Monday, May 9, 2011

I'll Show Up All Of You, That's Just What I Do!

So I was on Twitter making the usual rounds, when I came across Tashtoo's grounds. I had a look and saw they were rhyming today, over at the onestoppoetry way. So I went over for a look, damn they wrote a book. But they only said there were two classifications of rhyme, now a tree I am going to make some climb. As I have one all my own, oh don't go and moan. Yes I know aliens were fun, but now something once again profound has to be done. To prove no one can keep up with me, unless you're on my back being an itchy flea. Yes I posted early too, but what the heck so sit and view.

So WaystationOne and the Tales of Tashtoo, sorry but I'm taking down both of you. As Natasha's old one was quite swell, but I'll do more than rhyme the last word in my little rhyming spell. Brian I can just make swear a whole bunch, just don't choke on your lunch, the cat wouldn't want that, so swallow before you chat. Now without further adieu, time to show up most of you. Yes the cat has a big head, would rather not be at work and in bed, but when the cat creates his own classification of rhyme, I guess I can be big headed some of the time.

To Do

An ever growing list
Plan never going pissed
Began endeavour showing fist
Scan forever knowing, persist

Expanding when days begin to pass
Outstanding sin relays herein you amass
Landing skin ablaze, chin through glass
Demanding win, praise, kin accrue class

Waiting where shadows lurk
Baiting glare, narrows smirk
Rating aware, scarecrows jerk
Slating blare shallows work

More bull arise from each word
Swore full wise, bum speech slurred
Ignore wool eyes, come leach herd
Floor pull cries, hum, screech, reword

Waiting just creates increases
Baiting distrust awaits releases
Skating robust gates creases
Equating rust straits decreases

All done within reach
Small run, thin speech
Recall fun, skin, beach
Stall, stun, begin each

Pen, wonder, you view axe
Men plunder spew, skew facts
Ten blunder through new acts
Again under TO DO stacks

Damn that was a bit rough, maybe a little bit tough, as instead of two I did four and yes as always at my shore, I made each word rhyme, each and every friggin time. So take that, now a break is needed for the cat. As Pat has things to do and I'm sure I amazed all of you. So I will let it all sink into your mind, as I give one last comment about my behind, yes dear lass, I have to say I'm a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I seriously don't know how you do this
    Each time you post this type I am impressed.
    I think it would take me a year
    to put out something so clever.
    So, yes you have a big head
    but as for the others, you are way ahead!
    Oh just look at how it swells
    how big your head gets we never can tell!

  2. This one took a little longer than the last
    As it doubled so was quite vast
    But I had time at work to kill
    So thought I'd give onestop a thrill
    Yes my head has quite the mass
    Maybe I'll have to borrow your treadmill to take some weight off my ummm ass...LOL

  3. I don't think the treadmill will reduce your arrogance
    maybe try a crazy dance.
    No, I don't think that would help either
    someone would need to burst your fever
    of rhyming better than all of us
    and making us want to cuss.

  4. Maybe a I need a sqaure dance..hahaha
    Of course a cat doing that would put one in a trance

    I make you want to cuss
    Oh now I'll have to cause a bigger rhyming fuss
    To see if you have the skill of your twin
    I wonder which one of you will win
    Brian seems more forthcoming with those words
    As you just stare at the birds
    So I think he'd win that
    But then you could knock him flat

  5. Oh, I'll let Brian have the cussing fun
    although for his money I could give him a run
    but I try to be a lady, don't you know
    So down that road I seldom go.

  6. Hmmmm TRY being the key word there
    Oops did I ruffle your hair
    Maybe it was all that feet in the kitchen sink
    That brought that to the brink...LOL
    Oh I amuse myself quite well
    But don't worry I won't tell
    Can't say what you tighty whitey neighbor will do
    As he might tell on you

  7. Ladies can soak there feet in the kitchen sink
    At least that's what I think.
    I'm glad the trees now have leaves
    So the undies in the next yard that are blowing in the breeze
    Aren't quite as noticeable
    and make dinner more digestible.

  8. Well I have no idea about that
    So I'll just nod and agree as I continue my chat
    As long as there was no stains
    You shouldn't have stomach pains
    But yeah if there was some brown spots
    I'd move my kitchen around lots
    As that would be rather nasty to see
    When trying to eat, heck even when picking a flea

  9. Eeew. No, I have to say they are bright white
    Like the Mrs. uses bleach left and right.

  10. Betsy is honestly sunny, not shady,
    She's never a "potty-mouth,"
    always a lady!
    Her verbal restraint is a wonder at times!
    (Must be nice to have gone through her life with no crimes...)

  11. Aww, I've never claimed to be perfect like that
    I was just having a nice chat with Pat.
    or maybe it was his cat.

  12. That is better then
    For you and your five men
    Still I wouldn't want to look
    Maybe block the window with a book
    Or train the kitties to yank them down
    And drag them all over town
    That be quite funny I'd say
    Sure you could teach that to a stray

    I think the Fox has kind of a biased point of view
    As he is smitten with you
    So everyone take that with a grain of salt
    When you visit my vault
    Hmm that might make her seem quite shady for sure
    Sure it will bring an encore
    Although one just has to stray her way to see
    How nice she can be
    There now my niceness has gone
    Time to go train the kittes to poop on her

  13. The cat is home alseep
    So this whole comment heap
    As been with Pat
    For the home computer is off and the password isn't known by the cat

  14. You are the cat in the hat - move over Dr. Seuss a whole new kinda cat is loose. Your work is the cat's meow and over and over again I said, WOW! You rhyme each word in every line and I thought I had a jewel in mine. I crown you the Master Cat. Even T.S Eliot didn't do that!

    So much fun, excellent! Gay

  15. The accounting business must be terribly slow
    on this Monday as you have nowhere to go
    but to blogland to laugh and tease
    with those of us who work as we please.

    Have to say I'd let out a giggle
    if the cats pulled the clothesline down with a wiggle.

  16. Look a new comment from an unknown
    And she even went and rhymed full blown
    So to you I tip my cup
    Yes I also show them all up
    With the every word rhyme
    Not the easiest thing I've done in my time
    But it gets done
    And I do it with fun
    Thanks for the read
    Here at my feed

    I get my whole days work done in an hour
    Then I just sit here and pretend to be nice not sour
    Very very very boring it is
    As I'm just a whiz
    Putting out resumes by the ton now
    As I've had enough of this crap any how
    But shhhh don't tell
    As it might take a spell
    To find one with better pay
    Wouldn't that just make my day
    Oh and never fear that facts will remain
    Never going to let them wain
    Just need something better in between
    Until everyone is less mean
    And the facts take off
    Then the whole work thing I can scoff
    Damn that was long
    Like a bad song

  17. Yes, Beachanny thinks you're great
    and certainly didn't hesitate
    to tell you so and make your head swell
    How big it will get we never can tell

    Good luck with the resumes
    you may have to shake a few germy hands that way
    but if a better job it brings to you
    then it will be worth a bottle or two
    of hand sanitzer
    the size of a geiser.

    I'm thinking your postcard may arrive today
    as Brian's did on Saturday

  18. Thanks to our Betsy, an idea does bloom!
    So I'll discuss the elephant in this room:
    I know why the
    cat wears the hat here instead!
    Pat can't find one big enough for his head!

  19. Yes the head did swell a little more
    As she came and took the rhyme time tour
    I'm finding it hard to stand
    Pretty soon it will be big enough for a plane to land

    Yes don't remind me of that
    As when I got the car people want to shake hands with Pat
    I washed them quite well when I got home
    As too many places I did roam
    Better job I doubt
    As the 9-5 stuff can make one remote
    But if more money I can receive
    It will be worth it to leave
    And get out of this place
    Never again to show my face

    Hmmm it could
    But way up north who knows if it would
    I should check too when I get back
    Hopefully it doesn't pop out and

    hahaha the Fox has a good observation
    Spying on our conversation
    As my head is to big for a hat
    I'd have to get a custom size one at that
    Which costs to much to do
    So the cat can be the one to wear it and impress all of you

  20. just ate a long stinking rhyme, what a crime

  21. bow to the cat flower master rhyme blaster never a dis-ass-ster, cut no slack, mac daddy roll a fatty blos smoke rings round you a$$ cause he in a different class. boom! boom! when he steps to it clears the room!

  22. I guess we got our fill of rhyme
    Just in time
    for the long line
    of poor souls of all kinds
    with their prose slasher minds
    in a "rhyme only" economy of trying times.

  23. A poem within a verse within rhyme.

  24. Didn't mean to shove it down your throat
    Glad you ate it and gave it a vote
    As it was only a little crime
    Least I didn't make you pay a dime

    Damn there you go again with the lingo
    Heck I'd be better off playing bingo
    As that I make a poor attempt at
    But you do it so well with your comment chat
    So thanks for the props
    Now just don't call the cops

    This time you played the game
    I guess you no longer comment tame
    Yes I bet you had your fill
    Hope it wasn't as bad as a dentist drill
    Those slasher minds might come undone
    With all the friggin rhyming fun
    Or at least have to take a pill
    Needing a refill

    Aren't I just so good
    Didn't even know I could
    Put so many things in one
    Glad you pointed out the fun

  25. I enjoyed a do list written so poetically. it makes want almost complete every thing while doing a ballet.

  26. Yes but sadly everything will never be complete
    But wouldn't that be neat
    Stuff will always pop up
    Might even have to clean up a broken cup

  27. Sorry I am late
    hurry not my trait
    worry about fate
    flurry to create

    your poem neat
    sure tough to beat
    you're good to meet
    more poems? sweet!

  28. Bah you're not to late
    At least you opened the gate
    But I can relate
    As I've been in that state

    Thanks for the read
    Here at my feed
    Neat is a swell word
    Now the cat will go eat a bird

  29. Yep, chicken, I'm guessing. lol...

  30. haha good guess
    How did you ever know through my rhyming mess

  31. Oh, just like you I have a knack
    for remember little facts. :)

  32. Maybe I'll have to be more sly
    To pull one over on you with a lie

  33. Oh, but then your nose would grow
    and you'd look like Pinocchio!

  34. haha how did I know your go there
    At least I'd be wooden and wouldn't lose any hair