Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back To The Good Times and More Fun Rhymes!

Sorry Fox it just worked so well, I swear I didn't mean to go easy with the title I must tell. But I'll make up for it below the title, as I wouldn't want any of you to sit and idle. So the crap is finally done, now back to the fun.

Also this is number fifty for me, I figured many would flee, heck I never thought I get past ten of these rhyming posts, but I guess I'm pretty good at my roasts. So what the heck I'll go for a thousand like Betsy from My Five Men, of course that mean I'll still be around another year or ten. Damn some of you will be really old than, oh that was a good one from my rhyming pen. Heck a lot of crap can change in a day as I've seen recently through my crap, who knows what is going to happen after a ten year gap. Guess I'll cross the bridge as the time comes to pass, on my little rhyming ass. Whoops wasn't that supposed to be used at the end, don't worry I'll still add it as we near that bend. But we aren't even close yet, so don't fret. As I went to take a picture of the car, but didn't get to far, as it was all rainy and cold, so going out and getting my hair wet I was not sold. But then Pat took the camera away from me and of course miss priss he had to see, as she posed to be seen, like some drama queen.

Look at that damn suck up, as bad as a two month old pup. Don't worry shortly after, I made her hang from a rafter. As I chased her up and down the hall, really having quite the ball. Then I had a hairball on the mat, Pat didn't think much of that. As two whole mats in the whole place and I had to use one to throw up my face. I couldn't use where it was easy to clean, nope I just had to be nice and mean. That's what he gets for taking a picture of Cassie the priss, so I gave him a little diss.

But hey look a new follower has come my way, he seems to have quite the game day, over at his blog, helping gamers through the fog. Oh wait Glenn and GameView are so fake, but it was a fun read to partake. But you know that's something I never thought of right away, as music and movies have been done my way, but games I never thought to do, so now without hesitation a new little diddy for all of you.

Hey it's me Mario
Those Battle Toads stole my stereo
That might bring out the Gears of War
We will see what Crono Trigger has in store
For they might leave us Left 4 Dead
Or Donkey Kong might jump on our head

Call of Duty is ringing your phone
Don't use that Double Dragon tone
I'll Bubble Bobble you
Then be really sneaky like a Ghost Recon and stick a claymore up your gazoo
That is Resident Evil you say
Hey you caused it by opening the Mass Effect bay

Kane & Lynch are quite crude
But Pokemon walk around in the nude
Metal Gear Solid that was
But this is your last Final Fantasy just because
Or was that Final Fight
You can still join Super Smash TV tonight

It's a real Mortal Kombat I'm told
But be a Mega Man and go for the gold
Sonic the Hedgehog is to fast for a snack
Twin Eagle goes on the attack
The Legend of Zelda is quite the tale
But it won't matter if the Turtles in Time you fail

Get some help from the Timesplitters I'd say
That way Perfect Dark won't be here to stay
Then we can avoid Saints Row
But I'm sure Samus wouldn't be afriad to give it a go
Or you could create a Marvel Alliance
But Bowser might cause some defiance

Earthbound you should remain
Or a Halo you might get and all would be in vain
Could you be an Army of Two
With a Fire Emblem on you
Or you could bring about a Dragon Age
As being on the Battlefield seems to be all the rage

I guess they all want to be a God of War
With some Street Fighter gore
Joining the Assassins Creed
No longer satisfied with a Missile Command lead
Or little old Pong
They'd rather play a Guitar Hero song

Of course there aren't as many games as movies in my head, maybe that's a good thing as a longer one you would have read. But then movies out number games ten to one, as they are easier to get done. I still have to do one on tv at some point and sense my nose was all out of joint, I'll have to do one just with bad movies too, that should be quite fun to do. So there wasn't that way better than before? So now you don't have to ignore, even if you step in poo, like Brian from WaystationOne did sad and true. But if it's a rant you are looking for, The Lair of Silver Fox has that for sure. So now that I have got back to snuff, I hope I wasn't too rough, or to crass, as I will forever remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. a million hits, you are big $hits,
    that is rocking man, clap, clap heres a hand...nice little diddy, dont play many games, just lego mostly as my boys are too young for dames in little clothing or massive head shots, body blows and such, so good night my friend i will visit again

  2. Yeah games are going by the wayside anyway
    As there isn't much good any more to play
    Yes dames tend to have little clothing too
    But fake really doesn't do it for me, how about you
    Thanks for the hand
    Hopefully I can get more to join the Factinary band
    Plus it is also good you monitor what they play
    Unlike many who just whine about it and do nothing today

  3. Well, congratulations on your 50th post!
    That's an accomplishment worth a little boast!

    The game rhyme was fun
    I'll show it to my son
    as he knows more titles than me
    though he likes a lot of the sports games, and Need For Speed.

  4. Forgot to say how much I like
    the picture of Cassie, the Queen of Ice.
    She's a beauty
    and a cutie
    posing so pretty
    while Orlin has a fitty.

  5. Yes I never thought rhyming would last so long
    Even done one about each song
    Who knows what the next fifty will bring
    Yes sports titles I play to but didn't give them a ring
    As they just didn't seem to work very well
    Need for Speed I forgot about don't

    Yes Cassie can pose real well
    Even if she glares at you telling you to go to hell..haha
    Orlin is more of a goof
    Who sure doesn't stay aloof
    As he's always on the go
    Jumping high and hiding low

  6. Hi! Pat in the Hatt...
    Oh yes, I'am back!
    Congratulation! on the 50,000 hits & 50th post after achieving both feat(s) I can understand your boast!

    By the way, you may have though I forgot about your post where you refer to me as an old Alfred Hitchcock, lover, but believe me when it comes to directors there is no other...

    Now, it's time for me to go as I say, Hi! to Brian, and since I was cooking I have to get back to my frying.

    I agree with Betsy, that Pat in the Hatt, has a really "uber-classy" beautiful Cat!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  7. So it took you a few weeks to come up with a rhyme
    I guess some people need to take their time..LOL
    But you came back as you said you would
    Maybe finish cooking first you should
    As it was 50,000 visitors and 1 million hits
    But with cooking and rhyming fits
    I can see how you got that mixed up
    Maybe you need more coffee in your cup
    I wouldn't expect you to forget something like that
    As it was a good DeeDee roast by Pat, the Cat or whoever was doing the chat
    So keep up with your first love in black and white
    Well I watch things that are nice and bright..LOL

  8. Although I read your post today,
    I've naught of great import to say,
    Nor witty comment that would slay...
    But here's my entry anyway!

  9. You lost for words that has to be a first
    But at least you gave a burst
    Quenching the comment thirst
    Yours are never the worst

  10. It's the one million hits that really is impressive
    and it isn't a bit excessive
    you really are progressive
    and not at all recessive
    in your goal to be effective!

  11. Yes it is quite the feat
    One other may never beat
    But now if it would just fill
    I could spend all day at my rhyming hill
    Wouldn't that be nice
    I'd do a post more than twice

  12. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Oops! Pat,I didn't mean to offend...Therefore, I'am here to amend and I hope that it's not to late!

    Hey! Hatt,
    However, I hope that you, will forgive me for pete sake!
    Because I'am so very sorry for the mistake.

    Once again, all I have to say is "Congratulation!"
    on the 50,000 visitors and 1 million hits that you received the other day!

    DeeDee :-p

  13. Oh me you will never offend
    But thanks for the amend
    And it's never to late
    As open is always my rhyming gate
    At least you got it right the second time through
    So I have a little bit of renewed faith in you
    So from Pat Hatt
    And the Cat with the Hat
    Thanks for the chat
    As you usually don't fall flat
    Coming here to take a rhyming bat
    Just wipe your feet on the mat