Sunday, May 8, 2011

They Are Among Us, One Was On The Bus!

Hmmmm what was your first thought there? Yeah a few of you probably thought of something bare. Cough Brian Cough Miller, who mentioned touching legs which I hope was rhyme filler. So I was looking around the other day, having no time to watch or play, ever notice how you try to do some things and yet the more your do the more stuff it brings? Pain in the butt, but I'll one day get out of this rut, so on to the task at hand, may as well hop on the alien band.

Yes I know going all out there, but what the heck I already rhyme more than most can bare. So lets up it a notch and make some people hold their ummm crotch. Yes as the ones with the tin hats and wooden baseball bats, fear the awful probe, which I guess takes place around the globe. The cat wouldn't know, as cows and people are the only ones that seem to view that show.

But what brought this about, as I was taking note, off all the dvds that go across the wall, with the piles getting really tall and you know there is quite the movie/tv fascination with aliens I must say, that and all the lovey dovey crap with people rolling in the hay. Don't worry the cat won't go there, not that some would care. As I'm sure the sappy crap is their taste, geez what a waste..oops did I offend, ummm remember not to bend.

There I gave you a helpful tip if you see a grey lip, followed by a long stick body and a head, coming after you, as you sleep in bed. So who says they are grey, who even says eggs they don't lay. All myth is based on some sort of fact, but what brought about this act? Did some one go all Back to the Future and pretend to know it all, using technology to grow sixty feet tall? Or maybe they went back and pretended to be Gods from above, when really they were just using a fancy glove. Of course that brings time travel once again into the mix, which would take lots of cool tricks.

Of course then there is the fact that who says they are even men, they could have legs up to ten, be a super duper hen or be the size of a den. Yet all the shows and movies and such, all give them their own little touch, yet they all seem rather familiar to us, just some stranger on a bus.

So a few things come to mind with this, one that something is a miss, probably because mankind in general has a head the size of a football field and refuses to yield. So of course they'd look like us, a typical guy named Gus. Yeah that was a stretch there, but on we go as I don't care. The second being why would anyone bother with our nut job behinds, as if they are more far advanced then our minds, they definitely wouldn't need anything to do here, except sit and watch the war and fear. So this probably adds up to time travelers running a muck or someone down on their luck, trying to get noticed with an alien story, whether nice or gory. Or for the conspiracy nut, some government crap that wants to implant something in your gut.

But who knows maybe they are right and there is some alien fight, over what is anyone's guess, as sooner or later there could be one big mess and they could swoop in with ease, doing whatever they please. Of course they could do that now, if they are able to get here some how, they obviously could take us out, that is if they are of the evil note. Then the nice ones we'd just dissect, because we oh so need to protect, so for them hiding would be a good bet or to get up and well get. Have ones been here, probably quite a few times they've been near. Or just alternate realities or time travel, causing all this alien stuff to unravel, but for sure there has been something strange here and there, but most people don't care, until it's right in there face or at their place.

Heck on the flip side might not exist at all and this tale just grew rather tall or all these movies and tv could be used for misinformation and some form of degredation. But then if there are billions of planets out there, seems kind of dumb that not one other life would also bare. Whether they are little green/grey men coming here ten by ten, to probe our bums and pick on the cows with their UFO hums, making things in cornfields that are strange or just relaxing out on the range, who really can say, but the cat just hopes no bad ones come his way. Damn I have watched to much TV and the conspiracy/alien crap is just coming out of me. Of course I did it also in rhyme, so that has to be worth a little time. I hope no alien sees this and beams me up, if so I'll pretend I'm a pup, then maybe they'll let me go, but you never know. So do you believe or are you ready to give the cat a heave?

So today I went far far away, but I still was able to make you stay, hey maybe I'm really grey and from another planet what do you say? Or maybe that is just gas and I'm a typical Earth dwelling little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. i wear tin foil at night, to keep the green men out of sight, big lobes and probes dont need to stop by, while i sleep deep. but i imagine they are there, wonder if they have elvis hair, or take chance to dance like oola of course, could be worse, just something about lekku, can you guess the reference, no offense if you cant, just giving you the chance

  2. "sigh* I can't see a reference to Back to the Future without thinking how that clever title of a pretty good movie has totally screwed up people's understanding of the terms "past" and "future," as if the two words are somehow interchangeable! (And no, I'm not implying that you don't know the difference!)

  3. Oh you wear a hat like one of those nuts
    I guess if it protects umm butts
    Then it is worth a shot
    As long as it was made and not bought
    Elvis hair would be kind of funny
    Maybe then they'd get money
    Stuffed in their pants
    Unless they were the size of ants
    Yes that be a star wars reference right?
    Wrong I could be, but right I just might

    Yes people do screw that up quite a lot
    But don't worry I know the difference so no need to get distraught
    As the first they were in the past screwing things up
    So the reference used works, yup
    But it could all be relative I guess
    Then that would just make one big mess

  4. Maybe they are like E.T. while being grey
    with cute scratchy voices to say what they say
    Short little bodies and great big heads
    Just wanting to go back and sleep in their own beds.

    Do you think they are talented, making crop designs while we sleep
    and the only people that see them are in jets with a window seat?

  5. @Betsy: Now that was a cool-but-obscure reference!

  6. Ooh. W.V. for that last comment was "Whorro." What would that be? A hooker who dresses like Zorro for some of her stranger clients?

  7. Yeah humans make those crop designs I bet
    As making those really can't make their needs met
    Unless they are a map
    But does one really think they need a crop field to do a lap

    Yes E.T. was quite fun
    But something like those things from Alien would make me come right undone
    I'd run far away
    And never stray

    Yes the reference was done quite well
    Of course some might never be able to tell

    Could very well be
    But it could be a her or a he
    I don't really want to go into that though
    As there is some things I don't want to know

  8. Wel, I've been known to pose as Zorro on my blog -- and *ahem* elsewhere -- but I've never charged for my services... heroic or otherwise.

  9. Hmmmm I'll file that for later use
    As I rhyme and cut loose
    Do you make a Z, a F or a S
    I hope you never wore a dress
    Even if you didn't charge
    Doesn't mean the tip wasn't large

  10. Oh, a "Z," of course. One must stay in character, don't you know! (Anyway, "zorro" is Spanish for "fox," in case you didn't know!) And no dress, never fear. Who do you think I am? Brian?

    I've attended a couple of internet events in the outfit, btw.

    As for the large tip... no comment. (Good one, Pat!)

  11. Internet events you say
    Hmm that must have been an interesting day
    Don't think I'd have the nerve for that act
    As God knows the nuts that could attract
    Plus dress up not gonna happen ever
    Ok probably almost never
    Good crack at Brian that was
    He wears a gown just because

    Yeah glad there wasn't a comment on that
    As stated before some things don't need to be known by Pat..haha
    But that just popped in as I was about to close
    Should I have mentioned hoes or a hose?
    Oh gutter than went
    And I vaguley remember that is what the spanish meant
    I heard it before
    But the refresher was welcomed at my shore