Friday, May 20, 2011

Could Be My Last Post, Better Give a Good Roast!

Yes I may not be able to post anymore, here at my shore, as wait for it, nope not a fit, at least not yet, but don't fret, just give me a second of two and I'll have one just for you. Where was I? Oh yes being ever so sly, keeping you on the hook, as I write a book. Get on with it you say? You don't want to go through this delay? As I've got you hooked and without a fix, you might perform tricks? Hmmmm maybe I should stop just for that, be awfully funny to this cat.

But it has nothing to do with me or at least that I can see, as tomorrow the world will END, oh no all my money I should spend. Wait I have none of that, hmmm guess the world can turn flat..hahaha. Yes don't worry at all, as with my typical rhyming call, I'm going to say how STUPID this is, this Earth ending biz.

You know it's a slow news day when you have to show this crap on live TV, reality TV it almost makes me want to see, almost I say, as I'd rather go in the road and play, than watch that crap, least it could give me a good nap. Oh yes the world ending loons, maybe they watched one to many Saturday morning cartoons. Or was that some evil guy, making some plan to apply, to take over the planet for himself, bah both are just as dumb may as well talk about an elf.

Firstly the "World" will never end for billions of years, so while you fret about your world ending fears, know long after we are dead and gone, there will more likely still be a dusk and a dawn, the planet will still be here in some form, probably won't be the norm. Heck maybe bugs will reign supreme, Cassie and I will do a double team and try to eat them all, before our fall. Damn after that I'd get fat, maybe I'll just chew on a tasty rat.

Anyway dumb humans have to go all big, trying to put a fancy wig, on mankinds end, which is an ever growing trend, by saying oh the world will end, sorry still be here my friend. So now that, that is out of the way, anyone want to take a big bet that we'll still be here Saturday. Heck I'll even extend it to next year, if losing money you fear. Want to even go past December 21, 2012 too, I'll take that bet with you. Just be prepared to pay, as it isn't going to end on that or any other day.

Some dumb crackpot comes up with a theory whether it's scary or cheery and the masses follow like some obedient mutt, while I move on making a toot out my butt. Yep that's about the size of this theory crap, as they all can be flushed down the tap.

Things will change, things will rearrange, but the planet won't go anywhere and all these theories one shouldn't care. For to really go extinct, something big would have to make us hit the brink, like some outerspace meteor thing or even the aliens come to make us sing, but more than likely some nut job will start a war and cause at least some of this lore, to come into affect, so they can use it to deflect, how stupid they really are, for taking this crap to far.

As I can say I found clues left behind many years ago, that for sure I know, everyone will one day poop green and it will be a sight to be seen. Then when one person does that, oh look I was at least somewhat right with my chat. Point is if you look you will find, because it is on your mind.

I have gave a good fit, which was asked for by Betsy in the below comment hit. So when pop goes this big planet mass, I'm sure I'll be dead and buried in the grass, yet still will be crass and forever remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Not to go all religious on you, but even a Christian like myself has read this: ""But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only." So if God isn't even telling Jesus, do we really think some guy here in the USA is going to know the exact date?

  2. hahahahaha religion or not you have a point
    That guy belongs in the loonie joint

  3. there has bee a billboard up in my city,
    proclaiming the end, rather shitty on 5/21, when my life barely begun, oh well, i wont sit on my hands, and wait, when it happens it will be fate, i hope its a big asteroid, what a cool sight to end on, and hard to avoid, but extinction you could depend on...

  4. Yep if we have to go an Asteroid would be the way
    Least we'd have a sight before the thing did slay
    Then all would start all over again
    Could be mice, could be men
    A billboard is really really sad too
    Whoever put that up needs to go for a ride in the port a pottie loo

  5. go for a ride in a porta pottie. haha

    That reminds me of my auction yesterday!
    A post will soon come of that weird day.
    I went to work
    and had to lurk
    at the strangeness all around me
    and the long distance walk to the porta pottie

  6. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Why did you "trick"me...I thought for a minute that you were retiring from blogging.

    So, I rushed right over (with candy and card in hand) to wish you well, but after reading your post I thought what the _ell Oops! I meant swell...
    and what do I find in the end that you are just suggesting that some man "go for a ride in the port a pottie loo? Ha!...

    Therefore, all I can say is forget my candy, forget my card...and my "adieu" to you too!
    DeeDee :-D

  7. Strangeness all around
    Hmmmm my interst has been found
    Did you find an alien or something
    That fame could bring
    Or was their just leftovers in the port a pottie
    From someone not flushing and being

    hahaha glad to know I at least fooled one
    Sorry had to be done
    But a candy and a card for me
    Oh how nice of you DeeDee
    Although never fear as I'll be around
    Long after 100,000 have joined the facts ground
    And yes what the hell comes to mind
    At my shore where you never know what you will find

  8. The world will end
    today my friend?
    I know the mystery
    behind this history
    and this is it:
    It's because Oprah quit!
    That's what I wrote on my facebook page
    now you know I'm quite the sage.

  9. hahaha Sure Oprah will make the world end
    Least you started a new trend
    Not saying it was doom and gloom
    Just because Oprah left the room
    Original I will say
    But I'll bet we'll still be here the same as we are today

  10. Well, it looks like we're all still here
    and nobody left the earth I fear.
    I wish those loonies would stop with their words
    they really do look absurd.

  11. No, the world isn't ending,
    But the Apocalypse is definitely trending.
    It's a money making thing,
    Buy a book instead of a ring.
    A religious ploy for attention,
    As I take a moment to mention,
    All those sites contain more than one link,
    To buy anything but the kitchen sink.
    It's crazy I know.
    But the rumor did grow!
    And here we all are waiting for the end.


  12. Yep still here
    Guess that idiot won't be getting a cheer
    Maybe he got dropped on his head
    And to anyone who believed and lead
    Look at yourself in the mirror soon
    Now you see a loon
    Wish someone would have took the bet
    Then a financial gain would have been

    Wow been a while since Lanie came to rhyme
    Guess she wanted to weigh in on the end of world chime
    Yep all about the cash
    As to the store they dash
    Stocking up just in case
    The end of the world does win the race
    All one big scam
    Besides it will come in more like a lamb
    It isn't going to just go poof and happen
    Not even well your nappin
    Bunch of mooks they are
    As said should be in the loonie bar