Friday, April 15, 2011

That Black Cat, Doesn't Fall Flat!

So as I was going from place to place, showing my rhyming face, laughing at Betsy's weeds growing so well, oh I just had to tell. That was quite a funny sight, guess they don't need light..hahahaha. Poking fun over at My Five Men, I have done a time or ten, so she's used to it be now and shouldn't have a cow. How does one have a cow anyway? For I must say, the only thing that comes to my mind, really just wants me to hit rewind and erase it from my head, the drop it in the sea covered with lead. But that can't happen so I guess it must be stored, at least with those thoughts I'll never be bored..haha. Just maybe turn into a nut, that needs a good kick in the butt.

So the title reflects my visit to the cat called Orson over at a certain lair, who seems to have quite the flare. How can you not like a cat that tells Silver to shut up, so to Orson I tip my tuna cup. Although Fox I think you might have a touch of the multiple personality syndrome that's going around, as here it certainly can be found. A tip for those hairs in the key board you hate, suck them off with a vaccum cleaner and they'll be off your plate, so to speak, Orson might not be for the meak. As he could tell you off quite nice, might even do it twice. The cat loves it I must say, really made my day. Oh and poor Orson pork, ham, steak and all that good stuff, Pat shares without so much as a huff, so if you ever get across the border, just send up your order.

So now I go on to the Tales of Tashtoo, which I'm sure have been read by most of you. Obviously Brian who got there first, messing up my usual burst. But I was slow the last few days, so I'll just give you a slightly hateful gaze. Anyway so Natasha has been showing off great pictures as of late, using them as extra bait, as her words suck you in even more over at her shore. As they were taken by her dear old daddy, so there is a shout out to them from this laddy, errm umm cat, damn it Pat, stopping trying to type, I know you have a gripe, with me getting so much attention, but try it again and I'll put you in detention. Ok that was a tad weird, I acted like the guy with the Silver beard. Plus Natasha has added My Nova Scotia to her blog, clearing away all the fog, so if you ever want to track her down or maybe this rhyming clown, that could help, just don't make me yelp. Her it's ok, I just want to be able to rhyme and play. Yes the cat only looks after number one, pfffft don't go and shun, or have a fit over the words I admit. Look three plugs in one, aren't I just so much fun?

Now back to Brian who's probably already crying, that he hasn't got much said about him yet, well don't fret. As today you weren't just beat by one cat but two, see Orson look what you made me do. Make poor old WaystationOne come completely undone, as Brian is off prancing around in a pool, isn't that so cool? Awww to just go and splash about, you got this cat's vote. As yes I go and jump in the tub when Pat is done in the shower, for I do not cower, from water at all, as I am so tall. I even bathe in the kitchen sink, after I give Pat a meow and a wink, then he turns on the tap and I shut my yap, sticking my head under getting all wet, yes a wet cat might cause one to fret. But Brian sorry I wouldn't be allowed to jump around the pool with you, as yes it could fit more than two, but since it is rubber and not as durable as Flubber, with my claws on my paws, it would go pop and the fun would just stop. So I'll refrain from jumping in, as ruining all your fun would be a sin.

Speaking of small things like that, ever think how little one needs to amuse themselves when they are a young cat. I mean bubbles or rocks will do or mud or some pasty goo. Now it's just all yuck, I'd never want to play in the muck, but then you don't have a single care, plus will run around bare. Ok that last one the cat does now, but so do all cats so that doesn't wow, Pat we won't speak of about that, I'll save that for another chat. Look what you made me do Brian, now the random stuff is just a flying. Maybe I should give someone a Fawk You, bah that I'll let Raven do.

So there is my News from Nowhere oh crap that is already taken so I wouldn't dare, steal poor Alan's title, as then I may no longer be his rhyming idol. hahahaha oh my big head showed itself there, but it's only fair, as I rhyme like no other, Cassie and Pat just sit thinking o'brother, but I'll beat them up later, maybe make Pat wrestle a gator, wait there are none of them up here, guess he has nothing to fear. Oh and Alan the answers were placed in the comments below the last post, as I am such a nice host. Plus the Fox and I rhymed puzzle a few times, no lie. See isn't my place just so helpful to one and all, as I answer you call, in typical rhyming fashion, with a good tongue lashing. So look I didn't even have to have anything to say, at all today. Just went and visited all of you and then a post came out of me too. Guess I should thank each one, but then that be no fun. So well Betsy's weeds grow high above the grass, I will always be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. please dont refer to me and small things in congruent sentences, it gives me complexes but i am first so thats enough, all the rest i dont give ha bet you thought i was going to say truck

  2. any way its friday, say we went to a baseball game, the hitters came up lame but in the end they lit the sky, fireworks shooting way up high, just got home to catch the cat, now time for a snack before bed, that is where its at...

  3. my word, i made it to third, everyone must be asleep, cause i hear not even a peep...

  4. Wow, Brian is really on his toes tonight
    Getting three in a row or and third base, right?
    Just home from a game
    And rhyming all the same.

    So you're on vacation?
    Wow, that's a great combination.
    Laz-ing around with nothing to do
    and showing off the factinary, too.
    I must say I like my ad
    and have new visitors and not just a tad.

    I think Orson and Orville should do a co-post
    The O&O Show would be the most!
    They could both boast
    Then we'd do a roast.

  5. And yes, you can laugh at my weeds
    as they are pretty funny. I knew you'd be pleased!

    tuna cup? lol....

    Speaking of vacuuming the keyboard
    while cleaning the computers couldn't be ignored
    I sucked off the 'B' from The Mister's laptop!
    I couldn't make it stop!
    I happened so fast
    I let out a little gasp!
    I had to find it in the bag of dust!
    Yucky stuff in there but retreive it I must!

    And you know I did that once before!
    I don't think I'll clean it anymore!

  6. Terrific. First the Cat promises to feed Orson pork products,m and now I can't find the feisty little fur-ball anywhere...!!!

  7. Yes Brian went right to town
    Sorry about small things making you frown
    It took me a second to catch on to that
    But it put a smile on the cat
    Heck we only have one whole team up here
    You guys took the Expos I fear
    Even though they sucked so you can have them if you want
    But the Blue Jays are still no where near my haunt
    So never been to one of those
    Know how seeing fireworks goes
    Least I'm up on that
    Make sure you don't snack to much and get fat
    Oh and I know it wasn't truck
    Maybe next time you'll have better

    Look Brian, Betsy made you come up short too
    Not saying home plate was gotten too by you
    Wasn't me that time
    At least she did it in rhyme
    Yes I had days left to take
    So I took them but have no lake
    As I just sit here and laze about
    Coming around to gloat
    Glad to hear the ad works well
    As all who join seem to tell
    The same tale
    Guess the Factinary doesn't fail
    You got my name wrong
    For that I'm going to whack you with a
    Must be late
    As I thought your memory was great
    Yes it would be anything but tame
    And sure wouldn't be lame

    Yeah tuna cup I got
    You got a problem with what I use to fill my
    Yep it did please quite a bit
    This time you were the one with the fit
    hahahaha yeah i'd stop after that too
    Remind me never to have any of my stuff cleaned by

    hahahahahaha I did hear scratching at the door
    Thought it was just the old lady next door taking her walker across the floor
    But just maybe I had a visitor who wanted some food
    Hope I didn't leave him in a bad mood..haha

  8. I got the name wrong?
    The Factinary is the right song.
    It's where my ad shines bright
    all day and all night, right?

    Before you hit me with a bat
    you have to tell me this and that!

  9. OH! Orlin! Oh, kitty, SO sorry.
    I thought I called The Factinary the wrong thing.

    Yes, must be late. OK..I deserve the hit. But be gentle. So I can still sit. lol...

  10. I enjoyed the post and the comments :-)

  11. News From Nowhere was stolen by me,
    From Willy Morris no less,
    So if you're tempted feel free,
    It will cause me no distress.

  12. How come nobody wants to steal my title? hahaha

  13. See I knew you'd catch on soon enough
    After you gave me such a huff
    I just had to go to bed
    As that mean Pat lad
    Turned out all the lights and kicked me off for the night
    He did it fast so I had no time to bite
    But the Factinary you were correct
    My name is what you did neglect
    Shame on you
    Now you have some sucking up to

    Glad you enjoy the comments below
    At my rhyming show

    So you're a thief too
    So there is no honor between me and you
    But I'll let you keep that one
    Unless I want to use it to poke fun

  14. Ostentatious
    Refrigerator opening
    Last laugh always
    Incredibly quick witted
    Nimble, naughty, rhyming cat.

    How's that?

  15. haha well I guess that will do
    You can suck up good when you want to..LOL

  16. Aw, thanks, Orlin. So I melted a teeny corner of that icy heart of yours? ha.

  17. Orson
    Says what's
    On his
    Nasty mind

    Really, it's
    Obvious to all
    Cats and
    Kitties that he's

  18. Um...and there you go! Some acrostics are suck-ups and some are selfish bloviating. lol.

  19. @Betsy: Boy, it's a good thing I shooed Orson away from the PC before he got to see that!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Your rhyming ability is fascinating to me. Even when you have anything to say, as you put it, you provide plenty of information.

  22. Yes after being locked in the fridge for a minute or two
    Some ice was melted away by you
    But just a little bit
    As don't worry I'll still use having a

    hahahahaha I think Orson and Orlin should never play as one
    Although we'd have lots of fun
    Piss off many we might
    As we bring things to light

    haha sorry Orson Betsy likes me more
    As you were just shown the door..LOL

    Pat never shoes me
    But he does sometimes charge me a fee

    Well fascinating is better than a loon or nut
    Yes I never get stuck in too much of a rut
    As I can find something to say
    No matter the time or day
    Even though it may make no sense
    I always give my two cents