Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bit Of An Exaggeration From My Inspiration!

So now that May is almost through and I proved I'm not a liar to all of you. As I said I wouldn't go profound any more until the end, but now I'll once more go around that bend. So I can add my ten cents, even if I sound dense, to the onestoppoetry way, for their little Wednesday poetry play.

So here we go once more, profound at my shore. Wait a second I have nothing to tell, hmmmm what the hell. Oh yes that is why I evoked MSN to give me a rhyme or ten. As Pat has that set to his homepage, too lazy to set it to a different cage. So what I did was open the internet and poof my needs were met. Just took the words that I seen and went all nice and mean. Yes I can do both at the same time, so here is this profound old rhyme.

In The News, You Lose!

Man saves cat in tree found on page twenty two
So called famous guy cheats found right in plain view
Oh an ad for a Mcdonalds snack
Have to place that up top like a plaque

Wait then there is weightloss below
One helping the other which they hope you don't know
Oh breaking news man saves child from drowning in lake
Flip the page to partake

As a stepmom faces charges in a boy's death
Oh and it's double the length
Wait move the saving story on down
As Meg Ryan could be getting married causing single men to frown

Cellphone use may be linked to cancer
Oops that story was submitted by prancer
As Santa must have made him do that
For the big cell phone companies will make that study fall flat

Oh and look star style is right in plain sight
After all we have to know what they wore the other night
A hiker has also seen bigfoot she claims
Yeah and the other day I, the lochness monster and a Pokemon were playing games

Wait there are some sizzling summer bikinis
I'll look as long as they don't show any weenies
Food crisis also once again looms
But oh it's shoved below in favor of killer brooms

An important questions is also answered today
As no babies are coming Will and Kate's way
Man saving child just moved down ten more pages
As some psycho had some fire rages

Of course What He's Hiding From You needs to be seen
Because lets face it all men fit into the category of unclean
And makeup tips have to be there
As we wouldn't want you to have one split hair

Oh and look someone died
And you gave a boo hoo and cried
Yet never even met or knew
Just have to feel apart of the same crowd by pretending it's untrue

So no matter the good that is done
It seems in the news the bad has won
Or the ever relevant celebrity hairdos
In the News, You Lose

Hmmm didn't intend for that, I just sort of fell into that chat. Damn I'm good, of course unlike Brian not so good at going all in the hood, but I can still do the usual rhyming matter, so screw the later. I will now depart with little sass, except to say you'll never see a bikini on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Umm... "the words that I seen?" You actually wrote that, knowing that the ol' Grammar Nazi was lurking right around the corner??? :)

  2. ha. no news is good news they say, but they
    write what sells, no matter the hells
    we commit ourselves
    aint no redo
    when the reports write about you

  3. Yes I knew you'd pick up on that
    But have to take a few liberties with my rhyme chat
    So Mr. Grammer Nazi you will have to excuse
    As some language I will abuse

    Yes no news is good news for sure
    As none is way better than more
    So the reports can kiss my bum
    As they aren't giving me no strum

  4. gentle newspaper
    delicate morning ashes
    disaster within

  5. Meg Ryan is getting married? Damn!

  6. Haha - look at you go, keeping us in the know on the news and all...that's real thoughtful of you, you know. Oh the things they keep coming at us...but fun work on the rhyming as ever. Always keep it interesting.

  7. The news depressing...most of the time. Then they report something wonderful...but that's rare....

  8. Yes disaster within is sure to make some aware
    Unless it's front page stuff then you'll get it with a glare

    Read that on some headline
    Bah the cat is still fine

    Yes interesting is what I try to be
    Sometimes I'm on the money
    Heck all the time I am right on
    From dusk until dawn
    Ooops did my big head show itself once more
    Guess I better hide at my shore

    Yes rare indeed
    As they'd much rather report on something that will bleed
    Seaping through the page
    Because people find that all the rage

  9. Between lochness, pokemon and you, who won the game?
    If it wasn't you it would be a shame
    You'd throw a fit or pop a vein,
    have to take a pill and chill
    Until your head again did swell!

  10. That was a lot of fun! I too find the news very inspirational. :)

  11. So old Meg Ryan getting wed
    the shock near made me dead
    and a poet doing rhymes
    call the New York Times
    for this is not free verse
    and some will say even worse
    for he has a story
    that is somewhat bawdry

  12. Great words on media. Enjoyed this.

  13. The Pokemon tried to cheat
    And Lochness left because he knew he was beat
    So I used slash on the Pokemon and he was gone
    So I guess I won as I was by myself from then on

    Yep the news can at least be used for something
    As this is what it did bring

    Didn't mean for you to go into shock
    As then you might fall down and not be able to walk
    The New York Times would probably scoff
    Or just laugh their ass off
    As some old prude
    Would think I'm rather rude

    Thanks for the comment glad you liked
    As you came over and ummm hiked

  14. Original walk through the morning news...

  15. Can't say I'm every a copy cat
    Well except for the last post about the rat..lol

  16. As one addicted to poetic rhyme,
    when I popped over here what did I find?
    Another one smitten, and given to fun!
    Makes me quite happy I decided come...

  17. Glad you were happy
    And didn't end up sappy
    As rhyme and play
    Takes place here every day

  18. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Pat Hatt, your rhyme about the news was just "fine..."

    Thanks, for keeping it "real" and being a very gracious "host" in order for me to find out what is going on in the printed word from the New York Times to the Washington "Post."

    Here goes a link The Oat Meal that you maybe interesting in I hope after you take one Of the quiz that your cat don't do you end!

    DeeDee ;-D

  19. hahaha that site looks rather funny
    Don't worry the cats know their food cost money
    So they won't do me in just yet
    But they may be plotting it I'd bet
    See I saved you time reading all that drivel in the paper about the news
    And cut it short giving you no blues

  20. quite a stroll through the day's news. depth and humor and rhyme, oh my! :)

  21. Depth and Humor and Rhyme
    Beats Lions, Tigers and Bears any time..lol
    Glad you enjoyed the stroll
    And the rhyming didn't take a toll

  22. "one Of the quiz that your cat don't do you end!"
    Omg! I meant to use the word..."in"
    [More blushing to follow yesterday blushing!]

  23. Don't worry the cats know their food cost money
    So they won't do me in just yet..."

    Touché...Right you, are because they aren't going to bite the hand that feed them daily.

    "But they may be plotting it I'd bet..."

    DeeDee ;-D

  24. Good thing the Grammar Nazi is no where around
    He might make you blush something profound
    But yes I kind of got what you meant
    Never fear I'm not one to get bent

    Oh but I will point out that should be "feeds"
    Are you typing in the weeds...lol

    They will bite the hand too
    Just not to hard as they also give a scratch or two

  25. I read the paper today
    But there's always a price to pay
    Good news is ever so rare
    Now my mind is full of care
    Rape, death, disaster it seems
    Are as common as childhood dreams.

  26. Sadly that is all true
    And as much as they state it, it's nothing new
    But they have to make a big deal out of it
    As some have a fit
    So they sell their paper
    And just hope for another caper

  27. Grammar Nazi says: "Just not to hard" should be "Just not too hard," silly cat! ;-)

  28. I wish the news was presented in this fashion

    love it!

  29. Oh my
    though I try
    I just
    -- keep
    ---- up

  30. Why do you have to pick on the cat
    Go bug DeeDee and her gramma as she fell flat..lol
    Oh Orson let you out I see
    Did you give him some chicken or let him climb a tree

    Yeah it be fun if the news came like that
    Then it might actually get read by Pat

    You kept up for a bit
    Then had a little line fit
    But at least you tried
    And didn't run and hide

  31. dear pat,

    you are truly immensely talented and clever beyond any words...and most obviously your destiny is to be a poet...your flair with rhyme and words are pure fun, and you have brought everyone lucky enough to find you, much enjoyment and fascination with your ryhmes...people often say 'it's all in a name"...i very much enjoyed your poem which covered a lot of news, and you make it look easy, writing a poem filled with thoughts to ponder and rhyming into eternity...

    thanks for stopping by my poetry submission...i suspect you have eight arms and eighty fingers...a very talented octopus indeed...

    the greatest words one can write will surely sprout wings and take flight...
    love the photo...

  32. Well, melancholy sells more I guess, so the good news is kept between people than put to paper?! :)

  33. Perceptive and well rhymed. Great job, full of wit and wry humour.

  34. Wow you trying to make my head explode...lol
    As you gave praise by the load
    Thanks for stoppig by
    And really increasing the ego of this guy
    (my ego is in check, it's just fun to use that in my rhyming treck..haha)

    Yeah melancholy seems to be where they dwell
    Spurting out all the crap that supposedly leads one to hell
    But they just have to tell
    As it seems to sell

    I guess I can be perceptive some of the time
    Or at least fake it with a rhyme..lol
    Thanks for the comment
    Further placing my ego in cement