Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Shot or Ummmmm Not!

Yes I'm early, don't get squirrely, I'll post in Mr. Linky thing, when he decides to appear and give a ring. So I never played this whole one shot thing, but I thought at least once I'd see what I could bring. I decided to give it a try, but you all know by now I'm not your typical rule following guy, errr ummmm cat, so I didn't just do that. I did a three shot, yes I know quite a lot. As I once again go all profound, thanks to stomping over at the onestoppoetry ground, Wednesday will never be the same, as I create a three ring frame, not just one, oh aren't I fun.

Bite Me

A quick tingle up your spine
As you step across the line
Bitten all raw and sore
No longer waiting to see what life has in store

Taking it upon yourself to choose
Whether you win or lose
But as the redness begins to surge
Certain aspects of one's self begin to purge

The little prick that once was
Now enlarged with more abuzz
Blatent and enlarged for all the world to find
As you scratch what is on the forefront of your mind

This itch continues to annoy
For the search has lead to no joy
It blisters and breaks
As your hand scratches and racks

Wishing this annoyance to end
As the puss flows around the bend
For the bow has broke
And you no longer remember the words you once spoke

Trying to get back to what once was clear
But finding yourself no where near
As the itch has now begun to cluster
And no more strength you have left to muster

Oh that wasn't bad, but aren't you glad, it isn't over yet, or are you going to fret? For I make you stay and read, here at my feed, as you are all hooked now, so sequel number one before I wow.

Scabbed Over

The drugs and cream
Have ridden the itch but haven't brought back the gleam
As you now show the wear
Of experience from your feet to your hair

Reminded of that past time
As you look at the stair you were once able to climb
Ignoring the itch and shoving past
Thinking forever your day would last

The scabbed over area focuses your stare
As you smirk and glare
Aware of what this itch had done
But looking at your new path that has begun

With one big swoop
You claw repeating a loop
Ridding yourself of scabs and reminders
Once again taking off the blinders

A scar develops where an itch gave birth
Which you use to judge your worth
Attempting to create a path
Avoiding the countless other opinions wrath

Choosing not to just try again
But attempt something done by few men
No longer a scabbed over area to show
As onward you go

Now the the first sequel is through, time to make this trilogy ring true, as I go back to rhyming each word, proving I'm such an unbeatable turd. Yeah I make fun of myself, here at my shelf, so I save you the trouble of that, aren't I just a helpful cat?

Healed or Not?

Start, Stop, Try
Chart, Swap, Apply

Wants of past you still eye
Haunts shove fast, true skill high

Knowledge now on your side
Acknowledge, allow, spawn, assure stride 

Scrapping back up top
Mapping black cup drop

Shining ever so bright
Mining clever, slow fight

Yield your plot
Healed or Not?

Look at that for the onestop day, I used three to play and rhymed every word in the last, aren't my skills just vast. Yeah my head is also quite big, I could use it to snap a large twig. But what makes it even more big, isn't a fancy wig, as Natasha has shown off The Tashtoo Parlour in the poetry acts and has once again upped the amount of acts. So go have a look, before I write a book. Well I think that will be my profoundness for May, but it will rear it's head another day. But no matter if I'm talking about postcards, aliens or crap, I'll still take you on a lap and you won't be able to pass, on visiting my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall


  1. dude that is sick verse,
    any grossed i'd curse, puss runs in cream streams from the seems of that rash on your...(ahem, it rhymed butt not this time)...so rock the one shot, and drop it like its hot, for you too will be a hit, at 5 PM when we kick it up a bit...

  2. haha you prevented yourself from swearing
    Not that anyone here is caring
    I hope my behind doesn't have a rash
    I don't think it does, but I'm not going to check, as I might flash
    It's 6PM here
    That I will give Mr. Linky a cheer

  3. You need a Band-aid or two.
    What I'm saying is true!

  4. Sounds like someone's spiked your Friskies...

  5. Band aids don't work as I chew them up quite well
    But they are a little tasty, shhh don't tell

    Yes Betsy sent me tainted cat food
    Isn't that just rather rude

  6. Look now she is going to try
    And deny, deny, deny
    Ok really I snuck into her yard to steal the kitten food
    She left out for that brood
    I think she tainted it with some spice
    Trying to make them nice
    But it backfired on me
    Giving the opposite affect you see

  7. You say tainted kitty food?
    I'd never do that, dude!
    I'll use my natural sweetness, you see
    and soon they won't be able to resist me.

  8. Well, what can be said
    Glad you're not dead
    Just simply oozing
    And healing while snoozing?
    Glad to see you'll be up for one shot
    For the first time in weeks, I'll probably NOT
    Have any poems to post
    I'll just have to coast
    Unless I get hit
    By the inspiration ghost!
    For I've hit the wall
    It's quite a fall
    To have a brain that won't work
    And acts like a jerk.
    I think burnout its called
    And this tired ass needs hauled
    Back home to bed,
    But quite the writes, enough said! :)

  9. They seem to keep running away though
    Maybe your sweetness just won't show
    Or they could be blind
    To your big ummm mind..LOL

    Yes not dead yet
    As I can still fret
    One day I'll get through the crap
    Then be able to sit and yap
    Guess I still do that now
    Here and there somehow
    Yes burnout strikes most
    Hasn't yet hit my coast
    But this rhyming thing will one day hit the brink
    Then I may start to sink
    Until then I keeping going
    Flashing and showing..lol
    Yes bed sounds nice
    I second that twice

  10. Ah that itchy feeling
    From the sore congealing
    As the scab promotes healing

    One can't resist picking
    And sometimes licking
    To keep the scab sticking

    All things aside
    The vision you provide
    I'll now go and hide

    Rather than shrink
    Your blog I will link
    What do you think?

  11. Hmmm Licking a scab
    I might give a grab
    But a lick
    Might be kind of slick
    To make it stay
    Have to remember that for when another I get one day
    You don't have to hide
    As the rhyme you tried
    And showed many up
    So I tip my cup
    And a link I provided in return
    So all can feel the big oil burn
    And whatever else about you wish to yern

  12. A tick or a flea?

    Te he, te he!

    Very funny,

    or perhaps....runny!

    I have to stop,
    Or I will need a mop!

    Lady Nyo....

  13. At least you weren't a flop
    And gave a nice rhyming pop
    Mayeb the tick and the flea
    Both got on me
    Bit my back
    And cause this rhyme attack

  14. haha it's so much fun visiting your blog mr pat hatt ...i loved your poem and also liked that silly cat ...

  15. You have a great sense of humor (though this one seemed a little gross) Still, you're pretty funny.

  16. The silly cat wins out most of the time
    So I let him sit and rhyme
    As he thinks it's fun
    The way things are done

    Pretty funny I can take
    Gross could describe my current onestop partake
    Yes my sense of humor is high
    At least that of the cat not sure about that Pat guy

  17. This is too funny
    and I have no money
    to buy a poem to post
    that can even come close

    But please on my blog set your eyes
    where for you I have a surprise

  18. I guess I could go for a surpise
    As long as later I won't have to gauge out my eyes
    As if it's some half naked guy
    I'll come poke you in the eye..lol

  19. Was the itch already there
    Or was it caused by my cat hair
    Is so maybe give it a lick
    That might do the trick

  20. Ha...look at the rhymes go. Very nice. Quite the entertaining pieces. My apologies for being a flop - I just don't got the rhyme in me.

  21. haha no worries as here at my shore
    You can comment in rhyme or take a tour
    Then comment as normal as could be
    For all to see

  22. Impressed by your rhyming skills!

  23. Glad I can impress
    And it doesn't look like one big mess

  24. Puss, blood and gore
    who could ask for more?

  25. So true
    Surpised it came from you..lol

  26. Why is that
    Mr. Pat Hat?
    That gross stuff can be quite fun
    I like it as much as anyone
    and if you
    like it too
    then you can help me carry
    all those bodies I have to bury ;-)

  27. It depends on how long they've been dead
    Or if they still have their head
    If they smell really bad
    You might have to go find a different lad..lol