Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Week In Crazy Town, Enough Stuff To Make One Frown!

I guess people are just getting very dumb, sniffing something other than a bum, although if they were doing that they'd be a nut too, but that you already knew. So I came across some very very very stupid stuff, might put many in a huff.

First to prove there are people that are loonie as hell, maybe they'd rather be a toonie I can't tell. That's a Canadian thing, so if you don't get it just go with the swing, or umm flow, I know you know. So as I was saying, before I started playing, how would you like a genderless kid? No I'm not putting up a bid. Just stating what a nut some people are, as the crazy bus has gone down the road quite far.

Apparently by not telling a just born child it's gender, you are reinforcing its individuality and they won't go on a bender. Yep I agree with that...not, that is so stupid it can't even be bought. Oh and did I mention these fine folks, who are nothing but blokes, let a two and five year old determine what they will do, I guess parental rights are gone after birth, who knew.

They want to break social norms and whatever else they like, on their little experiment hike, go for it all they want, not gonna stop the bullies who taunt. The confused and tormented will be the two year olds allowed to make decisions on their own and a point may come for something of a more serious tone, as the world isn't all pretty red roses, for their will always be nasty poses. Lazy is another word that springs to mind, but I'm sure completely nuts you can find. Alas though to each their own, now this one has flown.

Next on to the other nutty thing I heard, which is completely absurd. Down under they are contemplating putting in each car, a device that will monitor every single cars speed bar and if you go over they can remotely kill your engine on the spot, that idea should just rot. As poof your engine is killed, sure the drivers behind, in front and on the side will be thrilled. As smash you will go and bruises, wrecks and maybe even death you will show. Another very stupid idea, who comes up with this crap in their so called career?

Now there is also the idea, that could strike fear. Of mandatory black boxes in each and every car, so now they can track you near or far. Plus the insurance people can now cheat your ass some more, as they can see exactly what happened in the black box encore, weaseling their way out however they can, hate the stupid insurance man.

Oh and also lots already have them installed, but they still aren't being called. As they are hidden in the airbag supposedly, I'm sure for that they also tacked on a fee. Not that most have anything to hide, but I don't really want to be tracked far and wide. At least with my phone the battery can be pulled out, so I can slink out and about. Good luck digging into the airbag and yanking out the black box, who comes up with these crazy talks?

If they spent half as much time, focusing on actual crime, instead of all this crap, some dirtbags they may trap. But oh no have to find something that will get insurance companies even more off the hook and allow some wingnut to write everything you do down in a book. Plus something else that they can charge you a fee, after all they aren't going to do this for free. For from their big oil kickbacks they are oh so poor, so they just need that much more.

Now for something on the flip side, if your sense of humor is rather wide, as the whole aspect is vile, but the kids expression will make you laugh for a mile. Although I at least would have put my hand over the kids eyes, hey maybe it was unseen, due to being on the small size. If you have a fit, don't blame this rhyming twit, blame Dr. Heckle, be forewarned you might pop a HERE is what I'm yapping about and it all started because I told someone to go blow a goat.

Oh and cats rule and dogs drool, oh ummm wait dogs can't drool when their nose is cold, check HERE to see why it's as I always told. That's what happens when you get to frisky or drink to much the cat may rhyme, but never ever do that, not even one time.

Damn I found a bunch to rant about today, here at my way. So get ready to be tracked from ocean to sand to grass and that is all today from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I saw that on the news
    about keeping the kid's gender confused.
    Seems their energies could be put to better use
    as parenting is hard enough teaching good choices to choose.

    Lots of wasted money on all those crazy studies.
    I saw one this morning in the US that was quite nutty
    about government funding one that had shrimp running mini treadmills.
    Oh what a thrill.

    Meanwhile, cancer needs a cure
    and too many other things to mention, I'm sure.

    Yes, it's Betsy
    and Blogger's picking on me.

  2. crazy gender confusers, what are they trying to prove, love? or just taking their 15 minutes, of fame, what a shame the scars the kid might have, way to go mom & dad and the black box idea sucks, big brother is probably wiggling in spasmodic glee, vote smart, die free...

  3. Blogger really doesn't like you of late
    Guess that's just your fate
    Yes energies could be better used I'd say
    But I guess each do things their own way
    Even if some are nuts
    Or some are stuck in ruts

    Yes some studies are so stupid like that one
    Plenty of other things can be done

    Oh and the cure is there
    But they'll never give it out because they'd lose all their fair
    Think of all the money they get
    Billions and billions enough to have a fit
    Then poof the cure comes
    And the well dries up for these greedy bums
    They can't have that
    So the cure we'll never see as they want their wallets to remain fat

  4. I'd go with 15 minutes of fame
    Letting 5 year old male kids dress in pink fluffy dresses is kind of ummm lame
    Yes scars could abound
    As now that this is found
    They will get picked on alot
    They should have let the news rot
    If they really wanted to remain this way
    But nope they had to have 15 minutes of fame the other day

    Yep big brother will soon be up our ass
    Maybe a good movement will flush them and it won't come to pass

  5. I wish you'd given us links for the first two items...

  6. I suppose maybe I should have did that
    But Orlin is such a lazy

  7. Black boxes and kid's losses
    These are pretty big deals
    A genderless kid? What if they remain so
    Then how would the parents' feel?
    What if we simply accept who we are
    With no regard to gender, colors, or scars
    You be you and I'll be me
    Then perhaps we will be free?
    Oh no wait...there's that speeding thing
    And I drive so fast my tires ring...
    Would not be a good thing for me
    On these dusty country roads, they sure can't see
    But with black box, I will be caught
    And that would be no good
    So I'll sit at home and write a poem
    Because I know I should
    So on to Face it Facts I'll go
    Keeps me out of trouble and driving slow :)
    And one never really does know,
    Just how far face it facts will go...
    To shout about us in loud rhyme
    This super Cat's a huge friend of mine!
    Okay...honestly, still a bit worked up by the gender and onboard speed traps...must ponder this for a bit!

  8. Yes the speeding thing would get me too
    I almost got caught the other day by a cop or two
    There are no dusty roads here to cover my escape
    So I only speed by a scrape
    Yes the genderless kid staying that way would be awful indeed
    These nuts did read
    This in a book and figured they'd give it a try
    Yep experimenting on kids is really something to do..sigh
    Yeah the facts could go really high is true
    Just wish it would go a bit faster too
    All worked up you are
    Guess I made trouble today at my

  9. Blogger seems to be a jerk
    Not letting me comment just lurk

  10. Ok ummm you
    Guess that make two

  11. So blogger lets me post and comment to myself
    but other than that I just sit on a shelf.
    Although I can comment here
    as long as I say I'm a visitor.

    I saw the shrimp on the treadmill 1000 times today on the news
    Can't believe our taxes are paying for that and probably a cruise
    for the little guy after hit gets all fit and trim
    But why would we want the shrimp to be thin?
    Bigger is better if we're going to eat him
    Muscles might make him tough and not tender
    And then none of us is a winner.

  12. I think blogger let me back in to the fold.
    And if I may be so bold
    I'm going to try to comment
    with my ID and my normal accent
    Maybe they'll recognize me
    as Betsy and that starts with "B".

    Here goes...

  13. Yay! Look at that!
    They even remembered my photo this time!
    Now I can come here and rhyme
    under my real name and not an alias
    which was really getting hellacious.

  14. Glad you can be seen
    As blogger has stopped being mean
    Yes shrimp on a treadmill who really cares
    It be more interesting if it was bears
    And they actually get paid to do this crap
    Makes me just want to go take a nap
    Some people have all the luck
    Well others make me go what the ummm ****

    Oh you swore a bit
    Guess blogger had you in a