Sunday, May 15, 2011

From Out Of The Blogger Dust, I Guess Showing Is a Must!

So this was the post blogger decided to say bye bye to, so it may not be new, but it was never commented on yet and you all never got the chance to comment and fret. Oh and special thanks to The Silver Fox Lair, for this post once again coming back to bare, as the Fox saved it in his Google reader and emailed it back to me for my blog feeder. So Brian you now know who else to blame, for giving your closet fame, but Betsy took the pictures and started it up, so if you light a bag on fire with poo from a pup, you know which doorstep to place it on and remember to do it at dusk or dawn.

Look What The Cat Can Do, Going To Be Hated By Most of You!

So after I tripped that Drazin guy, with us cats being so sly, ok it was Cassie's plan, but miss priss I'll just ban. Anyway going on with my show, as now I'm in the know. For when that big lug, gave my side a tug, I felt a quick jolt, but don't worry I didn't start to molt, as now I hear things quite clear, somethings I didn't want to know I fear.

"Get on with it already"

"What is this guy going on about"

Shut up the two of you, I'll get to it when I do.

"Hmmm the cat seems to be having a fit or he could just be a twit"

I heard that dear reader, want me to take all the feed out of your bird feeder? Yes Betsy I know that's what you were thinking, as that stuff you were drinking.

"Wait he heard me, what"

Yes now I can hear all the thoughts in your mind, meaning nowhere are you safe from my behind.

"Look at this guy and his commas, he must be using Word"

Orlando I'll flip you a comma bird, yes you too I heard.

"Ha I knew he was a fake"

Wait that was said twice, oh Fox I know that's your vice, maybe you two grammer hounds should get a room, I'll even make space my removing the broom. Oh I can still amuse, even if my Brian I'm starting to lose.

Look I even spelled that wrong, but speaking of Brian he seems to be singing a different song.

"Where did I put those? Where could they be? You think the kids found them? I know I left them there?"

Yes Brian seems to have something on his mind, as I called in a favor and had a friend go and find, a certain item down his way, as curiousity was getting the better of the cat today. But just to ease Brian's brain, I'll show what was found at his lane.

"Oh I hope he doesn't tell Brian it was me."

Betsy you just gave yourself away, now your twin might come your way and get you back, for taking pictures of the clothes on his closet rack.

"But after taking pictures at the auction, I just wanted more."

"I'm going to come get those sis, as I need them for the weekend."

"I wish Betsy would raid my underwear drawer."

"What is going on here?"

"Vaya, qué montón de colimbos"

"What he say?"

"How you know it was a he?"

"One hundred dollar bill, two hundred dollar bill, oh I love being rich, three hundred dollar bill..."

"Why don't these guys speak proper grammar when they think, maybe I should do a post on that hmmm"

"Wow, was für ein Haufen Seetaucher"

"Betsy there better not be wrinkles on my favorite skirt."

Too crowded in here, need to clear, talking like I have brain damage or something, bang head maybe relief it will bring.

"Thank God he doesn't hear me, or he'd know my love for Hitchcock was so deep."

" What the bleeping, bleep is this bleeping bleep, this bleeping bleep is bleeped."


Finally relief, now I can go back to being the chief, of all the thoughts in my mind, as some of you just aren't kind. Plus some things shouldn't be heard or told, I wonder if that German guy was being nice or cold.

Natasha must be taking all that money she's putting in piles and buying some new tiles, as she no longer has Tashtoo Tales, as now a Parlour instead has been erected with some nails. seem to strike twice, as Orlando and Fox think about grammer like I think about mice. Fox also thought about underwear, yes that might cause some to stare...hahaha

Brian I'm sure Betsy will return your clothes to where they belong, as stealing them was wrong, I only asked her to take pictures and report back, but I guess your taste is just sharp as a tack. So she took them home with her, aren't you glad her camera doesn't blur?

DeeDee that I really didn't want to know, but got you again at my show. A lot of you used foul language too, what goes on in the minds of some of you. Of course I'd never point out directly which ones, pretty hard when there were tons. 

So wasn't that such a delight? Of course for some it might be a fright. But aren't you glad the cat decided to share? At least I was fare and included all that I heard, even if you want to now flip me the bird, which is probably the case, but it was so much fun today at my place. Of course I don't want that power back, as it prevents my rhyme attack. Ok just slows it down, but I know that would make some frown. So as all of you continue to think with such crass, I'll run and hide my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. really it was only once i wore a skirt and certainly not to work, but if betsy wants to borrow she will find no sorrow from me, see long as she leaves the stilletos and hose alone, without them it just would not be home

  2. hee hee
    I'm actually praying my waist is smaller
    and that Brian is a little taller
    Cause although we are twins
    I think I look better thin
    and muscles look better on him!

    Blogger didn't steal any of my posts
    but they did take all my comments with no boast
    on my auction friend with the skirt
    so now we can't laugh with a smirk
    at the funny things people said
    as I think the comments are officially dead.

  3. Wow Brian you have quite the selection
    Do you have an alarm for protection
    I think your shoes are safe from me
    Although who knows what will happen if Betsy did see

    Aren't twins usually the same size and shape
    Or you could always use duct tape
    Fix it right up to work on you
    Or on him whatever you want to do

    Yeah I lost some comments too
    When the stupid thing went to poo
    But I have to be nice now
    Or Silver Fox may go wow
    And rant that I'm still being mean
    After visiting the nicey nice blogger post at his

  4. Well, we aren't identical twins
    since I'm a she and he's a him.
    Thought that was already an obvious fact
    So I'll just leave it at that. :)

    Yes, you must be nice
    or Fox will write a post once or twice
    Unless it's him that's ranting
    then it's ok I'm guessing.

  5. "Look I even spelled that wrong," Pat? What did you misspell?

  6. grammar, dear Fox, was spelled wrong. :)

  7. Yeah, I saw that, but Pat's "I spelled that wrong" came so long after that, I wondered if he'd meant something else.

  8. Brian/Brain I intertwined there a bit
    That is where I stuck in that fit
    Grammar I saw but figured I'd leave
    Just to help it interweave
    So Betsy was sorta right
    But it wasn't what I tried to bring to light

  9. Oh look a spammer has come
    Look at this bum
    So goodbye to the spammer
    I'll whack you with a hammer

  10. What you drool?
    Whoops yes all is cool