Friday, May 27, 2011

Orson Inspired This Little Jog, Here At My Blog!

So as you may or may not know, over at The Lair of S.....Orson he has a movement in tow. As we pets are going to break free and make all you humans take a knee. If you are kind of slow and have no idea what I mean, go HERE for everything to be seen.

So thanks to sitting on my butt, rhyming like a nut, I had to make sure I didn't lose a step or two, and it turns out I'm even better than most at using the loo, who knew? Yep the regulars like you. Oh wait this is your first time here? Hmmmm run away in fear. Watch that human run so slow, four legs come in handy don't you know.

Back the point, before Betsy's nose goes out of joint and she goes on a swearing streak, no longer being meek. As she used hellacious down below, yeah such an awful word I know. Ahhh yes between the plugging of a venture, I upped my nincatsu skills by going on an adventure. Now I'm a force that can't be stopped, just as my rhyming can't be topped.

So here you are, for free at my bar. You get to relive the adventure of this brave cat, but if you go down the hole you will go splat.

(isn't playable directly on the blog, so click the link wait 60 seconds, click regular download and you'll be through the fog)

Oh and yes I left my hat at home, as I didn't want it to get dirty as I went for a roam. As that would be more than I can "bare", oops just ruffled Betsy's hair..hahahaha.

Might take a minute or two, depending on the speed of you. But it is virus free although you may sue me, as you will spend all your time trying to win and might get fired ending you up on the corner with a tin. But this re-creation of the cat's big adventure, had some help from yankee77 and his new venture. As he programmed the cats adventure into the game, don't worry for the kiddies he kept it tame.

So there you go, today at my show, you get to interact with the life of this great cat, but be warned if you aren't good you might go splat. So as you run through the grass, but grateful you get to control the past acts of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Crap. It won't play on my operating system.

  2. Oh yeah it only works on pc I think
    That may be a little kink
    Kind of sucks a bit
    Hopefully none will have a fit

  3. alright, downloading...

    am i going to get in trouble with it being on a work computer? before i open it...

  4. Aw, need to lighten up.


    Blogger decided I hadn't had enough misery
    and took my ID's history!

  5. I'm back! This is crazy, but if I sign into Mozilla as my browser instead of IE, everything works. Weird!

  6. Nah shouldn't be any trouble as it does nothing to the computer at all
    Just opens a game which you can hit escape and poof back at the work hall

    Damn I'm going to tell
    You keep swearing oh what the

    haha that is weird for sure
    Maybe IE is what is screwed up at your shore

  7. Back to say your game is fly
    What a cool rhyming guy

  8. Haven't been seen for a while
    Figures a game be your style