Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's The Day Of The Cat, Screw Pat!

Oh that title could be taken so so wrong, just don't think about it to long. Of course the normal crew that come to lurk, will instantly get a smirk. So no longer will you get the basic run down of Pat, as now you get the rundown in rhyme by the cat. Oh it was just fun and I quickly got it all done.

But that can be seen over there, did you know that Drazin guy doesn't play fair? Yes the so called God returned to bug the cat, doesn't seem like he will ever scat. In fact he's here right now, having his typical every day cow, so I opened up one of those programs built by someone smarter than lambs, that types out the words you say, so you can read as I get rid of him once more today.

DRAZIN: "Don't ignore Drazin you stupid furball, Drazin knows you're in there, for the Great God Drazin knows all and when Drazin knocks down this door Drazin is going to make you into that hat."

CASSIE: "Friend of yours?"

She smiled at me with such delight, as I ran about for he did cause a little bit of a fright.

CASSIE: "Maybe he'll huff and puff and blow the door down."

She rolled on her back laughing at me, rubbing it in as much as should could for free. I never thought that thrid person, talking clown, could ever track me down. But it looks like he did, I'm going to have to have a chat with that Pat kid. As he needs to be more hidden of his address, so the cat doesn't end up in this mess.

I watched as the peep hole became dark and listened as he began to bark. I wished I had something to poke him in the eye, bet that would make this so called God cry.

DRAZIN: "Oh furball, get your scrawny ass out here so Drazin can chew you up and spit you out."

CASSIE: "Shouldn't a God be able to pick a lock?"

DRAZIN: "Who was that furball? Your girlfriend? Don't worry Drazin will let her watch your demise."

CASSIE: "Also shouldn't a God know what's on the other side of a door?"

DRAZIN: "Your girlfriend has a big mouth furball, maybe Drazin will create a pair of slippers instead of a hat. Come on furball, don't perlong this anymore than it has to be, as Gods always get their way."

CASSIE: "Please, the excrement I leave in the litter box is more Godly then this clown."

The fear had actually left the cat and I actually found miss priss funny at that. As the banter between the two went on like this for quite some time, I had to turn that program off as they didn't rhyme. I don't want you to think I'm going soft, here at my rhyming loft.

He started jiggling the door knob, acting as if he was someone looking to rob, this little hole, maybe Santa only left him a lump of coal. Could that be what made him so uptight, you know it just might. But the door became ajar and he started to open it quite far. I figured I was dead meat, but Cassie ran up to the door to greet.

Not really a proper greeting I must say, but it really made my day, as she jumped at the door and slammed it back into Drazin's face, making him fall to the floor.

CASSIE: "A God bested by a cat, how about that?"

Cassie laughed in her little prissy way, but down Drazin did not stay. As he got up and came charging into our place, with quite an ugly look on his face, not that he was much to look at before, but now it was just a chore. No the cat doesn't swing that way, just had to say, plus I'm inbetween as I've been fixed because Pat is so mean.

DRAZIN: "It's time for you to pay fleabag for getting Drazin fired, for getting Drazin mixed up in some zombie mess and for getting on the Great God Drazin's nerves."

CASSIE: "Do you just like the sound of your own voice or something?"

She was still as sly as ever, acting quite clever and not backing down from this third person talking clown.

DRAZIN: "What fleabag, going to let your girlfriend do all the talking for you? Yeah Drazin figured as much, don't worry no longer will you have to play second fiddle to her, as Drazin is going to skin you and mount you with no fur. Look you even made the Great God Drazin rhyme, now it's frying time."

This big galoot chased us around for an hour, his expression continuing to sour, as he was to slow and couldn't get in the small places we could go.

CASSIE: "Is that sweat I see? Where's your Godly powers now? Huh? Come on is that the best you got?"

Cassie kept egging him on as she sat on a window sill, he's eyes began to give off a glow which gave me a chill. But she just sat there with a smirk, just daring the jerk, to come on over, like some brain dead rover. He came running like a bull at Cass and that is when she nodded to my little rhyming ass, I ran out just before he hit the window sill and tripped him up which wasn't a thrill, as it hurt my side because that guy is kind of wide.

But what made it all worth while, as he went flying through the window in style. He landed on the balcony just barely holding on, yelling for us not to let him fall on the lawn.

CASSIE: "What a God, no wonder people would worship you, as anyone and everyone is better than you. You make that big rock out there look bright."

Cassie looked down so amused with herself and trotted out like a happy little elf. She then gave him a smirk and clawed his fingers one by one, watching as they became undone.

DRAZIN: "Drazin will get you furballs."

Was the last thing he stated as he fell through the air, but don't worry his life didn't end there, as after all he's supposedly some God or something like that, but he did go splat, right into the back of a garbage truck, I think I even heard him say oh ****, as the last load was dumped on his head and to the garbage dump he was lead.

So now that was another tale of that Drazin baffoon, told by this rhyming loon. Now we have to get this place back in order, before Pat comes home, sees it and ships us across the border. As Betsy already has five cats in her yard, having two more wouldn't be that hard. So now the cat gets to plug the facts more too, bringing more viewers to all of you, at least those who joined up, to them I tip my cup and go to clean the mess left by that God like mass, as I forever remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Cheers to Cassie,
    That non-rhyming lassie!
    She's so darned sassy,
    Yet remarkably classy!

    Drazin's a jerk,
    And his plans never work.
    Being bested by cats
    Is a bring-down, at that!

  2. Yes Cassie gets things done with class
    As the cat is just a rhyming ass
    Running into everything here and there
    Not having a single care

    Drazin may win one day
    But I doubt it will ever be at my way
    Then again you never know
    I may just make him win so he'll go

  3. That Cassie came through in a pinch,
    as Drazin's death came within an inch.

    But then that can't be true,
    he is a God of who knows who.

    Good entertainment I must say,
    and for now I will go away.

  4. haha on besting drazin
    a good story or i'd be lyin
    i know a few in love with their voice
    good thing is to read them is my choice
    dump on the head sure sounds nasty
    three cheers for cassie!

  5. Well, look at what I missed today!
    Cassie and Orlin teaming up to play
    tricks on that bad guy drazin.
    None of his jazz they were havin'.

    I worked hard at an auction today
    but a smile maker found it's way
    to my mail box here at my home
    a post card from nova scotia came to roam!

  6. I've been missing for awhile,
    but I'm back with a smile :o)
    at Drazin's demise
    that Cassie is so wise!
    I take off my hat
    to the cat, Pat.

  7. Yes Cassie is more subtle and waits
    But the cat just goes right through the gates
    He isn't the brightest when it comes to that
    But he was good at tripping Drazin and making him go scat

    Yeah I think we all know a few of those
    Who think their way better and such but you know how that goes
    He doesn't sound like he has much left in there to hurt
    And no blood began to spurt
    So I'm sure he'll survive
    Though maybe stink like something dead not alive

    Yes they acted as a team I guess
    Cassie just used the cat to make a mess
    So I guess he was more of a tool
    But the team up was cool
    haha the postcard from bush number 3
    Has finally made it to thee

    It hasn't been that long
    And you come back strong
    With a rhyme
    As you do all the time
    Always fun to pun the hat
    Also when you chat

  8. Yeah, but you didn't warn me that bush #3
    would be mooning me!
    Only the cat in the hat
    would have shrubbery like that!

    I'm off to check out the rhyming fact page
    you hope entertains and does engage
    I'm sure it's a lot of fun
    and your readers will be stunned.

  9. the fee is less than you spend on toilet paper...haha. true, cat...very true!

  10. Maybe I gave a slight hint at that
    But we'll it so wanted to be used by the cat
    Oh how I wish I had a real bush like that facing someone I didn't like
    Then I wouldn't have to tell them to take a

    Yeah I rhymed like crazy there
    Might ruffle some uptight peoples hair
    But what do I care
    For now they'll join thinking they are at the fair

  11. haha yeah that just popped in my mind
    So I thought I'd use it to remind

  12. See, here I am
    I'm getting better
    Just need a sweater :)
    For today it is once again cold
    Maybe I'm just getting old.
    But at least I had your tale to warm me up
    That old Drazin is quite the shmuck!
    So here I sit
    It's closing day
    Soon I will see myself paid
    For this really stressful time
    And my poor excuse at rhyme
    But tomorrow I'll be rich!
    Don't that make your fingers itch :)
    So more ads from you I'll buy
    Because your such an awesome guy!
    And I'll be able to come on back
    ANd that is the Lets Face it Fact!

  13. Yes you are getting back on track
    And your rhymes never lack
    Bah it isn't cold
    So I guess you are just getting
    Must be nice to be rich
    But one day I will and have no worries yet of digging in the
    haha you buy ads and have nothing to place
    To put in front of ones face
    Tisk Tisk Kind of slow
    But sooner or later I guess it will show