Sunday, May 22, 2011

Touch Each Post, All Not Most!

So as Pat was walking a good twelve kms the other day, I have no idea how many miles that is for you down the south way and I'm to lazy to make that trek and go check. If I had some one to beam me up, then I'd check, sure, yup. Oh had to throw that in there, as it was too much to bare. Yes he had to walk, following the sidewalks and chalk, as the new car had one more thing to do, get undercoated so it didn't rust up the gazoo, as the old one did, so I ran and hid. As when Pat throws on his jeans, Cassie and I make scenes, as we know there is a chance we'll have to go for a car ride, so like I said we hide.

Of course he could have taken a cab, stuck his hand out to grab, but cheap he is, anyway on to the daily biz. So as he was walking he came across a guy and this is no lie, who was walking in front of him, didn't seem at all dim, but he had a certain confliction or it could be more of an addiction. For he did something I only seen on TV, Monk to be more specifically.

As he walked he had to touch each post, not missing one as he walked along the coast. It didn't matter if it was a telephone pole, if there was a water hole, if it was a sign post, he had to step on toast, or if it was a tree, he touched each and everyone he went past and could see. The same finger he used as well, yes Pat noticed that and had to tell.

Yes I definitely have my vices I will admit and many others that view and sit, have some as well, some may be weird as hell, but what do you get out of touching each post? You think if you don't you'll be haunted by a ghost? One thing you do get is germs, also there were lots of worms. How do those things get on the cement sidewalk, it's not like they have some dirt lock, that they can burrow through, maybe they are dropped by rain or got lost from the zoo. Yeah they are both probably untrue, but if you ever need bait for fishing I can tell you, just go take a quick walk near cement somewhere and you'll find more worms then you can bare.

Geez went off on the worm rant, next time I'll make it an ant. As those suckers come out of the blue and get eaten by me or squashed and flushed down the loo. But back on task, as the guy didn't even wear a mask. Just walked down the street, all nice and neat, touching every single one, wonder if it's fun? Guess never know what one might see, when they are forced to walk for free.

Yes I know I wasn't like Brian and didn't make a poem out of it, so don't go have a fit. I just rhymed up a storm, which here is the norm, everywhere else I'm a loon, going to my own toon, which I guess that guy does as well, still amazed so I had to tell. Now as usual I pass some gas from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh, that is very interesting.
    I do wonder if he was counting.
    Or just couldn't ignore the urge to touch
    as he thinks he must with his compulsion as such.
    These things always intrigue me
    as my boys do a few weird things you see.

  2. And since I'm so sweet,
    I looked up the length
    of a 12 kilometer walk
    which is 7.5 miles and will put holes in your socks!

  3. nice...a good walk is always worth a few sights, sometimes a few frights, yes i tend to go all poetic on life, even on the most trif-ling things, he might have a texture fetish, better than one with fish, now that would be a dish. i am making no sense tonight, but that is alright...

  4. Yes I don't know if he counted each one
    That might get pretty high by the time he was done
    I admit to a few weird things
    Nothing that would make rings
    Errr ummm waves
    Or put people in graves
    But the odd thing here and there
    Don't think it ruffle to much hair

    Nice to know you can convert
    The walk and yes my feet hurt
    Legs were kind of sore too
    But that was thanks to my shoe
    My socks actually might have got a hole as well
    But what the

    Yes a few frights I saw too
    But I just walked really fast between me and you
    The most trifling things can be fun to go poetic on
    As they happen all over dusk and dawn
    Plus fun to point out
    Although some might pout
    Bah why make sense
    Rather be nuts than dense
    There is one with fish you say
    Hmmm never heard of that kind of dismay

  5. Better to touch poles than people!
    That would ruffle some feathers for sure.

  6. Hm. Lots of talk
    On the subject of socks!
    Will this topic never end?
    Looks like Brian started a trend!

  7. True but poles can be quite germy too
    Although prob not as much as some port a pottie

    Betsy brought the socks back into play
    Guess they'll just keep coming back day after day

  8. Yes, I said you wore out your socks
    and Brian's home smelling some
    See, we really are twins
    which makes everyone grin.

  9. Maybe you should go wash your twins socks
    Sure you have a key to his locks
    Then they wouldn't smell
    And he could do something more productive in his cell

  10. Brian's a great guy, but 'though he's your "twin,"
    There's no doubt who's
    much cuter, dear Betsy. You'd win!

  11. Well, Brian looks better in a mohawk than I every would!
    Not that I'd wear one even if I could!

  12. Oh, you'd still be cute if you "stole" Brian's 'hawk!
    But sprouting a
    beard like his would make me balk!

  13. Yes the beard would be a bit much
    If you could grow one to begin with that be a bit ummm weird by a touch
    But the hawk would be cool
    Then you'd be stylish and just look a tad like a fool...hahaha

  14. The Mister might leave me if I sprouted whiskers
    I'd be left to join the circus
    The bearded lady with a mohawk, too
    I'd probably be put in the zoo
    Then could say you knew me when
    my hair lay flat and my skin was bare.

  15. hahaha I'd come visit in the zoo
    Toss you a treat through the bars or two
    If you didn't look to scary
    Or your face wasn't that hairy
    I might break you out
    But then I might be more partial to the cage next door with the goat...LOL

  16. I doubt that your "mister" would be such a knave,
    Though he'd probably
    strongly suggest that you shave!
    And he couldn't just leave you and take it in stride
    After knowing and loving the "you" deep inside.

  17. And for a second I thought you were being all sweet...until the part about the goat I did read.

  18. Bah he'd at least throw her some germ stuff to clean the cage
    As he wouldn't want her to go into a

    hahaha you have to know there is always a twist
    As by now one could make a list
    I can't be all nice all the time
    I have to throw in a little dig with each chime

  19. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    This post (and comments) is interesting as heck, I must say, but I came just to read and not rhyme today.
    Thanks, for sharing again!
    DD ;-D

  20. I can forgive a day of two
    Without a rhyme by you
    But at least you made one
    So you had a little fun

  21. Today was a holiday there?
    What was that for?
    Seems like you guys have Mondays off galore!
    But next Monday is a holiday here
    and you'll be at work, sadly, I fear.

  22. Yep Victoria Day it was
    Guess we just needed another holiday because
    Yes I'll be at work during that one
    But we had ours a week before so already had our fun
    You guys are just a week slow
    But that's usually how it is you know..LOL

  23. I thought it was only an hour behind and now you say a week?
    I guess we're loosing minutes as we speak!

  24. Yes I'm just so fast
    That the time difference is vast