Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today I'm a Copy Cat And a Dirty Rat!

So after seeing all this food over at a certain blog, I decided I'd cross into that bog and give you a taste of my best dish, nope it isn't fish. Oh this is going to scare and maybe curl your neck hair...hahaha I love it I must say, going to be an interesting post today. So I want to get this right, so I went to a certain blog for insight. As I have to explain it all so you don't get it wrong, plus I wouldn't want you to take too long because after a while it just looks even more vile.

The Cat's Secret Souffle For One And All At My Way

So with these special directions, you won't need any other suggestions, just follow closely to what I state and you'll thank the cat for what you just ate.

1. Go over to the couch and duck down into a crouch.
2. Leap up and claw the crap out of it, like you're having a fit.
3. Make sure your claws are good and sharp, enough to slice the strings on a harp.
4. Use the loo, incase you have to sit and stew.
5. Now find some good long grass and make sure it can hide your little or big ass.
6. Perk up your ears and listen for cheers.
7. Play the waiting game, always ready to mame.
8. When you see movement up ahead, you'll thank me for what I just said.
9. As you duck down even more, wiggle your butt like your ready to soar.
10. Then leap into the air, not worrying about what touches your hair.
11. Bite and chomp and finally you are done with your romp.
12. Place your catch in your yap and be pleased that it just fell for your trap.
13. Take it home and clean it up a bit, lick yourself as you sit.
14. Making sure you are all clean, as those germs can be mean.
15. Then start to chow down, filling your gut with this yummy treat that might make some frown.
16. After you're done, let the dirty human clean up your messy snack fun.
17. Then stretch out on the window sill, wasn't that a thrill.

Oh and incase you can't visualize what I have stated, here is a picture to make you elated.

Hmmmmm doesn't that look yummy, trust me it tastes even better in your tummy. Maybe if you come find bush number three, I'll share one with thee. See puts all the recipes from that other blog to shame and I even kept it kind of tame. the best treat ever, don't say never, when asked if the cat ever gave you something, for the best recipe ever I just gave a ring.

So thank Betsy from My Five Men, for giving me the inspiration to tell you a rule or ten, about how to make the perfect snack, by going on the hunt attack. But oh well I can be crass, as here anything goes with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. never fear, i am here, though today i might wish i wasnt, cause that bunned mouse doesnt do it for me, but was fun to see, my cat does much the same, though its a shame the widdle mouse have the die, makes my boys cry, while the cat licks her lips cause she dont give two shi...oh well, have a great day!

  2. Yes the cats don't care
    They trot up with such flare
    Acting all proud
    Hoping to please the crowd
    As they come home with a catch
    Acting as if they just played fetch
    They saw one out the window the other day
    And scratched and clawed wanting to cause dismay
    Or dismember it a bit
    Licking their lips as they had a fit

  3. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    All I can say is I like burgers on a light "toast," but after viewing that pix all I can say is that is really...gross! [Yikes! finger in my mouth!] Ha!Ha!Ha!

    That pix isn't sweet as "honey" but this entire post is soooo funny!
    Thanks, for sharing...I think?!?
    DeeDee ;-/

    [Postscript: I read your "re-tort" to my comment under the previous post...lol!!!!]

  4. haha glad you liked the retort below
    As I always try and give it a go
    I'm sure you could jam a rat between toast too
    Maybe it should be tried by you
    Just grill it up nice and toasty
    And have yourself a rat roasty
    You would rather eat your own fingers
    Own that pain that must lingers
    I will share my recipe anytime
    As not doing so with this tasty dish would be a crime
    So DeeDee enjoy your new snack
    Munch Munch Munch P.S. they reduce plaque..lol

  5. Okay..I was going to be first
    But got called to work...could have been worst
    Not that it's lunch time
    I realize this post has me in need of wine
    For if I were to eat this recipe
    I'd be gagging up much more than cheese
    So you keep your sandwich...and your lunch
    I still like your blog a bunch
    But I think I'll stick to ol'subway
    It's right next door with no mouse today :)

  6. You mean you had a day off and they called you in
    Oh what a sin..lol
    But at least money you can make
    If in work you partake
    So what the hell
    May as well do the 9-5 dwell
    Hey you never know what is in ol'subway
    As a thumb, hair or maybe even a mouse tail could end up on your tray
    With fast food the object is fast
    So the stuff you find can be vast
    You haven't been first in ages though
    You just needed an excuse see I know..lol

  7. Oh my gosh. A couple of recipes and you're freaking out!
    Orlin you really know how to shout.
    Now I must say, to a cat that sandwich looks delish
    and even a bit nutrish!

    Love the description of how to make a catch
    you have that down and none can match
    that laying flat and shaking their bum
    and then dashing off to take a lunge.

    Yes, they act all proud when they bring you a prize
    and their haughtiness they don't disguise.
    My two cats were both a little different.
    One would gobble the catch and leave the tail and feet as a prize.
    The other wouldn't eat but would play until the thing dies.
    Then lay beside it waiting for you to see
    thinking you'd be all pleased. :)

    With this mother cat in my yard lately
    I've seen plenty of catches. She does it greatly.
    Most I see after the deed is done
    but sometimes she brings things back needing to finish what she's begun
    As the poor thing is still squeaking for help.
    I just turn my back and take a gulp.
    Of air that is...not of the catch.
    Didn't want you to think I ate like that!

  8. hahaha I didn't exactly indicate it was you
    That caused the whole food issue
    Yes the sandwich is so yummy
    I'll send you one for your tummy
    Oh just thinking of the look you'd give if you opened that up
    You'd probably knock over your coffee cup..lol

    Yes that bum shaking cats have to do
    Remember that when we start our coo
    I don't know exactly what my two would do with it
    Probably have a big fit
    And do what one of yours did
    Play with it like a kid
    Until it croaked
    Or was kind of blood soaked

    Oh you know it looks so great
    You just wish it was on your plate
    So the gulp is a way of pretending you have just tasted this great treat
    It's such yummy meat..lol

  9. Oh, I thought that last paragraph of your post meant that it was me.
    Well, it was funny anyway you see.
    If you sent me a mouse burger I'd feet it to the cats
    They'd love it I'm sure and thank the cat with the hat.
    Probably send you a thank you postcard or some such thing
    How funny would that be!
    Twitter for Gentle Cats would start from that
    oh that could be a funny act!

  10. Yes it indicates it's you indirectly
    Which most will know I just didn't want to say it directly
    Leave them guessing a bit
    As then they might have a fit
    Oh so funny to see
    And causes such glee

    Yes Twitter for Gentle Cats would be something new
    As everyone knows a cat or two
    Heck I could find 16 or so
    And you have 6 running in the backyard to and fro
    There is a stampede right there
    Hope no one is allergic to cat hair
    Although nugget and the raccon might feel left out
    And it could cause them to pout

  11. "Twitter for Gentle Cats?"
    I say, "Of course!" One
    Of its adherents
    Would no doubt be Orson!

  12. Yes Orson would add another
    We'd have those humans thinking oh brother
    As we struck them from behind
    Taking over their gentle postcard find

  13. Well, there you go!
    With Orson that would be twenty four.
    Enough for a stampede for sure
    I can see them now galloping to the post office door.

  14. I wonder if Deedee has a cat
    Cause I think she's sweet on you, Pat
    She really got into the rhyming last post
    Maybe we made it look too fun to most.

    And Silver we were waiting for you to jump in!
    I was needing some rescuing!

  15. who was commenting right with me?
    I think we jinxed each other right off the page!

  16. Sorry if my lack of comments
    Has left you "in Dutch,"
    But I've so much to do today
    I'm not around as much!

  17. Leaving a damsel in distress
    what a mess
    Even when she calls out for help
    with a little yelp?

  18. Actually Orson would make 23
    As 16 + 6 + 1 is correct by me
    Of course I play with money
    So I'm right and so sunny

    DeeDee is sweet on Pat
    You think he should hide under my Hat..lol
    No pun intended for that
    But she might have a cat
    Probably have a mutt
    That be a punch to the gut..lol

    Oh the Grammer "Natzi" can't help you now
    As Orson has slapped him in a straight jacket like a cow
    So you're on your own
    Better call up Subby or someone on the phone..lol

    I guess you and the Fox did it at the same time
    While I was finishing up tomorrow's rhyme..lol

    Yes the fox is busy trying to break free
    As he is the first in the long line of humans that will bow to the likes of Orson and me

    You in distress
    hahahahaha I think drama class should be taken a little less

  19. I don't ignore your plaintive wails,
    But wonder just what "help" entails.
    If insufficient aid's provided
    Cuz my thoughts are much divided,
    The Fox's rep could hit a slump
    While you say "Thanks for nothing, chump!"

  20. awww. Silver, I thought I meant more to you than that
    Thought you'd coming running and rescue me from the cat.

  21. Well, if I do show, and try to save the day
    And rudely send old Orlin on his merry old way,
    Will you then turn around and the Silver Fox repay
    By hiding me later, from the ASPCA?

  22. That's how the Silver Fox would want to be repaid?
    Well, ok. Sure. Anything for my dear friend, I'd say.
    Not what I was expecting, though.
    But, there you go!

  23. Oh the innuendo is here
    I will bite my tongue and not enter that gear
    As that old loon couldn't stop me
    For I can run and flee
    Plus Orson would stop him from going anywhere
    As his food dish might go bare
    So I am safe from any wrath
    Now why don't you just go take a bath
    Yes I agree with the utterance of chump
    As you I can trump..lol

  24. Any other sort of "payment"
    Would be inappropriate.
    (But not to
    try to ask for more?
    Does that make me a dope? You bet!)

  25. Hmmm you being tame
    What's your game..lol

  26. Aww..the one time I flirt
    I get left in the dirt
    Off I go to my own blog
    to have a little sob.

  27. Awww I'm sure you'll live
    So no sympathy I give
    As I'm a mean cat
    So screw that..lol

  28. I can't rhyme worth a damn
    (I guess my name isn't Sam)
    But that mouse on a bun,
    sitting there in the sun,
    made me cry
    and now I have a sty
    in my eye.

    Lady Nyo....who really can't rhyme.

  29. hmmmm for someone who can't rhyme
    You did it more than one time
    Not falling flat and at least worth a dime
    As the hill you did climb
    So maybe your really can
    Just not quite as good as this man
    err ummm cat
    So that is that