no joke, twins mister, just ask her...

  3. Wow~
    my favorite line...

    Pressing beliefs upon you wanting acceptance, making them your own
    Stressing briefs put on, through daunting transcendence, partaking numb, sore, lone

    I noticed the first words of the lines rhymed rights away...then by the fifth or sixth line I noticed that all the words did! Then I thought, omg...that must have taken forever! :)

    Very impressive. That had to have taken ages.
    And no, none of this rhymes. Just not with it tonight. :) I'll be back tomorrow after I sleep and make up for it. ha.

  4. twins for sure...pinkie swear!

  5. Wow doesn't Brian have a dirty mouth tonight
    I would have tried it sooner if I knew I could bring that into sight
    As that was quite funny to read
    Making up the bad words for which he planted the seed
    Yes that wasn't lost upon me
    I noticed before I went to flee
    As rhymes I pick up on quite quick
    I guess they are my schtick

    Yes I seem to be quite the attraction
    Maybe it's all the interaction
    As you and Betsy sure go all out
    And Natasha does that and keeps giving the facts a shout
    The Fox is always clever with his retort
    And all the others are making this quite the resort

    "shakes head back and forth"
    Betsy what are we going to do with you
    I guess you'll have to make up for it with your next rhyme that is due
    I'll set my watch and see how long
    It takes for you to come back with a rhyming song
    But yeah I guess I was so profound
    That a rhyme could just not be found
    So I forgive you this once I think
    As I'm sure you still have plenty of dishes to wash in the sink
    While you noticed it right away a bit
    So for that you are sort of a hit
    Then you noticed the rest before half way through
    So bravo to you
    Yes it took about an hour
    That was in real time like Jack Bauer
    Then I just slapped the rest up and in
    With my little retorts that might be a sin

    Twins you say?
    That is the revelation of the day
    I'll have to use that down the line
    It might turn out fine
    Might I stress
    As it's anyone's guess

  6. You forgive me for not rhyming?
    Just this's just the timing.
    I'm tired and in a sad mood, too
    My brain just feels kinda blue.
    After some sleep I'll be able to type and rhyme.
    Like walk and chew gum.
    Dance and hum?

  7. yodel and eat olives or
    sing dixie and snore
    eat sardines on s'mores
    ride a wooly backed bored
    maybe are some sleep
    so good night peep.

  8. Hi! Pat Hatt, Brian, and Betsy...
    The rhyming here is quite "outrageous!"...let me go before I spread a disease Of (Laughter)...Because Pat's post and the comment here are all quite..."contagious!"

    I hate to go now, but it's getting late...Oh! before I go why hesitate to say... Thank-you, Pat, for mentioning my blog, but I want to go now and sleep like a log.
    DeeDee ZZZZZzzzzzzz

  9. A monumental effort. Nice to see you're not afraid to flex your poetic muscles, as it were.

  10. Just swinging by to wish you a good week! I'll chat when I get back from Cuba!

  11. For everyone who was supposedly tired
    You waited a while before you retired
    While I was asleep
    You were here rhyming a whole heap
    I guess you just like me that much
    And wanted to stay in touch

    Hope you aren't sad anymore
    Maybe you need to get your spoon and dance across the floor..LOL
    Can you rub your stomach and tap your head at the same time
    Or rhyme and chime
    Well at least you can walk and chew gum
    And probably then some

    Brian were you out in the wilderness last night
    Or maybe you just wanted to fly a kite
    Up to the highest hieght
    Oh God I went there
    I know just not fair
    Yeah think you really needed so sleep
    So put away the new toy you got and get a heep..haha

    Yes if you stick around long enough it does seem to catch
    It could be harder or easier to teach a dog to play fetch
    Depending on who you are
    But we never go to far
    As it's all in fun
    And that's just how it's done
    I think you might have caught it too
    Might want to take a pill to counteract this rhyming slew
    No problem with the mention
    As all that give attention
    Get a mention here and there
    Unless they go and ruffle my hair
    Then I just won't be fair
    And go on a rant without a care

    Yes once in a blue moon
    But don't expect it again soon
    As flexing them hurts
    So it will just come in spurts..haha

    Oh you just had to come and rub that in to all of us
    While don't get hit by a bus
    hahaha really have fun
    Now for the moment I am done

  12. Yes, twins...didn't you know?
    The B's of our names didn't cause your curiosity to grow?
    Yes, we look alike, too, being his sister
    But he's the one with all the whiskers.

  13. There you guys all go again,
    Not waiting for your tashtoo friend
    Guess I'll have to forgive this time
    And lay down my own smooth flowing rhyme
    Dare I post? This I must ask
    For cat has gone profound, alas
    Perhaps he's a better poet than I?
    That's okay, he's a real swell guy.
    So keeping with the faceitfacts
    That will make Tashtoo outlast
    And Betsy too, which is so cool
    Guess the others are mere fools
    But now I must go, for I'm still blushing
    After all of brian's cussing :)

  14. You're just pulling my leg
    As you two team up and tag
    Making all this stuff up to confuse poor Pat
    You should be ashamed of

    Yes they jumped on this post quite fast
    But I'm sure you won't be last
    As Betsy will come back once more
    At my rhyming shore
    Who knows who else will come
    and join this rhyming bum
    hahaha I have my moment here and there
    But you and Brian always remain profound so I wouldn't dare
    Claim to be even half of what you guys are
    I'm just go for the fun and joke sometimes a little to far
    But you all come back
    Giving me an attack
    And so I keep at the rhymes
    A couple hundred times
    Yes Betsy and Tashtoo joined the fray
    As they came the Face it Facts way
    hahaha oh yes your delicate ears must be hurt
    From Brian's little cussing spurt

  15. We haven't made up a single similarity
    We just have uncanny familiarity!

  16. Oh look at you with all the big word rhymes
    You'd think you were here having funt times

  17. funt?

    lol...well if that's a word, although it's small
    I do not know the meaning at all!

  18. It seems that in my hurry
    To post a comment and scurry
    I hit the T twice
    But pointing it out aren't you so

  19. Nice..that's me!
    Just as sweet as can be!
    And here I thought you were showing off
    Using news words and making me cough!

  20. Well I wouldn't want you to choke
    Of the resulting smoke
    Coming from my new words when I'm on fire
    That would just be dire

  21. Oh this is so exciting and merry
    Brian Miller is so funny
    I enjoy this camaraderie

  22. Smokin the keyboard keys are you?
    That's as funny as me singing with my spoon!
    Just make sure you don't get a spark
    that turns into a flame in the dark!
    But if you really start a fire
    And things get really dire
    Don't forget that saying "stop, drop and roll"
    We wouldn't want to loose your poor soul!
    You'd be hungry, too with Pat the man
    If the fire took all the Pringle cans
    and chicken nuggets from your place
    I can just see your sad furry face
    And Pat wouldn't have apple juice
    And he would have to turn you loose!

  23. Oh yeah ocean stroke Brian's ego some more
    Maybe I should show you the
    Just kidding of course
    As say what you wish without remorse
    Even if you spout about Mr. Miller
    As he makes good filler..hahahaha

    Yes some have been hit so hard they stick
    Or Orlin comes along and thinks they are something to lick
    Or chew
    So some stick like glue
    Thanks to the both of us going at it
    I think his is more of a fit
    That I'm on this thing plugging away
    And not giving him attention all day
    But don't worry I'm sure I could hunt rats
    As that's what happens to starving cats
    Already been through the whole fire thing once before
    And for months I was locked out of my door
    But my little hole didn't burn at all
    Just the front of the building and down the hall
    So the pringles, nuggets and apple juice were secured
    Ok I will stop before you get bored

  24. You have an incredible imagination and a wonderful use of words. I can't rhyme and say all I want to say. Good stuff.