Monday, May 16, 2011

Cats Galore, All Across The Floor!

So Pat went home for his typical once a month visit or so and of course stuffed us in a cage and made us go. Being in a cage for two hours is no fun, but then if he let us run, we'd end up in the ditch, without a hitch.

So that is not the worst of it all though, as I'm about to show. For when I get there, it's to much to bare. So I'll just show it right now and yes I just about have a cow.

See all of those furballs I have to deal with each time I go, they are everywhere and run to and fro. Although thanks to my mouth they are all afraid of me, for as soon as it's me they see, they go the other way, not giving me the time of day. As they know I'll swat them upside the head, so they just go sleep on a bed. This means I get full run of the house, hey at least I'll kill a mouse. Those prissy things won't even try, it's like the little thing will make them die.

But as you sit and stare, thinking that's more than you could bare, count them up, yes there is also a butt sniffing pup. But he's just an annoying runt, that's shaped like a wiener so he makes a good hunt. But as you finish your count, don't worry your shoes can stay on for the above amount, add half a dozen to what you see and that's how many are in front of me, as I roam all around, seeing what can be found. Oh and don't worry miss priss scares them off too, as see can be quite feisty between me and you.

So all this stress of seeing so many furballs, up and down the halls, has made me quite lazy today, so I used them to play. But I'd like to open to door, cause them to scatter across the floor and chase some out into the grass, but instead I'll just sit and rest my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

P.S. I'll leave you with one final image to disturb your mind, oh and it's not of my behind. But don't worry you won't have to dash, as I have nothing left to flash.


  1. err...PlayKitty calling for pics again eh?
    that will be the day, glad you had fun
    with your friends on the run, now go
    take a nap, before you turn into a sap

  2. OMG! What a smile you gave me
    When I saw this pose for the world to see.
    I'm still laughing...and showing it round the office... so much for the rhyme...this time! lol

  3. We're going to have to put a "Mature Readers" advisory on this blog, if this keeps up...

  4. Oh, too cool. WV for my last comment was "Suess." So close to "Seuss!"

  5. Brian it took me a minute to get my head into the gutter
    To take reference to what you utter
    But yes PlayKitty was indeed after me
    But I'd rather have one and all to see
    Not just those with a dirty mind
    Aren't I just kind

    hahaha Yes that is how he likes to lay
    Even swat at me and play
    Showing off the cat
    Sure he'll appreciate that

    Yes the little kiddies might have to close their eyes
    Maybe I should have put a word to the wise
    But oh well they'll get a surprise
    Least there is is nothing he tries to disguise

    That would have been neat
    You always get the good WV when you come take a seat

  6. Oh that is such a hoot
    all those cousins to welcome you
    when Pat goes home to visit
    I can see why you have a fit!

    But that last picture, gee, Orlin
    You aren't shy now, are you, darlin'?

  7. Gee, I thought with this litter of kittens
    I had the most little dickens
    But your mom certainly wins the prize
    as I can't believe my eyes!
    Seventeen did you say?
    I can't imagine the bill to pay
    for all the cat chow to buy!
    Bet she lets out a little sigh.

  8. Nope Orlin isn't shy
    He'll flash you right in the eye
    With a meow and strut
    As he likes to show what he got
    Which isn't much due to a snip
    But he still thinks he is quite hip

    Yes well between my mother and grandmother there are 14 there
    So only off by three but that's fair
    As there are quite a ton
    Yes the cat food bill high does run
    Plus if you count the mutt
    That means 15 is what you got.
    And the two of us when we go
    So now what do you know
    It equals 17 like you say
    Guess if you think of it that way
    You might be right
    But in the dark of night
    You can't tell how many unless your turn on the light
    Then you might get a

  9. I did remember you saying 17.
    I didn't forget! Aren't I keen?
    They are really pretty cats
    Never a dull moment, I'm sure of that!

    I've had fun watching the kittens here today
    All four were there and wanting to play
    But scamper and hide when I open the door
    They think I'm a monster for sure. ha.

  10. Yes never a dull moment for sure
    As you take the kitty tour
    This one hates that one
    The other hates him but with another has fun
    It's all kinds of crazy
    A couple are also lazy

    Maybe you should get down on all fours
    Not giving any roars
    Then meow at them a bit
    See if they still have a scary

  11. So, Orlin, I have to ask
    if you are related to any of the cats
    when you go home.
    Or just how is it you came to roam
    to bush number three
    when you were just a kitty.
    And Cassie, too
    Are relatives there for her, and you?

  12. Nope not directly related to any cat there
    Miss Priss isn't either I swear
    She came from out in the dirt
    Much like those ones you have in the yard with whom you try to flirt
    Yet they run away
    As you're scary and cause them
    I came on a plane from Toronto or there abouts
    They didn't have any boats
    So I'm from far far away
    Meaning no one here is related to me and can't cause me dismay

  13. Well, that's what I thought you would say
    Since they might be dismayed
    And say they raised you better
    than you show with your behavior.
    But since you aren't related
    you don't care if they aren't elated
    You can turn up your nose
    that's just how it goes.

    yes, the kittens are scared of me
    I'm trying to win them over with food, you see.
    And they are now eating the kitten chow
    buy only if I set it down
    and leave...

  14. Yes they didn't raise me at all
    As I don't like any of them no matter the name you call
    Miss Priss is the only cat I get along with I will admit
    As any other one I see I have a fit
    I like mutts better which is strange
    But part of me was born out on the

    Maybe you should wear a disguise
    And wait to catch the little guys
    But then that might really scare them away
    And they'd never ever play